Sunny leone show sex vedios

Sunny leone show sex vedios
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.This happened when I had to take a compensatory leave from office on a weekday( only other option was to forgo the leave.,which i was obviously not interested.:-)). Since all my friends were having office.the day started off boring.nothing nice on tv after lunch i thought of going for a innovative multiplex.something that changed my day.I was always curious about bi and gay sex.but never tried or for that matter never thought I would be trying it one day.

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Since it was a many were in theater.i went and sat in middle went off.nd movie started.then one person came and sat beside me.i didn't bother too.i was watching the movie.slowly he started making movement as if adjusting himself in the seat.occasionally touching my hand.i thought it was just that he was adjusting himself and continued watching the movie.then in sometime he touched my stomach.and then placed his hand on my send a wave of shiver down my spine.i wanted to move away but i was not sure also what to do.

Before i could decide, he caught my cock and squeezed was the first time someone caught my cock.i couldn't resist the feeling nd he understood it too.he started rubbing the cock and then suddenly pulled the zip down.i was kind of feeling nervous.he whispered in my ears not to be worried.and just ones around.he then took my cock out of zip.the cold A/C in theatre made it rock hard.he looked at it and said wow.nice n fresh.i always keep my private parts very clean.then slowly he started going down and sucking it.i couldn't believe it.i was allowing a person to suck my cock .that too in a theatre.

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Then he told me he was not comfortable that way and told me he will come in front of me and suck.he sat in between my legs and started playing with cock.he told he wanted balls also.and told me to remove pant till knee.i was scared and told him its theatre.he told me to look around and that no ones around.the theatre was half empty.then i let him pull my pant down.he pulled it along with my underwear.and continued sucking my cock while squeezing the balls.then sucking balls and squeezing was a heavenly feeling.and i started responding to his sucking my lifting my hip.just when i closed my eyes.enjoying the feeling.he held my ass.and squeezed was too wonderful a feeling.he asked me if i enjoyed and liked it.i said yes.he continued squeezing it.i was practically sitting on his hand.

Then all of a sudden something unexpected happened that scared me to hell.someone from behind caught my shoulder.i turned to see another guy smiling.he had been watching all this and we missed it in our ecstasy.he told us don't worry he too likes it.I got really scared.he came and sat beside me and said relax.its just fun.and asked if he too can join.i was speechless.the person sucking me immediately said sure.with PLEASURE.and smiled.i looked at him in confusion.he saw that i was sitting on the other persons hand and told me to sit on his hand instead.and he inserted his hand under my ass.that time i realized that only i was semi nude and that the other two were dressed.he then slowly inserted one finger in to my was paining since my asshole was very tight.he told me to relax.and then inserted further.the fun was finger in ass and one person sucking my cock and balls.

I was rocking up and down in pleasure with both of their moments.then the person sitting beside me told me to sit on his lap.i told him i don't like anal sex.he said its ok.just sit on his lap.he will massage my chest.i said ok.and he came and sat in my chair.i was sitting on his lap naked.he asked if he can take his cock out of pant just to feel my ass.i didn't know what to say.and he lifted my ass and unzipped his pant.his cock sprang up.he then slowly placed me down on his cock.splitting my ass checks.I could feel his cock between my ass.I was sitting on his lap completely.he started rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples.he made me very horny.meanwhile I didn't realize that the person sitting between my legs down was slowly fingering my ass hole was too much for me.a cock between my ass,and finger in my ass hole and a mouth sucking my cock.

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Then before i could realize, the person sitting down between my legs slowly guided the cock between my ass to the ass hole.and slowly pushed it was not a big the head went in .i said nooo and tried to move away.but they caught me strongly and told me to relax and that it would be the best part.i started getting pain and tried to move away.but both of them pleaded to me.i just sat there.the cock went deeper and deeper and i felt a bit better.i told them not to cum in ass.he promised he wouldn't.then he started moving up and down for about 15 min.then he told me to move so that he can cum.i moved and he cummed in to the mouth of the one sitting down.he drank it completely.i too cummed in to his mouth.i felt totally relaxed.then they asked me if i like to suck.i said no.i don't like to suck at all.they said its fine.not a problem.then the one sitting between my legs got up and thanked us for the cum and told he loves to suck and drink cum.he sat beside me.I opened his zip and shagged for him.when he was about to cum.he kept his cock in his underwear and cummed.we all sat and enjoyed the remaining part of the film.:-)