Gorgeous tranny pleasured by lesbian babe

Gorgeous tranny pleasured by lesbian babe
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As I sat on my bed reading J.R.R.


Tolken's "Two Towers." When my mom walked in and sat down on the end of the bed. Now let me describe my mom. She has red hair, green eyes, 32 C cup tits, 5' 8" tall, max 125lbs, and a nice ass.

Now I have never looked at my mom in a sexual way, but I do have to say that she is hot for twenty four. I am thirteen with brown hair, hazel eyes, 5' tall, and an 8 inch dick that is also 2 inches thick. Back to the story. My mom sighed and looked up at me, she said "Damian your father and I are going out of town, and we aren't coming back." "Okay. Let me pack some things and" mom cut me off. "You don't understand… You're not coming with us.

You have the money you earn from your computer consulting business, but we are going to leave you with enough money to last you till you're 18.

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You'll also have a debit card in your name to get what ever you want." As she spoke I sat dumbfounded. Now I am a very good kid, and extremely smart for my age. Now my mom had me when she was eleven and my dad was fifteen. They had been in love and had married when she graduated from high school.

Now my family is RICH as hell.


My grand mother left me and my cousin forty billion each. I was so stunned that I didn't even realize that they had already left. I decided to go to my aunt's house. My aunt had my cousin at the age as mom had me, only difference was that my cousin is seventeen and almost done with school. My aunt is 28 with D tits, brown hair, grey eyes, a nice ass, also at 5' 8", and 130 lbs. My cousin looked just like my aunt, only difference is she is half Asian.

Tammy is half Japanese and has blue eyes, which is odd for a half asian girl to have. Like my aunt Tina, Tammy has D size tits and a nice ass two.

After an hour of being alone in the house, I had packed all my stuff up. All electronics in their cases and put them buy the door. I packed up all of my cloths in a suit case and put them near the door.

I then put all my martial arts weapons in a duffle bag and put them near the door with the rest of my stuff. Ever sense I was five years old I had been doing martial arts, and particularly ninjitsu. My teacher had said that I was the best he has ever seen. My computer and other electronics were in hard water proof cases so I moved them out side. It was raining hard so I went in and got all of my coats. I put them all in a bag and put on my long trench coat.

I walked back out side and stood there just letting the rain hit me. I don't know how long I stood there, but when I realized that I was wet and cold I grabbed my phone and called a cab.

I lost track of how long I waited for the cab. I was so distracted that I didn't see the cab until it honked at me. I started putting things into the trunk, and when this half black, half something else woman steps out.

She was a knockout, with at least C cup tits, brown eyes, hair down to her waist, and an hour glass figure that made her a wet dream walking and she was young to boot at least 18 or 19, and smiled at me when she got out of the cab. She walked around and helped me load my stuff into the trunk. I got in the back still numb to what was going on. The woman got in and asked "Where to cutie?" I don't know why but I just burst into tears.

The woman looked back at and asked in a sweet voice "Hey sweetie what's wrong?" She got out and came to my door and opened it. She kneeled down, and with out any prompting I went into her arms. She held me and started rocking me. She did this for a minuet and suddenly stopped leaned back.

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She put a hand on my head and pulled back "Oh shit… damn it, were are your parents cutie?" I started crying even harder and said with teary voice "They left me behind for good." When I said that her face changed from confusion to rage back fear. "I'm Maggs what's your name sweetie?" "Damian." "Your coming home with me sweetheart." The way she said it brook no argument.

I found that it felt very hot for some reason. Maggs got back in the driver seat and picked up the C.B. hand set. "Hey Uncle Mac… this is Maggs come back." A man's voice crackles back.

"Go ahead Maggs." "Uncle Mac I need your Doc friend to come too my place A.S.A.P." she said in urgent tones. She looks over at me and smile. I was not feeling real good at that moment. Mac comes back and said "this wouldn't happen to involve your fair would it?" "It's a kid Uncle Mac.

He might have the flue or worse. He has a high temp and his vision is starting to blur." "Okay he is on his way. He said to try to get his fever down." Maggs signed of and closing both my door and hers flew through the rain to a nice two story house.

She pulled in the drive way. I didn't even remember the drive to her house because of how sick I truly was. Maggs got out and opened my car door and helped me in to the house. I was starting to sweat badly to the point I soaked through my black tee-shirt. Maggs got me got me to a couch and lade me down.

"Damian just lay back and get your coat off okay." She had an even more worried than ever. I didn't even know her and she was helping me like I was her kid.

Some times kindness comes from the most unlikely of people. She got my coat off me and took of my boots just as the door bell rage. The doctor looked like a pro football player; he was at least four hundred pounds or better. "You must be Maggs. I'm Dr.Taylor. This must be the one Mac called me about. Do you have bed we can put him in?" She nodded and walked to a door not to far from the living room. Opening it she walked inside. The Doc walked over and picked me up and carried me into the room laying me on the bed.

It looked like it was the master bedroom. The doctor went to work on taking my temp, and then whistled. "102 temp. You need to keep him in bed. Give him the meds I pull out for him and he should be okay." Maggs nodded. And took the pill bottles he pulled out. "You're a good person Maggs helping him. Not many people would do that. Keep him in bed and chicken soup with tea and lemon." He picked up all of his stuff. And left and she gave me the first of the pills. I drifted off to sleep after a minute of taking the meds.

I had some strange dreams. I was in my loose boxers on and a woman I didn't recognize was in bed with me. There was enough light to see by do to a street lamp near the bedroom window. She was wearing a baby doll night gown that had ridden up to her waist. She was facing a way from me and looked good from behind.

My cock was as hard as a rock. Now I am not like most boys my age, I don't jack off nor do I surf the net for porn. But I have seen porn on T.V. at night so I knew how to fuck. The woman had her left lag was bent giving me a perfect shot at her pussy. I moved my dick in between her lags and put it just up at the lips of her pussy. I started moving back and forth along her pussy. She started to moan as I moved she also pulled her leg up even more. When her juices started flowing, I put my cock right at her opening and pushed slowly.

As I entered her pussy both she and I moan in pleasure. I thought that I would cum quickly but I started to push in even more. She pushed back bearing me to the hilt even though she was asleep she had me hitting her cervix every time I fucked into her.

I started fucking her slowly; moving in and out with light strokes.

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She moaned even more the more I fucked her, and I was tired of going slow even though it felt good. I started fucking her hard and fast, so finally she woke up with a start.

"DAMIAN!!!!!" she screamed. Her back bowed and her hand gripped my lag digging her finger nails into my skin. "Damian, oh my gawd, Damian!" she started coming again, for the third time.

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The feel of her pussy walls kept contracting and felt awesome. I still had not cum yet and fucked her even harder. Still with her back to me I pulled her on top of me with her feet planted on the bed, and her knees up. I grabbed her waist and fucked her like that.

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Going in and out of her as fast as I could, she had cum again. I started fondling her breasts through her night gown, but I wanted to feel the flesh of her breasts. I grabbed her night gown and pulled it off all the way. She was now fucking me back without meaning to (I would find out later.) With my right hand I grabbed her tit and fondled it gently.

I felt that she had nipples that were as big as erasers, and were just as hard. Her mocha colored skin was so beautiful that it made her intoxicating. She still kept saying my name and moaning with each thrust. She came again to the point that she fell against me not able to move. I kept fucking her like that for another minute, and decided to flip us both over into doggy style. She was building up to her most powerful orgasm yet. I was starting get a strange sensation in my balls, and fucked her as fast as both our bodies could handle.

She finely spoke again as she hit her sixth orgasm. "DAMIAN IT'S ME. MAGGS. AHHHHH" she hollered as she came. I finally realized it wasn't a dream.

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As her pussy gripped my dick I started cumming do to the tightening and loosening of her pussy walls. She and I both came hard; with her going into convulsions. I held onto her hips thrusting forward and shot load after load of sperm into her casing another orgasm. When she and I both came down from our orgasm, I pulled out fast and shot away from her. I was still weak from the flue and the orgasm that it was hard to get to the other side of the room near the bathroom.

I fell against the wall by the bathroom door and just stayed there. I thought to my self "What have I done? Oh god I hurt and raped the one person that had given a damn about me." I started crying for having hurt this beautiful and kind woman. She rolled of the bed and got shakily to her feet coming too me. She rapped her arms around me; sitting on the carpet with me and started to rock me making shushing noises as she did.

"Damian that was one, the absolute best sex I have ever had, two you still have a fever and probably thought I was someone ells, and three I cant believe that a kid as young as you has a cock that big. How old are you anyway?" She had come up with all that and now was rocking me still naked. She was now asking me how old I was. "Thirteen. I'll be fourteen in July." I answered. It was January. She whistled at that and looked down a grin spreading on her face.

I looked down to see my dick was still hanging out of my boxers and as hard as steel. I looked back up at her face and she pulled me to my feet. Taking me to the bed she pushed me on to it.

She went out of the room after pulling boxers; she was gone for a few minutes and came back with a boll of soup with my pills and a cup of lemon tie I could smell from the bed. "What's that for?" I asked. "You sweetheart, you need to get better so I really can get fucked by you. I want to see how good you are when you are at full strength." She said with smile. She made me eat, take my pills, and drank the tea. She had screwed my brains out after I was done and then I fallen a sleep.

For two days I stayed in bed and got fuck for most of that. When my fever broke; Dr. Taylor came back and checked me over. Maggs was fully dressed and had got me into my pajama pants. She got me back in bed, and she had told me no sex until he left. When Dr.Taylor was done, he said that I was better but he wanted me to stay in bed for another two days. After Doc left; Maggs jumped me taking my pants off and said with pure lust in her voice.

"Fuck me Damian with ever ounce of strength you have." And that was exactly what I did. She stripped out of the jeans and tank-top that she had on as fast as possible. She got on top of me and ran the head of my cock up and down her dark pussy lips. Her juices flowing; she started sinking down on to my cock. She moaned loader and loader as she went down. When there was five inches in side her I grabbed her waist and down hard slamming in to her.

She screamed and came hard with her back arched, but the rest of her convulsed from the first orgasm. I waited for it to pass, and when she was finally back to normal said in a breathy voice. "Shit that…was intense&hellip.please tell me you&hellip.aren't done?" I smiled. "Not by a long shot." At that I flipped her on to her back and got on top of her. I started fucking her slow making her moan with each push and pull enlisted a sound of pleasure from her.

I moved my mouth to her tit and started sucking, liking, and nibbling her nipple. She moved her hand up to the back of my head and moaned in complete pleasure. Her pussy was so tight that I had trouble getting and out of her. It was one of the best feelings I ever had. I started speed up. "AH FUCK ME HARDER!!!" she screamed. I smiled at her and being a gentleman; I did as she requested. I slammed into her as fast as possible going a mile a minute.

The faster I went the more she screamed, and the more she came. I lost track of how many times she came, it was to the point that she grabbed my arms. "Please&hellip.Damian&hellip.stop&hellip.please." I did and no sooner I stopped I shot cum into her womb which sent her into an orgasm that I thought would kill her. She stopped breathing and had past out. "Maggs come on! Oh God, Oh God, come on." I started shaking her and trying to talk to me.

I went to give her mouth to mouth, but the second I put my lips on her she start kissing me. I kissed her back thinking that once I got my breath back I was going to killer. "That was more intense then any you gave me before.

Sorry I didn't speak, or breathe for a minute there. That was some DAMN good sex!!!" she said with a slight laugh. I hugged her to me and kissed her again.

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"Don't ever do that again." I said with a little worry in my voice. She smiled and kissed me with such passion that it made my head spin. After we broke apart she said something that shocked the hell out of me.

"Master I am yours till the day I die." My mouth dropped "what? Why are you calling me master?

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Maggs what are you talking about?" I asked all at once. She smiled a smile that had a special meaning behind it, but I didn't under stand it than. "I have never had a man that gave a damn about me, and give me the tenderness that you have shown me. You also gave me more pleaser than anyone has ever given me.

Damian I am 20 years old, no one has ever given me the love you have shown. I am giving you everything I am, and I don't care if you have a dozen women; I am yours from now on." She rapped her arms around me and I rolled to her right and pulled her on top of me. She laid her head on my chest and almost admittedly she fell asleep. I was right behind her. ___________________________________________________________________________________ please give me as much feed back as possible.

this my first story.