Busty tranny Sarina Valentina toying butt hole

Busty tranny Sarina Valentina toying butt hole
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"Hunh, Hunh, Hunh……Hunh, Hunh, Hunh&hellip. did you prepared what I told you to do. You did it right?


I'm going to listen to it after we are done here." Gary asked ratchel while fucking her cunt vigourously. "Yes master" Ratchel in pain said sobbing into tears with a gag ball in her mouth that made the words out of her mouth less comprehensible.

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Gary had the thickest cock over all three of the boys. She always made her scream loudest whenever they compete over making her scream loudest, but that's only when the competition is about fucking in the cunt, the one who truly made her eyes red with tears and throat whimpered with scream was Helen whenever she takes charge of ratchel.

Ratchel had the most appropriate curves and tightened mass of boobs and ass that a man could imagine on any woman, all thanks to the pain she had to the bear and the one who made her bear it- Helen. Helen also made her skin look beautiful with moon white skin colour with the help of training and diet that she puts her through.

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There are particular rules for ratchel. Rule 1:- Ratchel should always be naked except for the collar that she needs to change every day. A different coloured collar for every day in the week. Rule2:- Ratchel can always beg for mercy, if she doesn't want to get fucked or get the pain. Rule3:- The decision to show mercy on ratchel depends on how many times she had said "please master I beg you" or pleaded for mercy.

An electronic voice sensor counts the no of times ratchel says please while pleading. When the no of counts goes five hundred she can get a mercy reward till the next night.

Rule4:- No one can hurt ratchel above the red marks i.e bruises and red skin is fine but peeling the skin by hitting vigourously at one place is not allowed. Rule5:- Ratchel deserves to be punished if she fails to do any task given to her by her masters or she disobeys her masters.

And in punishment the above rule can exempted. Rule6:- Ratchel can be showed mercy willingly by her master if she obeyed them sincerely. Every night all five of them take their turns to fuck ratchel in whatever way they wanted. Apart from the rest of the space in the flat at the eighteenth floor, there was a special room to fuck her. The room used to be ratchel's original room when she was their friend but now its empty other than the ropes, dildos, gags, whips, hanger, wooden stand to tie and hang her.

Also a big picture of ratchel when Helen restrained and beat her inhumanly and humiliated her for the first time in that room. The day ratchel became a slave from their friend when Helen first started training ratchel, when tears and pain became their friends and Helen, gary, sanjana, dean and sean became their masters from friend.

Today Ratchel has been restrained in a spring stand like a frog with her hands tied behind her back. Whenever gary thrusted his cock inside ratchel's cunt the whole stand including ratchel oscillated with very small amplitude so ratchel could feel the jerk of gary fucking her cunt.

"Please master I beg you…&hellip. Please stop, please master I beg you" She continued to beg but gary didn't stop " Shut up ratchel, you are not making it convincing. The machine wont count it if you said it so frequently or if you made it sound like chanting. " gary told her while realesing her semen inside her cunt. Ratchel screamed at the climax of her fuck, and gary took his cock out of her cunt instantly. This made ratchel screamed even louder with pain that she felt while her pussy lips that had been sewed by Helen riped apart which always happened every once a week.

Helen always sewed her pussy lips to make it more tighter for her to enjoy the pain of fucking.

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Ratchel cried in pain and tears rolled through her eyes when she swinged with a jerk in the wooden stand. Gary took his boxers and wear them. He sat upon the chair and said "Now come on tell me the story I told you to prepare." Ratchel took a few breaths, sobbed a little and continued "Once there was girl named ratchel, who decided to go to her uncle and aunt at the other end of the city.

They were so rich, so she fantasized about the swimming pool, parties, friends and the beautifull garden in her bungalow. She entered the gate of the house and saw the gardener plucking the dead leaves of beautiful flowers.

She thought of collecting some flowers for the sick aunt so she went upto the gardener. The gardener looked staright at the big boobs that she had got&hellip." "Wait……… now replace the rest of the she in the story with I." "Yes master." "The gardener looked staright at the big boobs I had got. He lunged over me forcefully dragged between the bushes where he restrained me with ropes and gagged with my own skirt.

He mercillesly tore the buttons of my cloth and removed my all my inner wears. Then he fucked and fucked and fucked my cunt, ass and even my mouth by slapping me and keeping my nose closed with his fingers. Finally when he released his semen for the third time he stopped and dragged me to his quarters when I became unconscious.

When I came to consciousness he showed me the pictures he had taken of me in my sleep. He threatened me of uploading them to internet. So I wiped my tears, wore my remaining clothes that barely managed to hide my boobs, ass and pussy. I rang the bell of the house and aunt opened it and looked at me at my torn clothes and scratched body.

I told her that a dog did this to me.

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She believed it and took me to her room. Uncle looked at me at this condition. He got a good stare at my boobs and ass. At the same night uncle came to the my room and raped me by gagging my mouth and restraining me to the bed. He liked caressing my boobs so violently that the marks imprinted on my white skin.

He kept me restrained to the bed and left me like that for rest of the night. Aunt had a hearing problem so she didn't hear anything at all. Next morning uncle got inside my room and took pictures of me. He also threatened me to upload pictures on the net. I was sobbing and taking my clothes to take shower but uncle forcefully took me to bathroom and put soap over my boobs and pussy.

He took the big soap and packed it inside my cunt and sealed it with a duct tape.

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He then swayed water over my body and again strained me to the bed. He took a fine rope and tightened my boobs and ass and tied a knot below my belly. He then released me and ordered not to remove them until he ordered to do so. I came outside the room to take breakfast after some time and uncle asked me to sit beside him. He slowly took the red pepper and sprinkled it over my pussy when aunt was not seeing. I tried to resist but he threatened me with wide eyes.

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My body was burning with more pain and a little bit pleasure of a soap at my pussy, pepper at my genitals and whole body restrained with ropes. Some how I completed my breakfast. At noon Aunt had to go someplace for some work. Uncle saw this opportunity and dragged me to the swimming pool inside the house where he realeased all my holes and fucked me underwater, over and over for two hours.


In the end he put his cum in my mouth and and again restrained me, this time my mouth also. At night he came over again and raped me.

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It reapeated for a week when I was being raped over and over. I took the chance to say good bye but uncle forced me to stay one more day. That night aunt was out of town for some work. He arranged a party and invited his friends that were around 15 of them. They all fucked me, raped me and mercillesly humiliated and beat me.

At the end of the night, at the dawn they covered all my body with insulted words like bitch, cunt, whore, free, fuck, restrained me, put me in chains and took me to a forest where they all pissed over me and left me out there." "Well done ratchel, well done&hellip. You recited it very well, hearing it out of your mouth was great." Ratchel was still sobbing of this humiliation.

"I think you deserve a part of your fantasy, don't you think" " yes master I deserve it". Gary took his penis out and pissed over the body of ratchel. Ratchel cried with humiliation and tried not to look at gary.

" So what do we say when we receive sonme reward ratchel" " Thank you master, thank you" " That's a good girl" Gary came out of ratchel's room. Where at the door it was written "Ratchel's kennel".

Helen stood up and got inside the room. Ratchel as usual frightened to see Helen. Helen was an inch taller and of little more physique than ratchel, she could easily lift ratchel with her thoat in one arm and other arm at her pussy.

She throwed the water in the bucket on her and released her ropes. Ratchel gasped for breathe and felt the pleasure of being released after restrained for so much. But she knew what was Helen going to do with her. So she started chanting "Please Master&hellip. I beg you", hoping that the computer would sound the alarm as soon as possible. She kept chanting and Helen hang her upside down with her legs spread and mercilessly beat her pussy, ass and boobs till they became black and red.

She was punishing her for not fulfiling her last order.

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Ratchel screamed and chanted her words " Please master&hellip. I beg you" but nothing happpend and she got beaten mercilessly. In the end at last the alarm rang and ratchel was released but she had been already bruised to be healed for almost a month. Till then she had to bear it while getting fucked and doing other tasks and remembering not to make any mistake again. Otherwise the pain would be worse. She kept weeping and gasping for breathes while trying to sleep inside her cage trying to find a position that would make it less painful.

Helen walked out of her room saying " try not to fail next time". Ratchel quickly responded " Yes master."