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Pretty petite pussy gets a ravaging
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The Devil's Pact, The Tyrants' Daughter by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Six: Rex Buys a Whore Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Thursday, May 26th, 2072 Chasity "Chase" Glassner Sierra Nevada, CA Reina and Queenie slipped into the outdoor shower stall with me as the sun peaked over the mountains. Water rained down on us from a tin bucket punctured with small holes My thoughts tumbled together the last two days. My parents might come back.

I might get to see them. And I had promised to stop them again. And I would. The world was a mess, but at least people were free. It was what I told myself. They had the freedom to beat, rape, and murder each other. I had hoped they would do something more productive, but they hadn't. Doug and Tina's promises of keeping the world intact had been empty. There were too few nuns and monks to do that. The world was like Europe after the Western Roman Empire collapsed.

In turmoil. But it would sort itself out eventually. Maybe not for centuries, but things would improve again. Hopefully, the people would make better choices. So I couldn't let my parents succeed. But I could see them and beg for their forgiveness.

And maybe, just maybe, I would finally be allowed to die. My punishment for killing my entire family would be over and I could join them in Hell.

"So, you and Sister Stella seemed cozy last night," my little sister Reina beamed, the cold water splashing on her brown body. She was my half-sister, probably born to one of those young virgins my father loved to deflower.

Isabella, the twins mother, had been Hispanic, and it showed in my siblings faces. They reminded me a bit of Marcello, my half-brother by Desiree and father. "I guess," I said, trying not to blush. Tuesday night had been.far more passionate than I had expected. Sister Stella was a gentle, caring lover. I couldn't help staring into her gray eyes as we made love. And that's what we did—made love. And last night had been even better. "You are glowing," Queenie giggled.

The buxom wife of the twins pressed her ivory body against Reina's sudsy flesh. "Look at her. I think it's wonderful that you and Stella are getting along." Reina nodded her head. "You've been brooding ever since your fight with Joab." "I have not," I muttered. "Most of the time," Reina insisted.

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"But I'm so happy for you. She's cute." "Definitely," Queenie nodded, her hips shifting. "Are you getting excited while this cold water rains down on us?" Reina gasped. "You have such passion." Queenie giggled and slid her hands up to cup Reina's small breasts. "None of that," I told them, knocking their hands away. "We need to leave early." We were all ready to go. We spent all day yesterday getting everything ready for the long journey. "Are you sure?" Reina asked.

"We could get Stella and have us some girlie fun. I'm sure Rex would love to watch." "He might be busy with Stella," giggled Queenie. "I saw the ways he was looking at her." "What?" I gasped in shock. "You do care for her," teased Queenie. "Don't worry. Rex tried, but your Sister Stella is a lesbian. She shot him down." "The poor thing," Reina gasped. "We should go comfort him. Scrub my back quickly, Queenie." "No comforting your husband," I reminded them.

"Rex is supposed to be saddling Alison with the supplies." Alison was our pack mule. She was such a playful mule, I named her after my parent's first slut. Reina pouted and Queenie let out a frustrated sigh. "But we're horny," Reina moaned. "You three are always horny," I sighed. "I have no idea how the pair of you aren't pregnant." "We've sure tried enough," Queenie giggled.

"But our periods came last week." She sighed. "We just need to try harder!" Reina exclaimed. I paused. "Are you sure you want to come? It's going to take over a month to hike to Mount Rainer and the rituals not until July 20th. We'll be lucky to make it back home by September. And this'll be hard if no one is here tending to things." "We want to help you," Reina said.

I focused on my sister. "Help or hinder? Do you want to meet your father?" "I do," she admitted. " told us how evil he was for enslaving mankind. I don't want that." Tears brimmed in her eyes. "You knew him. You were raised by him. He was dead before Rex and I were even born. Don't take this away from us." Queenie nodded her head, hugging her wife from behind. "It's so important to them. They were so excited last night." I cupped my little sister's face, staring into her eyes.

"I understand." I leaned in and gave her a brief kiss. "Now finish your shower. We need to pack. It's two days to Sacramento." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reina Glassner I gave a last look at our house. I'll never see it again, my subconscious whispered. I nodded my head. I felt it. We weren't returning. Not without Chase, and I knew that look in her eyes.

It was distant, buried beneath her excitement over Sister Stella, but it was clear she hoped to die at the end of this journey. I didn't want to lose my big sister. She was the closest thing to a mother Rex and I had.

The only connection to a family that we were denied. So if Chase did die, I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. Alison was loaded down with supplies. We had a pair of canvas tents, dry goods, medicine, spare boots, gold and silver coins for trading, spare arrows for Chase and Rex's bows, and a whole lot of waterskins. I adjusted my backpack with more food, my spare trousers and extra shirts.

Neither Chase, Queenie, or I wore skirts. They were too impractical. We wore our sturdiest pair of jeans. Perched on my head was my wide-brimmed hat made of beaver felt, a gift from Joab.

"We'll make a new home when this is over," Rex whispered, putting his arm around my shoulders. I glanced at my twin brother and husband, staring into those blue eyes—our father's eyes. "Yeah," I sighed, pushing down the melancholy. My sadness soon faded as we walked away from our home. Sister Stella paced beside Chase as she led Alison, her gray, nun's habit swishing about her legs.

They didn't seem to slow her down. Queenie and I marched beside Rex as we headed down the trail to Truckee. It was a path we had trod many times before. But we had never been past the small, mountain town. Chase had shown us our route on her old map, printed in the distant past when this land was called the United States of America.

We would follow the ruins of US-50 down to Sacramento. From there, we'd follow I-5 up through California, past Oregon, and into Washington State. Then we'd take US-12 to Mount Rainier. It seemed so long. I had heard of Oregon, it was the fertile land to the north. Everyone said the farming was better there, but there was also too much fighting. The cities were always warring over stupid stuff. And Washington State was always this mythical place where the Tyrants ruled from. The reverend would preach about it as this terrible place, one part Hell and one part Sodom and Gomorrah.

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A wicked place that no god-fearing man should tread. Well, I was the daughter of a god, so I had no fear. We didn't stop in Truckee, but walked past the town on the broken concrete of US-50 as it wound down the mountain. It was kept mostly clear by the towns that dotted it. There were some hints that landslides had buried the road and had been cleared away.

The road was pitted, and it would make wagon travel arduous at best. I guess it was best we walked. I was thrilled when we could camp. I had walked all day before, but this seemed different. Somehow it was more tiring. Queenie and I worked on the fire while Rex pitched the tent, and Sister Stella and Chase fetched water to boil up before we refilled our waterskins.

After dinner, we all sat around the fire, staring at the flames.

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Chase and Sister Stella retired to the smaller tent first. It wasn't long before their passionate moans drifted out. My pussy grew so wet. I squeezed my thighs together, glancing at the growing bulge in Rex's jeans. Queenie's hand beat mine there, rubbing up and down on his bulge. "Do you want to go to bed, husband?" Queenie grinned. "I'm so tired," he sighed, his head leaned on a log. "Why don't you just climb on up and go for a ride." "If you want to get laid, husband, then you need to pull your weight," I told him as Queenie unzipped his jeans.

"Queenie will ride you, but I get to sit on your face." "Deal," Rex grinned, pushing the log back so he lay flat on the ground. "Sit that sweet pussy on my face, sister-wife." "Go for a ride," Queenie purred as Rex's hand unbuttoned her jeans and pushed inside.

Queenie shuddered, proving that our husband had found her pussy. She was such a randy creature. I bet she was already soaking wet. I knew I was. "Oh, Stella," Chase moaned from the tent, the canvas sides shaking.

"That's so beautiful," Queenie moaned as Rex fingered her. "They're falling in such love." "Huh?" Rex asked, his eyes fluttering. Queenie's hand stroked him with expert skill. "Who's in love?" "Don't worry about it," I giggled, giving him a hot kiss. His free hand found my breasts, squeezing me through my shirt. I groaned as he pinched my nipple through the cotton fabric. Queenie shifted, her mouth engulfing our husband's cock. Rex groaned into our kiss, his fingers tightening on my nipple.

Queenie half-knelt, her jeans bunched around her knees, exposing that bubbly, white ass. Rex fondled her, his fingers probing between her cheeks, bringing muffled squeals from Queenie.

Queenie slurped loudly as she bobbed her mouth. She loved sucking Rex's cock. Her black hair was unbraided and fanned across Rex's rippling abs. My hand rubbed at his muscular body.

He was so hunky, as gorgeous as Joab, Chase's old boyfriend. I would have loved to be fucked by Joab. He was a rugged guy, but Chase kicked him out before I got the chance to seduce him. Rex broke our kiss. "Damn, Queenie. Work that mouth. Shit." "You're going to make him cum before he has a chance to fuck you," I giggled as I stood up.

I wiggled out of my tight jeans, eager to be licked by my husband's hungry mouth. Queenie popped her mouth off Rex's throbbing shaft. "Oh, I wouldn't want that," she giggled. "I bet he falls asleep the moment he pops off." "I know I will." My giggle was cut off by a yawn. I was tired, but horny. I needed that cum I stepped out of my dusty jeans, plopping my naked pussy right on Rex's face. He let out a muffled gasp as I smothered him in my feminine flesh. His tongue swiped through my pussy.

I shuddered, his rough whiskers teasing my vulva as he devoured me. "That's it," I gasped. "Mmm, you are the second best pussy-licker I know." "I better be the first," Queenie said as she kicked off her jeans while her fingers worked down the buttons of her shirt. Her lovely, pillowy tits spilled out, jiggling as she moved. "Maybe," I winked before a loud moan exploded from my lips. "Ooh, right there, Rex. Keep nibbling right there." Naked, Queenie straddled my twin's waist, grabbing his hard cock.

She rubbed his shaft into her wet pussy lips, bringing groans from Rex. I seized Queenie's tits, squeezing them hard. I loved the way my fingers sank into them. Rex roared in delight when Queenie impaled her sweet pussy on his shaft. "Oh, yes!" Queenie moaned, her hazel eyes fluttering as she swiveled her hips. I grinned, giving her tits another squeeze as she slid up and came back down.

"That's it, baby," I groaned. "You ride that cock. You make my brother cum in your naughty snatch." Queenie worked her hips, swirling her pussy around our husband's cock. Rex loved it, his hands squeezing my thighs as his mouth worked through my pussy. He kept grunting and groaning into my snatch, his tongue fucking deep into my sheath.

I loved it. I squirmed in delight, my fingers playing with Queenie's wonderful nipples. "You love that cock in you," I hissed to Queenie. "You want to feel that big, thick cock erupt into your hot depths!" "So badly!" Queenie moaned, tossing back her mane of black hair.

"Oh, Rex! You're so thick and hard! I'm going to cum so hard on your dick. I want you to cum deep inside me! Flood me, Rex! Do it!" Rex ate harder at my pussy, Queenie's words spurring him on. "Mmm, that's it, Rex! Make both your women cum, stud!

You're the best! Fuck, fuck!" I shuddered and shivered on his face, smearing my pussy lips about. I let out a squeaking moan as my orgasm hurtled towards me. I bit my lip, sucking my breath in with ragged gasps. This was amazing. This is what I loved. This is what I needed. A nice, wonderful cum exploding through my body. "Rex!" I gasped. "Oh, yes! You're making me cum! Oh, yes! I have the best brother in the world!" "Amen!" Queenie moaned as she rode him fast.

My orgasm shuddered through me. Each wave of bliss hammered into my mind. Every time Rex licked through my pussy, his tongue sent another wave crashing through me. I gasped and moaned, bucking my pussy on his face. He was wonderful. A stud. I was so glad to be his sister and wife. "You're so beautiful, wife of mine," Queenie groaned. "I love watching you cum! You make me so hot!

You make me want to explode!" "Cum on his cock!" I hissed at her. "Do it! Make our husband feel like your pussy is heaven!" Queenie let out a gasping sigh. She threw her head back, slamming her pussy down hard on his cock. She shuddered and swayed.

I pinched her nipples as she came on my twin's cock. Her sweet moans echoed down the highway. Rex's fingers dug into my thighs. He groaned into my pussy. "Cum in her!" I hissed. "Cum, cum, cum, cum!" "Yes!" Queenie beamed. "Oh, yes! I love it! He's flooding me, Reina! Oh, yes!" I threw my arms around Queenie's neck, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss as our husband flooded her pussy. A great lethargy fell upon me, the day's walking weighing down my limbs.

The three of us stumbled into our tent, falling down on our blankets in a sweaty mess. Sleep came for us all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday, May 28th, 2072 Chasity "Chase" Glassner Sacramento, CA The twins and Queenie were dragging their feet as we entered the outskirts of Sacramento.

It was a bustling city, the capital of the Republic of Northern California. The surrounding farms slowly gave way to houses until we were in the city proper. The streets were asphalt patched with cobblestone. Trees grew around the buildings.

Alison's hooves clopped on the asphalt as we led her through the bustle. I knew where to go. "It's so big," Rex gaped. Queenie's hazel eyes were wide as she swung her head around. "I never imagined there could be so many people." Reina tried to pretend to be unimpressed, but her blue eyes widened as she witnessed the flickering lamps come to life. The city still had gained electricity a decade ago, repairing and running a power plant outside of town.

There were even a few cars that trundled through the streets, the wealthy of Sacramento flaunting their status. I led them to Ace General Store, occupying the ruins of some store from the distant past. I bartered for more supplies as the twins and Queenie wandered about, gawking at the artifacts of the past—colorful comic books, plastic toys, appliances that had been refurbished, and more.

"Got a new book in, Chase," Abner, the youthful owner said. He had inherited the store two years ago when his drunk father had been killed by a car. He ran the store far better than Markus had.

"Everyone's buying it up. Comes all the way from a publisher in New York City." He said New York City like it was this mythical place. "Just came in on the boats sailing through the canals." The center of America was almost uncharted territory. Too dangerous to cross, but the East Coast and California still did brisk naval trade with each other and South America thanks to the Panama Canal.

But none of the boats went farther north than San Fransisco. "What book?" I asked. I always did love buying new books. The Philosophers of New York and Europe were always putting out fascinating books. He pulled a leather bound book from beneath his shelf, the title was stamped on the cover and embossed with silver foil. The History of the Tyrants' Theocracy. And beneath the title was the name Tina Allard. I stroked the cover, my finger trembling.

"I'll take it," I whispered, scooping the book up. Abner frowned at me.

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"You okay." "I.I." I swallowed, shaking my head. "Add it to the rest of the items I'm purchasing." I glanced down at the book.

A history of my parents. How remarkable. And written by Tina. I knew she had been searching for info about the Theocracy, much of her research based off her husband's surveillance notes from the early days of my parent's powers.

Her nuns often poked into whatever archives they could find, and they had carted out every scrap of paper and all the hard drives in the mansion after my parent's death.

I opened up the first page. On September 30th, 2013, amidst blood and fire, the Tyrants' reign began. In the name of Peace and Security, they put mankind beneath their Oppression. To fight the Darkness, the False Gods, Mark and Mary Glassner, shrouded the World in Night. I was in my mother's womb when this happened.

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The day they had defeated Brandon and proclaimed themselves the gods who ruled the world. That's where it all went wrong. If only my parents hadn't gone down that path. "Are you okay?" Sister Stella whispered. I jumped, slamming the book shut. "I'm fine." I forced a smile. Her porcelain face and gray eyes stared up at me.

She put on a smile, reaching out to brush away my tear. My thoughts churned inside me. She was such a sweet creature. I had found such peace in her arms. It scared me. Every time I grew close to someone, it always ended badly. I wasn't supposed to have happiness. "You don't look fine." "Well, I am," I told her, stepping away. Confusion and hurt flickered across her face. "I'm sorry if I gave offense," she sighed. "It wasn't my intent.

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I saw the pain and only wished to comfort." "You're a Nun," gaped Abner. Sister Stella turned and smiled. "I am.


May the Creator's peace be upon you and your business." "Thank you." He glanced at me. "Why are you.? Is there." His voice lowered and he crossed himself. "Is there one of them foul demon worshipers here." "They're not demons," I whispered. "They were just people." Abner gaped at me. "That's blasphemous, Chase. You know that. They were foul demons. Everyone knows that." "It is okay," Sister Stella smiled. "She.knew the Tyrants." "Knew them. That's not." His eyes widened.

"You're Saint Chasity. You saved the world." I sighed. I didn't like to be worshiped. I wasn't my parents. "You can have the book for free," he said. "I'd give you the supplies, but." "That's not necessary," I told him. "I can buy the book." But he insisted. "Wait until I tell everyone you were here." "You cannot," I said. "Our mission is very vital.

No one can know." Abner's eyes widened. "Oh, gosh, that's amazing. Okay. You can count on me." "Have the supplies delivered to the Holiday Inn Express," I told him. "We'll be staying there. We need it by morning. We're setting out early." "I will, Saint Chasity. You can count on me." "I knew I could," I smiled. "You have my.blessing, too." He beamed. Sister Stella smiled on the walk back. "You are not comfortable as the savior of the world." "Would you be if you killed your family to do it," I snapped.

She flinched and glanced back at the twins and Queenie. "You didn't kill all your family. Mark fathered many children. You have family everywhere." I frowned. I had never thought about that. I could have sought them out. There were bastards all over the world. My father never could resist plowing a fertile field. He loved knocking up women. I could have gathered them and found peace. Too late now. The Holiday Inn express was nearby, a seven-story-tall building with a white facade.

When the power first returned to Sacramento, its flashing, neon signs worked, but those had burned out a few years ago. But it still had electricity. I ordered two rooms and handed the twins their keys. "Here's for our room," I told Sister Stella. "You're not coming up?" she asked. I shook my head, the book gripped in my hand. "I need some time." "Sure." She gave me a kiss on the cheek. I headed to the bar, finding a table, and opened up the book.

Tina's version of my parents' reign clashed with the history I had learned. My parents were cruel and heartless in her version, taking whatever they wanted without caring about the consequences. It was sort of true, but my parents did care. I could see that.

They fought so hard against the demons, wanting to save all the people they could. Of course, my parents had unleashed the demons. "Well, well, well, I didn't think to see you here," a voice said. I looked up to see Joab sitting down across from me dressed in his furs. "I thought you'd be up in the mountains," I said. "Had to attend to my uncle's estate," he sighed, taking a sip of his beer. "You in town for your yearly shopping." "I guess," I shrugged, staring darkly down at the book.

Tina's version offended me. It wasn't accurate. Yes, my parents had done bad things, but they had also done some good. But Tina painted them as the worst things in the world. "I've seen that look before," Joab sighed. "What's wrong, Chase?" His hand reached out, brushing mine. A warm flush tingled through me.

He had been a great guy. Or, I thought he had. He had said some nasty things that night. But his hand felt nice on mine as his fingers brushed my skin. "Just.remembering the past." "Never a good thing," he laughed. "I never try to dwell on it." "That's all I ever do." "I know. It's why you're miserable all the time." His hand tightened on mine.

"Listen. Doesn't that song sound lively. Why don't we dance and forget all about it the past for awhile." I looked up into his blue eyes. He was a handsome man, and his face was actually clean shaved. His calloused fingers played with the back of my hand, stirring passion through me. I closed the book and nodded my head. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rex Glassner The whore giggled on my arm as we stumbled up the stairs. She had coppery-red hair and a big smile.

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The moment I had walked into the bar, she had sidled up to me, her green eyes hungry, her tits almost falling out of her low-cut blouse. I had just wanted to pop into the bar and buy a drink. I had always wanted to try a beer. But as I took my first sip, I found something else I wanted to try. The whore claimed her name was Mary. "Wouldn't it be hot to fuck the Tyrantess," she whispered in my ear. "I look just like the cunt.

You can use my nasty, vile hole and treat me like the whore she was." My cock had hardened in a flash. I would love to fuck my dad's wife. "Sure." "Five dollars," she had whispered. I had quickly fished out the gold coin from my pocket and we were heading upstairs. I paused to kiss her on the stairs, my hand shoving right down her bodice. "Ooh, you're a bold one," she purred. "I had you pegged as a wide-eye, country boy." "I've been with my share of women," I grinned back, pinching her nipple.

She gave a wicked giggle. "Mmm, I bet you have. But if we get caught on the stairs, we won't get to have more fun." I yanked my hand out of her bodice and pulled her along after me. "I love an eager man," she purred.

We reached the third floor, stumbling out to our room. It was 307. I pulled out the key and unlocked the door, throwing it open and pulling the whore in behind me, her hands already fumbling at my belt. "Who's that?" Reina asked. Mary the whore froze, glancing at the bed.

"How many whores did you buy?" Reina and Queenie were naked and sixty-nining. Reina looked up from between Queenie's thighs—she was on top—her face sticky with juices and said, "Whores? We're his wives." "She's cute," Queenie giggled from below. "She's my whore," I proudly said, putting my arm around the dumbstruck Mary. "Two wives?" "Rex Glassner!" Reina said, standing up and striding over, her hands on her hips, her small, brown breasts jiggling. "Are you telling me you spent the money for our trip on a whore?" "Well." I said.

"There's no refunds," Mary the whore quickly added. "Especially when you have a pair of nubile wives to fuck that you don't have to pay for?" Reina continued. "So nubile," Queenie giggled, her large, ivory breasts heaving. "Well." I swallowed. "My subconscious thought it would be a great idea, and I always listen to my subconscious." Reina frowned. "And she looks just like the Mary. It's like fucking Da.the Tyrant's wife.

Now doesn't that sound hot?" A naughty smile crossed Reina's lips. "That does sound hot." "Wait!" Mary gasped as Reina seized her, leaning in for a kiss. "You don't expect me to pleasure you. You're a woman." "My husband paid you, whore," Reina laughed and kissed her.

It was a hot sight. My cock was hard. I reached out, fondling the whore's ass. I loved watching two women kiss. Reina's hands were working up and down the whore's body, unbuttoning her dress.

It fell in a pile around the whore's feet, exposing her lacy chemise hugging the curves of her body. "Mmm, wasn't that nice?" Reina asked, pulling the half-naked whore to the bed. "I.I don't know. This is wrong." "So's being a whore," laughed Queenie, spreading her thighs. Her shaved pussy glistened. "You see that pretty pussy," Reina purred. "You're going to lick her until she cums." "But." Mary objected, her face blanching.

"We paid for you," Reina said, seizing her fiery-red hair. "And you're gonna perform." "You'll love it," I told her, squeezing Mary's ass through her chemise. "She tastes wonderful." "Didn't you like the taste of her pussy on my lips?" Reina asked. Mary licked her lips, her eyes widening. "Start eating her pussy," I commanded. With my sister's help, we pushed the whore between Queenie's thighs. Queenie let out a shudder of delight as the whore took her first look up her slit.

Queenie's big tits jiggled as she moaned, humping her pussy into the whore's mouth. Reina lifted up the whore's chemise, exposing a red-furred muff. Mary the whore squealed when Reina buried her face into that fiery snatch.

My twin licked and sucked, the whore gasping into Queenie's pussy. I quickly stripped, my cock aching as I watched the three women on the bed. "How is she?" I asked Queenie. "Getting better with every lick," my wife smiled back, her fingers entwined in the whore's red hair. "She just needed a little help to learn to love the taste of pussy." My cock throbbed hard.

"It's hot. Worth the five dollars." Reina lifted her mouth, sticky with the whore's cream. "She's all ready for you, brother of mine." "Fuck her, husband," moaned Queenie. "Brother?" the whore gasped. "They're twins!" giggled Queenie. "They share everything." The whore let out a throaty moan and buried her face back into Queenie's snatch. Reina grabbed my cock, guiding it to the whore's snatch. She rubbed it up and down the whore's pussy lips.

I groaned, savoring the curly tickle of her pubic hair. "Fuck her," hissed Reina before she kissed me. Her lips were flavored with the whore's spicy snatch. I thrust into the whore's depths. She groaned, squeezing down on my cock. My balls slapped into her clit as I pounded her. She wasn't as tight as my wives, but she was hot. I imagined she was the real Mary. I was plundering my father's cunt.

Take her hard, my subconscious whispered. That's how Mary would want it. The whore loves my cock. She wants to cum on it! I want to feel her pussy cum on my cock! "Yes!" I moaned, pounding Mary harder. Mary gasped and moaned into Queenie's pussy, bucking up into her thrusts. I savored the tight sheath on my cock. My thrusts forced Mary's mouth deep into Queenie's pussy. My wife shuddered on the whore's lips, her big tits jiggling. Reina couldn't resist, burying her face between Queenie's tits, sucking and nipping.

"Yes, yes!" Queenie moaned. "She's making me cum! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" "Cum on the whore's mouth!" Reina purred. "I am!" I smacked Mary's ass. "You better drink down every drop of her cream." "Yes!" moaned Mary. "Oh, yes! It's delicious!" I slammed my cock harder and harder into the whore.

Queenie's shuddering stopped and she slid out of the way so Reina could have her turn with the whore. Mary didn't hesitate to bury her face between my twin's tan legs, licking her shaved pussy. Reina's blue eyes fluttered as she bucked and moaned. "So good!" Mary gasped, her pussy suddenly convulsing about my cock.

"Oh, yes! You stud! Make me cum! Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!" Queenie clapped in delight. "That's my husband! Make that whore cum!" My balls suddenly exploded.

I shuddered as my cum boiled out of me, flooding the whore's pussy. I gasped and shuddered in delight. I slammed my cock deep into her depths.

I grunted, throwing back my head as the pleasure rushed out of me. "Fuck, yes!" I gasped. "Cum in her!" Reina gasped, humping her hips. "Oh, that's so hot! Cum in the whore while I cream her face!" "You about to cum, sister of mine?" I asked.

"Yes!" she howled as she exploded. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Glassner The Abyss I stood in the shadows, an amused smile on my face. "Your son is as bad as you," I giggled, watching the whore fall onto her back, Queenie burying her face between her thighs to lick up Rex's cum.

It was insulting that the whore went by my name and claimed to look like me. We looked nothing alike. Her hair wasn't even the right shade of red. Too bright. Mark grinned. "He does know how to have fun." "You want me to pretend to be a whore," I said, rolling my eyes.

He hugged me from behind, his cock hard. "Won't you be my whore?" "Horny stallion," I sighed, shifting my gaze to Chase as she gasped and moaned beneath Joab. My excitement fell. "She's about to be hurt again." "It's the only way," Mark whispered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chase Glassner Sacramento, CA I regretted fucking Joab the moment he erupted in me.

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My heart beat with pain. Why had I went to his room when Sister Stella was waiting for me? I rolled out of bed, grabbing my jeans as Joab reclined back, a smile on his lips. "You're leaving?" "It was a mistake," I whispered, pulling up my pants. "We're wrong for each other. remind me too much of my father." "Yeah," he grunted, leaning back. "Did you fuck him?" "Yes," I admitted.

"Many times." "And that's who you want to fuck? Your father?" "Not right now," I said as I buttoned up my jeans. "I've met someone else. I.I shouldn't have done this." "Who did you meet up in the mountains? One of those idiotic miners." "A nun," I sighed.

His lip curled. "A woman? You'd rather be with a woman than me?" I pulled on my shirt. "Yeah. You'll just hurt me, Joab." "You are a whore," he growled. "I should have known. You know more about sex than any woman I've met." I was more experienced than any woman you met. I was fifty-eight years old. I had fucked a lot of men and women. I learned from the sluts. Alison herself schooled me.

No woman was ever sluttier than Alison. "I am a whore," I sighed, his words still stinging. But the real pain aching my heart was betrayal.

While Sister Stella and I hadn't said anything official, she had wormed into my heart. She was just so caring and supportive. At night in the small tent, she would hold me, whispering words that banished the darkness in my soul. I left the room, slamming the door behind me. I found my room a floor up, knocking on the door. Sister Stella answered, dressed only in her chemise, her platinum-blonde hair falling about her shoulders.

Tears brimmed in my eyes. "What's wrong?" she asked. "I.I." I swallowed. "I think I.I like you." "I like you, too," she smiled, pulling me inside. "So what's wrong?" "I.I slept with this guy I knew. I.I'm sorry." She hugged me. "For what? For trying to ease the pain buried inside of you?" I hugged her back, clinging to her.


"Yes. It never goes away. It's always there, this wound that never heals." Her lips found mine. They were so soft and loving. I melted into her kiss. To be continued.