Sexy Blonde Rides Cock Till She Get Facial

Sexy Blonde Rides Cock Till She Get Facial
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I was 16 at the time and was not a V, i often went round my friends house to drink and have fun. At first his much younger sister did not appeal to me but after she started walking about the house in tight leggings my attention slowly moved on to her toned fine figure.

Her panties showed though her tight leggings that gripped the round the shape of her peachy ass. She was well developed for her age and whilst wearing a low cut top i was able to have a quick look down there. But these quick glances were just a thing till i got home and could masturbate over porn or even get lucky at a house party. It was not in till everyone had went except me, as i was a closer family friend, that this happened.

After we got drunk in the yard she had over heard our convo about sex and the pleasures and feelings it brings. When i stumbled up to use the toilet i undid my pants and stood pissing into the toilet, it was only untill i shaw her shadow it was to late to released that she had taken a picture of my penis.

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I turned embarrassed towards her while putting my dick away into my boxers. she stood in the door waving her phone with the picture on. ' here's what we are going to do ' she said, as she pushed into the bathroom and lock the door behind her. i was shocked and as she pulled my top over my body and tied my hand behind my back bounding them with her dressing gown belt, she then spoke once more.

' your going to and will let me use and abuse you, you will be my slave and must do as i say or i will show this to everyone' she spoke happily and in content as i stood with nothing to do but submiss to her request. my shoulders dropped to which i answered ' ok fine. ' before i knew it her right hand connected with my face leaving a red hand print.

' ah ah ah ' she said with each 'ah' getting louder and more controlling. ' that'll be ermm' thinking of what she wanted to be called, ' mistress. you hear ? ' i gave a brief yes and once again the hand connected to my face.


i slow 'mistress' followed. she then turned on the shower and decreased the temperature. she undid my pants and stripped my naked with my hands tied, bound behind me. i stepped into the cold shower by order and soon enough my balls and cock had shriveled. she giggled and more pictures were took.

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i felt so submissed and helpless to what was happening. and i liked it. soon my dick began to rise and reached its full 7 inch.

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this was her first sight of a cock, but it was as if she had seen many as she started to jerk me off. ' u weak unless man' she said and she twist my dick up and down jerking it.

then slapping it from side to side. ' man ? HA your no man' she then pulled out a razor, i tried to speak out but as i open my mouth a pink sock was fitted in and this prevented me from talking. as she shaved away at my pubes she cut my skin, but the thought of being this much degraded by a much young girl made tears one by one stream down my face.

she had finished, i was bald down then.


she freed my hands and ungagged me, as went to stand up i was knocked doggystyle on to my knees. 'this isnt over slave, i will call you anytime and get whatever i want off you, im even going to show to my friends small dick, do you understand ?' i failed to answer.

'yes, yes mistress yesss please yesss ' was quickly followed by the silence i had created as she quixkly and fastly inserted a finger in my ass. she left. i got dressed and made my way down stairs. 'everything ok michael ?' asked her mam i looked over and saw her waving her mobile 'Yeah fine thanks' i replied. i revieced a text later that night, ' get to mine tomorrow im having a girly sleepover slave ;) ' the thought of events to happen made my now poked ass tighten. i rang the door and the sound of girls running i could hear clearly.

she open the door, her friends all behind her, it had became apparent that she had informed her friends of what had happened the other night. i went to step in the house, but was pushed back. 'Strip whore' was barked out by the group waiting in the empty house.


i looked around and there seemed to be no one about. i removed all clothing and stood naked on her drive. clothes were then dumped infront of me, a lace pink thong, thigh high pick socks, a gray school mini skirt and a nerd glasses, i but them on and stood at the door. the thong digging into my ass and rubbing on my balls hurt and left them red raw. i walked into the house, there were 4 of them, all lubing there fingers. i dreaded what was about to happen.

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i was stretched across as table and my hands tied forward. the skirt was lifted and the thong moved to one side. there was many giggles which made me balls shrivel causing my laughing. my ass was first to get spanked then poked.

i was made to tell these girls, most strangers my secrets and anything they wanted to know whilst being spanked. the humiliation was unreal. my bum was then poked dry the with spit then dry. the pain was again unreal and i had mass ring sting, i could feel it burning away.

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