Asa Akira und dana Vespoli Flotter Dreier anal sexcapade

Asa Akira und dana Vespoli Flotter Dreier anal sexcapade
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After my unfortunate breakdown.and refusal to obey direct orders given by the guards.I was driven into a world of terror, dread, and remorse. Not the remorse of regretting what I had done.but remorse for placing myself in line for severe punishment for my serious infraction.

I didn't sleep well that night.the horrors of what lie ahead for me the next morning kept me in a cold sweat through my fitful slumber. My stomach was agitated so that I felt nauseous and ready to vomit.but I had learned to control much of this destructive side effect of the abuse here.and decided inside.that I would take what was given me.and survive to leave here one day.

Stories of prisoners of war flashed through my mind, and I knew that whatever they had endured for so long.they were able to survive.and to walk free in the end. What joy they must have felt upon their release.looking back at the desperate times they had gone through, and having the apocalyptic shock of being free again, never to suffer their nightmare again.

One day I would walk out of release or escape.and until that day I would make the absolute best of an astonishingly degrading situation. Whether I would carry this insane craving to eat the asshole and cunt of any woman in sight.with me through the rest of my life, I didn't care to ponder. I had actually become addicted to eating women's farts and shit.and this was more than I could believe or assimilate. I would leave the moral torment to some different part of my mind.and keep the common sense day by day efforts of life foremost in my thoughts.

What I did here would count for nothing morally, since I was forced and conditioned to do it. Eating a woman's shit and anal gas had become commonplace to me.not only that.extremely erotic. Survival was paramount.the rest, actually, didn't amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things. The fact that we were being given extremely sophisticated and effective intestinal protectants and powerful antibiotic treatments had no doubt saved us all from very serious medical problems or worse.for this I suppose I should be thankful, all elements being considered.

How long I, or anyone else here could remain viable was anybody's guess but there were so many negatives to deal with here that one had to place them in a priority index, and deal with them accordingly.

_________________________________________________ I awoke to the sound of footsteps in my room the next morning.the shuffling feet of several guards all severely determined to pull me from bed, and tape my hands behind me. I wasn't even awake, and they dragged me stumbling out of the room and out into the main meeting area. The area where all of the prisoners were taken for important indoctrination.or for a punishment of example. I had seen several male and female prisoners whipped here.and the memory of their screams made my blood run cold.and I think I whimpered a bit.nor detectable to anyone, I think, but patently detectable to me.

The new Madam would live up to the image I'd surmised of her.that she was deeply cruel, and ingenious in her treatment of all the prisoners. How I craved the depraved manner of the old Madam.I actually would have traded one for the other if that were a possibility in the real world.

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I saw now that she was infinitely preferable to the breathtakingly beautful witch who now controlled our very lives here. Her unbelievably perfect ass and pretty face sent me into a passion of lust everytime I saw her.and that would not make my existance here any easier.even in the smallest way.

We arrived at the meeting hall and sure enough, all of the slaves stood in a large circle waiting for whatever might transpire. There was a cord hanging in the center of the room with a circular fastener at the end.and I was taken there and forced to my knees beneath the dangling length of nylon. Within moments the Madam made her arrogant and beautiful figure of a woman.

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Her skin tight black leotards accentuated her voluptuous figure and the sharp erotic outline of her asscheeks.and her tight leather top cradled her large and perfect titties.

Her nipples were large and pronounced, and stood out proudly from the pressure against them by the shining, skin tight leather. The sight was beyond description, and as she stood over me looking down at her pathetic toy, her long dark mane shifted as she motioned her head slightly in the patented female mannerism of clearing hair from the eyes.

She was furious, obviously, but it was a very controlled fury.a fact that didn't bode well for the unfortunate recipient of her rage, which, in point of fact, was me in this case. She grabbed my hair and rubbed her leather gloved hand softly over my face.then suddenly lashed out and slapped me very hard. I lost my senses for just a moment, and knelt looking down at the hardwood floor.

She cupped my chin, pulling it up, and looked down at me sympathetically, holding my hair tightly and talking softly to me. Her intoxicating purfume was different than the last time I had seen her.when I had unceremoniously eaten a thick load of her crap.and afterward thanked her for it. "You dirty, dirty slave.what have you done?" She looked at me in a puzzled way as if I were supposed to fill her in on the latest developments.

"I let you eat my shit and this is how you repay me!" "I am not the last Madam.I am this Madam," she purred, thumping her breast with her hand. "What am I to do with you?" "You have disobeyed my faithful guards, and they were just trying to do their job." "You have entered another sickening little turd.and I must lower you further down the scale than before. You will be my personal project from this point do not know what you have done to yourself.

I will use you like the piece of horsecrap you are, and you will serve me, and bring earnings to me by pleasing twisted and wealthy women who come here to be entertained. She stood and looked down at me in disgust.and at the same time brought out a black marker pen and removed the cap. As the guards held my hair tightly she wrote something on my forehead in large letters. I had no idea what it was but I knew that I wouldn't like it, and I really didn't care at this point anyway.

She put the cap back on the pen and looked closely at her work. "You know what this says you fucking shit eating creep? It says.'Please fart in my mouth'.

This you will wear for at least three years. That is how long this special ink will take to wear off. So everyone will see each day what you do best." She also had a gadget with her.some kind of device about a foot long and six inches in diameter. It had a hole in one end, and a switch on the other, and she fastened a short appendage to it, snapping it in securely.


She looked at me with a cruel lust in her eyes as I looked up at the device. The appendage had a familiar looking hole in it, identical to the one that had been used for months now to stretch my growing lapper.and as a guard twisted my fingers at an agonizing angle the Madam ordered me to extend my tongue to the fullest.

I did so without a moments hesitation.and my guts twisted into a knot, and I was praying I wouldn't vomit. She shoved the appendage over my tongue and pushed it until it completely covered my extended licker. As I looked up into her eyes and trembled she pushed the switch and activated a vacuum, and the force of it began to suck powerfully on my tongue causing it to be drawn all the way up into the short extension.

It was painful and as the guards held me firmly my tongue was sealed and fastenened into the short tube. She twisted the large cylinder and it came off.leaving the appendage firmly attached to my tortured tongue. I was pleading with her now with my eyes but her cold smile told me that this was the last thing I should do.

The extension hung painfully from my mouth and she grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. There was a circular eyebolt on the end of the appendage and she dragged me up and fastened it to the cord hanging from the ceiling.

I strained in agony as the cord was drawn upward, until my head was held at a sharp angle and I could barely keep my balance as I looked up at the ceiling in horror. The extension was so firmly attached that I knew that if it came off the force would cause me great pain or injury. I focused on keeping my balance as I reeled dangerously under the long hanging nylon cord. The Madam held her hand out and a guard came up and handed her a thin, hard rubber quirt, about a yard long, and she slashed it through the air a few times as she walked around me.

"I'm going to teach you a hard lesson, I'm afraid, my pig. All of the other slaves will learn from your pain and understand just how serious disobedience is in our little community here. I sincerely hope that you will learn too." She pulled a remote control from a pouch on her side, and pointed it at me. When she pushed the button the base of my cock exploded in pain.the powerful shock sending slivers of fire through my entire groin area. I hung there in agony, barely able to stand, and squirmed and twitched uncontrollably as the little implant under my cock tortured me.

The seconds passed and each one seemed like an hour.

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I didn't know if I could stand this, but in truth.I simply had no choice. Suddenly the rubber quirt whisked through the air and the sound had not even registered before the searing pain bit my naked asscheeks. I screamed in agony and involuntarily tried to walk away from her but the cord allowed me only a certain space and as the second lash seared my ass again, I screamed and muttered a gutteral sound, dancing about wildly, from the pain.

"Stand still bastardo, take your punishment or I will make it worse." The pain was unbearable and the sting was horrendous. She lashed out again and cut across my front thighs causing me to bounce and shake in excruciating pain.

My movement tugged painfully against my suffering tongue as I ran around in circles babbling like a maniac. She began to lash at a faster rate and I spun and jumped and made pathetic gutteral screams, desperately trying to escape the savage rubber quirt. She was hitting every part of my body now and caught the tip of my penis sending me into a convulsion of shrieking pain.

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I nearly fell but managed to keep my balance, and as I sobbed and screamed she laid on several more very hard blows. I was in a world of pain now and out of my mind and would do anything to relieve the agony. "Squeal like a pig you piece of shit, and I will stop the punishment." I was so desperate by now that I was fighting for mere survival, and gave out a sickening squealing sound that I could probably never duplicate again. I squealed like some kind of strange imaginary pig.again and again.and finally she stopped her merciless lashing.

I had no pride anymore, I felt like I had no soul, and the only thing in my world was the pain. Without a thought, inside of my mind, I vowed I would never disobey an order here again.regardless.regardless. I stood there and quivered and sobbed, the vicious lash marks burning into my flesh like hot irons. As suddenly as she had appeared, the Madam disappeared, and the guards snickered and smiled at me in derision as they released my tongue, having just witnessed the most degrading, painful, and most humiliating moment of my life.

Even a bum on skid row would stand several levels above me now. I was the total and consumate slave of a group of women who despised me because I gulped and swallowed their shit, piss, and cunt juice each day, and I was also a hopeless slave to my own obscene cravings. _________________________________________ I was allowed to sleep for the rest of the day after the lashing, and pain relievers and medication were provided me, so that I was able to sleep that night, absolutely exhausted physically and mentally from my ordeal.

The next day my duties were light.the women realized that I had been taught my lesson.and that I must be allowed healing time.or I would be unable to function at all. My tongue was very sore, and I could barely eat for awhile, but before long I began to heal. My ass was so tender that I could scarcely sit for several days, but I was healing well and knew that I would have to resume my duties again.

I was so addicted to licking asshole that I soon became desperate, and finally was forced to drop to my knees in front of several of the guards, pleading with them to let me suck their anal openings.

Fortunately they complied.laughing and degrading me all the while. I didn't mind self esteem was nonexistant, and when I needed the swampy smell of an ass crack in my nostrils I had to find gratification. It wasn't long before they allowed me to clean them after their bowel movement.and soon I was slurping and swilling down the nasty brown waste that had become one of the necessary items in my daily routine.

I didn't see the Madam for a full week. I had developed such a terror of her after what had happened since she arrived that I was greatful for this break. I cursed my self since I still desperately craved the smell of her wonderful asscrack, and her pungent farts.

I had developed compartments in my mind that allowed me to tolerate such habits, and remain sane. I think many of us do this, in one fashion or another.and in truth, there is no shame to it when one is absorbed in the process of surviving. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ After a week had passed I was summoned to the Madam's special usage area, and my stomach began anticipation of the visit.

I knew that she had vented her rage and taught me my lesson.and that I would probably not be punished if I cooperated consumately at any future commands. I was placed in a small, but functional session room. There was equipment there but the furnishing was tasteful, and had an expensive tone of appearance.

There were two expensive and comfortable easy chairs sitting around the center of the room, and various towels, instruments, and bottles of liquid adorned the shelves. The center of the room sported a drainage grill.and I knew what that was for from my previous experience in another such room.

The floor had a slight funneling slant downward, so that liquid would be carried to the drain easily, and the grill was apparently moveable, so that waste could be dumped into the drain below and flushed. It mattered little what would transpire in my treatment from now on.I was the absolute shit slave by now, and my craving drove me insanely to fulfill my addictions. It had been three days since I had been allowed to satisfy my severe carnal cravings, and I was trembling in lust from the daily doses of aphrodisiac given me.

I was left in the center of the room, kneeling over the grill, and as I waited impatiently, my needs overcame my sense of caution, and I dipped down and began licking the grill cover.hoping to find a small amount of dried feces there, but alas, the grill was hygenically clean, and the shiny metal yielded nothing to me.

I waited for ten minutes as I sat on my haunches, looking curiously at the items in the room. Suddenly the door opened, and I jumped involuntarily, a cold flash of shock gripping my stomach, and looked up in dread as the Madam and another very attractive woman in her fifties entered the chamber. The woman wore expensive clothing, and I knew that she must be one of the wealthy clients the Madam had mentioned before. The Madam looked down directly into my eyes, knowing that I was terrified of her, and gave me a supercilious sneer of superiority.

She closed the door and the two stood over me, looking down at the disgusting thing kneeling on the floor in front of them. "He lives in dread of me since our last encounter.during which I was forced to deal out a severe disipline to him." "How is your tongue piggy.stick it out all the way and hold it there." I simpered quietly and my tongue shot out to full extension instantly.

I looked up at her in supplication as I poked my long oral probe out at her. My tongue was actually long enough now to be a curiousity in public, but this was not even on the table of significant worries for me now. The other woman was arrogant, and, had a cruel glint in her eyes and I knew she would get her money's worth for services rendered. The Madam held her high heeled shoe to my face, and rubbed the bottom up and down over my tongue.

I quickly licked the surface clean, swallowing the tainted residue there, and sucked on the long heel, looking up at her hoping desperately for some kind of approval. Her face lightened briefly.and she scrunched her lips into a smiling sneer of loathing. "Good fucking job shit do the other shoe." I had soon cleaned them both and looked up at the other woman who stood with her hands on her hips grinning wickedly at me. "He truly knows his place doesn't he," she whispered, "a true shit sucker.

I'll bet he sucks other things too!" She put her shoe in my face also, and I glanced briefly at the Madam as I began to lick the undersurface. I immediately tasted something very funky, but removed it efficiently as I swallowed the residue. After I had cleaned the bottom of the other shoe the woman reached down and pulled my ear painfully."You don't want to know what you just cleaned off the underside of my shoes.but I'm greatful for your diligence," she giggled, "such a good piggy." She turned around and stuck her well formed derriere in my face.

"Kiss my fucking ass you lowlife bastard.kiss it well and kiss both cheeks!" The Madam sat down and watched in amusement as the woman enjoyed herself. I was in a position of complete supplication, and my lust was overpowering. I shoved my face into her asscrack, and with both hands tightly bound behind me, made love to her buttcheeks, kissing them again and again as I moved my smacking lips over both of her obscene rear mounds.

I was moaning in pleasure as I pushed my nose into her rear crack, and she yelped in pleasure as she pulled her skirt up to her hips. Her thin panties allowed my nose to push in further to her fragrant shit crack, and I continued fawning desperately over her fine ass. "Yeah you like that don't you shit boy.kiss my fucking royal ass you filthy fucking ass eating piece of crap!" She reached back and grabbed my hair and forced my nose into her obscene crack, pushing backward, smothering my face.

She groaned and farted a long whiff of captured gas into my nostrils, and held me there to smell it. I became lighted headed and squealed in pleasure as I sniffed her long fart. She suddenly turned around and released my head, and pulled her panties off, throwing them on the easy chair.

I could smell her cunt already, as well as her asshole, and as she held her skirt up to her stomach, she gripped my hair tightly again and shoved my face into her massively hairy snatch. It was rank, but not from uncleanliness.just the nasty obscure stench of mature cuntjuice, incubated all day by her warm inner tissues.

She moaned and forced my nose into her open cunthole, and the funky juices splattered out over my smeller and dribbled down my face. I was insane with unspeakable lust by now and sucked the pungent juices into my mouth and gulped them down desperately.

I sucked her open fuckhole and lapped my tongue in, cleaning out all of her most odorous and thick inner secretions. She fell down on the chair and spread her legs widely.whining and whimpering in pleasure.

I sucked her thick, well formed clitoris, and she pulled my head in so tightly I could barely breathe. The Madam had removed her panties also, and sat there watching us, her skirt pulled up over her thighs, and was masterbating herself rapidly, grunting in pleasure as a thick cream oozed out of her moist crimson cunthole. I fucked my long tongue into the woman's obscene love tunnel, and her vaginal flow was increasing by the moment, and I was scarcely able to drink it all, and much of it dripped from my face to the floor.

She screamed in deep ecstasy, shooting a thick streamer of cunt nectar into my mouth. The acrid juice splattered into my eyes also, and I closed them as I gulped the shameful ejaculation down.and sucked for more.insane with craving.

Finally, she fell back, unable to move, and I kneeled there exhausted, as a thick, clear glob of cunt cream dripped from my open mouth.

The Madam stood up and quickly grabbed my hair and jerked me over to her dripping slit, and held my open mouth over her swollen ureter as she expelled a thick yellow stream of piss down my gullet.

Her urine had a peculiar swampy odor, and I gulped mouthfuls of the salty juice as I looked up at her. She grinned down in pleasure as she pissed all over my face and into my nostrils, and I coughed as I swilled down the powerful liquid waste. She forced my mouth over her wide open and glazed cunt, and masterbated herself as she looked down at me. I whined like a pathetic fool, telling her with my eyes that I waited desperately for my hearty meal. She screamed and jerked forward, and spit in my face just before she orgasmed.

Her saliva dribbled down my nose as her deep, putrid slime splashed all over my forehead and into my mouth, and I held it open and gulped down the unspeakable mess. I swallowed and swilled and whined in complete supplication to her animal needs. She fell back on her chair and looked at me with satisfaction. "Well you're beginning to learn.

You fucking cunt sucking bastard!" "Tell me you're a cuntsucker piggy!" As I licked my lips I smiled in a silly way and removed a glob of scum and ate it. "I'm a piggy cuntsucker," I moaned."a dirty, filthy piggy cuntsucker!" "Thank you, oh thank you Madam for feeding me such a meal.please may I eat some shit?" She pulled on my hair again and shoved me over to the other woman, who was standing now, looking down at me.

"Get your ass over there and eat her shit first!" I kneeled looking up at the attractive fiftyish woman, and she had one hand behind her, rubbing her finger up her ass crack. She grunted and turned around and bent over slightly, spreading her well formed butt cheeks directly over my mouth. Her hairy anus was moving in and out in anticipation of a bowel movement, and I dove in, unable to control myself, and licked all around her smelly farthole as it opened and closed spasmotically.

She had a deep dark asshole and when it opened I could see a bit of shitcream glistening inside. "Smell my ass you fucking slimeball!", she groaned, as she spread her cheeks widely. I rubbed my nose all over her filthy poop chute, and shoved my nose in breathing in heavily.

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I poked my long licker deep into her open shithole, and she gasped involuntarily, as I probed deep inside her rectum. I was grunting like an animal now as I cleaned out the hardened crap, and was slavering the small chunks down when she farted loudly and a mass of hot steaming shit forced its way into my mouth. I squealed as I ate the first lump of brown bowel pudding, and gulped and chewed her stinking waste as she held my head and continued to crap all over my face.

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I gobbled down as much as I could as the thick brown meal crushed against my mouth and fell onto the grill. I was in a feeding frenzy now eating her stinking shit with rapid efficieny, and she was near orgasm again as she strained to empty out completely.

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She shook all over as I cleaned her clogged craphole, delving all the way in and lapping out globs of her stench filled inner paste. I soon cleaned her craphole thoroughly, and kissed her asscheeks in gratitude for the disgusting lunch. She pushed me away roughly, and began to clean herself with the damp paper towels provided.

"Son of a bitch you filthy slimeball, get your fucking ass away from me. Fucking make me sick to my stomach.


She looked down at me in utter revulsion as she cleaned herself. "Where did you get this piece of shit.what a fucking lowlife. Ass eating ate all of my shit. I still don't believe it!" "Best dam high I've had for a long time though's just beyond belief what this bastard does. Wow what a trip!" The Madam was standing now and pulled me over to her. "Yes he's one of a kind," she chuckled, "best shit eater I've ever seen." She turned around and spread her asscrack for me as the other woman put her panties back on.

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The woman sat down and watched as I did the Madam. The Madam bent over and spread her full perfect butt cheeks.her hairy anus protruded slightly and as I wrapped my mouth around her thick, bulbous waste portal.she let out a sigh and farted. Her inner gas forced my cheeks out as it blew in, and the long nasty sounding breakwind was wet with shit cream.

I sucked out the creamy shit and gulped it down, and some of it dripped from my chin as I consumed it. The odor was wilting as her fart continued.and very shortly a thick log of fresh shit eased into my mouth. "You hold it there you fuck.don't you eat it yet." She turned around and I kneeled there with the large lump of crap protruding from my lips.

The other woman was astounded and sat there with her eyes bulging out. "Is this for real?, she gulped, "is this for fucking real?" The Madam gripped my head and turned it around for the women to see.

I looked at the well heeled lady and struggled to keep the chunk in my mouth but was forced to swallow the juices as I waited. The Madam went over and stood with the other woman, and they both laughed out loud as I kneeled there in absolute mortification.

The Madam stopped laughing long enough to humiliate me further."Do you like having my turd in your mouth piggy?" I nodded in the affirmative, managing a half stupid grin.

"Eat it slowly, and swallow it," she giggled, give us a good show." As the other woman looked on in absolute horrified disgust, I began to chew the lump of shit and smiled at her as I began to swallow it. She looked away, obviously nauseous, as I gulped the rest of it down and then she got up to leave.

"Oh fuck Diedra, I've got to go," said the woman, "I'm fucking getting sick. You keep this mistake of nature on call though.when I feel real nasty again I may be around for more. It's worth ten thousand several times over to get this kind of high. See you later my friend." "Come back anytime dear.and we'll have some more fun.see you later." The Madam cleaned herself as I kneeled there and ran my tongue around my mouth hoping to find some more residue.

After that she put her panties back on and stood over me as I looked up at her. "You are my complete slave you pathetic are privileged to worship my wonderful ass.

The smell of my shit will always be in your will clean my brown anus often, and feel honored. you are so very fortunate aren't you?" She smiled in a most insulting way and smoothed my hair over. "You dream of fucking me.but you are a worm to me.such a thing is laughable. But you will continue to dream. you may satisfy your needs by being my shit absurd you are you funny crap hound!" "I will see you soon. From now on you must drop to the floor and kiss my feet whenever you are in my presence.after that you will kiss both cheeks of my ass and my asscrack.

This is know what happens when you disobey in any way.don't you? Of course you do fart breath!" She looked at me in total triumph as she left, and once the door closed I knelt there trembling, with a stinking, indescribale coating of scum all over my face and chest.

I stared ahead, numb with mortification and self contempt, for my unspeakable craving, but knew that this would be my fate for the time to come. Soon after, the guards came and took me to the showers to be cleaned.

As I knelt to kiss their ass afterward, I remembered my past transgression, and removed the thought from my mind. It never happened.I would never cross the Madam again. Once back in my cell I dropped into a deep, deep sleep. The one place where I could find peace, at least for a time. The coming weeks would be quite eventful.since the Madam had turned us all into shit whores.and we were required to do our wretched deeds in front of high paying female customers in various kinds display forums.the most obscene that the Madam could devise.

I would come to know the inside of the Madam's asshole better than she herself could imagine.the deep pungent hole would become a portal of gratification for me for quite some time to come.

I would spend much time eating the thick fishy juice from her overtly mature cunt.but knew I could never fuck it. I wasn't alone here, even though I occupied the most loathsome position. We were all slaves in this disgusting environment.and would be until time freed us. I determined to enjoy whatever pleasure was possible here, and endure all the rest. I wondered what the Madam's new commercial policies would bring.we would all find out in due time.