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Rosetta girls nightmare part 2 Detective Ramirez called back and got Mike on the phone and said "it would be all right to give a story to his employer but you should confine it only to the fact known by you and nothing with regard to the investigation." "I have a recommend that you first put this in writing and email it to me" and He gave his email address to Mike. Mike asked the detective "I would like to involve an private investigator because I can afford the cost and I would forward any information from the PI to you if that would be useful.

Ramirez told Mike "I have no right to tell you involve private investigator or not. You can tell him to call me if it is useful." Mike told "thank you" and the call ended.

Mike made an appointment with an investigator that was retired FBI agent with years of experience. He was told he could see Mike this morning if possible and asked Mike if he had the address.

Mike said to his wife Linda that he would be gone for a while to see someone else to investigate this and will be back in about an hour. Linda told him that was "no problem and Alexia and Lynda would be staying home today and would return to school on Monday." Mike said: "You can tell the school that they were kidnapped and raped and they would understand." He got in his car and drove off.

Linda called the school attendance office and told related to them: "These two girls have gone through a lot in the last two days. "They were kidnapped on their way to school on Wednesday and they were sexually assaulted. Alexia was nearly killed but both girls are home now." The attendance clerk said "My good that was terrible." "I understand and they will be excused from school until next week." Linda said: "thank you very much." "They will have a lot to talk about then." She hung up the phone and went to let her children they did not have to go to school today.

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Alexia said to her Mother: "Mom do you remember tell us you remember yesterday saying you would like to participate in some pussy licking lesbian sex?" : Lynda and me are going to do some of this and we decided you can help but you have to be naked like us. Linda said I don't think this is really incest because there is no chance of us getting pregnant." "Mom, we will never tell anyone about this and I hope you don't either. She assured them: "Your father is gone for about an hour is that long enough?" Alexia said: Come in and we will make sure we are dressed and ready before dad gets home." Linda went into the bedroom and her daughters began to undress her.

She removed her shoes and Alexia pulled her pants down. Lynda unfastened the buttons on her shirt while Alexia went behind her to unfasten her bra.


Linda took off her panties and the two girls looked at their nude mother and told her: "You look very sexy mom, I like your bald pussy and would like to taste you" Linda said: "please do" Alexia lifted off Lynda's shirt and she had no bra because she didn't need it.

Linda felt her daughter's breasts and sucked on one of the nipples. When they were all nude Alexia and her sister took her mothers hand and led her to the bed and Linda reclined into the bed.

The two girls each took one their mothers feet and pulled her legs apart while Alexia put one of her fingers her mother's vagina and began licking around her opening. She put her tongue in Linda's vagina while Lynda began kissing her nipples.

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Alexia licked around the clitoris and then began to suck on it as she finger fucked her. Linda was excited and began to pant as she experienced the sexual pleasure. Lynda began to use one of her fingers in her mother's ass as Alexia was finger fucking and sucking on her clitoris. Linda felt this and it only added to her excitement. After a few minutes she arched her back and cried out "I am having an orgasm" Each of the girls sucked on one of her nipples as Linda came down from her orgasm.

She slowly got up from the bed and was turned on from just looking at her beautiful nude daughters. She hugged Alexia and helped her into the bed. "Alexia, can I please taste your pussy?" Alexia spread her legs and told her mother "please do taste my pussy." Linda got between Alexia's legs and began licking around her ass and her tiny pussy.


Linda then put one of her fingers in to her daughter's vagina to feel for a hymen. There was nothing and Alexia reminded her of her "painful defloration." Linda worked her finger back and forth in Alexia's vagina and lick around her clitoris.

Alexia said "thanks mom, please don't stop yet" Lynda was watching this as she began to use her right hand to message her own pussy. Lynda worked one of her fingers into her vagina while sitting on a chair with spread legs. Alexia began to feel orgasmic from her mother's efforts and held her hand to message her own nipples while her mother was bringing so much pleasure to her pussy.

She arched her back and was very turned on by her mother's efforts. Linda sensed Alexia's orgasm and began to message her pussy using the hand. Alexia told her mother she had a very good orgasm and thanked her mother for it.

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She began to push herself out of the bed and Linda told Lynda that was her turn now and she was "to get down here and spread your legs." Alexia put a pillow under Lynda's bottom Linda asked her daughter if "she would mind if taste your pussy." Lynda said: "please do?" and leaned back and enjoyed her mother's expert stimulation. Linda noticed that Lynda was very damp and asked her if she was masturbating. Lynda told her mother: I was rubbing myself while watching you giving Alexia and orgasm.

Linda told her daughter her "wet pussy tasted great" as she enjoyed the delicate odor of her. She used her tongue to plunge into her vagina followed by some finger fucking and sucking gently and then harder on her clitoris. Linda put two fingers in her vagina and used her thumb to message her clitoris. Alexia sucked on each of her nipples and it too much for Lynda as was worked into a strong orgasm in just a few minutes. Linda noticed her 16 year-old-daughter was experiencing an orgasm and lightened the pressure on her clitoris to give her a pleasant transition.

Lynda got out of bed and the three nude women stood up hugged each other. The girls were surprised their mother looked so good and Linda was surprised at how her daughters have matured. They kissed each other passionately before getting dressed. It was nearly and hour of receiving and giving pleasure for all of them. Alexia told her mother " Thank you mom, there was nothing wrong with what you did today." "We loved to have you here and will not tell anyone if you don't want to." "Please consider doing this again soon, we enjoyed having you here." "Thank you mom." Linda thoroughly enjoyed the sexual encounter with her daughters and asked them "I would like to do this again." "I hope you girls liked me here today and let me know when you want to do this again." The private detective was named Norman Kelly and he said: "I have been a Los Angeles Policeman for 18 years before being recruited for the FBI and retiring after 20 years." "I got a call from detective Ramirez saying he would like to like any information that could be useful".

"I told Ramirez that anything we discuss is confidential unless you indicate that want me to share anything with him. Mike told him that he could share information with Ramirez but we must discuss it first." Mike told him all about the kidnapping, the sexual assaults his daughters and the experience of Alexia and her extended fear of death before learning she was OK.

Kelly was impressed with the Mikes details of everything and asked him "if he could get copies of the DVD and any conversations with the kidnappers." "It was a terrible thing they did to your daughters and I feel sorry for them and will do all I can to help arrest these guys." Kelly than explained the money he was expecting for the time he spent on this and Mike said it was OK and sighed any documents required. Mike stopped at the radio station where he worked and explained in detail about his daughters kidnapping and all of the DVD and communications with the kidnapper.

He gave them an idea of where the investigation is now and they were very grateful to get an exclusive about the experiences of their own employee. The writers got busy with the details given by Mike and the story would be on the air within hours. Other news media both broadcast and newspapers nation wide would carry stories of this interesting story. Each of them would have to cite this news station as their source. The kidnappers and their organization now felt a little frightened from the fact that everybody knew of it now.

What they did not know is that the FBI was already seeking a judge to give them permission to raid the building they were in. They had 180 pounds of money but they had to be careful about spending any of it.


What they did not know was tax evasion was another felony to deal with. Kelly drove to the kidnapper's place and took dozens of digital pictures of all of the cars, trucks and camped outside the building and witnessed the FBI agents were doing the same. Kelly also noticed an airplane circling above. He used some binoculars and saw a camera pointing out of the airplane. It was clear the FBI was watching this place.

Kelly made note of all the license numbers around the place and pull out to the street to think about what he could do. He looked up again and saw the same aircraft circling the business park. At this time he kept an eye on the airplane and the FBI stake out the building they.

His in all the years he was in the FBI he never remembered them using an airplane to keep an eye on the suspect. The police used helicopters all the time and the California Highway Patrol used similar aircraft in rural areas to spot those driving much faster than other traffic. Mike got home and found his daughters and wife still here at he house. On the way home he tuned in to the radio station where he worked and heard the exclusive story of the kidnapping of our advertising sales manager's daughters and the reports of one of them fearing for her life while tied to guillotine certain she would soon loose her head only to find out the blade retracted and she was still alive.

The girls were naked and bound after being abducted and how they were sexually molested. Mike turned on his television and the top story was about the abduction, rape of two teenagers that were held for a multimillion-dollar ransom. He turned to a different station and the top story in the midday news was about him and his daughters.

His radio station was not to mention his name of address because Mike was concerned the media would be crowded in front of his house.

So far that was not the case. The phone rang and Mike answered it and talked to Norm Kelly his private detective who told him he was watching an airplane while the FBI was watching the building.

Kelly told him the FBI and police are not using any fixed wing airplanes. Kelly now thinks it is possible the kidnappers are using the airplane to watch the police and FBI. Linda and his daughters came out holding hands and embraced Mike like they were in a love fest. Mike told his wife about hiring a private investigator and about the top stories about the kidnapping and rape of his daughters for ransom. The family ate lunch together for the first time on a weekday Mike told about the new stories about them and the daughters stayed quiet but for a few giggles and ate lunch served by their mother.

They agnowleged the food was good and the thanked their father for paying the ransom. They both hoped he could get at least get some of the money back and told him they were glad to be home.

Alexia and her sister Lynda spent several hours reading textbooks from their classes to in an effort to keep up with the days of class that they have missed because of their abduction and the days afterward. They will be missing a total of 4 days of classes. It is not unusual for a student to miss time because of illness but they felt they had to do as much as possible to not fall behind in the classes.

The girls went out on a walk around the block with their father following and carrying a very visible shotgun in case they were again targeting for abduction Mike felt he has to protect his daughters at all times. When they go back to school on Monday of next week they will not walk without protection form their parents or residents along the way who are now aware of what happened to these girls. After dinner the Alexia and Lynda went to bed only after checking that every window and door is locked and the alarm is set.

Not longer will these girls walk to school by themselves. One to the things discussed in the classes was what is now widely known about Alexia and Lynda Rosetta. Every one is to protect their children and their neighbor's children as well. Just before bedtime for Mike and Linda she came to bed with the light on naked. Mike looked at his sexy looking wife as she lied on top of the bed with her legs spread.

Mike got undressed and they kissed for a minutes and Mike gave her some oral sex using his tongue and fingers for a while.

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Mike noticed her bald pussy and was attracted to it. He licked her pussy and sucked on her prominent clitoris and enjoyed the odor of his wife's now wet pussy.

Linda loved the orgasm from this and she paid him back with a blow job before he entered her vagina for the best sex in years. It has been about week since they had sex and Mike filled her with his semen only after giving his wife two orgasms for her self. They kissed passionately before they went to sleep with holding her.

Mike put two fingers in Linda's vagina in the morning as she slept and reward her with another orgasm after waking. They kissed again before dressing. It was Saturday and the girls were still sleeping as Mike and Linda prepared pancakes for everyone for breakfast. Later there was a call from private detective Kelly who told mike that he "followed the yellow airplane to where it landed and photographed the license of the car used by the pilot and passenger." He said: "that car was one of the cars he photographed at the industrial park in North Hollywood.

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He said he followed it back to a coffee shoo and later to the same place he first found it. Two men got out of the car and walked into the building that was being watched by the FBI yesterday afternoon. There was one car with two agents that appeared to be asleep while guarding and staked out to watch the building. Kelly was very tiered him self and went over to the car with the sleeping agents and woke them up.

He told them about the airplane and following from the Burbank airport to this building where two men just entered. He then told them it was his turn to go home and go to bed. He gave them the coffee he purchased for himself. He said he got a few hours of sleep but would go back to bed after talking to Mike.

Mike thanked him for the interesting update. Alexia and Lynda got up a little later after sleeping with each other. They both enjoyed the pancake breakfast with their parents. Mike told them what his private detective said on the telephone earlier. The update was interesting for Linda and the teenage daughters. They all drank some orange juice and Mike made some coffee for himself and Linda. The whole family went for a walk after breakfast.

The girls showed their parents where they were first released and recaptured after seeing the police cars on the street in front of the house. Alexia said would have walked into the house but for the police that the captors saw also and kidnapped them again because of the police cars. Mike was surprised at this, thinking they were never released until after the police problem.

There was golf, and NCAA basketball games on television today Mike enjoyed watching. The girls went back to reading and studying for the time they missed from school. Linda was reading a novel she just started today.

After lunch the family took an extended walk to the beach and back that took the two hours and gave them all some exercise that would benefit all of them. The weather was cloudy and cool. It was good day to be outside.

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When they got home Mike noticed some of the yard work he had deferred needed to be done now. They had millions of dollars but they lived as they did as if they were depending on wages to pay the bills. Mike used conservative investment and they had no problem living on only a part of the dividends and interest available to them. Linda still clipped coupons to use at the market and Mike still pulled weeds and mowed the lawn himself.

They gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to charities. When Mike went outside to do yard work Alexia asked her mother if she would like to join them for some sexual experimentation. End of part 2