England teen gay sex movieture gallery male to video Yeah we could

England teen gay sex movieture gallery male to video Yeah  we could
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Last summer my wife and I were alone on a trip with our RV. We got the rig set up; had a nice meal, a campfire started, poured a couple of drinks and sat down to relax in front of the fire.

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We couldn't remember a time when we didn't have the kids with us. I guess we got thinking about being alone together and got more than a little horny and it just kind of went from there.

It started with a little slap and tickle when we went back in the RV to freshen our drinks. A little ass grabbing and nipple tweaking lead to me dropping my shorts and stuffing my cock in her mouth. She has no gag reflex and can swallow my cock completely. As I fucked her throat, she moaned and rubbed her clit and pinched her nipples. I could feel my cock deep down her throat.

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The sight of her playing with herself while swallowing me was incredible. After I pounded her tonsils for a bit, I knew she needed some attention. I pulled her clothes off and threw her down on one of the bunks and proceeded to give her cunt a good tonguing, licking her, fucking her with my tongue, nibbling on her clit until she came.


Afterward I noticed that the lights were on and the blind was open in the window of the bunk. I don't know if our neighbors at the next site saw us or not, but if they did they had a great show and no doubt wished they were us.

After bringing her to climax with my mouth, she was still as horny as I was. For some reason as excited as I was I had managed not to cum during this and was still sporting a raging boner.

She said she wanted to be used - she wanted it rough. I asked her if she'd like her breasts bound, this excited her. It was a first for us. I had her lean forward, letting her tits hang. She has large tits for a small woman (34 DD) and after breast-feeding our children her nipples stick out all the time and are very sensitive.

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I wrapped soft rope around her tits, tying them tight, making them hard and engorged. Her nipples stuck out even more than normal and were even more sensitive than usual. I threw her on the bed, on her back, her head hanging over the edge and throat fucked her while tweaking and biting her engorged nipples. I pounded her face, holding my cock deep in her throat a little longer as time went on.

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I'd pound in and out of her mouth and then hold it in her throat for a few seconds, then I'd repeat this holding it deep in her throat for perhaps a few seconds more, then longer until I finally came with my cock buried deep in her throat, holding it there for a long time. She just swallowed and moaned, milking every last drop of cum from my cock. I could see the shape of my cock in her throat. I could watch it pulse. She held my cock in her throat for a long time. I'm always amazed that she can do this without gagging and gasping for air.

After I pulled my dick from her throat, we got up, she dressed in a tube top and short shorts no panties, and we went out to sit by the fire. She still had her tits tied and as we sat by the fire she would flash her bound tits and her swollen wet pussy. She would pinch her nipples and rub her clit. She asked me for her favorite toy, a ten-inch vibrating rubber cock. I got it for her.


Here she was outdoors, her bound tits showing, fucking herself with this big rubber cock by the light of the fire.

I couldn't believe what I was watching. She buried the dildo in her pussy, pulled her shorts up to hold it in and got up walked to the RV, got us fresh drinks and brought them back the thing still buzzing away deep in her cunt. She sat spreading her legs, pulled her shorts to the side and continued fucking herself silly with it. I soon had my cock in my hand stroking it while watching her play with herself. Once she saw me with my cock in hand she pulled her shorts over holding the dildo in place once again, came over knelt in front of me and swallowed my cock.

Here I am sitting by the campfire, a cold drink in my hand, and my beautiful wife semi naked, her tits tied, a dildo buried in her cunt and my cock down her throat; I can hardly believe what is happening. Again, I manage to hold back and do not cum in her mouth. This is no small feat. She stops blowing me and pulls the dildo from her pussy. I asked her to finger herself and as she did I encouraged her to put more fingers in her cunt. She ended up with her fist buried to her wrist.

This was another first. After a few minutes of this she says she needs to be fucked and sits on my cock and rides me hard while I reach around and pinch and pull her nipples. At one point we can hear someone walking on the road toward our site.

She pulls her top up and just sits on my lap watching the fire, my cock still buried in her cunt, as the couple walk by and say Hello, nice evening to sit by the fire.

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My wife replies yes very nice, we're really enjoying it. I couldn't believe we were almost caught and she was able to sit there with my cock still deep in her cunt, and answer as if nothing was going on. Once they pass she giggles, says that was hot and continues to bounce on my cock until we cum.

Once we finished, we went inside and I untied her tits. They were red and sensitive and I bit them and she loved it.

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Her pussy was red and swollen and when I touched it, it was too much for her. I slapped it and spread her licking and biting her clit. She had another orgasm. I licked our cum from her abused pussy and then kissed her deeply. We fell asleep naked in each other's arms. In the morning I woke up to her warm wet mouth around my cock. I couldn't believe after the events of the night before that she was still horny. Her tits and pussy were not as red or swollen as they had been the night before, but were still sensitive and when I touched them she moaned.

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She climbed on top and rode my cock. This time it was a slow easy fuck; she took it deep and slow as I kissed her nipples lightly.

We climaxed together and laid in bed exhausted.