Estoy calatita en mi trabajo

Estoy calatita en mi trabajo
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Previous: The Girl Scout-1; The Girl Scout-2 Daddy; The Girl Scout -3 The Tool Man The Girl Scout 4 Tag Teamed Brothers Bubba and Tyrone were banging the Dago Girl Scout Lisa tied to a saw horse. Bubba was deep inside her while Ty was abusing her, talking shit, slapping her face, pulling her air, abusing her face while the others looked on. Again desperate she tried to reason with Tyrone. She would offer to do anything, just stop the madness.


Tyrone laughedyanked her hair and looked her in the eye. Stupid Bitch were' gonna FUCK YOU TO DEATH. YOU ARE DEAD MEAT FUCKING WORTHLESS CUNT Tyrone grabbed her mouth Were gonna fuck that pussy and that little pouty white mouth till you DIE. Stupid Piece of Fuck Meat. Wait till you see what we got for U Next. U gonna suffer like U can't believe. Tyrone laughed to himself. Terrorizing the Bitch was half the fun.

What a look on her stupid face. The fear, the terror was great. When the slut first thinks she going to die, now the begging, the pleading for her worthless life. The only good she is for us is for fucking and beating and terrorizing. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. It hit Lisa.

Through everything before, she didn't think they were going to KILL her.

DEATH was staring her in the face. How much more can I take. No.

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No.WAIT WAIT WAIT. You can't. Let me go. Let me go. Lisa 's mind went blank. I don't want to die. This the end? A dirty garage? What will happen. Oh Mom: all alone, first Dad and then me. Lisa went into a panic. She started to pull on her ropes. She was screaming for help Every ounce of strength was used to try to get free. Screaming pulling struggling. Seeing the White Bitch struggle sent Bubba into a furry. The harder she pulled and struggled the harder he fucked her.

Just like fishing, nothing like a good fighter. Tyrone yelled. Fuck her BRO. The other guys were yelling too, screaming. Lisa was struggling. Bubba was hanging on to her ass fucking her pussy. Bubba was sweating and swearing. Dats it bitch, fight it. The wooden saw was moving all over. Everyone was screaming and shouting. Bubba drove hard, ruthless, unrelenting fucking. DIE BITCH DIE. DIE BITCH. DIE BITCH. Fucking DIE Shit Ya, shes bucking like a Bronco.


Ride her Bubba. Harder Man, Rip her apart. Fuck her to death. Tyrone grabbed her face again. WAP WAP WAP WAP U know wat dat is. Dats my Bro fuckin Dat DAGO pussy. Get it Bitch? HA HA It was no match. Over 220#'s Bubba rammed the little 110# Girl Scout. Brute force. Huge arms.

Big Dick. Monster thighs he thrust into time and again. AHHHHH AHHHHH Fuck Ya AHHH Oh Screaming Bubba came inside Lisa. The Girl Scouts pussy was overflowing with semen. Cum farted out. Look at dat shit man. Now dats a good fuck man. Bubba stuck three fingers up her cunt.


Now look at dis. He smeared the mess in Lisa's ass and gave it one more slap. Lisa collapsed on the fuck rack, the saw horse from hell. Tyrone cut her ropes and she fell to the ground. The worthless piece of trash lay on the ground, curled up. Crying sniveling she lay helpless.

Lisa was completely exhausted from struggling. She tried to crawl. Fuking Dog, look at her crawl. She was pushed back whenever she tried to crawl away. Sudddenly piss was raining down on her again. All that beer. The hot piss ran over her beaten body. The guys aimed at her head making it a contest. PIZZA Isaac walked in with a couple boxes of pizza.

Ok Pizza break. Let the Bitch rest before we do her again. Couple more fucks should do it. Yea, build our energy. Dat Bitch fuckin be hard work. Tyrone bent over and pulled Lisa and shook her. Don't worry, we won't forget about you.

Yure Dead Meat. Dat fo sho. Lisa could do little but shake. She just lay their crying.

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She curled up tightly laying on the dirty floor in the piss. He only clothes were the now almost unrecognizable Girl Scout shirt, blazer and vest. She tried to block out their talk. It was unimaginable. The men sat down for pizza and beer.What do u think we should do. The looked over at her. Naked except for her tattered scout clothes.

He ass was red and beaten. Cum had oozed out her raw pussy. Her chest where had been pinned against the saw horse was red and bruised.

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The skin on her ankles and wrists where she had been tied were a bloody mess. There were bruises all over her once smooth skin. Lets skin her, I like to peel off da skin and den fuck dem titties.

Skinless fuking Titties. Ha, sounds good. I say we burn her, i gots a torch. We just do it slow. Run that torch over pussy then fuck it.

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Hey, we can skin and burn her. Skin dat tits and burn her pussy the nfuc dem both.

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Ya Dats it. Skin som tit and burn that pussy. Hearing them talk Lisa was in despair. Wait Wait Lisa crawled toward the men. I can suck you guys.

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U want to suck our cocks. Yes, I want to suck your cocks, please don't burn or skin me. I'll be your sex slave. I will be all yours. I can show you what I can do. Please give me a chance. The guys were laughing, here is this fucked up, beat up bitch begging for her life. They weren't gonna kill her, not now anyway but it was great fun to make her think that. Let her beg. Maybe they are dumb MF's but they understood the mental games. They loved the terror games. Lets give the little whore a chance.

Dis better be good. U better do good o we take out on yo hide. Fred was sitting on his chair drinking his beer and eating his pizza. Lisa stated to lick his dick. She sucked on his balls. Tyrone took her hand. Here work my cock. Isaac grabbed her other hand and she had his cock. Lisa ached all over, her arms and mouth had taken a beating but she had no choice. A cock in her mouth and one in each hand. She felt like she was going to pass out but NO, she had to everything She could to stay alive.

The longer she lasted, there was always a chance. See now dats it. Dats where u white whore belong. Suckin sum black cock.

U like it sweetie. Yes Sir, I love it. Oh SIR I love your big black dick. It is so big. Let me suck it. Please Sir. I want all your cocks. Bubba just leaned back. Life was good. Beer, pizza and a young Dago Bitch sucking your cock. Dats it, HMMM, get your tongue under dat head sum more. HMMMMM. Dats it. Yeah. Now dats what I talkin bout. Smiles all around. To Be Continued