Sexy charming BBW with glasses plays with dildo

Sexy charming BBW with glasses plays with dildo
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My name is Penelope, and I am 17 years old. I live with my parents and younger sister, Delilah who's 15. My father is working hard at finding me a good husband, at my age I should already be married but he has been unsuccessful.

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The truth is, I am in love with a man I cant have, a man of a different social status. My being a simple village girl and he being the Prince of my land makes it impossible for us to be together.

He is an astonishing man, six feet tall towering over my 5' 5" height, tanned piercing blue eyes and shoulder length black hair. His muscles stretch the fabric of his clothing and inspire lust amongst all the women in the village, young and old alike. Many good men have come knocking at my door but I have turned them all away due to the fact that I could never love them like I love Prince Demetrius. My fathers anger shows after I turn them down making up some stupid excuse for why they aren't worthy.

My feelings for Demetrius would have probably faded if it wasn't for that one night by the river when we made love. He entered me into the world of woman hood and I accepted becoming his mistress.

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We have spent every night together since then. At the river, behind my house, and within the castle walls. He declared his love for me, telling me he would never leave me.

Tonight however he had not shown. His father sent for a wife for our future king. I thought he would come for me as he always did but now it was clear that he had fallen for her during their first day together and had forgotten about me.

My eyes stung with tears as I walked back to my house. I had to walk in the side streets so I would not be seen. It wasn't proper for me to be out alone at this time of night. Only women of ill repute were out and heaven forbid I was mistaken for one. As I hurried along I felt as if someone was following me and I picked up the pace. I didn't get very far before someone caught my arm and turned me around to face him.

The body was hard and he was tall, his golden locks glimmered in the moonlight, his once beautiful blue eyes now bloodshot. It was one of my suitors, Terrance. His breath reeked of liquor but his grip was firm.

I turned him down because everyone knew he was a dog, he fucked anything and everything that moved. I no longer felt scared, he was a dog but he was a good man. He smiled at me and asked "what are you doing out here? Its dangerous you know!" I nodded in agreement and tried to loosen his grip on me but he did not budge.

He continued "you know Penelope you hurt my feelings when you turned me down, I wanted to make you my wife, my lover. I wanted to come home to you.

Your big brown eyes staring up at me'. I tried again to move from his grip but it was of no use. He started walking away from my house holding my arm and making me walk with him. "Terrance, I have to go home" I told him pulling my arm away with no success.

He looked at me and picked up the pace, we were standing in front of the pub where a loud roar of men talking, singing and arguing broke the silence of the night. He stood at the door and looked into my eyes "you know, no one appreciates a woman who thinks is better than every one else" His words confusing me. He then pushed me into the pub by my arm.

My presence, being the only female with the exception of a few ladies of the night, took everyone by shock.


The fear began to grow in my chest, the thought of someone telling my father that I was at the pub was mortifying. Terrance walked me to the center of the pub and looking around he began to speak "gentlemen, I present you the great Penelope, the woman who believes she is too good for any of us.

She thinks her cunt is reserved for royalty only" his words sliced through the air whipping at my heart.

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He knew of the Prince and I. "well I say this now, lets show this whore that she is a slut like the rest of the whores here" his words sent panic through me and I tried to pull away but it was in no use. I never imagined that tonight my meeting with my love would lead me here. Terrance let go off my arms to grab on to the front of my gown and rip it open. My breasts were out for everyone's eyes to see and my face turned red.

Terrance turned me around for everyone to see. The shame was too much to bare and I closed my eyes. My prince, where was he? I heard footsteps closing in on me and suddenly hands were on me, pinching my nipples squeezing my breasts. I was panicking and I didn't realize I was struggling to get free from Terrance. I heard laughter and comments like "fuck the bitch", "her tits are fucking huge", "Rip off all her clothes".

Almost immediately I felt My dressed being ripped off and thrown to the floor. The sound of my own voice was muffled by the cheers of men at my nakedness. My mind seemed to blank out at what happened next. I was thrown onto a near by table on my back my arms and legs tied to the legs of the table. I kept my eyes shut wishing to wake up from this night mare. I kept screaming for help and begging them to stop but my cries fell on deaf ears. My tits were being pinched and smacked, sucked on and bitten.

I felt a finger slide in my pussy and being to stretch me. Someone pulled my head back and stuck a cock in my mouth, I bit down and heard him yelp in pain, the men laughed at him but at my dismay I was struck in the face and I tasted my own blood.

He barked orders at me to keep my mouth open or I would not survive the night. He slid his cock in my mouth once more and I obeyed. I was terrified. He fucked my throat hard and I gagged, someone spat on my pussy and rubbed it in, two fingers slid into me then three.

I tried to struggle but so many hand were on me. Suddenly someone rammed into my pussy making my back arch and erupting the bar into laughter again.

The cock in my mouth was stretching it in a way I never thought possible. The taste was disgusting and I gagged. I pulled out only to push further in harder and faster he pumped. My pussy was being stretched by the force of the cock in me.

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He was fucking me hard and fast, I felt him grow inside of me and with a loud groan and one final thrust he came in me and pulled away. The man in my mouth too was reaching far back and stretching my throat and with no warning he came in my mouth. It was a taste I had never experience, my stomach reacted and I threw up on my self turning my face to the side.

A smack and a pull of my hair followed by the next order "swallow it bitch, you do that one more time you'll be sorry". Then suddenly a rush of cold water on my face, it was so cold it made my nipples stiffen, the men laughed.

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I kept my eyes shut I did not want to see them. My head was pulled back and another cock entered my mouth and second one my pussy. They both seemed to be working at the same rhythm making my tits bounce. A third man straddle me and placed his cock in between my tits and held them tight together. He fucked my tits until he came all over them. At the up roar I felt cum fill my mouth once again and my jaw held shut tightly. I was ordered to swallow and I did.

It was putrid and the tears began to flow down my face. My cunt was relieved as he pulled out and spilled himself all over my stomach. Another one entered, this time much thicker than the ones from before I felt my insides being torn apart and I screamed only to be silenced my a dick in my mouth.

I was in hell. I couldn't take it anymore, I wished for death and it wasn't coming, the men however did. At the same time inside of me. I lost track of the time, what seemed like an eternity seemed to be finally coming to an end. The noise was becoming quieter and the hands on me seemed lesser. I had mo more strength and I no longer fought it.

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I was theirs to be raped and smacked. I was covered with cum and my dignity was gone.

Still I was being fucked in both my holes. My cunt was aching from the severity which it was fucked and my mouth was dry with the taste of cum, my nipples were sore from the pinching, smacking and biting they had received.

The man in my mouth was smoking and the smell was driving me crazy, I could barely breath due to the giant cock in my mouth and the smoke made it worse he fucked my face faster and he pulled out to cum all over my face, I coughed and he grunted then the bastard put out his cigarette on my nipple.


I screamed in pain and the tears started to flow again. The cock in my pussy was ramming me hard and fast. No one was in my mouth and I moaned for the first time during this event the sound made him burst inside me and he pulled away. I lay there waiting for the next one but no one came. I wondered if I had died. The thought was then out of my head when cold water splashed my face and body.

I was being untied and made to stand. I opened my eyes and saw Terrance, I could not stand on my own and he held me. I'm not sure when but the dressed was on me and we had left the pub. He was carrying me when I looked at him. He looked back at me and said "I'm taking you home, I wouldn't want anything bad happening to you" he laughed and laid me on the ground behind my house.

I stumbled to my feet after he left and walked to the front of my house. To my shock my father was standing there he looked at me and hissed "you're a filthy whore, out in the night alone, and look at how you return. Get out Penelope and don't you dare come back, you are no longer my daughter" my father struck my face hard and I fell to the ground.

He did not let me explain, He disowned me and I passed out. When I awoke I was in someone's arms. Panic struck and I opened my eyes. I looked up and saw my savior, my Prince was holding me. He looked at me so sadly "I'm sorry" he said. We were heading to the castle and I was in his arms. Now everything would be ok.