Twink movie of Scott Alexander is a greedy little bottom stud and he

Twink movie of Scott Alexander is a greedy little bottom stud and he
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We entered into the church parking lot along with all of the other parents who were sending their kids off to West Virginia for one week on a church mission trip.

"Goodbye! Have fun and be safe!" my mother yelled out the passenger window, worried about sending her son halfway across the country. "I will!" I yelled back to her. I really did not want to go on the mission trip as mission trips are just a giant circle jerk for Jesus where in the end the beneficiary/community does not gain too much.

"Trevor, you're going to be riding in van number four right over there" said Greg, our mission trip coordinator. I made my way over to the van and was excited when I saw Dustin and Dan, a set of identical twins who were in the sixth grade.

"Hey Trevor! What's up?" they said almost in unison.

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Dustin was 5'5", had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, and was very slim. He was always the funnier and more clever of the two twins. Ever since I first met him in middle school I've been interested in being more than friends with him.

I always wondered what his cock looked like, and if he had pubes or not. We never hung out together much outside of school because his parents worked odd jobs to get by and the twins were responsible for looking after their younger sister. "Come sit back here with us, in the 'cool' section" Dustin said.

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I squeezed my way into the back of the seven passenger minivan and sat in between the twins. It was pretty tight in the back so my thighs were touching their thighs and we had zero personal space.

We then began our over seven hour drive to Ohio, where we would be staying the night in a local church there. The car ride was pretty uneventful, however our driver-chaperone, Judy, just about had it with all of us in the car.


As soon as we arrived in Ohio, Judy left the car in a fit with her two arms in the air yelling "G-O-D!" which was pretty ironic being on a church mission trip. I unrolled my bedroll in the boys' room in the church basement before supper.

Dustin walked in alone with his belongings and put his bedroll just two inches to the right of mine. "Mind if I sleep here?" he asked. "No of course not." I thought it was pretty odd that he wanted to sleep so close to me in such a large room and we weren't even good friends, but I didn't overthink it at the time.

After supper it was lights out as we had gotten in pretty late. Once we were checked on by a chaperone and said an evening prayer, we were off to sleep. Well, at least the adults thought we were. At around 11:20pm I heard dustin rustling around in his sleeping bag. Then, I heard that all-too familiar noise for middle school boys. *fap fap fap* really quiet and methodically. Then, someone farted and the fapping stopped after everyone giggled at the fart.

Just a few minutes later, I heard Dustin whisper, "Trevor, are you awake?" I didn't answer because I was too tired and just wanted to catch some zzz's.

He then started to tap me on my back and spoke a little louder, "Trevor, Trevor." I still didn't answer. A few minutes later, something unexpected happened.

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Dustin turned towards me and was spooning me. I didn't jerk away and actually really liked the feeling as I never had a brother and my parents never held me a lot as a child. The warmth between us in the church basement on that night was pleasant. I felt his hand slowly go on my shoulder as he held onto me.

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I was in awe over what was happening, how this acquaintance of mine started spooning me and putting his hand on me, thinking I was entirely asleep. Dustin slowly moved his hand further down my arm, then put his hand on top of my hand. He kept going, moving his large, warm hand further down and eventually on my crotch. He gently tapped my crotch area twice to feel my young cock and luscious balls, then he went in for the kill. Slipping his hand down the waistband and into my basketball shorts that I was freeballing in.

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I finally had to react and I moved around a little bit so he would know that I was awake. This did not deter him at all, as he moved his hand past the waistband and put it right on my dick. I instantly started to harden up as I had never had anyone but the doctor touch my cock before and I was too excited.

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Dustin pulled his hand out of my shorts and put it to his nose, as he took in the scent of my penis. He then started to pull down the front part of the waistband of my basketball shorts and put the waistband underneath my balls near my taint so it would stay in place.

He grabbed my semi-hard cock and began to circle the head of my penis with his fingers.


I began to harden even quicker. Once I was fully erect and throbbing, Dustin spit on his hand and began to go up and down, up and down on my shaft very slow and intentionally. I could hear him breathe into my ear while he was jerking me off, thinking that I was asleep. He kept slowly stroking me, clearly not in any rush or fazed by the situation until my balls began to tense up.

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Dustin could also tell that I was close as he then began to pump my cock really slowly. One. Two. Three—and cum shot out of my penis all over the inside of my linens. Dustin grabbed some of the cum with his index finger and stuck it in his mouth, then he moved my waistband back and went to sleep, still spooning me.

What did you think? Let me know in the comments. Part 2 coming soon.things get frisky in the hotel on the way back.