Milf hunter daisy She primarily thought the root of his fury stemmed

Milf hunter daisy She primarily thought the root of his fury stemmed
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Shape Shifter It was the closing wekend of the old zoo, the end of a different era, where the animals were caged, or behind walls, chain-link fences, bars, or for the snakes & reptiles, even some bords, behind glass walls. This was the First weekend the entire place was open in May, and would close after the weekend, to re-open at the new location in 3 weeks for the holiday long weekend.

One more difference this weekend was nobody was being charged admission, so the place was crowded from the moment the gates clanged open at 8 a.m. - Jake couldn't recall any totally free weekends out of all those years he'd worked the food concession at the zoo. Free for a school group, visiting on a week-day maybe, or the Big Brothers-Big Sister's groups, special groups like that, and always on a slow day during the week that wouldn't have been a money-maker anyhow.

To open the gates for those groups was worth it for the free PR alone, Jake thought. Another of the big changes to his life working at the new zoo after his two decades at the old one, sometimes working a rolling hot dog or popcorn stand, or more recently, the corn chips with the cheese sauce on them - he hated cleaning the carts those things were sold from.

Still, money is money, and he was one of the tiny handful of employees working food consessions all year-round, most were seasonal ones who worked from mid-May until after Labour Day.

At least during colder seasons, it was one of the enclosed stands, with heat inside where you were out of the chill until someone approached the sliding window of the serving counter, mostly for hot drinks and warm food items. All well and good, but today, given the teeming mass of bodies swarming past him, Jake was operating a hot dog & sausage rolling stand with a bit metal-tipped unbrella that was meant to shade him from melanoma during the suny days, or becoming a sodden mess on the rainy ones.

Today was grey, a slight drizzle falling, but by the time his wares were ready for customers at 10:30, the sky was looking even darker and threatening to him than usual - Wrong season for hurricanes or tornadoes thankfully he thought to himself as he put rolls in the warmer. Chilly, wet weather brought customers seeking something warm to eat. The new zoo location, with it's natural looking 'habitats' for many of the 'outside' animals and the huge open - styled aviary meant the only walkabouts were seasonal popcorn & cold drink kids that weere hired seasonally and be "serving out" - mingling among the crowd.

The new location would have three massive 'food court' areas, where he would serve from counter tops, clean new counter-tops where the food crew would have a clean-up crew who came on at 8 p.m., when all but a cold drink, popcorn and nacho chip stand would close, until overnight closing time at 10:30.

Then the whole facility closed, no one, but cleaners, keepers, vet staff, or night-shift caretakers would inhabit the place. Before he heard even a single distant rumble above the human rumble and chatter of the crowd that flowed past his stand, there was a blinding flash accompanied by an end-of-the-world deafening Boom! He was aware of for an instant before Jake felt everything hurt and go black as he fell to the wet pavement.

The next thing he was aware of, Jake was in an ambulance moving, siren howling, with two very serious looking EMTs looking betwen monitors above him, checking his body, which ached like he'd been dropped off a 40 story building.

They were obviously relieved as he opened his eyes, weak, but aware of an oxygen mask on his face, IV lines running into his arms and defibralator paddes lying beside his strapped-down arms. The female EMT welcomed him "back to the land of the living" with a very obviously relieved grin, as her partner spoke into his headset michrophone. She looked young and pretty, with firey red hair cut short as she asked if he could wiggle his fingers, toes, was he feeling any specific areas of pain or an all-over sensation.

Jake managed to find enough moisture in his mouth to say, he was having a buzzing feeling all over and a monster headache. The pretty EMT told him while he was standing touching his metal-bodied weinie wagon, lightning hit the metal tip of the unmbrella, conducting a massive jolt of electricity that blew his cart apart like a bomb, electrocuting him, and several zoo-goers who were standing nearby.

One senior and a child died at the scene before ambulances arrived. Heated water, cart tools, & chunks of metal from the exploding cart hit them just as they were by the corner of his concession, most were relatively lightly injured by debris, but all, like Jake were hit with the blast of wild electricity hitting the crowded area thta electrified the ground under their feet. ------------------------------------------------------------------- It was three weeks before Jake was released from hospital, and another month and a half before doctors said he was allowed to try to start back part-time at his job, now located in the new facility.

The free weekend had ended as abruptly as the lightlning that hit Jake's cart. The fact they were moving to a entirely new place which wouldn't let such an accident to take place as readily was all that saved the city zoo from bigger problems than had ocurred. The staff had opened the emergency gates, and got all uninjured zoo-goers out immediately when the blast sounded; only staff and maybe 50 visitors, including the injured were at the site by the time Fire, EMS, Police, and health and safety officials arrived.

The sensation of buzzing and tingling throughout Jake's whole body persisted all the weeks later, something the doctors had told him might last a long time, given the thousands of volts of raw electricity that coursed through his body during the accident.

His recoveray at his modest bungalow after release from hospital was almost like having a summer holiday for him, the first time Jake had been off work other than his sceduled days off in late May and June in twenty-one years working with the zoo.

A week before Jake was due to begin his ease-back to work, he'd been down to the new zoo, for a orientation tour, and a session with the rest of the full-time employees on changes to safety rules and new equipment on site Occupational Safety had suggested, as well as the insurance company who handled liability insurance for the zoo. There were now extra well-equipped First Aid stations, another one for staff, another for visitors, beside first aid kits in all sections, plus 4 locations around the zoo where there were cardiac 'heart-start' machines, so besides mandatory CPR and first aid all staff had to have, now there was a compact version of the machine the EMTs used to re-start Jake's heart in the ambulance en route to the hospital.

When one of the cleaners grunted that he didn't see what use the machines would make, Jake spoke up the professional model of them was the only reason he was alive to be at the meeting today. Memories of two dead visitors from the lightning strike that had blasted Jake and the five others who'd lived flashed through the minds of many staff as questions began without any more cynical remarks.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the meeting, Jake went by himself on a walk through the new facility, finding he was closer to the animals, yet far better protected from ones like the big cats, bears, and their like.

As he passed the tigers, he smiled, since they'd formerly been his closest attraction to his old work site, often tossing them weiners discarded by visitors and ones that fell to the ground.

The buzz in his body increased as he got close to his old animal friends. As he reached out to steady himself on the wall around the enclosure, felt spinning as he walked toward the back to the staff house, meaning to call for help, when he felt himself falling forward, but caught himself on his hands, while his feet were still were firmly planted on the walkway. Shock overtook any other sensation as he stared down at his hands - They were no longer Jake's 40 year-old hands, with the still fresh pink burn scars, but the front paws of a tiger!

One of the part-time summer staff was coming around the corner, and stopped stock-still, white as a ghost, backing away slowly, before running toward the building, screaming that one of the tigers were out of their pen. Turning toward the new plate-glass view panels in the railings, he saw in the shade his reflection - Instead of the medium built 40 year old man, was an adult tiger staring back. He lifted one front paw, and the reflection did the same, then lifted his hind leg as the reflected image mirrored his actions exactly.

He shook his head to clear it, astonished to see the tiger doing the same. Jake backed away as the tiger followed each movement in the shiny new glass. Jake closed his eyes and thought of his normal appearance, felt the spinning sensation once more, opening them to find he was back in his normal form once again, just as the part-time employee and two keepers came racng around the corner, saw Jake trying to get back up from a sitting-sprawl on the cement walk.

One keeper asked which way the tiger went and Jake, thought fast, pointed to the back corner of the enclosure, as the keeper leaned closer, noticing the rocks for one of the artificial 'dens' were close to the railing, as a male tiger stalked from behind the pile. He was on his radio fast, telling the work crew a den would have to be relocated further from the railing, because one of the tigers was apparently able to leap over the top, and escape, then re-enter the tiger enclosure.

They hung heavy netting from the staff support building all the way to the mid-section of railing and stationed the part-time employee with a radio to call while they arranged to have the tigers moved inside to the winter pens that night and have the rock habitat moved inward from the wall.

They were asking Jake if he was alright, had the tiger acted aggressive or whatever, to which Jake replied, he seemed more curious and lost than anything, before going back into the habitat. They offered to take him to the First Aid building to be checked, but Jake waved it off, saying he supposed the tigers were curious to make sure their old friend was okay after the lightning strike near their old cage, as they all had a small laugh.

Leaving the tiger area, Jake headed to the new staff change rooms, relieved to find the new ones had individual change rooms assigned for each staff member, even if the shower area was still like a gym, individual stalls.

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They were like department stores have, complete with a mirror on the back of the door. He went inside his, latched the door, then sat down to ponder what happened next to the tiger area, then heard a familiar voice of one of the returned female seasonal staff in the next row of change rooms through the wall, recalling her fondly, a long-legged brunette in her early twenties, a healthy outdoors tan and gorgeous build, as he felt his head spinning once again, and he looked up at the door mirror before he could call for help, he saw not his normal Jake-self, but the exact image of the seasonal worker a leggy young brunette.

Jake stood, moved this way and that, did a few slow full turns as he watched, a thought awakened in his mind, and in a moment, he was staring at the naked twenty-two year old girl, working her way through college, working summers at the zoo, feeling the body, lifting the firm young breasts, running his fingers through the very close-cropped pubic hair, running his finger along the moist slit between his legs and moaned as he did - oh my god, was that what and how girls felt during sex?

No wonder they felt so good to men! His mind began to race, and he watched as he thought of invisibility as he watched the mirror.

there was a shimmering, as he became a faint shadow, but what would never be noticed in lit dry areas, and feeling himself to be sure he was both naked and erect, he slipped out of his dressing room stall, glad for the pushbutton locks on the doors, as he slipped out of the men's area, down the hallway to the female change rooms, where he slipped inside, without being noticed.

The young brunette was just returning toward her shower stall from the showers, a towel wrapped around herself and her damp hair falling free. He followed softly, until she opened her stall, and as she stepped past the door, pushed her slightly as he stepped inside, shoving the door shut with his foot, while he yanked the towel off her, tossed it onto the seat, and forced her head and shoulders down into the towel, as he grabbed the back of her neck with one hand, her hip with the other hand, and stepped in close to feel her wet opening as her legs were involuntarily spread, since she tried to catch herself when she was falling forward.

He momentarily slid his fingertips along her slit, found her wet enough for entry and taking himself in hand, guided himself to her labia, then slammed himself balls-deep inside her, as she gasped & cried out from a face-full of damp towel. She felt awesome as her tight sex grasped his erect cock snugly, as he began pumping into her, deep, hard thrusts, making sure to keep her face pressed into the wet towelling, holding her down with a handful of the wet hair at the base of her neck - She was moaning, her body betraying her, moistening her inside, helping Jake speed up and pound his thrusts harder than ever.

He felt her back arch and her cunt walls tighten as with a shockingly hard quiver through his own body, he watched as his invisible cock that was leaving her looking like she was gaping wide open as fucked her hard, then released his own pent-up spasms deep inside her, his warm gushes pulsing over and over into her womb, and he held her harder until he was softening as her knees were weakly keeping her from falling to the floor.

With a fast turn, he withdrew from her, used her discarded underwear from the seat to grab the door handle, opening it slightly to be sure no one was outside, then as he had the door open enough to escape, he released his grip on her, turned rapidly and fled out of her cubicle, pausing a split second at the wet towel cart to wipe the come from himself and tossed the towels over, just in case, then slipped past as another female staff worker opened the door to the room, back down the hall to the men's change room, and managed to get back to his own stall without being noticed.

He was breathing heavily as he stood in the small room, and to reassure himself he hadn't imagined the incident, Jake closed his eyes once again and opened them to see the same 'healing from injuries Jake' standing there, still clothed, closed his eyes once more and thought of the tiger, and as insurance, he opened his eyes and he once more was the big striped cat.

He 'Jaked back' again, and sat a very long time looking into the mirror. There was no shouting or fuss from the cubicle on the females side of the wall from his own, but he figured why tempt fate, and making sure his space was tidy, walked out and exited the staff building. Once as he walked along, he envisioned his ex-wife as she'd looked back when they were in their teens and dating, her naked golden Asian skin-tone clear in his mind, but caught himself before he made the shape change.

That would have been too obvious to miss, turn from 40 year old concession operator into her teenage goddess body posing as he moved, until Jake finally figured something happened none of the tests at the hospital showed during his stay.

Once he shook that idea off for the moment, he walked to the parking lot and got in his two year old sub-compact car and pulled away from the staff parking lot. There was a lot to think about. an awful lot and he needed to get to a place he could think properly. First he dropped by the hospital and after a brief wait to see the specialist who'd treated him, simply said he was just starting back to part-timing his old job, but finding he was still having some of the same type headaches he'd had while an in-patient, nowhere as severe, just a slight feeling of spinning, almost slight vertigo, wondering if there was something the doctor reccomended he do or take for those times.

The doctor did some quick tests, checked Jake's vital signs, asked when he'd had the latest bout, to which Jake said that morning after sitting with 30 other staff inn a stuffy conference room, through a 4 hour orientation. The doctor wrote a prescription for some pain relievers, said he'd be notifying his employer that Jake was not going to be able to do more than half-time for at least another month, and may require visits to the hospital on short notice, as he was still experiencing headaches from the accident.

Jake thanked him, went to get the pain pills filled at the pharmacy across from the hospital, and just as a precaution, then was heading home to lock himself inside for the rest of the day. As he was returning to his car he saw an ambulance by the ER doors. Just coming out, pulling an empty stretcher, was the EMT who was the first face he saw after being ressurected from electrocution. He walked over to thank her and show that he was recovering properly thanks to her care that day.

Surprising himself, he asked her out for dinner her next evening off, if her spouse wouldn't object. She actually blushed, thanking him, and remarked she wasn't seeing anyone at present, but he didn't have to feel obliged to take her out - after all her partner EMT was as much responsible as she was for saving him. Jake grinned, a big ear to ear grin, "yeah, but he's not nearly as pretty. Besides, he's not my type!" Her name was Vonn - something to do with her Danish dad, insisting over the protests of her Irish mom, so her middle name was Mary.

Their talk was relaxed and Jake felt hope, so he went for his chance. They both laughed, and Jake said the offer stood, unless she wasn't interested in going out with an old guy like him. She said, age was just a number and her days off that week were the next night and Friday if he was serious.

He suggested Friday, asked if she particularly liked or disliked any kind of cuisine. She said, the best thing she enjoyed, and least got to enjoy in her job was regular style home cooked type things, like roast beef or pork chop dinner that she didn't have to cook for herself.

Jake said, he knew of a couple of possibilities, and could he get her phone number so they could set what time he'd pick her up, etc as soon as he found the right place. She grinned and said she was glad she'd managed to get him going again, he hadn't been a problem patient, and since she'd thought they'd lose him when they got to the scene that morning, it was her pleasure to get to go out with him.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at his house, after locking doors and closing curtains, Jake went through a host of shape changes, including the pretty red-headed EMT.


He took the liberty of exploring her body enough he experienced his first two female orgasms by the time he was done, then as he shifted to his normal 'Jake' once again started playing with his nude body, toning his body a bit more, experiementing with various aspects of his body, discovering he could make his average 6" long penis thicken considerably, and grow to 8, 10,12" long and more, until he was able to control his size so he was endowed like a porn star, and making sure his stamina and performance lived up to the size too.

If Friday evening resulted in him ending up in bed with the red-headed EMT, he would have two trump cards.

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First, he knew her body well already, especially where it was sensitive and responsive, and second, he had a nice thick 10" or larger cock to sate her with. He thought of turning invisible, but first stripped, and concentrated on his body varying the parts, so he could become taller or shorter, make himself more toned, change his skin color, his features, so when he thought of his cock size now, he went to a full 15" long of thick hardness before he made himself invisible, then slipped out his back door, leaving his key on top of the frame, as he went, straight towards the park down the hill away from his house, where more than a few teens as well as young hookers without a place to take a john went for some night-time sex.

He wasn't waiting long, when he happened on some bushes, discovered a really sexy looking young teenage girl kneeling about to be entered doggy-style by her nearly as young boyfriend. He hit the boy from behind with a sturdy piece of wood, shoving him quickly aside on his back behind her as he grasped her hips and mounted her as he shifted from invisible to a massive Asian guy with a shaved head - like some thug from a kung-fu video he thought.

The girl gasped, her wrist going to her mouth as he plunged inside her all the way, muffling a scream. Not that she wasn't wet, but she was a virgin, primed to surrender it to a boy's 5" slim penis, not fifteen inches that was larger around than the boys forearm. She was nearly split in two by the sudden invasion, and blood from her shredded hymen oozed out with each deep hard thrust Jake gave. Jake was pure predator at that moment, and drove deep inside her again and again, until while she whimpered and cried softly, he unloaded a massive amount of fertile come, as her boyfriend began to stir and come around from the blow to his head.

Jake stepped away, becoming invisible once more as he stepped out of the bushes, seeing in the dim light from the park's evening glow, the bloody come that leaked out of her now torn hymen, her virginity literally in tatters, and possibly the risk of pregnancy too, as Jake noticed the boy was wearing a condom.

Grinning to himself, he left quickly anyhow, no point inviting trouble. Back at his house, when he'd ;let himself back inside, he started thinking about Vonn and what he could do with her. He saw many possibilities, from a self-destructing date to the truly affectionate thoughts he was already having about her. he slept well that night, waking with the morning sunshine through the blinds.

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The next day he found a 50s style diner he went to check out, finding it was truly a family-owned outfit, real home cooking like he hadn't had in a several years, and yes they'd reserve a corner booth for him for Friday evening. He even found out they had a wine and beer license too if her tastes ran that way. He called her when he arrived home, set up the time for Friday, and found out where Vonn lived, as well as asking what kind of music she liked (blues and folk stuff mostly, because there were hardly ever decent country bands playing their city), she enjoyed a glass of wine at times, and while she wasn't what she called a good dancer, enjoyed it.

As long as she was feeling rested and alert for her Saturday night on-call, then she'd love an evening out with Jake, even with the possibility of some wine & music after their meal. Jake thought to himself, if he played it right, dinner, music, wine and bedding her might not be as far-fetched as he'd have imagined a week or two ago. It was worth the extra effort to clean his modest 2 bedroom bungalow squeaky clean, & even mow his lawn.

In his night-stand there were a package of magnum condoms for guys who needed just a slightly larger fit than a lot of brands, and a decent light white wine in his fridge, along with some beer.

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He had his car cleaned inside and out professionally, so when he collected Vonn at 6:30 Friday evening, she was suitably impressed. He'd discovered there was a pub just two blocks from the diner that would have a country-folk duo playing on Friday, so he planned that into the evening too. A good hearty meal, with the in-the-booth jukebox playing songs she liked, which happened to suit his liking too, then the walk to his car and a block beyond to hear a set by the duo act, just beginning to play as they arrived, turned out to be pretty decent, even got them both out dancing for 3 or 4 songs, before they decide to leave to go for a drive, "wherever".

Jake wanted to swing by his place to check his answering machine. Vonn was pleasantly surprised by his better than average modest home. Vonn went to the washroom while he checked his answering machine. He did have a couple of messages, nothing urgent. When he turned around, his jaw almost hit the floor - Vonn was standing in the hallway 5 feet away, wearing nothing but a smile and white ankle socks. They just slid into each other's arms, kissing, and after several minutes, Jake asked would she rather white wine or beer - he'd been right, wine was her choice, they took the bottle with them to his bedrom, where after a couple of straight from the bottle gulps of the cold wine, they resumed their passionate kissing as he worked his way out of his clothes, with Vonn's help.

When his 12" sprang to point eagerly at her, she dropped to her knees and swallowed him like a kid on Christmas with a candy cane, even as he let himself lengthen slightly more as she did it. She was no pro, she blushed as she told him there'd only been a handful of guys she'd even been to bed with, and none even close to being as large as him.

He turned her on the bed so he could sixty-nine with her to send her through a first orgasm, before he brought out the condom she carefully put it on him, before she mounted his hardness, gasping loudly as her drenched pussy was opened wide by his enhanced, thick erection.

She rode him hard too, until she came again, then happily complied as he got her on her knees, her pretty head resting on his pillow as he pounded into her doggie style, bottoming out with every slamming stroke. She clawed and clutched the sheets, screaming, moaning, and howling her pleasure into the pillows, until she came again, gushing so it flowed down her inner thighs.

Her silky pussy grasped him hard, trigggering his own come, the strong throbbing of his cock messaging that he was pulsing inside her, more than a normal number of spurts. His final one, she let her knees give way, he was still semi-hard and inside her as he lay gasping, lying mostly on her back, as they both gasped, and laughed. Finally, after kissing the back of her neck & shoulders, he softly rolled partly off her, offering her the still mostly-full bottle of wine, which she accepted gratefully, passing it back to him for a gulp, taking another swallow herself then giving it back, as she shakily sat up, looking at his crotch.

She carefully removed the condom, staring wide-eyed at the amount of come in the resevoir tip. "Oh my god, from the ones I've seen, this is more than twice what most men shoot when they come," she said, a look of awe on her moist face. "Have you been saving up or what?" "I would have except I." Jake blushed himself a moment, "I've been looking after myself, thinking about this heart-stopping beautiful red-haired EMT that I owe my life to," he said, looking her in the eyes.

He reached for a couple of tissues, which she batted away from his hand, as she slid down in the bed, curling around him, sucking his still half-hard cock, cleaning the come from him, looking up at him with her greenish-grey eyes. "You take V or what?" she asked. Jake shook his head no, "just more turned on than I've felt since at least eight, ten years ago, mostly because of you. Why?


You up for round two? If I took V I'd probably be aroused several hours. fine by me, but I don't know how you'd manage it.?" She grabbed the wine botle from him and took a large gulp, before passing it back. "I hope so, I've never had seconds before, at least not unless you count one before sleep, and again when you wake up." Vonn smiled, flushed and panting with lust, "I'm want to try, since you sure seem like you want to!" "How do you want to start?" Jake asked, "err, umm, anytime I've ever stayed up to go twice, I last longer the second time." Vonn sat, mouth open, at this revelation, before saying as she stood, "I better go use the washroom then, this could get pretty hot and wild," she gasped.

"Yeah, I need to go myself," Jake replied, "the wine." When Vonn went first, Jake leaned against the wall in the hallway, took his own turn, coming back to the room, to find Vonn lying on her side, knee raised to blatantly show off her open pussy.

As soon as he started to sit down, Vonn stopped him, and said, "why don't we start round two the same way we did for round one?" and without waiting for a response, took him in her hand, opened her mouth, gulping him down like she was starved.

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Jake grinned and he buried his face in her pussy, as she became wetter and wetter, began thrusting in her with two fingers, reaching her G-spot as he softly pumped his fully hard cock in her mouth, chuckling as she squirmed and bucked, swallowing her huge gush as she climaxed hard, screaming around the cock she was swallowing almost to it's base, her fingernails digging into his butt, while one of his hands rested agaist the back of her head, lightly keeping her from removing him from her mouth & throat.

As the tremors through her beautiful body slowed, she began to bob her head up and down his rigid shaft once more, until he drew back, asked how she wanted to take him next, and she fell onto her back, but as he slid deeply inside her, her long legs wrapped around him, her ankles locking aound his lower back.

"I . crap, I don't have a condom on yet," he moaned. "Jake, shut up and fuck me please?" she whispered, "I'm clean, we're tested twice a month as EMTs, I'm on the pill, so unless you have something, I want to feel you, skin on - errr, skin IN skin, your come in mine." Jake smiled as he buried his cock balls deep in her, kissing her wetly, until they changed so Vonn was up on all fours, with Jake banging her from behind hard enough the bed was hitting the wall, then when he started to become winded, as she rolled him on his back, guided him into her as she mounted him, sliding onto him like they did it every night.

Jake was plucking her tight nipples, holding her by one hip, as she rode him like a woman possesed, leaning in to kiss him, moaning she was coming again, begging him to keep fucking her. He happily complied, allowing himself to become thicker in the shaft, grasping her by both hips, pounding up into her as she thrusted down onto him, the wet slurp-slap noises drowned out by yet anouther orgasm by Vonn.

Her eyes were rolling back as all she could do was gasp, moan unintelligibly and fuck, as he shifted position again, Vonn still riding him cowgirl, as he tilted his pelvis so his cock-head was bumping on her G-spot with each deep powerful thrust. She writhed, tried to beg no, while her lust-fueled body refused to stop, until shaking, screaming, losing herself utterly in the moment, she came harder than Jake had ever seen any woman climax in real life, even her earlier big orgasm, rode her brutally hard through it as her gooey wetness flowed down his shaft, until he released his load with her hanging limply, suspended on his cock, as he shot spurt after spurt after spurt straight into her womb.

He filled her beyond overflowing, when they were nothing but a thick gooey mixture of wet come, and he slowly rotated her limp body to a reversed cowgirl position, his cock still hard and buried deep inside her, held her close to him, as he guided them both to lying on their sides, his cock still inside her, both of them and the bed awash in come and girl juices as they spooned, still fully coupled.

Jake used his foot to hook the duvet, until his hand reached it, dragged it up over them both, and reaching out, switched off the light on the night stand, before he cuddled into her back, holding her around the ribs with one hand, her sweat-soaked head resting on his other bicep. The last thing he knew was their breathing as he fell fast asleep, still inside her.

Being shifted, he allowed his cock to stay hard but at the size it had when they began earlier, and slept inside her. In the middle of the night, around 3:30 or 4, he woke up, still inside her, began to hump slow and steadily, as she moaned and thrusted back, while he rubbed her clit.

They came together this time, and remained, their dripping wet sexes still joined.


It was sometime after nine when he woke properly, sun peeking in through a gap in the curtains and feeling her squishy wetness remaining from the night, and during the night, let himself swell once more, holding her hip-bones, began thrusting solid and deeply inside her, fucking her awake, as she gasped, moaned, cried out, from rubing her clit that triggered one orgasm, then pounded her savagely until he hoarsely gasped he was going to come once more, as he reached around to nip her clit, making her push back onto his erection hard, as she came.

clamping onto his hardnes like a velvet vice, while he kept thrusting until he gushed several times strongly, adding more to the come soup deep inside her. "Gasping for air, he bent and kissed the nape of her neck, "g'morning Vonn," he said, "you want to share a shower with me after we get our breath?" "Oh my god, will it be safe?" she chuckled, "what if you get hard again in the shower?

I don't know if I can take any more." "If you make me get hard wanting you, then we'll do a standup in the shower, good clean fun!" Jake said. knowing full well that was exactly what he was going to do. She went to the same diner with him for breakfast after they got dressed, still quivering from another orgasm. That night she was on call, but hadn't been beeped, so she went out to her pickup to call him in privacy from work, and to ask how many times did he think she came, and how many times he had.

"A lot, that's all I know for sure, you probably came twice or more to each one I had, but I made up in quantity. why? Are you still leaking?" "You know I am, or you wouldn't have even asked that!" she laughed. That was the best sensual, sexual, erotic, fucking awesome nightdate, whatever - I have EVER had in my life!" "That mean you want to see me again again next week?' Jake asked. "Oh fuck, yes. I should have stopped leaking come by then, and healed up." "Best date I ever had - Really ever," said Jake huskily.