Xxx dominant gay pix Dan nearly looked like the wrong kind of guy to

Xxx dominant gay pix Dan nearly looked like the wrong kind of guy to
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The Coming There are two ways to conquer a large powerful enemy. One is from without, using overwhelming warriors and weapons.

The other is from within, by creating division through temptation, seduction, and corruption; exploiting their basest desires. That is the mission of a lone alien invader, and this is where it begins. The strange rock moved across the cold, empty space at incredible speed. It will soon reach its destination with amazing precision. In the middle of the day, the shapeless rock entered Earth's atmosphere and turned into a big ball of fire that remained almost unseen within the clear sky until it splashed in a small lake, not far from the typical American town of Lakewood.

A few minutes later, a big amoeba-like creature dragged itself silently out of the water. Its fat, rounded body reflected everything around it and this perfect camouflage made it almost invisible as it extended and appendage an "looked" around. The organism quickly identified the different life forms that spread across this peaceful planet. The grass, the trees, a small squirrel that hid scared behind a rock.

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Then it saw a structure that indicated some sort of intelligence and started moving very slowly towards it. It was Sara's house.

**** At that same moment, in Lakewood College. The English teacher, Sara White, intently eyed one of her students, waiting for the perfect opportunity to talk to her. When Natalie and two teammates climbed out of the pool, Sara made her move. "Natalie, can I talk to you a moment?" Natalie stood up, water dripping from her luscious firm body, and responded, a little surprised from the unexpected encounter, "Sure, Miss White.

What's up?" "Let's talk in the locker room," Sara said, leading Natalie into the girls' locker area. They were alone. "I just finished grading your English exam and you didn't do well at all," Sara said. "What?! No! I can't fail English! They'll kick me off the swim team!" Natalie responded with concern. "Well I may be able to help you, but…," Sara thought about her next words carefully.

She knew she was taking a big chance here with the risk of losing her job or worse. "Yes, please, Ms. White! You have to help me! What can I do to make this right?" Natalie interrupted with anxiousness. "Well…," Sara looked at Natalie's eyes and hesitantly leaned forward. Natalie didn't know what was happening for a second but she quickly realized her teacher was making a move on her; wanted to kiss her! The sexy student's mind was racing; she thought about her failed English test, her swimming team.

Maybe she should play along; she might even enjoy it. Miss White was very beautiful, with an athletic body.

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Natalie held her breath and closed her eyes. She felt her teacher's soft full lips on hers. When Natalie felt Sara's arm move around her waist, she decided this was wrong. It was an awful thing to do. Natalie pushed Sara away and stepped back. "No. What are you doing?!" Natalie balked, "You can't do that! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Then she turned around and ran away. Sara just stood there, heart beating out of her chest, hands trembling uncontrollably.

"What have I done? I must be crazy to do something like this…" She covered her face with her hands and started crying. *** Joey Andrews was sitting on the school steps waiting for his mother to pick him up. He was angry because his car had broken down and he didn't have enough money to fix it. A couple of his classmates walked by him and one of them said. "Hey look, Andrews is still here." "I'm waiting for my ride," said Joey.

"My car broke down." "He's waiting for his mommy to pick up her baby!" "Shut up!" snarled Joey.

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"Hey, I've seen his MILF! She can pick me up anytime!" "Fuck you, assholes!" Joey said a little embarrassed. As the guys walked away snickering, Joey saw Natalie walking in a hurry towards him. She looked very upset, with tears in her eyes. She was his dream girl, but had never had the nerve to talk to her. "Hey, Natalie, you okay?" Joey asked almost without thinking. "None of your business! Just leave me alone!" Natalie responded harshly and walked on. Joey felt crushed as Natalie ran to the parking lot.

Girls like Natalie would never talk to him. Joey's beautiful but reserved mother Monica showed up, apologizing for being late. "Sorry I'm so late, honey. My spinning class started later than usual." Monica immediately noticed that Joey was upset. "Are you mad at me?" "No, I'm not mad. It's just - this girl, Natalie.

She blew me off." "Oh, don't worry about it, honey. I'm sure that she will soon realize what a great catch you are and come around," Monica said. "You got that right," Joey answered with a weak smile, not really believing it.

On the Euclid College football field, Joey's sister, Ellen, was practicing with her cheer-leading squad. When she saw her mother and brother approach, Ellen said goodbye to her friends and walked towards the car.

"Hi, what's with the long face, nerd?" Ellen asked her brother playfully. "Leave him alone," her mother said, "he just had a bad day. Some silly girl insulted him." "Aww, sorry, Joey," Ellen said sincerely, then brushed his cheek, "It's her loss. If you weren't my brother, I'd eat you alive." "Ellen! Don't say that," Monica reprehended her daughter. **** That night, at Sara's house.

Sara was lying on her bed, still upset and worried about her incident with Natalie. How could I be such a fool!

But she's so pretty and irresistible! And I want her so bad! After a while of turning back and forth, the tiredness got the better of her and she fall asleep. The creature entered the house through a window and once inside, it quickly detected Sara's presence.

Its skin turned green, its natural color, since the camouflage was no longer needed. The monster approached Sara's bed silently. It expanded and contracted its spongy body, leaving a trail of semi-transparent goo. It took the amorphous creature much time and effort to climb on the bed but once it got there, the rest was easy. The extended appendage moved over the woman's body without touching her, analyzing her morphology. The subtle electrical emissions coming from Sara's brain indicated that her head was one of the targets.

Four smaller tentacles protruded from the end of the appendage forming some sort of claw. At the same time, another pinkish tentacle emerged from the opposite end of the creature's main body. It was long, thick and slippery. This new tentacle would serve an important role in the acquiring process. The first tube curved around Sara's head, opening the four tentacles and closing them around her skull without waking her.

The creature got in synch with the millions of electrical signals that traveled across the woman's brain and it immediately learned everything about her body. The pinkish tentacle shifted to the right and slid between Sara's legs.

When it was close to her pussy, it gave the gentlest caress to the woman's clitoris. Sara moaned softly and an image of Natalie popped in her mind… The lively teen was sitting in her classroom, wearing and skimpy skirt that revealed her perfect legs almost completely.

Then she was getting out of the pool, drying her soft skin sexily with her pink towel. Sara's expression changed to show anxiousness. Meanwhile, the monster was registering everything, Sara's desires and fears, future hopes and past disappointments. Sara tried to shift to her side but she couldn't.

Her head was caught in something. Something was not right. She opened her eyes. Within the dim light that filtered through the window, Sara turned her eyes and saw in terror a strange, breathing bulk lying next to her on the bed.

She screamed! At that instant, the lubricated appendage that lingered between Sara's legs shot forward, forcefully penetrating the woman's body. Sara closed her legs tightly but the fat tentacle had already reached the bottom of her pussy. Sara couldn't understand what was happening. At first she thought it was a nightmare but it was too real and terrifying. Maybe her mind was unconsciously punishing her for being so mean and forthcoming to Natalie. But it couldn't be. She was awake and that thing was right there on the bed with her.

The rubbery limb began to pulsate within her vaginal cavity and the rhythmic waves traveled across Sara's body, reaching into her brain. The invader began to separate fear from pleasure within her mind, suppressing the first and augmenting the latter.

After a few traumatic seconds of dreadful panic, a strange sensation of tranquility spread through her body. It was like a lullaby song that resounded directly into her head. She was telling herself to relax but it wasn't her voice speaking. It sounded different, ethereal, alien. Suddenly, she became very aware of the rubbery appendage pulsating in her pussy.

It felt good. It felt better than good. Her hips began to gyrate slowly while her hands wrap the bed sheets tightly. The voice echoed in her head again, "She will be yours…" and at the same time, an image of Natalie appeared in her mind.

Sara opened her eyes wider, trying to have a better view of the woman she loved. Natalie came out the pool and walked straight to Sara, kissing her and wrapping her arms around her. Then Natalie was sitting on Sara's bed saying "…take me…" as she lay backwards on the pillows. "Serve me and she will be yours," the voice was strong and confident.

The tentacle was now moving back and forth in Sara's pussy, increasing her excitement and easing the creature's way within her mind. Sara moaned loud. She was staring up to the ceiling but her eyes were focused on the inner image of Natalie that became more vivid by the second.

She had to have her. There was no other way. He would help her if she served him. "I'll serve you…" Sara whispered. "Obey me and she will be yours…" The voice was louder and the tentacle fucked her faster. Sara was breathing hard and deep. Her whole body was now undulating up and down, following the tentacle's lead. She was so excited. She sensed her orgasm building fast. she couldn't hold back anymore… "I'll obey you!" Sara said as she arched her back violently before collapsing to the bed shaking and contorting from the blissful spasms of climax.

Her state of bliss lasted longer than she could endure. Moments later, her orgasm faded along with her consciousness. **** The amoeba-like creature got off the bed and moved towards the wall opposite to the window.

Then it began a radical transformation. The tentacles retrieved and its body enlarged vertically across the wall until it reached the height of a human body. A subtle seam appeared in the center of the front side and extended across the length of the creature. It then opened to show a hollow space within the main sac, big enough to fit a woman inside.

The invader was ready. and waiting. Moments later, Sara woke from unconsciousness and sat on the bed. Her eyes looked empty and out of focus.

Her face showed no emotion. Her brain was in a haze. She got off the bed and walked hesitantly towards to newly formed cocoon. She stood for a brief moment in front of it, like evaluating the situation.

The image a naked Natalie lingered in her mind. She realized that her nipples were hard and her pussy was dripping wet. Sara concluded that there was nothing to evaluate. She had made a promised to obey. and a promise had been made to her. She was ready too.

Sara removed her underwear, turned around and stepped backwards into the alien pod. The same pinkish tentacle that had penetrated so delightfully before appeared again. It waved upwards from a small formation at the bottom of the cocoon, aiming at her pussy. The clawed tentacle that had been attached to her head, now descended from the top.

Both tentacles reached their destination at the same time. One around her skull, the other in her pussy. Sara's eyes rolled up while the cocoon closed around her. Sara's transformation had begun. **** Hundreds of miles away, at a NASA research facility, Dr. Timothy Andrews' assistant notified him of a phone call.

"Dr. Andrews, your wife is on the line." "Thank you, Joan." Timothy's office reflects the working environment of a brilliant physicist.

Even that he loved his job; he missed his lovely wife Monica and his son and daughter, Joey and Ellen. "Hello, sweetheart." "Hi, Mon. How's my best girl?" "Frustrated, with her mad scientist husband so far away." "You know, darling, by NASA standards, Lakewood and Houston are actually quite close." "Well why don't you come home through one of your wormholes, or whatever you call those things that you are working on?" "Funny you should say that.

One of "my" wormholes is closer than we thought. I'll have to revise "Heaven's Gate" before its paperback printing. Provided the Pentagon declassifies my recent finding.

It's still a military secret." "Ooh. I'll just have to get it out of you." "Ha. If anyone could … I have a meeting, darling. I love you. Pass it on to Ellen and Joey." "I will. So long, sweetheart." **** The next morning, a squelchy sound broke the silence in Sara's house. The alien cocoon slowly opened, letting a few gobs of greenish slime trickle down to the floor. The tentacle retrieved from Sara's body stealing a soft moan.

Sara stepped out of the pod. She felt different. She looked different. Any imperfection of her body was now gone and she looked gorgeous.

Her breasts were larger, firmer like the rest of her body. Her waist was slimmer. Every unnecessary cell of fat or dead skin had been disintegrated. Her muscles had gain tone and felt stronger. She was like a goddess of lust and power. Sara walked to the mirror and admired her new and improved body. She moved her hands over her curves and realized that her skin was more sensitive. She dared to touch her oversensitive pussy and her eyes rolled up from the sudden rush of pleasure. When she looked back into the mirror, her eyes seemed different.

They had the hint of a glow that looked alluring and hypnotic. She got lost in her own beautiful eyes for a moment until a deep voice took her out of her reverie. The voice echoed directly into her mind and it made every fiber of her body shiver from excitement. "Sara, my beautiful slave!" Sara heard these words and her pussy twitched from sheer pleasure. The alien pod had not only changed her body but her mind too. Now she served a purpose greater and more important than herself and it was deeply imprinted in her brain.

Now she was a slave. "Command me, Master!" Sara responded without thinking. "I come from a very distant place. It took me hundreds of years to get to your planet and I am the first of many. My peers will not take the same path I did. They will come here using a space portal and you will help me find it." "A space portal?" "There are billions of space portals across the universe.

We will find the closest to your planet." "Yes, Master" Sara turned-on her laptop and started searching on the internet.

Everything she saw was transmitted telepathically to the creature. Soon, she became a mere puppet, her hands and fingers moving to the alien's will. They quickly found the concept of "wormhole" and from there a link to a book called "Heaven's Gate" that explained everything in precise detail. The book was written by Dr. Timothy Andrews.

Sara googled his name and found out Dr. Andrews lived in Lakewood too. "He must be Joey Andrew's father," Sara said. "We are so lucky." "You will secure his - cooperation. But first we need more slaves. See to it. Use your new powers and bring them to me." "Yes, Master" Sara responded, thinking about Natalie. **** Later that day, during lunch break, Natalie was sitting alone on a garden bench.

She saw her teacher walking towards her, wearing much sexier clothes than usual. Oh Shit! Here comes Miss White, Natalie thought, trying to look the other way. Natalie didn't want to talk to her so she got up to walk away.

"Natalie, wait! We need to talk…" Sara said. Natalie stopped. Maybe it was better to give Sara a chance to apologize. And maybe she could get a better grade in her English test and stay on the swim team.

"Look at me," Sara said softly, standing just behind the teenager. Natalie turned around and looked at Sara's face. She was ready to give a defiant speech but her words got stuck in her throat. There was something in her teacher's eyes; something irresistible; and her voice sounded so. seductive. "Look at me, Natalie. Look into my eyes…" Natalie looked intently at those eyes, trying to discover what was so special about them.

Sara leaned forward very slowly, getting closer and closer until her face was no more than three inches away from Natalie's.

"That's right, just relax. Look deep. You can't resist me." Natalie forgot about what she was going to say and soon she forgot about everything else. She was trapped within Sara's beautiful stare and there wasn't a better place in the world. Her breathing became deeper and slower. Sara's eyes were so inviting, alluring. The books she was carrying fell to the ground but she didn't even notice. Natalie felt Sara grab her hand and lead her towards the parking lot.

**** A short while later, Natalie stood rigidly in Sara's bedroom, in front of her teacher. Her vacant eyes corroborated that she was still deeply hypnotized. Sara was standing in front of Natalie looking at her beautiful blue eyes. Those eyes seemed to be staring back at her but Sara knew that Natalie was not looking at anything.

The young woman's consciousness had vanished and her mind was empty, waiting for someone, or something, to fill the void. Sara still found it hard to believe how easy it had been to submit Natalie under her control. She only had to wish it, looking intently at Natalie's eyes, capturing them until the teen's whole face went slack and expressionless. "Take off your clothes," Sara said. Natalie removed her clothes slowly, never taking her eyes off her sexy teacher.

She slipped off her blouse and her bra. The teen's breasts were as perfect as Sara had imagined. Looking at that perfect nude body was like a dream come true. Sara removed her own clothes, revealing her new desirable body, extending her arms to Natalie, beckoning her, "Come to me." Natalie walked with a sexy cadence into Sara's arms.

Sara put her arms around the teen's thin waist and said, "Kiss me." This time there was no rejection. Her Master had fulfilled his promise. They kissed passionately for a long while. Sara wished she could embrace her student even longer but she had a job to do and there was no time to waste.

Sara broke the kiss and grabbed the enthralled teen by the hand, leading a few steps forward. And there it was; the alien cocoon. The seam on the front side was wide open, inviting Natalie to step inside. Sara pulled Natalie until she was standing just outside the pod. The teen's facial expression changed for a second, showing concern. Some deep part of her mind knew that this was dangerous and she needed to save herself, to run away.

"No." Natalie whispered softly.

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The student's spell weakened and she was able to take one step back, but as she turned her head, Sara was right there with her blue eyes glowing beautifully. The teen's eyes were immediately captured by Sara's. Natalie felt her heart jolt and her pussy stir while she became fully hypnotized again. "Don't be afraid. Go to him." Sara said. Natalie turned around and stepped backwards into the pod. The enthralled teen felt four tentacles clasping her head and once again her face showed concern but this immediately changed as another tentacle, coming from below, penetrated deep into her pussy.

Sara watched with enormous pleasure as the cocoon closed and the beautiful moaning teen disappeared behind the thin, alien membrane. After a few hours, when the new Natalie came out, they would make love. **** That evening, Sara was browsing the web looking for an appropriate location for a Central Operation Base to be used by the incoming alien army. She heard a familiar squishy sound and turned her head to see the cocoon's seam opening.

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The new and improved Natalie stepped out into the world. Natalie had a great body before, so the chances in the outside were barely noticeable but the changes within her mind and body were obvious. Natalie looked at Sara with glowing eyes. Sara Sara looked back at her the same way. They amused each other for a moment until Sara extended her arm and gestured Natalie to her. Natalie obeyed. Sara grabbed the teen's face and kissed her softly.

Natalie responded with true passion, unrestrained, following her new programming. Their tongues danced for a few minutes until Sara laid back against the headboard. Then she gently pushed Natalie's head between her thighs.


Natalie's inexperience was fully compensated by her eagerness as she sucked her teacher's pussy, shoving her tongue as deep as she could and licking her clitoris with devotion. After a short while, Sara reached a delightful and powerful orgasm. Her legs trembled in the air as her whole body twitched and contorted. Natalie remained attached to her lover's pussy until Sara lay limp on the bed. Sara returned the favor, and minutes later, it was Natalie who twitched wildly from her first sapphic climax.

Her head hanging from the edge of the bed and her arms stretched to her sides, Natalie couldn't believe that sex with another woman could feel this good. She loved Sara and more importantly, she loved her Master for allowing her this pleasure.

After the blissful moment, both curvaceous women sat on the bed and Sara put the alien's plan in motion. "Your sister Cindy is married to Walter Cornwell, the billionaire. We need his money. Go to her and bring her to the Master," Sara commanded.

"Yes, Mistress," Natalie responded then turned around and grabbed her clothes. Sara went back to her laptop and kept browsing. Her Master needed more information. *** An hour later, Natalie rang the doorbell of Cindy's mansion in the suburbs. The older sibling, beautiful and more sophisticated, some would say "spoiled", was taken aback by Natalie's sensual presence.

Something was different about her. "Natalie, I didn't know you were coming," said Cindy. "Hi, sis," Natalie said and walked in hurriedly, without waiting for an invitation.

Cindy found this strange and asked with concern, "Are you ok?" "I am better than ever," Natalie responded with a flat voice, giving Cindy another view of her enhanced appearance. Cindy had to say something about her sister's new look, "You look … beautiful," Cindy blurted out, not used to complimenting her sister. "What's different about you?" "Look at my eyes, sister, and you'll see." Cindy immediately noticed a strange and disturbing glow in her sister's eyes, "What is happening to your eyes?!" "Don't be scared.

Just look at me." Cindy realized that something was very wrong and stepped backwards trying to get away. Natalie followed her and leaped forward, grabbing her sister's arms.

Cindy tried to free herself but Natalie was inhumanly strong. Both sisters struggled until Cindy was pinned against the wall. "Let go of me, Natalie," Cindy pleaded, "What is wrong with you?!" Natalie stared without blinking at her sister's eyes, trying to capture them. She didn't say anything else. She didn't have to.

Cindy looked back and a chill traveled across her spine but as it reached her belly, that cold sensation turned into warmth. It was the weirdest feeling.

Cindy tried to look away but she couldn't. Her face started to relax, slowly erasing the panic expression. The seconds passed and Cindy stopped struggling. Natalie released her sister's arms, which just stayed there against the wall, immobile.

She moved her hands lower and grabbed Cindy's breast, stealing a soft gasp from her sister. Then Natalie moved her left hand further down and caressed Cindy's pussy, first slow and increasingly faster. Cindy began to breathe deeper as her arms fell limp to her sides and her hips began to wave back and forth.

The whole time, her eyes remained locked on Natalie's. She was trapped and there was no turning back. Natalie stepped back and commanded, "Take off your clothes." Without saying a word, Cindy obeyed. "Kiss me," said Natalie. Cindy willfully kissed her beautiful younger sister, savoring the rapture of her dominant tongue.

Her submission was complete. Later that day, in Sara's bedroom, Natalie laid sensuously on the large bed, watching the active alien cocoon, waiting. Finally, the pod opened as the fat tentacle retrieved from Cindy's sodden pussy.

The transformed woman came out and posed for her sister. "Hi sis," Cindy moaned. Natalie beckoned to her, "Come to me." The new Cindy climbed on the bed and crawled toward her luscious sister, her longer tongue licking her lips. "You're my little doll now, aren't you, sister," Natalie smiled wickedly.

"Yes, Mistress. I am here to follow your command." "Make me cum." Natalie moaned The new Cindy wasted no time and soon she had her tongue darting out into her Natalie's pussy. Natalie relished her power over her beautiful big sister, who had always made her feel inferior.

Cindy began to ravish Natalie, following an irresistible need to please her sister. Soon, Natalie was twitching and shaking uncontrollably from a delightful orgasm. Natalie made her sister stand and lean against a column. Then she knelt down to return the favor. Cindy could feel her sister's eager tongue reaching into the depths of her pussy making her insane with pleasure.

When Cindy was about to cum, Natalie stopped, turned around and shoved her fist deep into her sister's tight cavity. Cindy looked down with disbelief as her sister's hand completely disappeared inside of her pussy and an instant later she exploded in the strongest climax she had ever experienced.

Deep within her mind, she knew that her Master was the only one to thank for this. It was time to go back home and wait for her husband.

*** Later that night, construction mogul Walter Cornwell came home. As he walked upstairs, he heard a familiar noise coming from the bedroom. It was his wife moaning and panting, only without him. Immediately his face turned red from anger thinking that his wife was cheating on him. He stormed into the room but he suddenly stopped in shock from what he saw.

Natalie, his sister-in-law, was sitting naked on the bed and his wife was on her knees, eagerly licking her teen sister's pussy. "What… what is going on here?" Walter mumbled. Both sisters looked at him and Cindy said, "Hi honey, we were waiting for you." "F.for me?" "Yes, get your clothes off and come to bed," Natalie added.

Walter found it impossible to believe what was going on. He looked at Natalie's naked figure. He had suspected she had a hot body but this was beyond imagining.

And his trophy wife, Cindy! He had fucked her every which way without tiring of her, but now her body and face seemed even better, her large breasts somehow more firm. He hesitated for a moment but soon his cock began to do all the thinking for him.

He was a man accustomed to getting everything he wanted and this was something no amount of money could buy, and he wasn't going to let this opportunity go away.

The wickedness of the situation made it only more exciting. He quickly undressed and jumped onto the bed. Natalie quickly mounted him, shoving his already erected cock deep into her pussy. She began to ride him wildly while Cindy leaned over him and kissed him passionately. Walter saw something weird in Cindy's eyes but he thought it was a light reflection. "Darling, we can do this as often as you want, but we are going to need your help," Cindy whispered.

"My. my help?" Walter could barely speak from the blissful treatment from his sister-in-law. "Don't speak. Just look into my eyes…" Cindy said. "Your eyes …" Walter mumbled, and lost himself in them. **** The next morning, Sara arrived at Cindy's house and found the threesome still fucking like crazy. Walter's empty stare clearly indicated that he was now being used by the sisters like a sex toy and was under their complete control.

Sara approached the group, grabbed Walter's face and made him look at her. She ordered him to commit his fortune to buying a large property in New Mexico and construction equipment to start building the underground lair for the coming alien invaders.

Walter walked out in an obedient daze. Then, Sara embraced Cindy's beautiful face, kissed her on the lips, and said, "Your mission will be to bring more slaves to the Master." "Yes, Mistress.

I will obey," Cindy responded, and practically floated out of the room. Sara beckoned the gorgeous Natalie, "Natalie, my love." "Yes, Mistress." "Joey Andrews is in my English class with you.

There's something I need you to learn from him." "Yes, Mistress! As you wish!" **** Joey was lying on his bed reading a book when his cellphone rang. He almost dropped the phone when he heard Natalie's voice. "Hi, Joey. This is Natalie. Listen… I want to apologize for the other day. I was rude to you and you were just trying to be nice. I'd like to make it up to you." "S.sure. But, you don't have to… I mean… It would be great to see you but you don't have to apologize or anything…" Joey spoke with nervousness.

"Great. Look out your window," Natalie said. Joey looked through his bedroom window and there she was. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was right there, standing in the middle of his front yard, wearing a skimpy mini-shorts and a sexy top that revealed her incredible flat belly. "I - I'll be right down," he said waving his hand and trying to play it cool, but his legs were trembling with excitement.

Joey met Natalie in front of his house and she kissed him tenderly on the cheek. "Get in the car. I know a place where we can talk without being interrupted," Natalie said with a seductive voice as she got into the car. Joey was still baffled from Natalie's unexpected friendly behavior and all he could say was, "Isn't this Miss White's car?" "No, this is my mom's. I think Miss White has a similar one," Natalie lied.

Joey couldn't care less about the car. His mind was thinking all kinds of things about this dreamlike situation… Why does she want to go to a place where we can't be interrupted? Why is she wearing those incredibly sexy clothes? Maybe she wants to do more than talk!

No… it can't be. I'm not that lucky… When he realized, they were in an empty lot surrounded by trees and high bushes. It was the perfect hiding place. Natalie turn-up the radio and got off the car. Joey did the same and Natalie told him to sit on the hood. Then, she walked a few steps back and began to undress following the rhythm of the music. Joey was speechless and his heart was pounding almost out of his chest. "This is for you, my darling" Natalie said with a sweet voice.

Oh my God! This is happening! Joey thought, still having trouble believing it. The sexy teenage danced for a short while, then she removed her skirt and threw it away. Joey was holding his breath without even knowing it. Her top was next. Natalie's erect nipples showed her programmed excitement.

Then her panties were gone. When she was completely naked, she walked slowly towards him and leaned on him, "I am going to make feel like you are in heaven… but first you have to do something for me." "Anything!" "Tell me when your daddy's coming home." "What?!

Why?!" Joey stammered, worrying, sensing the situation going from good weird to uncomfortably weird, despite the yearning in his pants. "I need to talk to him," Natalie said, "about his book, 'Heaven's Gate'." "You? Why?" Joey puzzled. "I love astronomy. It turns me on!" "I don't know when dad gets back," Joey lied. He knew he shouldn't talk about his dad's whereabouts. Natalie intensified her sensuality, "Don't lie to me, Joey." "Dad's movements are top secret!

We signed a government agreement stating that! " "Ooh, Joey! Don't you want me!?" Natalie said, striking an sexy pose that swelled Joey with desire.

Joey looked at Natalie's irresistibly face and body, and tried to hold out both but couldn't. "Yes," he said. "Then kiss me!" she said as she jumped forward and kissed him. He kissed her back and she began to undress him, almost ripping his clothes off. Moments later they were having sex on the car's hood, the most blissful experience Joey had ever known.

The whole time, Natalie tried to look at him straight in his eyes. Joey had looked at Natalie's beautiful eyes a thousand times before, but as he looked at them now they seemed to be glowing. He sensed that something wasn't right but tried not to think about it. The girl of his dreams was humping up and down on top of him and nothing could spoil that.

He avoided her insistent stare. "Look at me, honey" Natalie insisted. But just after Natalie finished the sentence, Joey climaxed. He felt drained, weak. Natalie hadn't being able to hypnotize him and she was not happy about it. The young woman sensed his weakness and grabbed his face, her eyes now locked on his, promising him untold pleasures. This time, Joey couldn't look away. "You're no match for us Joey! Look into my eyes!" "Your eyes … So beautiful …" Joey was falling.

"That's right," Natalie said huskily. "Feel the resistance fade away from your body." Joey's orgasmic aftermath was his doom and Natalie hypnotized him quickly.

Now he couldn't lie to her. "Tell me when your father is coming home." "Wednesday afternoon," said Joey. "Good boy," said Natalie. She gave Joey a wet kiss before shoving him off the car hood to the grass near his clothes. She stood up, picked up her own clothes, and got into the driver's seat of the car. Natalie drove away, leaving Joey naked on the wet grass, his mind totally scrambled.

All he could remember were her eyes. **** Four days later, at Lakewood's police station, Detective Loraine McKenzie was talking to the Captain Dave Mitchell about her case. She was investigating a few reports from people that saw a bright light and a loud explosion a few days before around the lake area.

Loraine had investigated the lake and its surroundings with no luck. Detective Gina Bianco was sitting at her desk near the Captain's office. She was looking at Loraine, following her every move, trying to figure out what she was saying. Gina knew that Loraine had spent the last few days investigating the events reported near the lake without finding anything. What are you up to, bitch?

Gina thought, without taking her eyes off her co-worker. The rivalry between them was more than obvious. Loraine left the Captain's office, threw Gina a glance, and headed for the building's front door. Gina got up to talk to the Captain. "Any progress on the lake investigations, Captain?" Gina asked.

"Not yet," the Captain answered, "why?" "I'm just curious. There has been a lot of talk about it, you know, people from the neighborhood." "Oh, right, you live close to the lake don't you? She hasn't found anything yet," he said, "It's probably nothing." "Ok. Talk to you later," Gina said as she walked away. The Captain watched her leave until she turned the corner and got out of sight. There was a hint of wariness in his expression. He sensed that something was off but couldn't quite point it out.

**** Later that day, at Dr. Andrews' house. Monica Andrews was making coffee when the doorbell rang. Joey and Ellen were at school so she hurried to open the door. To her surprise, it was Sara White, the English teacher, wearing some clothes that seemed way too sexy for this hour of the day.

"Ms. White?! Is there a problem at school? Is Joey okay?" "Hi, Mrs. Andrews. No, no, your son's fine. I just want to talk to you about him. May I come in?" "Of course. Please." When Sara walked into the house, Monica checked her outfit with a judgmental expression. Although, she never realized Ms. White had such a spectacular body. "Please, sit down" said Monica. They sat and Sara started talking, "Joey is smarter than my other students. I'd like to discuss some choices that may be available for him…" As Sara spoke, she stared directly into Monica's eyes.

The attractive mother looked back at her son's teacher with real interest in what she had to say. From time to time, light seemed to reflect on Sara's eyes in a funny way, as if they were glowing. This caught Monica's attention.

After a short while, Monica started to feel a little dizzy and it became harder and harder to listen to Sara's words. Her focus was on the teacher's eyes.

Monica felt like she was being pulled into that beautiful strange glow that entered her own pupils and spiraled down into her soul. Monica thought she heard Sara say something weird but she wasn't sure. She couldn't think clearly anymore.

She realized Sara's hand was on her own. It felt nice. Then she heard her voice again, now seductive and lulling. "Look into my eyes, Monica." Sara was leaning forward, her stunning eyes just inches from Monica's. Now her eyes were glowing at full intensity. "That's right . You can't resist my will &hellip." Monica didn't want to resist. She felt she could swim in those eyes forever. Monica started to lose focus. Instead, she saw an image that grew larger within her mind.

It was an erotic vision of Sara, naked and exquisite, her eyes soulless white pools, offering herself to Monica as if created to provide eternal bliss.

Sara put a hand on the enthralled mother's shapely thigh, and moved it higher, until it caressed her breast. Monica didn't flinch. She was completely at the mercy of the sexy woman who was seducing her so delightfully. "You want me, don't you, Monica." "Yes!" Monica answered.

"You want to be my slave." "Yess. Make me your slave!" "Kneel before me." Monica knelt on the floor while Sara stood up and lifted her skirt, showing her bare crotch. "Lick." Without breaking eye contact, Monica leaned forward and began licking. She remembered doing the same thing a long time ago, back in college.

But back then had been just an experiment. Now it was all that mattered. As if her life depended on it, Monica licked Sara's pussy with eagerness but delicate at the same time. Caressing the teacher's clit with the tip of her tongue, then pushing it deep into her cavity. Sara moaned, "Mmmhh! You are great at this my little pet." But the suckling only lasted a minute as Sara cut it short.

"Enough," said Sara, extending her hand down to Monica, "Come with me. It is time for you to take the next step." In a daze, Monica took Sara's hand a followed her to the front door, licking her lips.

*** A few hours later, in Sara's bedroom, the cocoon opened to display a renewed version of Monica, with magnificent curves, perfect breasts, and a face transformed, rejuvenated. Her blank glowing eyes adding to the effect. All traces of housewifely modesty were gone. A few treads of greenish slime were still gliding off Monica's sexy body.

"Exquisite," said Sara, "You are no longer Monica Andrews! You are now the most important asset in our Master's plan! But you also just a slave, like me." "Come to me," Sara added. "Yes. I am a slave." Monica's pussy stirred as she said that and walked towards her new lover. Monica jumped on the bed and started licking Sara's lovely breasts. Then Sara turned around, offering her butt to Monica and the newly transformed woman dove between her ass cheeks, shoving her tongue in Sara's pussy, finishing the job she started back at her house.

Sara was delightfully thrilled by the former housewife's hidden skills. She reached a mind-blowing orgasm in almost no time. "You did very well. Now our Master has a mission for you," said Sara. "I'll do anything." "Listen well. It concerns your husband, Dr. Andrews." **** It had been a long trip but Dr. Timothy Andrews was finally home. His tiredness was quickly forgotten with the expectation of seeing his beautiful wife and his daughter and son.

"Honey, I'm home!" Tim said out loud. "Hello. I was expecting you," said Monica with a sensual voice. Tim turned his head towards the living room and his eyes opened wide from the astonishing view. His wife was standing in the middle of the room wearing the sexiest negligee he had ever seen. Tim was speechless. Maybe he had been away for so long that his mind was playing tricks on him but Monica seemed different somehow.

She looked spectacular. "Are you just going to stand there?" Monica said with a playful smile. Dr. Andrews walked fast to his wife and kissed her ardently, holding her tightly. Monica responded with even bigger excitement and practically dragged him to the nearest couch. Timothy was amazed by his wife's unusual aggressiveness. She not only looked different but she acted different. "I can tell you're really happy to see me," Tim mumbled between kisses. "Don't you want to take this to the bedroom?" "No.

No room. Take off your clothes!" Monica said between gasps. Minutes later, Dr. Andrews was lying naked on his back and Monica was sitting on top of him, bouncing up and down, waving her hips eagerly around his crotch with his cock completely buried in her tight pussy. "Wow!" Tim said. "You are a wildcat today, baby!" "Don't speak," Monica said as she leaned forward, getting her face closer to his.

"Just look into my eyes." Tim immediately noticed the strange glow in Monica's eyes, realizing that something was very wrong. He stopped moving and looked more carefully. His wife's eyes looked like windows to a bottomless tunnel of darkness and evil. He was being pulled inside of it and somehow he knew there was no way out.

Tim got scared and tried to push Monica away but she grabbed his arms and kept humping him like crazy. "You are not going anywhere until you tell us where the space portal is," Monica said adamantly. "What? What are you talking about? What is happening to you?!" "We need to know the coordinates of the closest wormhole and you are going to tell me where it is!" Monica said grabbing both sides of his head and forcing him to look at her.

"We?. Who? Who are you working for?" "Look into my eyes, darling! Your hard cock tells me that you are enjoying this more than you think!" **** Meanwhile, Joey was ditching the rest of the school day and heading back home. He had been trying to make some sense about what happened with Natalie in the empty lot. It had been so confusing but he even started to believe that it was a bad dream, but it couldn't be. Natalie had probed into his mind with those strange inhuman eyes, and he had told her things that he shouldn't.

Joey knew that his father was coming home today and was maybe in danger.

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He had to tell him everything, even if he was thought to be crazy. Joey opened the front door and heard some struggling noises coming from the living room. He turned his head and stood by the door with his eyes wide open. His naked mother was riding his father like there was no tomorrow. At first, he thought he had walked in on his parents having sex and he started to backtrack silently, not wanting to be seen, but then he heard his father mumbling… "The portal… location is… 4.2, 5.8, 3.9… from…" Tim, looking gaunt and drained, tried to resist his powerful wife, protecting a national secret, but Monica was too strong.

She forced him to keep his eyes open, staring at her, letting her rip into his mind, already weakened by the unavoidable feeling of her tight pussy clutching hard around his cock. He was dying and his last words were going to be the wormhole coordinates.

"No, dad! Don't tell her the location! . Mom! What are you doing?" Monica looked up hastily at her son with her glowing eyes. Oh my God! Her eyes are like Natalie's! Joey thought, almost in shock. Monica got off her husband and focused her hypnotic gaze on Joey while moving toward him.

Her voice was both soft and menacing. "Joey! I'm so glad you are here! Come to me!" Joey looked at his mother and the memory of Natalie's eyes chilled him enough to avert his gaze. With a single jump, Monica reached Joey and dropped him to the floor, straddling him. She ripped his shirt open, resting both hands on his chest, her voice husky and seductive.

"Ooh, Joey! You're going to be my pleasure slave! I'm going to do such wicked things to you! Join me, Joey! Join the Master!" Monica leaned down on Joey, staring at him, while she reached with one hand and unbuttoned his pants. Joey was feeling a hint of forbidden pleasure, and some part of him wanted more of it, but he managed to defy his carnal needs and fight back.

"Mom! Don't do this! We can save you! Dad and me and Ellen! We'll get you away from your 'Master'!" "Save me?! I don't need to be saved! Don't talk! Just look into my pretty eyes!" Monica kept massaging Joey's cock through his pants while trying to capture his gaze. But having been mesmerized by Natalie, Joey knew what his mother was trying to do.

He needed to act fast. "No!" he gasped. With a last burst of willpower, Joey rolled his mother's body off of him and got to his feet. As he backed away from her, his mother stood up and cut off in front of him with amazing speed. Her eyes had stopped glowing. "If you won't respond to my caress… let's see if you respond to this!" Monica fired a powerful kick at Joey's stomach, doubling him forward in agony.

She followed with another kick at her son's face, smashing him backward. Joey fell to the floor again. Monica jumped on top of Joey and grabbed his head with both hands, the same way she had done with her husband. If she couldn't break him, she would have to kill him.

Joey saw her mother's eyes for a brief second and it was enough. After a moment, he started shaking, becoming weaker, feebler, helpless. "There is not point in fighting against us!" Monica hissed. A few more seconds and Joey would have been dead, but a half lamp smashed down on Monica's skull, knocking her off him, semi-conscious, and freeing his mind.

Joey looked up to see the drained, gaunt shadow of his father tottering over him after braining his wife. Then Tim Andrews crumbled to the floor. Joey went to his father, scared and worried. "Dad, get up! We gotta get out of here!" "Joey… can't breathe. I don't have much time. You have to go to General Weber and tell him about all this. Tell him that the space portal's location has been compromised…" "Yes, dad," Joey cried, "Dad?

Dad!" There was no answer. Tim Andrews was dead. "No! Dad! Don't die!" Joey cried. Joey heard his sister scream behind him. She stood by the door in her cheerleader outfit. Joey recalled Ellen only had one college class on Wednesdays.

"Ellen! Don't get any closer! We have to get out of here now! She will hurt you!" "Hurt me?! Joey, what's going on?! What's wrong with dad?!" Joey reached for Ellen's hand when their mother's came out of nowhere and swung up at him, her foot smashing his chin, blasting him several feet across the room.

He was in a daze, trying to regain his wits. Ellen was astounded. She had no idea what was happening. Her almost unrecognizably mother was standing naked in front of her with a wicked smirk on her face. "Don't listen to your brother, baby, everything is fine," Monica said to her daughter. "Mom, why are you naked?!" Ellen asked fearfully. "Is dad okay?! What's happening?!" "Joey walked in on your father and me making love.

He just got scared. That's all." Monica's eyes started to glow as she stared intently at her frightened daughter. "Look at me baby. You'll see there's nothing to worry about." Monica walked up to Ellen and put her hands around her face. The scared girl clutched her mother's arms, uncertain of what to do. The bond between Ellen and her mother had been very strong all her life and the teenager refused to believe that her mother would do anything to hurt her.

Ellen looked at her mother, searching for reassurance. "But mom. your." said Ellen in a whisper. "Ellen!" Joey groaned from the floor across the room, "Don't look at her eyes!

It's a trap! Get away from her!" "Don't listen to him, baby," Monica said. Ellen cringed at this but not as much as she should have, falling quickly under the spell of her mother's eyes. "But… dad isn't moving… and … Joey said … your eyes …" Monica got closer, just a couple of inches from her daughter's eyes, enthralling Ellen further. "Yes," said Monica. "Aren't they pretty, sweetheart? Look closer. See how they shine for you." Ellen spoke softly asking for an explanation but her words began to lose its meaning as her mother's eyes became the center of attention.

They were so bright, so beautiful, so enthralling. Her nipples began to swell for no apparent reason. Joey watched with desperation from the other side of the room. Ellen's arms slowly went down until they rested limp by her sides. Her mother's hand moved from Ellen's face to her breasts. Then mother and daughter kissed as they embraced each other passionately. Oh my God!

Mom has Ellen! She's hypnotized her! I have to save her! Joey thought. Monica moved one hand further down and under her daughter's skirt. Ellen moaned within her mother's lips as she felt the soft caress on her clitoris through her thin panties.

Monica broke the kiss, pleased with her daughter's response and gave Ellen her first command. "Take off your clothes." "Yes, mother," replied Ellen, and took off her outfit, then removed her underwear. Her wide, blank eyes always focused on her mother's. She wanted to please her. She wanted to obey her. Monica studied her beautiful daughter. Ellen's young, slim body looked so firm and sexy. She would make a great asset for her Master. "Kneel before me," Monica ordered.

"Yes, I kneel," said Ellen, falling to her knees. Monica spread her shapely legs. "Lick me." Ellen leaned forward and shoved her face between her mother's legs. As Ellen worked her magic on her, Monica immediately noticed how skillful her daughter's was with her tongue, "You have done this before haven't you, young girl.

This is a pleasant surprise." Joey observed the whole scene, frozen and speechless, Something terrible has happened to my mother. She was not like this in the morning. I better get help! Just as Monica reached a forceful orgasm, Joey sneaked silently out the front door.

**** Joey ran straight to the police station. Loraine looked at Joey running through the door and she walked to him.

"Can I help you?" Loraine said. Joey couldn't talk for a moment, "Yes! I need help! My sister is… and my mother… we need to save them!" Joey said out of breath. "Calm down and tell me what's going on," Loraine said. Joey told the detective everything that had happened, and Loraine looked thoughtfully at him.

"And all this started a few days ago?" she asked, then she continued without waiting for an answer, "It's very hard to believe, but I have a theory about what is going on. Everything may be related to an event that happened on the lake but I don't have any proof yet. Come with me and we'll check it out." Joey was thrilled by the detective's reaction. He had feared she was going to think him crazy, instead she actually wanted to help him.

Maybe they could save his mother and sister. Across the room, Gina observed Loraine and the young men talking, he totally agitated. She couldn't hear the conversation but she had a good idea about what they were discussing. This time she would follow her. *** Loraine and Joey drove for a while until they reached a house near the lake.

It was Sara's house. "Why are we stopping here? I thought we were going to my house. We have to help my sister and my mother!" Joey said worriedly. "I suspect your sister and mother are here. Let's go and take a look. Just don't make any noise," Loraine responded. Joey got off the car wondering how the detective knew all this, but he followed Loraine with the hope of rescuing his family.

Gina parked at some distance behind them, careful not to be seen. Her own house was not far away from the lake and she knew the neighborhood well. Loraine looked through a window and saw nobody inside. The front door was unlocked so she silently opened it and walked in. Joey followed close behind. When they were inside, somebody closed the door forcefully behind them. Joey turned around scared to see Sara, his English teacher, standing naked in front of him.

Joey's mother stood behind her, also naked. Their eyes glowing. They had been waiting for them. "It's a trap!" Joey shouted to Loraine.

"We have to get out of here!" Lorraine looked back at him and smiled, "No, Joey. We belong here, with the Master." Loraine punched Joey in the stomach, knocking him to his knees.

She kneed him in the face, dropping him flat on his back, then put her spike-heeled shoe at his throat. "Don't kill him," said Sara. "He has information we need." "And then I want him as my slave," said Monica. "Yes, I understand." said Loraine. **** Ten minutes later, Joey was tied naked to a column in Sara's bedroom. His eyes were wide open with fear. He could see a monstrous cocoon pod a few feet in front of him, churning with inner activity. There was a human female trapped inside the pod.

Beside it, his transformed mother was pleasuring herself with a look of orgasmic delight. Oh my God! That thing is eating a woman! And my mother and these other women are helping it!, Joey thought in despair. The whole time, Sara lay contentedly on her bed, being pleasured by Loraine. This was like a madhouse of beautiful women in league with some gruesome thing. Joey heard a gelatinous sound reach his ears and turned his head. The cocoon was opening. It was Ellen!

Joey saw a fat tentacle being pulled from his sister's pussy as she moaned from the blissful sensation. Then her shapely leg stepped out of the pod, followed by her whole enhanced body. Joey held his breath as his naked, sensual sister moved out from the cocoon, and stood next to their mother.

Monica wrapped one hand around her thin waist and placed the other on her pussy. She turned to Joey with a wicked sensuous smile. "Your sister is one of us now, and she's happier than she has ever been. Aren't you, my slave?" "Oh yes, Mother!" Ellen said, also smiling fetchingly at Joey. "Joins us, brother! Let us be a family again!" "I'd rather die," shouted Joey.

"It may come to that, son," said Monica. "But first, your sister' going to give you a taste of how it feels to be one of us. Do it, Ellen." "Yes Mother," Ellen said huskily. "It is my pleasure." Ellen went down to her knees and looked wickedly up at her brother, her attractive face, glowing eyes, tongue, and breasts offering him untold pleasures.

Joey knew better than to look at his sister's eyes, but every other inch of her was irresistibly beautiful. "Let me show you the pleasures of serving the Master!" Joey gaped at Ellen. She was acting exactly like his mother and Natalie. Miss White and the detective too. All of them slaves to an alien monster. "Look at her, my son!" Monica said. "Any man would give his soul for her! But I give her to you as your very own sex toy." Joey tried to put up a mental wall to fight the temptation, even as his stiffening cock betrayed him.

"No," he gasped, "This is wrong!" Then Monica gave Ellen a new command. "Crawl to him, baby. You know what to do." "Yes, Mother." Ellen reached Joey's legs and leaned forward, delicately licking the tip of his erect cock, "Oh Joey! Look how big you are!" Then she started to lick his cock with shocking expertise.

Joey groaned, part from pleasure and part from his effort to resist it, "No, Ellen!" he whimpered, as Ellen continued her work with her tongue. His mother stepped behind Ellen and asked, "Tell me, darling. Who's in charge of the space portal?" "I. I don't know! I don't!" Joey grunted. "I know your father told you before he died. If you talk, you'll have more pleasure that could ever imagine," said Monica, then gave her daughter a new command.

"Show him, Ellen." "Yes, Mother." At that, Ellen put Joey's entire cock in his mouth and started sucking it like a delicious lollipop. Joey felt pleasure nerves on his cock he'd never felt before. "Oh," moaned Joey. "The portal, honey," Monica insisted. "Who's in charge?" "Won't tell!" Joey gasped, struggling not to climax in his sister's mouth, though keenly aware of a mounting wave of pleasure deep down inside.

"I think he needs a bigger incentive, Ellen." Ellen stood up and shoved Joey's cock into her pussy, wrapping her legs around his hips. Then their mother pushed Ellen from behind, helping her increase the blissful sensation. Ellen waved her hips back and forth, slow at first, then increasingly faster. When Joey thought he'd reached the height of ecstasy, Monica went down to her knees and began licking and sucking her son's balls, prodding every pleasure point that Ellen didn't control.

Ellen spoke softly in his ear, "Tell mommy what she wants to know, and I'll love you like no girlfriend ever will! I don't want you to die, dear brother," Ellen whispered, "Just look into my eyes and I'll help you." Joey found a hint of hope in Ellen's words and opened his eyes.

His ravishing sister was staring back at him, her glowing and enthralling eyes inches from his. Joey tried to resist them but they were so beautiful, and he felt so wonderful. He succumbed to Ellen's spell. "General Weber.

ughh" Joey grunted while he spilled his cum inside his sister's tight pussy. "Well done Ellen. I knew you could break your brother." Ellen dismounted Joey and went beside her mother.

"What have I done?!" Joey sobbed, utterly broken. "You helped us a great deal honey, and betrayed your whole planet." "Oh, mother!" gushed Ellen. "It was so easy! He couldn't resist me.

Did I please you? Did I please the Master?" "You certainly pleased him, my beautiful daughter. Now spread for me" Monica shoved her face to Ellen's pussy and eagerly sucked her Joey's seed. Ellen felt her mother's tongue reaching deep in her pussy and she climaxed instantly. Sara had observed the whole scene from the bed, appreciating her Master's subjugating power. She said to Monica and Ellen, "You got the information you need. You two know what to do.

Go to General Weber and get control of the space portal." "Yes, Mistress," said Monica. Monica walked out of the room, followed close behind by her daughter. Sara was not the only one observing the outrageous spectacle. Gina was peering in through the bedroom window. She had seen everything, except the cocoon. I knew there was something wrong with you, bitch. What'd you done to that poor kid?

I gotta help him. As she shifted her position, Gina stepped on a twig, that snapped with a slight noise. "May I continue pleasuring you my Mistress?" Loraine asked Sara. "There was a noise out there.

Go see what that was." "Yes, Mistress!" Loraine responded. Loraine stepped naked out to the living room, gun in hand. She failed to see Gina hiding off to one side, her own gun out.

Gina sneaked silently behind Loraine and pressed her gun to Loraine's back. "Drop it, bitch, or I'll drop you." Loraine dropped her gun, looking calm, her eyes glowing slightly, "Hello, Gina." "Turn around with your hands up," ordered Gina. Loraine raised her arms and turned around in front of Gina. "You got me, Gina," Loraine said huskily, her sparkling eyes boring into Gina's. "What do you want to do with me?" "I ," Gina looked at Loraine-s face and stammered, trying to maintain control.

Her co-worker's weird eyes. no, beautiful eyes, confused her. "W. What's going on in there?" "Just a little party," Loraine said, gazing at Gina. "Would you like to join in?" Suddenly, Loraine kneed her in the stomach as she grabbed Gina's gun. Gina doubled forward in agony, not understanding what she got so distracted. A karate chop to the back of her neck ended her confusion.

Gina went down half conscious. Inside the bedroom, tears streamed down Joey's face. He had lost his father and, in a way, his mother and sister to some alien horror.

Worse, the whole world was in terrible danger, due in part to him, and he was tied up like a plaything to these frightening women.

"Now, what should we do with you?" Sara asked Joey with a grin on her face. Then, just as Sara grabbed Joey's neck, Loraine entered carrying Gina. "Who's this?" Sara asked. "Gina Bianco. A fellow detective.

She's been suspecting of us for a few days, and followed me here." "She's lovely," said Sara. "She will make a fine guardian slave for the Master." Loraine put the groaning Gina down on the carpet not far from Joey's feet, and lay down Gina's revolver even closer to him. Joey looked at the semi-conscious detective near him, and, more significantly, her gun.

Loraine and Sara got down on the carpet near Gina and began to undress her. As they did this, they failed to see what Joey was doing. Joey strenuously stretched his left leg to its full length and touched Gina's gun with his bare foot. With a painful extra effort, he managed to move the gun across the floor towards him.

Gina felt someone removing her pants and opened her eyes to see Loraine and another beautiful naked woman pinning her down, staring down at her.

"Hello my dear. Welcome to the Master's home." Sara said. Gina regained full consciousness and immediately scanned the room, looking for a way to escape. Then she saw the grotesque alien cocoon. "What the fuck is that?" she shouted. "It's our Master," Loraine said. "And will soon be yours," Sara said. "No fucking way!" said Gina. "You have no choice," said Sara. "But you will enjoy it.

Look into my eyes." "Like hell I will!" Gina said, and struggled to get free. But both her captors were too strong, and effortlessly kept her pinned. "Give her a taste of the bliss that awaits her," Sara commanded Loraine. "Of course," Loraine said, and buried her face in Gina's pussy. "Ehh? Get off me bitch!" Gina shouted. Gina' squirmed on the floor, still pinned down by Sara, feeling an unwanted pleasure arise between her legs, "Ogh …" "She is good isn't she?" Sara whispered.

Joey finally got the gun near the base of the column. Then he lowered himself hoping to reach it with his tied hands. As Loraine continued to do wonderful things to Gina's pussy. Sara whispered, "Now look into my eyes." And Gina did. She wondered how her captor's eyes could glow like that. They looked so strange, so appealing. They were so beautiful.

Hey look at me cabron sabroson)

Gina's facial expression relaxed. Sara removed Gina's blouse while the surrendering woman stared intensely into the bright, blue eyes. Sara stroked Gina breasts and spoke with a soothing voice… "You are getting lost in his power. You love it." "I love it." Gina whispered. "You want me to kiss you." "Yes, please! Kiss me!" Sara brought her mouth to Gina's and kissed her, her tongue dominating Gina while Sara's mind did the same. A gunshot broke the spell. Sara, Gina, and Loraine looked up to see Joey free of his bond and pointing the gun at Sara.

The gunshot had snapped the rope. "Get off her," Joey ordered them. Sara rose to her feet, gazing directly at Joey. She moved sensuously toward him, her hips promising delights.

"Give me the gun, Joey. You're one of us now. Remember the pleasure." Joey kept pointing the gun at Sara, not sure of what to do. His mind was still enraptured by his earlier, blissful experience with his mother and sister. Some part of him wanted to live that experience again, some part of him wanted to be free. His cock stirred. She looks so sexy.

Joey thought.


Gina, now free of Sara's captivating stare, began to regain her self-control. She saw Loraine clandestinely reaching for her own gun to put an end to Joey.

"No you don't, bitch!" .and kicked her in the face, knocking her to the carpet. Both police beauties scrambled to their feet and faced off in fighting stances. This enabled Joey to break free enough from Sara's spell to keep her at bay with the gun.

Gina sent a powerful kick at Loraine's stomach, doubling her forward. Loraine followed with a kick to Gina's jaw, blasting her backward. Loraine made a rush at Gina but she deftly moved out of Loraine's path and elbowed her in the upper back, sending her forward toward the carpet. Gina pulled back her right leg to kick Loraine in the face but Loraine grasped Gina's foot and twisted it, sending Gina falling backward. Meanwhile, Joey was losing the battle against Sara's entrancing power.

Gina fell on her back and Loraine swiftly leaped on top of Gina's chest, and started strangling her. She tried to push her off but Loraine was inhumanly hefty.

Gina started to lose consciousness from the lack of oxygen. At the last second, Gina simultaneously punched both of Loraine's ears. Loraine clasped he ears in pain, letting go of Gina. Gina grabbed a vase that had rolled to the floor and punched Loraine in the head, knocking her unconscious. **** Gina turned to Joey, and was relieved to see him still holding the gun on Sara.

But she shuddered to see Sara talking soothingly to him, caressing her own body, gazing at him with those alluring hypnotic eyes, and Joey was falling for it, again. "That's right, Joey, all the pleasures you can imagine.

Give in to me, Joey. Give in." "Don't listen to her, Joey!" Gina shouted. Joey hesitated for a moment, then turned the gun on Gina. Sara's words resonated in his head with unbelievable power and promise.

"Too late, Detective," Sara smiled. "He's mine now. Shoot her, Joey. And I'll give you your reward. Do it!" Sara commanded. Joey pulled the trigger, "BANG!!" … and Sara fell backwards with a hole in her chest. Gina quickly grabbed the gun from Joey's hands. "Well done, Joey. I'll take the gun now. Police backup will be here any second." "Too bad you'll both be dead," Sara said, amazingly still alive, thanks to the alien's influence.

She reached a laptop lying near her Master's cocoon and keyed in a sequence of numbers. As Sara crumbled to the floor, finally dead, a computerized voice said, "Self destruct sequence initiated.

Detonation in ten seconds … nine … eight … seven &hellip." Gina saw a cable connecting the computer with a gray package that looked like C4 explosive and screamed, "Run!" pulling the still dazed Joey out of the room.

Six … five … four …three .two They barely got out of the front door when the whole house exploded, throwing them in the air but clear of harm's way. "Wow! That was close!" Gina exclaimed. Gina looked back at the destroyed house trying to make sense of everything that happened. "No one will believe what just happened here," she said "General Weber will," Joey said, recovering from the shock, "We gotta find him." **** The police dispatch gave Gina General Sam Weber's home address.

They drove there as fast as they could. When they got there, they found two dead bodyguards in the front yard and the door wide open. They were too late. The General was dead. He lay naked on the carpet of his study room with empty eyes staring up to the ceiling.


Whatever information he had, was now in the power of the alien's slaves. "Damned! We are too late!" "Maybe it doesn't matter anymore," sighed Joey.

"The creature has been destroyed. Maybe my mom and my sister will be normal again." "I hope so, Joey," Gina said, and spotted an active video camera on one corner of the ceiling, "We may have some evidence." After they retrieved the disk from the recorder, Gina and Joey went back to General Weber's study, where there was a large TV screen.

Joey looked with a worrisome expression and Gina stood beside him. "Go back half an hour," said Gina. Joey deftly managed the video control buttons, and soon he and Gina focused on the screen. "There," said Gina. The video started playing. Monica was straddling the General and he looked pleased with it, falling inevitably under her control. Joey buried his face in his hands, futilely consoled by Gina. "I'm sorry, Joey." Gina and Joey saw Monica leaned over and grab the General's head with both hands.

He was doomed. "She's a monster, Gina!" cried Joey. "My mom is a monster! And so is my sister!" "Wait, there's more," said Gina. On the screen: Monica looked up to the camera with a wicked smile and said, "The Master race will soon arrive to this planet and they shall rule forever!" Then Monica blew a kiss to the camera and walked away.

The video screen shut off. Joey and Gina looked at each other with concern. "Shit! This doesn't look good." Gina said to herself. **** In Cindy's house, Cindy was encouraging her sister Natalie, on the bed. "Come on honey. You can do it." Natalie, displaying a large pregnant belly, was both nervous and excited as the contractions started. "I can feel it moving," Natalie said. Natalie arched her back and moaned out loud as the first limb of the alien's baby reached out from within her vaginal cavity.

"Yes! Here He comes!" Exclaimed Cindy, looking down at her new Master. Moments later, Natalie reached a forceful orgasm as the fat alien baby was pushed out of her strained body. Cindy held the Master lovingly while Natalie still jolted from the orgasmic aftermath.

A while later, Monica reverently fed the newly born creature as the other slaves enjoyed each other, waiting for a new command. "Our Master will soon transform into a new pod and our army will grow to see no limit." "May I pleasure you, Mistress?" asked one of the newer slaves.

The End. (This story continues in "Xenowars part 1 - Rebel Uprising") Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story.