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Interracial Raw Fuck TopDawg Fucks Beefy Muscle
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My name is Sam. My mum, Rosalie, has just turned 33, and I just turned 15 which means that she was just 18 when I was born. Apparently, when she discovered that she was pregnant, she told my dad, Phil, and they discussed what to do.

Eventually they agreed to live together without getting married, and share bringing me up. As far back as I can remember mum and dad always slept together in their bedroom, both of them naked. I always went to bed naked too.

In the morning mum and dad would stay naked until just before it was time to leave for work. The three of us sat together in the kitchen eating breakfast, all of us naked. Until I was about 8, when I started going to school friends' places for sleep-overs, I just thought that this was normal. When I was about 13 I started getting erections all the time.

In a nudist household an erection is pretty hard to hide. My dad commented first, "Sam seems to be interested in sex already." That day, as usual, my dad left for work earlier than mum.

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As soon as he was out the door mum told me "Come here, Sam." Then she grabbed my erection and started stroking me. I felt this incredible feeling in my cock and lower body. Within a minute or two I was squirting my cum over mum's hand and the kitchen floor. At first I felt embarassed but mum just laughed and asked "Does that feel better now?" She hugged me and I kissed her. "Thanks, mum." "You can always do that for yourself if you feel the need." "Really? It's not naughty or dirty?" "Of course not.

It's natural. I would be worried if you didn't start wanking at your age. However I have seen dried cum on your bed sheets, so I know that you are a normal adolescent boy." "Mum. Can I ask you some things?" "Like what?" "Well, what is a cunt and what does 'fuck' mean?" "Hell Sam! I'll be late for work if I start to explain all that now. Tonight after work I'll tell you about fuck, cunt, and anything else that you don't understand." That night she started explaining things to me.

She had me examine her cunt closely, taking note of her inner and outer lips, her clit and her fuck hole. She taught me the polite or medical names for things and the common or vulgar names also. On the web she found diagrams of the sexual organs for males and females. She explained all about ovulation, impregnation, menstruation, even PMT. She helped me find porn sites on the web which showed all sorts of sexual activity, fucking, sucking, anal, double penetration, even S&M.

When we were looking at porn sites she warned me that I should not believe everything I learned from them. For instance, she said, if you believed everything on the web you would think that the average male erection was a very thick 12". She said that at a boozy party once she had surveyed a group of 15 of her girlfriends about their boyfriends or partners. One partner had a 9" dick, most of the rest were 7" and one was only 6", but his girlfriend was very happy with what he could do with it.

Similarly, on porn sites just about all the women squirt when they cum. Of her 15 girlfriends plus her, only two claimed they squirted, and then only if the orgasm was exceptionally intense. Another impression you could get from the web is that all women cum while being fucked. Of the 15 surveyed two had orgasms that way regularly, another two sometimes.


They all agreed that they preferred to be eaten out or finger fucked first, even the ones who could cum while being fucked. She did not cover all the detail in one session, in fact it took more than a month before she was satisfied that I had all the information that I should have, and I couldn't think of any more questions. The first Saturday after she started answering my questions, she took me to the super-market, to the aisle where the condoms were displayed, advised me to buy large ultra-thin lubricated ones, then told me to take them to the check-out myself.

She disappeared while I queued for the '7-items' register. Imagine my embarrassment when I got to the register and the check-out chick was Alicia, a cute girl who was in most of my classes.

She looked at my purchase, then at me. "Who are you going to use those with?" "I don't know. Maybe noone. My mum said that it is better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them." Alicia laughed and rang them up. "I'd like to meet your mum. She sounds cool." "Come home with me after school sometime." "OK." When I got out of the store mum was waiting for me and I told her how embarrassed I had been being served by Alicia.

She laughed and said "But don't you see? That's perfect for you.

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She'll tell all her friends, and I bet that more than one of them will want to try sex, but only if they are sure the boy will use a condom. I bet you'll have someone coming on to you within days." "Maybe that is what Alicia was doing when she said that she would like to meet you.

I invited her home after school sometime and she said 'OK'" As soon as we got home we undressed, as always. I had a full erection, as nearly always. Mum told me to open the pack of condoms and put one on. After I had rolled it onto my cock she started to wank me. It did not feel quite as good as when she wanked me without a condom, but I came very quickly nevertheless because I was imagining all Alicia's sexy friends wanting me to fuck them because they knew that I had a pack of condoms. OK, so it was an exageration of the idea that my mother had planted in my head, but it worked for me.

And that was why I had an erection in the first place. Afterwards she showed me my cum collected in the tiny bubble at the tip of the condom. On Monday, at the end of the lunch break, Alicia came up to me. "You know I said that I want to meet your mum. How about after school today?" "Sure.

Will you walk home with me after school?" "Great! I'll see you then." On the way home I was searching for something to say, so I blurted out "When there is just mum dad and me at home we don't wear any clothes. But you don't have to worry because when we have visitors we keep our clothes on." "I was surprised already about your mum pushing you to buy condoms. I find it a real turn-on imagining you all naked. Isn't it embarrassing?" "No. We've been like that since I was tiny.

It just seems natural to me." "But what if you get a hard-on? How do you hide it?" "Sometimes mum wanks me. Sometimes she tells me to go away and wank myself." "Wow. I can't imagine my mother telling my brother to wank himself, far less wanking him. He has a hard-on most of the time although he hides it in his jeans fairly successfully.

I think that I'm the only one who notices. Your mum is really cool." When we got home I was surprised to see mum's car in the driveway. She does not usually get home until 6:30 or 7:00pm. When I unlocked the front door there was mum. "Hello. You must be Alicia. Sam has told me about you.

Please excuse my nudity. I did not realise that Sam would be bringing you home today." "Don't apologise Mrs Brown. I just finished telling Sam that I found it was a turn-on imagining you all naked." "So you are not shocked or disgusted? Would you like to take your clothes off too?" Up to that point Alicia had coped very well, but that question really threw her.

"Er. My mum would kill me if she ever found out." "How would she find out? Sam is not silly enough to ruin his chances of having you come back here, I assure you that I will never speak about it to anyone outside this room, and I understand that you are pretty bright, so I expect that you are smart enough not to breathe a word of what happens here today to anyone who might pass it on to your mother." "But ." "Well never mind. I'm guessing that Sam is longing to see you naked.

Would it make it easier if I went into the kitchen and left you two some privacy?" "No. It's not that, I'm just scared." "Like Sam was when I made him buy the condoms?" "Yes. I guess." "Well I'm guessing again but I think Sam believes that you are here today because he bought those condoms, and so his courage at the check-out paid off.

Is that how you see it, Sam?" "Yes, mum." Alicia breathed a huge sigh, then started pulling her shirt off followed by her bra. Her breasts weren't as big as I had hoped, but seeing them turned me on anyway. I of course imitated her, pulling my shirt, jeans, shoes and socks and underpants off. Not surprisingly my very erect penis sprang out and bounced in front of me. Alicia saw it and instinctively reached out to hold it. By now she was down to her panties, having taken off her shoes and skirt.

I moved in front of her and slid her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them and kicked them away.


As she stroked my erection gently I slipped my hand down to her slit, finger fucking her with one finger while stroking her clit with my thumb. I kept doing this while pulling Alicia's body against mine with my other hand. Her skin against mine felt so soft and smooth. I squashed her breasts into my chest. She turned her face to mine and offered me her lips.

As we kissed she started moaning into my open mouth and then I felt her moisture trickle out of her pussy. When her orgasm swept through her body she had to let go of my prick and cling to me with both hands to steady herself. "That's a good start Sam. Alicia are you still a virgin?" I jumped and Alicia did too. I had completely forgotten that mum was still there and I think Alicia had too.

"Well. I've never been fucked yet, but I borrowed a girlfriend's mum's dildo recently and broke my hymen with that, so I've sort of lost my cherry." "So why don't you two go up to Sam's bedroom and fuck?" I grabbed Alicia's hand and practically dragged her upstairs to my room.

I got a condom from the packet, unwrapped it, and rolled it onto my still very hard cock. Alicia lay down on my bed and I climbed on top of her. We kissed again while she guided my cock into her cunt. She was so wet, and the condom was lubed as well, so I slid in quite easily. I watched her face, at first she seemed very tense, but gradually she seemed to relax.

Then I started to stroke in and out of her, gently at first, but I soon got excited and stroked faster and faster.

I came sooner than I had hoped but when I checked Alicia was smiling at me. We cuddled together in my narrow bed. "I love you Sam. I hope that we can do that together very often." "I love you too Alicia, and nothing could make me happier than to hear you say that you want me to fuck you often." Then mum knocked on my door but came into the room without waiting for an answer.

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I was lying there, with the used condom still on my limp dick. "Alicia! I rang your mother to say that you were here and that I was inviting you to stay for dinner. She said OK, provided that you are home by 9:00. I suggest that you two take a quick shower and then come down for dinner. Sam's dad is looking forward to meeting you.

Don't bother putting anything on." I fetched a fresh towel for Alicia and led her into the bathroom. We showered together, which was a real turn-on for both of us. The feeling of wet skin against wet skin was an unexpected joy for us both. I spent a lot of time soaping her pussy with my bare hand, which had the effect of giving her another orgasm. Again, as she came, she had to let go of my cock in order to steady herself by holding on to my shoulders.

Mum yelled for us to hurry up, so we got out, dried each other and walked downstairs where dad was watching TV, waiting for dinner. "Hello Alicia. I'm Phil, Sam's dad. Rosalie and I are delighted to have you here.

Judging by the grin on Sam's face he is even more delighted." "Thank you Mr Brown. It's very nice of you.

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I'm as happy to be here as Sam is." After dinner mum said, "If you two want another quick fuck, you had better go and do it now. You'll just have time for a quick shower afterwards before I'll drive Alicia home by 9:00." We both raced upstairs together. We didn't even waste the time to shut my bedroom door.

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We were still naked so I knelt in front of Alicia and started to lick her slit, running my tongue from her hole up to her clit and back. She was so excited to be having her second fuck so soon after the first that she came almost at once.

This time she took a condom from my packet, opened it and rolled it onto my cock which was as erect as it had ever been. Then she pushed me backwards onto my bed, straddled my body and impaled herself on my cock. As she lifted herself up and slid back down I got very excited and started lifting my body to meet her as she came down. I lasted all of 3 minutes this time before I came for the second time inside Alicia.

She lay down on top of me and started kissing me passionately. My cock shrank slowly until it slipped out of her. "I wish that I could stay here with you all night." "Oh! So do I, but I don't suppose your mum would understand, would she?" "I am afraid that she would understand too well. I 'm pretty sure that she would not approve of our fucking." Mum came into my room again, dressed this time. "If Alicia wants a shower before she goes home she had better hurry." So we went together to the shower, although we did not have time to enjoy each other's body as much as we had done earlier.

Then down stairs to find Alicia's discarded clothes. I pulled on track suit pants and we went out to the car with mum. "Now you two leave each other alone or Alicia will arrive home smelling of sex." So we just held hands, and kissed before she got out of the car at her place. The next afternoon Alicia came home with me for a quick fuck before she rushed home before her mother missed her.

I was surprised that she was not wearing panties under the short skirt of her school uniform. She told me that she thought that it would save time; the quicker we fucked, the less likely was her mother to be suspicious. The following afternoon she was again without panties when she dropped in for a fast fuck. This time she confessed that it really made her feel horny walking around all day with her pussy open to the air, and knowing that she was going to get fucked after school.

On Thursday we fucked again. Then at lunch time on Friday she told me that her mother wanted her to invite me for dinner that evening.

I was a bit worried because I assumed that her mum would not approve of me or our recent activities. Alicia just grinned at me and told me to be at her place by 6pm.

I called mum from my mobile and told her where I was going. By now my supply of condoms was getting low so I used the time between the end of school and 6pm to buy a fresh pack at the super market. This time it was Mary, a girl from my school but a couple of years ahead of me, at the check out. "Who's the lucky girl?" she asked. "I'm just being prepared. My mum told me that it's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them." "I wish that my boyfriend's mum had told him that." And she rang them up and took my money.

I got to Alicia's place a few minutes early and found that there was no one home. Alicia's mum's car pulled into their driveway a few minutes after 6pm. "OK, young man! We need to talk! Alicia has confessed to me that you two have been having sex." "Oh, shit!" I thought, "Here it comes." But then I looked at Alicia and she did not seem unhappy, in fact she looked downright pleased about something. "When she first told me I was furious with both of you.

You are far too young to be having sex. Then I remembered my first time. I was about Alicia's age, the sex was not at all satisfying for me and my boyfriend didn't use a condom, so for the next 3 weeks I was terrified that I was pregnant, especially when my period was a few days late; then I was sure that I was pregnant.

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Of course when my period finally started I was extremely relieved, but I ditched that boyfriend anyway. Alicia tells me that you have used a condom every time and that you have given her orgasms every time.

So I guess that I should be grateful to you because you did not put my daughter through the torment that I went through, and also because you have helped her to enjoy the real beauty of sex." By now Alicia had a broad grin on her face, and I was starting to relax a bit. "Alicia's father and brother are away for the week-end on some scouting thing, so I am inviting you to spend the night here with Alicia. You two can sleep, if you do get any sleep, in my king-size bed and I'll take Alicia's single bed." "That's very decent of you Mrs Smith, but I'm afraid that I don't have any pyjamas with me." "What a stupid thing to say!" I thought.

"I don't suppose Alicia will be wearing her pyjamas either. All that you will need to wear tonight is a condom or two. I hope you have them with you." "It's lucky that I bought a new packet on my way here." Finally Alicia walked over to me, threw her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss, right there in front of her mother.

Over dinner Alicia's mum had more to say. "We were a bit late tonight because we have been to the doctor. He has prescribed the pill for Alicia. She will be starting as soon as her next period starts, so it will be safe for you to give up using condoms after she has been on it for a month. I think that you will enjoy your sex even more without condoms." "Wow, Mrs Smith! When you started by saying 'Alicia has confessed that you two have been having sex.' I thought that I was in really deep shit.

But everything that you have said since is so wonderful. How can I thank you?" "By doing making my daughter as happy as she is tonight. If you do eventually break up, stay friends, or at least not enemies." Soon after Alicia dragged me off to her mum's bedroom. Not that I offered any resistance.

"You two enjoy yourselves." came from Mrs Smith as she settled down to watch TV. We stripped quickly and pulled all the covers off the bed. "Are you going to have sex with me or are you going to fuck me?" Alicia asked, naughtily mocking her mum's avoidance of the word 'fuck'.

Alicia rolled a new condom onto my cock which was already bouncing in front of me, then she fell backwards onto the bed, pulling me on top of her. I plunged straight into her cunt without further foreplay the whole evening, talking about sex, had been enough foreplay for both of us. Next morning I was lying awake while Alicia still slept.

There were two used condoms on the bedside table and a third around my flaccid dick. We were both naked on top of the bed, spooned together. My hand was resting lightly on Alicia's breast. Her mum walked into the room, naked, and went through to the en suite bathroom, her bath room after all. I just lay still, pretending to be asleep.

I heard her use the toilet, then she took a short shower, I heard her hair dryer then she came back into the bedroom, still naked, and started rummaging in her wardrobe for clean clothes.

"Good morning Mrs Smith." "Oh Sam! I thought you were still asleep. In view of everything I think you should drop the formality. From now on I want you to call me Wendy." "OK, Wendy." "I hope you didn't keep Alicia awake all night. She has to get up soon to go to her job at the super market." "Well, I certainly feel great this morning. That was the best night that I have ever had. If Alicia feels as good as I do, she'll be fine." Our talk finally woke Alicia. "Good morning mum.

I hope that you were OK in my bed. We certainly made good use of yours." Then she turned herself over and started to kiss me. "Alicia! You don't have time for more sex. It is Saturday and you have to go to your job." "Oh I so wanted another fuck! I'm so horny again." "Alicia!" "Sorry mum, except that I think that 'fuck' is a good word to use instead of just talking about sex." "Well, maybe. But you had better get into the shower quickly." Alicia and I took our showers together.

We saved time by masturbating each other while we showered. "Well it wasn't a fuck, but that was better than nothing." I had to agree with her. I watched Alicia dress in a short denim skirt with no panties and a very thin T-shirt which molded to her nipples. I put on the clothes that I came in, and we went down to breakfast.

"Alicia? Why aren't you wearing a bra?" "I feel so sexy today. I want all the boys to stare at my nipples. I want everyone to know how sexy I feel." "Well the boys will certainly stare at your nipples. I hope that you don't get into any sort of trouble." "Don't worry, mum, I'll be OK." Wendy drove Alicia to the mall first and then took me home.

Before Alicia got out of the car at the super market, she asked, "Can Sam stay the night again tonight,please, mum?" "Let me guess, you two want to fuck all night again.

Is that it?" "Yes, mum, can we please?" "Sure, honey." "Thanks for the lift Wendy." "You're welcome Sam. Alicia will be home by 5:30pm, dinner will be at 6:30pm, so come around anytime between 5:30 and 6:30." To be continued.