This bitch likes to fuck with two

This bitch likes to fuck with two
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CHAPTER 7 DOC GOES HOME The doctor made it up the silo and shut and locked the door. He knew no one could get thru the Iron door. This was an old missile silo and now it belongs to him and him alone. He starts his truck and walked over to the generator to check the fuel. It has not been turned on for years and he actually never even tried it.

He opened the gas can and it was over half full. He was satisfied it was ok and finished scraping off the snow from his truck. He had his mother in his mind as he drove to see her. He thought he would make it in about two days when his sister said she had talked a turn for the worse. His father died a few years back and his mother was all he had besides his sister.

They never got along. He drove as fast as he could in the snow and did not stop till he got to see her. It was Christmas Eve when she died. They had her cremated right away. His sister asked him to stay and read the will but he told her he had to get back to his work right away.

He spends the next morning making arrangement for the ashes then hit the road. The doc's mother and father wanted him to walk in his old mans footsteps as Medical doctor. He actually liked science and thought that the doctor field was his best shot and with his grades it was a no brainer.He flew through medical school and was at the top of his grade again.

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His peers were astounded how he could work with bones and how sewing up patients was like watching a quilt being made. He was offered third shift Emergency room doctor and were offering to pay his good money. He turned it down because he still dreamed of science work. He got an offer to go to Germany and study human hormone treatment and they were also working on reproductive test tube things.

This was all new to him and he jumped at the chance. Paula had a scholarship at the local University and thought if he married her she would go but he never did proposed so she stayed behind. He thought she was his forever and he would return and they would get married. He said to her he loved her and he would be sleeping at the same place he worked and would not have any time with her.

He had full run of the laboratory and the test animals.

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The Laboratory would get two monkeys a month to experiments on. he put in for next one to receive one. About two month later he had a female chimp to use. They left him alone to do what he wanted as long as he could show where he made progress. He removed some eggs from the chimp and had a monkey growing in a test tube first try. He placed the eggs back into the chimp and waited till she gave birth. Success she had a normal chimp baby and all looked good.

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He did this again but this time he messed with the sperm with that of a human. He had it growing in test tube and planted back into the chimp. She gave birth but it took a month longer this time. When she gave birth it was hideous.

The mother went wild and he had to sedate her. He did not write any more about this and burned all his paper work. The chimp had no hair except for the tail. It had human blue eyes but a face of a monkey. I wish It would of lived but it had stomach parts not inside it but outside. It died shortly and he incinerated it when no one was watching.

He never forgot the steps he went through and would ponder where he went wrong for years.

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He was being watched now by his superiors because they figured out he hid something. He liked the job and tried to play it off as some sort of mix up He was attempting to remove some of the mother chimps egg's when her strap broke and she bit him hard on the back. He was fired as soon as he was released form the hospital. He had no job and was ready to go back home. When he arrived home he called Paula and they met for dinner.

She was having a hard time at school but was still at it. He looked for a job but nothing was available in his field. His father suggested he join the armed services before he was too old.

He went in right after high school and finished his schooling when he returned home. He did it the opposite way but took his advice. Paula thought it was a good idea also and she still had 2 more years at college. They were very happy to have a doctor join because a war was starting and they were expecting plenty of casualties. They schooled him on sewing faster and cutting off limbs instead of saving it most times.

He tried not to have anyone lose a limb on his watch but sure enough he was cutting solders out of tanks on the spot.

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That's when he heard a loud band and woke up six months later back in the states. When the jeep blew up He took a door to the head. His parents were not in good health and could not visit him.

It took a few weeks for things to come back to him. He had a scar on his face but what was more alarming was his penis was just a knob. He took a hit and a piece of shrapnel had sliced it off. He was so upset and never wrote Paula again.


He only asked his father once for some money. It was for for silo and promised to pay them back one day. He told his mother he needs to be alone now that Paula moved on. His father wasn't too keen on him paying 300g on something he only seen on the computer. He tells his son that if he can get it for 245g then he would lend him the money.


The guy had a buy it now for 300g and the auction was at 125g. He did not bid but waited till the next day and it was now 166g. He had to move fast and sent the guy a message that he would like to buy it now for 245g but the seller thought it might go higher.

He then made him a promises, He asked the seller to sell it to him now for 245g and when his wealthy parents died he would give him another 75g. The guy said make it 100g and an extra 5 grand every year he has to wait. He bought it right then.

He wanted to be alone and had plenty of time in the hospital to come up with a plan. He moved in right from the hospital. He was short cash but it had stainless steal kitchen made for commercial use. It had a water well and some electric from the power station. No phone and no cell phones were around then. He went into town and introduced himself to the Butcher and the clerk at pharmacy and gives him his doctors licence for medication he may need from time to time.

He buys some grocery's and went to the Sheriff to introduce himself. He said he is a loner and a writer now about medical things but prefers to be left alone as he does not like company. The Sheriff shacked his hand and said it was great to meet him and he hoped he would put his town on the map one day with one of his books. He mentioned his name a few times and even spelled it out. He packed up his supplies set up a po box then wet out for his new Laboratory.

He was still thinking of what went wrong with his first experience driving in the snow. He told his sister he would be back in a month to finish the will and sell the house.

He then thinks to himself that when Mat was fucked by the dog he had been eating human flesh. He had just switched them to dog food right after that. Could the human feces mixed with the dogs sperm his missing link?

How can he return home now he needs to find some flesh for the boys to eat before he returns. But where was he going to get flesh? He was not willing to get another boy because he had Mat and soon Billy for rectom juice and maybe sperm at a later date. TO BE CONTINUED

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