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Karen and I were together as an item for most of that first semester. She broke up with me after Christmas, saying she wanted to see other people, and we drifted apart after that. We still saw each other around campus, of course, but like so many others in the dorms, we just became acquaintances who used to have sex. I spent the rest of my freshman year being more or less of a male slut, trying to bed any girl I could.

When the semester ended, a lot of people went home for the summer, but I managed to secure a summertime job on campus, so I stuck around. The summer was fairly quiet. I worked my job, took a class during the summer session, and got ready for the next full year of classes. The day after classes started in the fall, I was sitting in my room, doing a little bit of reading, when someone knocked on my door. I got up, opened the door, and couldn't believe my eyes when standing there in the hallway with a shy smile on her face, was Sandra.

It took a few seconds for it to register with me who she was, but when she said, "Hi, Tom," it sank in, and my eyes opened wide with surprise.

"Sandra!" I started, "What are you doing here? Are you okay?" She stood in the hallway and explained that she'd enrolled in classes at Humboldt and had moved into a dorm room a couple buildings over last weekend.

She looked basically the same as I remembered her from high school—about the same 5'7" height, long blonde hair, blue eyes, still a very nice figure…if I had to guess, I would have said her breasts were a little larger than I remembered, but I wasn't sure. "Actually, Tom," she said kind of quietly, "today was kind of rough. I wanted to talk to someone, but it was a little weird thinking about telling my roommate, and I don't know anyone else here, and I was getting kind of freaked out when I remembered that you came up here last year, so I thought maybe we could talk?" When she stopped and looked at me expectantly, I suddenly realized that she was still standing in the hallway, and that snapped me out of my surprise a little bit.

"Oh, sure. Yeah, come on in," I said, and stepped aside to let her in. For the briefest moment as she moved past me, I half expected to see Micah following behind her; when he didn't, I closed the door and turned to face Sandra.

She moved in and stood in the middle of the room, more nervous than I could ever remember seeing her. I pulled my roommate's chair away from his desk and sat down, offering Sandra my own chair. "I didn't even know you were looking at coming here," I said. "When did you decide on Humboldt?" "I dunno," she said, "I wasn't even thinking about college, but my mom and dad and I started fighting last year, and they said I had to get out of the house one way or the other.

I could go to college and they'd pay for it, or I could just move out. I finally applied here after I'd missed the deadlines on a lot of other schools." "Wow, that sounds familiar." "You too?" "Yeah, more or less. I really screwed up my last couple years in high school, and by the time I got cleaned up, I'd missed my chances at all the big schools.

I thought about just quitting, but my mom and dad pushed me to applying here and, well, here we are." "Yep, here we are," she repeated. "So, how'd you know this was my room?" I asked her, a little more point-blank than I had intended.

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"It's not like I was spying on you or anything," she said. "I remembered that you came up here for school after you graduated. I didn't know if you were even still here, but I asked a couple of the older girls on my floor if they ever heard of you." I shifted in my chair a little, suddenly a bit uncomfortable with the thought of what someone from home might have heard if they asked about me around campus.

"So who told you where to find me?" I asked. "I mean, not like I'm, like I was hiding from you or anything. I'm just wondering." "Well, I asked a couple girls in the common room on my floor if they knew you and both said you were here in this building. They said if I came over here & asked around, I could probably find someone who'd know how to find you. I ran into this black girl coming out the door when I walked up, and she told me exactly where to find you." I knew right away who she meant.

The school wasn't segregated or anything like that, but black students were definitely in the minority. And in my building there was only one black girl, Kathy. We'd gotten together a couple times toward the end of the spring semester. "Yeah, that'd be Kathy. We, um, dated, a couple times last year." Sandra gave me a bit of a funny look but seemed to ignore my discomfort.

"So," she started, and then let her words drop. I waited a minute for her to continue, but she just sat there. She was so unlike the flirty, confident girl I'd known when she was dating Micah.

She seemed unsure, tentative, almost afraid. "You said today was rough," I said, breaking the silence. "What happened?" And that was all it took. She looked me directly in the eyes, and I could see tears welling up in her own. "It was awful.

Totally sucked. I had an okay class yesterday, but every one of my professors today was just so mean. And it's only the second day and I've already got more homework than I can possibly do. I'm already behind, and my roommate, and I don't know anyone here and if I screw up my mom and dad are gonna kill me and I can't go home and—" And then she just trailed off again, and her tears started to flow. I didn't know what to do, so I stood up and went over next to her.

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"Hey," I started, "hey, Sandra? It's okay. It gets better, I promise." She looked up at me through her tears, so I kept going. "I had a rough first week here, too. I mean, yeah, it's different from being back at home, but it gets better. And the teachers are just blowing smoke up your ass. Most of them, anyway. I mean, yeah, there's a lot of homework, but there's time to do it, and you can find study groups.

There are upperclassmen who tutor and don't charge a whole bunch, and last year there was even this kid genius who helped me get through my linguistics class." She started to get her crying under control and sniffed back a few more tears.

I kept going. "When I got here, I was totally lost. I didn't know anyone, I was sure everyone knew what I'd—" I was about to say 'what I'd done to Micah,' but caught myself.

I changed gears a little bit. "But you know, it's kinda cool here. I know it's weird not knowing anyone—you know me, by the way—but that means they don't know anything you don't want them to know.

You can kinda reinvent yourself, if you want to. You wanna be a total bookworm? You can do it.

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You wanna be the party girl? There's parties all the time around here. I don't know of anyone but us from around home, and it's kinda cool." Sandra didn't seem convinced, but she was at least listening and not crying anymore.

"Really?" I sat down on the floor next to my bed and started spilling my own guts for a bit. I told Sandra about how I'd met Karen at the end of my first week, how we'd had sex the very first night and just about every chance we had after that until she broke up with me. I told her about the classes I'd taken, my summer job on campus, and my own struggles with being a little homesick now & then. I admitted to my semester of being a male slut and started listing off the girls I'd slept with after Karen.

"You're different, Tom," Sandra said, sliding down to sit on the floor next to me. "Nine girls since Christmas? No wonder you've got a reputation…You wouldn't have been okay with stuff like this back in high school." "I know! That's what I mean," I said. "You wanna know the truth? I had a really good year last year.


And I think, if you give it a chance, you're gonna do just fine here." We talked for a couple more hours after that, catching up on the news from home.

I learned that Sandra hadn't dated anyone since Micah died, and that Tracy made such an impression on a few of the doctors and therapists she worked with after the accident, that they'd pulled some strings and helped her wrangle enough scholarships to get into Stanford. We talked about the classes Sandra was taking her first semester, and about the weird meditation stuff her roommate was apparently into.

We didn't "do" anything, and just sat there talking until my roommate came back around one o'clock in the morning. When we realized how late it was, I walked Sandra back over to her dorm room. I told her that if she needed to talk, she could come by my room any time. Then I headed back to my own room. I didn't see Sandra again for a couple weeks, and in the meantime I started hanging out and studying with Rena, a freshman girl in my Mexican-American Liturature class, who had come up from L.A.

for school. Rena was a petite little Latina girl, with light brown skin, not a trace of acne anywhere in her complexion, shiny black hair that hung down to the middle of her back, and eyes that, while a deep brown, still managed to sparkle. Around the middle of September, a couple weeks after Sandra and I talked, Rena and I were in a library study room when she reached across the table and started holding and rubbing my hand.

It was one of those "magic of the moment" times, when before I knew it, we'd moved around to the same side of the table and started making out.

We bumped and banged around the study room for a while, kissing and groping everywhere we could. I worked my hands up under her shirt and started rubbing her breasts through her bra. They were small, just barely a handful, but that didn't bother me in the least; this hot, sexy girl had just come onto me in the middle of the library!

I hadn't given it much thought, but right then, realizing how instantly hard my cock had become, it occurred to me that I hadn't had sex or even so much as kissed a girl since the middle of summer. Suddenly, Rena pushed my hands away and stared at me with what I can only describe as a fiery look in her eyes. I thought for a moment that I'd pushed things too far for her, but then with one hand she pushed me back against the table in the little room, and with the other she reached off to the side and turned up the blinds in the only small window in the room so we were hidden from view.

Then she lunged at me and kissed me fiercely while fumbling with her hands to unfasten my pants and jerk them down to free my cock. She followed my pants down, dropping to her knees as she pulled them down around my ankles, and then she looked up at me. Her eyes, which had been fiery a moment before, now looked soft and gentle as she knelt in front of me. She ran her hands up my legs and brought them to the base of my cock. Cupping my balls with one hand, she wrapped the fingers of her other around my shaft and leaned in to kiss the tip of my cock.

Rena kissed the tip of my cock lightly, then held me to her lips and looked up directly into my eyes. She parted her lips and slowly passed the head of my cock between them, first lightly flicking her tongue at the tip, then slowly, gently, circling her tongue around the head and sucking just a little bit.


She held me like that for a bit, just licking and sucking the head of my cock, and then started rubbing her hand up and down along the shaft as she did so. It may have been the gentle, unhurried way she played with my cock after our intense grope session moments before, or perhaps the soft, doe-eyed, almost innocent way she looked up at me with my cock nestled between her lips.

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But for whatever reason, after all these years, I can still remember that blowjob as if it's happening to me right now. She kept stroking up and down along my shaft and then started sucking more of my cock into her mouth. Rena was petite enough that I could tell this probably wasn't going to be a deep throat kind of blowjob, but she managed to take in a significant portion of my length.

When she had maybe four inches in, she started moving her tongue in her mouth so that it gently rubbed the underside of my cock, and I closed my eyes in near ecstasy and let my head fall back for a moment.

Rena let go of my shaft and my balls, and when I opened my eyes to look down at her again, she was unbuttoning her shirt. She shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor behind her, and then she reached around behind her to unfasten the clasp of her bra. She slipped her bra off, exposing a tiny set of a cup breasts, and then went to work on my cock in earnest.

She pushed herself down on my cock a little bit more and sucked harder than she had before, then let me slide almost all the way out of her mouth. At that point, she started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, working her magic with her tongue on the underside of my shaft each time she went down.

She went on like that for what seemed like ten minutes, (but was probably closer to five), until she felt me tense up, getting ready to cum. Then she pulled my cock out and stroked up and down along my shaft with her hand at a furious speed, until I started to cum. The first jet shot out from the tip of my cock and hit Rena on her chin and dripped down onto her chest. After that, about four more decent size spurts landed squarely on her chest, and then I settled into just a little dribbling.

Rena relaxed her pace but kept stroking my cock with one hand, bringing me down slowly, while with the other she rubbed my cum across her chest.

I relaxed back onto the table a little bit while I watched this sexy girl rub my sperm into her nipples. As my cock started to deflate, I reached down to start pulling my pants up. "Oh my god, Rena," I said. "That was incredible. I, um, thank you?" Rena reached out suddenly with a cum-sticky hand and stopped me pulling up my pants. "You're welcome," she grinned back at me, "but you don't think you're done, do you?" She pulled my pants back down and said, "Now it's my turn." She pushed me back against the table and leaned down to take my softening cock into her mouth.

Having shrunk a little, she pulled my entire cock into her mouth and started swirling her tongue all over me from different directions. With all the sex I'd had in the last year, this was the first time a girl had taken my cock into her mouth when I wasn't already hard, and the feeling was incredible. In almost no time at all, I was back to fully hard, and Rena released my cock from her lips. She stood up and slid her jeans down, revealing a skimpy pair of lace panties that barely concealed an ample pubic bush.

I wasn't going to wait for a second invitation, and I stood up and kicked my pants off from around my ankles, then picked Rena up and set her down on the table. I started to kneel down to return the oral favor when she scooted off the table and pulled her undies down.

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Then she hopped back up on the table and pulled me up to her. We were both so turned on by this point, that Rena was quite wet, and my cock had a thin sheen of pre-cum built up again, so when she pulled my cock to the opening of her pussy, I started to slide in easily. "Rena, I don't have a condom," I said. "I've been on the pill since I was fifteen," was all she said, then she pulled me into her. My cock slipped between her pussy lips almost effortlessly, and we began fucking. Having just cum from her blowjob, some of my edge was gone, and I was able to slide my cock in and out of her repeatedly without a thought as to holding back.

I held her up against my chest and moved in and out while we kissed, enjoying the erotic feel of her nipples pressed against my own chest. After a couple minutes, she pulled away and leaned back onto the table.

I shifted a little, and she twisted her legs up to rest them on my shoulders; then I continued pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. With her calves leaning against my shoulders, I watched my cock slide in and out of her, our pubic hair mingling each time I sank into her.

I ran my hands down her legs and wrapped one arm around to reach down and rub her clit while I continued to thrust into her; with my other hand I reached down and rubbed her tiny breasts. Rena let out a low moan and closed her eyes while I continued to fuck her. After another five minutes or so, I could feel my own orgasm getting closer again, and I slowed down my thrusting a little to prolong things.

But Rena opened her eyes and looked up at me. She kept moaning softly, and groaned out a single word: "harder." I reached down and grabbed both of her legs and just started pounding my cock into her, basically going as fast as I could. After minute or so of that, I'd had all I could take, and my orgasm overtook me. I shot my sperm into her and kept pumping my cock in as far and as hard and as fast as I could go, until the feeling of her pussy rubbing every part of my cock all at once was just too much for me to take, and I had to stop.

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Breathing heavily, and feeling a little dizzy, I pulled my cock out and gently let her legs down. Then I pulled her off the table gently and sat down on one of the study chairs and held her in my lap. I could feel the combination of Rena's pussy juices and my own cum leaking out of her and dripping onto my balls, but I didn't care. I was spent, and pretty close to heaven at that moment. After a while, we realized that we'd have to get cleaned up. With no other option, we mopped up the evidence of our sex both from ourselves and the study room table & chairs as best we could with our underwear, then stuffed them into our book bags and got dressed as presentably as we could.

We opened the blinds and peeked out of the room to make sure we hadn't attracted an audience. We snuck back to Rena's dorm room and had sex one more time that day, a little more relaxed (and comfortable) that time. And for the next month, we spent just about every spare minute we could find together, naked and fucking in either Rena's room or mine.

It wasn't all sex and love, however. The different sides of Rena that I'd seen that first afternoon, her fiery Latina side and the doe-eyed, tender innocent, came out in other ways as well. Rena had a temper, and we argued and fought quite a lot in that short time. Of course, that usually led to some great make-up sex, so I wasn't too upset about the way things were going.

One Tuesday night during the week of mid-terms, we were taking advantage of my roommate being stuck in a long evening lab session to enjoy a nice, leisurely fuck.

Rena was on her hands and knees on my bed, her head down in my pillow, while I moved in and out of her from behind in a slow doggy-style. I was getting close to coming, and had just started to pick up my pace, when someone knocked on my door. I froze for a moment, but Rena reached back for me and moaned into the pillow, "Tom, don't stop. Fuck me, baby." I held still for another moment, but then went back to paying attention to her pussy.

Just as I started pushing my cock deeper into her again, the knock at the door came again, a little louder and faster this time. Through the door, I heard Sandra's voice, almost sobbing. "Tom," she half-cried, half-moaned, "are you in there? I really need to talk!" Even through the door, I could tell that something was wrong, and I pulled my cock out of Rena and turned toward the door.

I started grabbing for my sweats and called out, "Yeah, Sandra, hang on just a sec!" Rena sat up and spun around on the bed, suddenly furious. "Who's Sandra?!?" she shouted. "Doesn't matter. Tell the bitch to go away!" I was a little shocked at how suddenly she had changed moods again, but as I pulled on my sweats and tucked my still-hard cock inside, she changed her tone yet again. "You know, it doesn't matter.

You go to your little bitch if she's so important. I'm done!" And before I knew it, Rena had pulled on her pants and a sweatshirt, stormed to the door, and pushed past Sandra. I stood there in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but a loose fitting pair of sweat pants and a shocked expression, with my friend crying in my doorway, and pretty sure that I'd just lost my girlfriend.