I know my thongs make you all horny JOI

I know my thongs make you all horny JOI
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For What seemed like minutes all we could do is stare at each other, the awkward silence had set in. Derrick was red faced and had decided to turn away.

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Megan however just continued to stare and keep things awkward. I was the first to act. I let go of Max and stood up. I proceeded to brush myself off since I was covered in dirt. I hadn't really felt too self conscious at first but now that I was standing in front of everyone butt naked I was starting to feel incredibly uncomfortable.

I glanced over at Max to see him standing up and brushing himself off as well. To escape the awkwardness, I went to pick up my clothes and I retreated back to our make shift camp. There was still an awkwardness in the air awhile later but things seemed to mellow out a bit. Megan and Derrick filled us in on what they had gone through the past few weeks.

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They described how they had found eachother in the same day the boat sank. It was a pretty long conversation. I was so thankful when Megan finally yawned and went off too go to bed. Derrick followed shortly after leaving Max and I alone.

I was about to say something when Max beat me too It. "So sorry about earlier, if I had known they would show up I wouldn't have done anything. That was pretty awkward. I do have to say though, you were pretty amazing Lyssa." I smiled. "Thanks Max you weren't so bad yourself." The sound of snoring rose into the air from the area where Megan and Derrick were sleeping. Just hearing the snores made me feel a bit tired, and I began to yawn and rub my eyes. Max took note of this and said, "if you're tired Lyssa you can go to sleep, it's ok.

Hey if you wanted to you could come sleep next to me?" I nodded and max wrapped his arms around me and walked me to a soft patch of plants where we both layed down and I snuggled into his arms. His chest was warm and hearing his soft heartbeat relaxed me to the point where I was barely holding onto consciousness.

The last thing I heard before I drifted off into sleep was, "goodnight Lyssa, sweet dreams." I woke up the next morning to find myself alone. I stretched myself out and just looked up at the trees taking in the many sounds I could hear. "About time you wake up, I wanted to have a chat with you." I looked over to see Megan walking towards me.

"Where'd Max and Derrick go?" "They made spears and went out to go catch some fish." "Oh." I said, feeling slightly disappointed that I was left with her. "So what was it that you were wanting to talk about with me"?

I asked her. She cleared her throat before saying, "so about what you and Max did yesterday, you guys aren't a thing now are you?" "Um well, I don't know maybe why?" "Well I just wanted to make you aware that I already called dibs on Max so I'm asking you to not have any sexual encounters with him again." "Seriously?!


You're going to be like that? Ok well I'm done talking about this with you. No one is calling dibs on anybody, we're stranded on a fucking island we shouldn't be caring about that we should be focusing on how to find a way off it." "Alyssa, I'm telling you, back off, I want him." I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "Well fuck you." I said giving her a rude piss off look. "You're such a bitc." Megan stopped herself because Derrick and Max appeared from behind the trees. They had with them two large fish.

Max saw me and smiled in my direction. Megan saw this and glared at me.

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I just ignored her, I wasn't gonna waste my time paying attention to this dumb bitch. I don't even know why we invited her to come in the first place. She has always kind of irritated me.

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A few hours passed and we sat in a circle around a fire Derrick had made, it was still pretty light outside but the smoke from the fire was nice because it was keeping the bugs away. Megan was still giving me dirty looks so I stood up so that I wouldn't have to keep looking at her bitchy face. As I walked away, Max Stood up and walked towards me. Megan's eyes were glued to Max and she watched our every move like a hawk. I was pretty Fed up with her bitchyness so I motioned Max closer.

The second he took a step forward I planted my lips on his and I began to make out with him. I ran my hand through his hair. Megan's expression changed from a surprised shock to a look of pure hatred. I shot he a grin and when our lips met again I took my free hand and I flipped her off. Man that felt great. In response she got up and stormed off in the opposite direction. "Where are you going?" Derrick asked but he was ignored.

I couldn't stop myself from letting out a little laugh. "What's so funny?" Max asked, his face glowing with happiness. "Nothing. hey if you don't mind can we have a repeat of yesterday?" I said giving him a wink. "Hell Ya." Max said as he scooped me up into his arms like I was weightless and he carried me off too find a secluded area where we would be alone.

There was a spot with long tall grass and a lot of shade that we ended up picking. Max set me down and I went to slip off his shirt, he did the same for me and I rewarded him by planting another kiss on his lips. My heart was starting to race because he was starting to undress me faster. He had already succeeded in removing my shirt, bra, and pants. All that was left on me was my underwear. He stopped undressing me and he began to finish undressing himself. He was soon standing before me naked.

His package hanging there, it was already erect, he was pretty excited. "I want you to take your underwear off for me." He said, giving me a look of desire.


I was feeling even wetter down there by the second, I wasted no time in removing my underwear. Max took a minute to take in the view of my body, then he reached out to me and pulled me in.

We wrapped our arms around eachother and we began to make out. His tongue in my mouth was making me even more wet and making my heart flutter wildly. I was clutching at his hair and pushing my body into his.

Max pushed back into my body and then he pushed me back until I was pinned next to a tree. His hands ran up and down my waist and my hips. He stopped kissing me and he began to suck my neck. The tingly sensation from his mouth and breath sent shivers up and down my body, I squirmed but he held me in place.

It felt so good that a moan escaped my lips. That's when max went for it. He pushed me against the tree and I raised my leg slightly giving him a Better opening. He slid his hard dick inside me and he began thrusting in and out. "Ooooooo Ooooooo oh Max give it too me oooooo." My moans grew louder and louder and his thrusts became more intense. My body was rubbing up and down against the bark of the tree and my back felt sharp stings of pain, but I was too lost in the ecstasy I was feeling that I didn't care.

I just dug my nails into max's back and bucked my pelvis forward to meet his every thrust. Each thrust felt like it went in deeper and deeper. I felt max shudder and he let out a moan then I felt him explode into me. His warm cum filled me up inside and began to leak down the sides of my legs.


"Moan for me lyssa, moan for me." Max said thrusting even harder into me. A squishy sound filled air and he kept going. I let out a series of moans and had a massive orgasm. My body, convulsed and I felt very weak in my knees.

My body fell into his and we both slowly slid to the ground. We were both hot, sticky, and wet. We lay on our backs and gazed up at the sky recovering from our hot moment we shared. The annoying insects were back and buzzing around us, "let's go clean up." I said looking over at max.

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He looked towards me and kissed my head. "Ya let's go." We both found our clothes and went to find some water so we could rinse off. Later that night, I decided that I wanted to go to bed early.

I was pretty tired from earlier. I had completely forgotten about Megan and her bitchy attitude, I didn't have a single care in the world. The only thing I could think about was Max's warm touch.

All I was craving was his body to be next to mine. I began to drift off into a restful sleep. The only thing I wanted to dream about was max. I turned on my side and I was out like a light. Something was wrong.

it was getting harder to breathe. am I dreaming? I wondered. Why is it getting harder to breathe? I could feel something. Something warm was touching my throat.

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I moved my body. I felt a growing pressure on my neck. I couldn't breathe! My eyes shot open. Something was choking me! I panicked and I began to struggle. My neck and lungs burned, I felt incredibly dizzy. I flailed my body and realized someone was sitting on top of me. Someone was choking me. I brought my hands to my neck and tried to pry the stone hard fingers off of my neck.

*gasp *gasp. I struggled to take in air. My fingers were able to loosen the grip of the hands that were tightly squeezing on my neck. I took in a breathe of air and continued to fight to loosen the grip a little bit more. I was able to focus my view this time on my attacker. I felt sick in my stomach and a cold fear grew inside of me, it was Megan!

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Megan was choking me! Megan was trying to kill me! She lost her grip for a second and I seized my opportunity. "Help!" I cried.