Old guy gets treated nicely by a much younger bitch

Old guy gets treated nicely by a much younger bitch
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'Wake up Dillon!! Mom said we're leaving for the airport in an hour." Dillon slowly opened his eyes as awoke from a deep sleep. It was still dark outside and he immediately sunk his face back into his pillow as he attempted to return to sleep.

"Come on Dillon!

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Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"the girl exclaimed while grabbing a spare pillow and hitting Dillon on the back. "All right. I'll get up. Stop hitting me", said Dillon. Dillon finally opened his eyes all the way and sat up. He awoke to the sight of his younger sister, Florence. She was the persistent annoyance that had awoken him. As a response to that annoyance, Dillon grabbed his pillow and chucked it at Florence, hitting her right in the face, causing her long, silky blonde hair to fly up into the air.

"Hey! That hurt" Florence cried. "That's what you get for waking me up so early" Dillon said. "Kids!! What're you doing up there? Come down for breakfast! We gotta leave for the airport in an hour", their mother shouted from downstairs. Dillon got out of bed and him and Florence headed downstairs. They each grabbed a seat at the kitchen table alongside their other sister, McKenna, and their parents. They all ate breakfast and rounded their things up into the car and headed off for the airport.

The family arrived at the airport and after an hour of airport security and waiting they boarded the plane. Dillon sat in the window seat with his sister, McKenna, in the middle and his mother, Bella, in the aisle. Dillon was a bit squished in his area as he stowed his travel bag down at his feet which left little room for his 6'2 frame. Dillon was a well built kid for his age, as he was heavily involved in athletics and often his size was overpowering to other kids his age.

McKenna was younger than Dillon and had become much more mature in the past year, as Dillon had noticed. She had developed very large breasts within the past few years and was far from the little girl who was teased for her "mosquito bites". They weren't fully grown yet, but were developed so much that they drooped ever so slightly from the weight. She had recently gotten into tanning as well as she would frequently visit the tanning salon and maintained a nice bronze tone.

She regularly kept her golden brown hair pulled up in some fashion. Besides this, she was quite slender and fit comfortably in between Dillon and her mother.

As for Bella, who occupied the aisle seat, she was in her early 40s and maintained a very attractive figure. She had luscious blonde hair just as Florence and kept very good care of her outer features. Dillon would constantly win the award for hottest mom when kids would tease him at school and this was often accompanied by some giant boobs comment as well. Bella had a bust that was worthy of being on the cover of playboy magazine.

It was something that clearly stood out in a positive way when you looked at Bella. She had obviously gained some weight over the years but was still slim for a woman in her 40s.

Bella turned to her two kids sitting next to her and said, "You kids excited? Its been forever since we took this trip, huh? You two were very young the last time we went." "Yeah", Dillon chimed in. "I just can't wait to get to the beach and start my tan. It's going to be glorious after a week there" said McKenna. "You're already tan" said Dillon jokingly. "You can always be more tan Dillon. You should work on yours. You need it." McKenna replied. "What's that supposed to mean?" Dillon said angrily.

"Enough bickering you two. Put your headphones in and listen to music until we get there", their mother told them. Further up the plane sat Florence and her father.


Florence was the youngest in the family was blossoming into a lovely young woman. She had developed her breasts much earlier than McKenna had and was already displaying noticeable mounds underneath her shirt. Nothing near her mother or sister, but much larger than any other girl her age and she often got made fun of by the girls in her school due to this.

She had gone through her first period a few years back and was becoming much more adventurous in her sexuality recently, but didn't know a whole lot about such things. Next to her sat, Roger, her father.

Roger was also in his early 40s and was a dark haired, large man. He filled out his 6'5 frame well and was somewhat of an intimidating man from a distance. He had a grizzly face from his beard stubble and didn't look like a man that you wanted to mess with. But if you knew Roger's personality, you'd think differently as he was an incredibly kind and free spirited type of person. "You looking forward to this trip Florence?" asked her father. "Yeah, I can't wait to see the beach, and the ocean, and the seagulls, and…oh and those huge ships that drive by in the water" Florence replied.

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"Its been a while since we went on this trip. How much do you even remember from the last times we were here? You would've been pretty little." Roger asked. "I remember mostly everything. I remember I tripped over Dillon's bucket and fell into his and McKenna's sandcastle and ruined it.

And then they got super mad at me, but you told them it wasn't my fault because Dillon should've put his bucket somewhere safer" replied Florence. "Ha ha, yeah that did happen. But you remember the other part of this trip, right? You're older now and that means you need to be even more responsible and don't wander off", her father explained. "Yeah I know. I'll stay close with you guys the whole time. I'm excited for that part though. I remember how much fun it is to swim in the ocean with no suit on" Florence answered.

Finally after hours of flight, the plane landed in France. The family was once again taking their annual trip to Cap d'Agde, the largest naturist resort in the world. This was once a trip that the family took every year until recently. Roger had taken a new job years ago and could never get the time off to take this trip until this year. The family hadn't ventured to Cap d'Agde since the children were very young and were eager to return as it had always been a tremendous bonding moment for everyone.

Roger and Bella had first met at a nudist resort in the states and that was where their love began. Neither of them were hardcore naturists but they enjoyed visiting nudist resorts as much as they could and both believed in the positive impact of practicing nudism.

But they both knew that practicing such a lifestyle in the real world could complicate many things, so they refrained from nudism except for trips like these. When they first got married, they had their honeymoon in Cap d'Agde and vowed to come back every year as a way to ensure their inner nudist was never forgotten. When they had kids, they decided to continue the journey as they both felt that a family that grows up in nudism will be more open and expressive with each other.

Bella was actually a psychologist and had learned about the benefits of family nudism and how it connected family members so well because everything was out in the open.

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This was the family they wanted, one that shared their thoughts with each other and kept no secrets. The family gathered their small amount of luggage and headed to the resort. "You excited to see some naked girls?", McKenna asked Dillon jokingly.

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"Shut up. This isn't a strip club", replied Dillon. "Yeah but you sure you're gonna be able to handle yourself? I mean…you know…you're a sixteen year old guy. Isn't all you do, just jerk off?" McKenna teased. "Shut the hell up. And how do you think I'm jerking off all the time with nothing to look at?" Dillon exclaimed.

This was in reference to the strong internet security that Dillon's parents kept. They blocked anything that was sexual in nature online leaving Dillon with no material to masturbate to.

Their reasoning for blocking sexual material was that they didn't want it to corrupt them and any sexual experiences they had should be in real life not through a computer screen. Dillon had only watched porn a few times at some friends houses and those were mostly disgusting porn videos that included vomit and shit.

Suffice to say Dillon was not an expert in jerking off and would usually just wait until he had a wet dream to cum. Since Dillon didn't masturbate, he had wet dreams rather frequently, so much so he had to start sleeping with multiple pairs of underwear on. His mother was aware of this fact as she did his laundry and told him its perfectly natural and every boy has wet dreams.

Dillon took this to heart and figured jerking off wasn't that important anyways so he never did it. The family arrived at the entrance building into the resort and were greeted by two bag boys who placed their luggage on carts ready to transport them to their suite.

Roger checked the family in and they all headed to their room. The bag boys pushed the carts to the door and proceeded to welcome the family. "Welcome to Cap d'Agde everybody! This is your lovely suite that you will be staying at. Just a quick little review of main rules and regulations here. You must be nude at all times except for entering and exiting the resort.

Must always wear shoes in the dining areas. There is a no drug policy in the resort.

Sexual behavior in the town public areas are prohibited. And of course the last rule is have fun!" "Ha ha, thank you!" Roger said. With that the bag boy unlocked the suite and the family entered their new living quarters for the next week. "Wow, this place is amazing!!" shouted Florence.

"Yeah this much nicer than I remembered" Bella said. "Looks like they've made some upgrades since we were here last" replied Roger. Florence immediately ran to the balcony that overlooked the entire beach and was stunned to see so many people. McKenna followed her sister out and also took in the magnificent scenery. "Its so gorgeous!" exclaimed McKenna. Dillon remained inside but looked out the window in awe at the great view.

None of the children remembered it being so glorious. "Mom, look, look. Those people are feeding the seagulls down there" Florence screamed in excitement.

"Well, are we just gonna stare at it or are we gonna get down there and soak up some sun?" Roger asked the family. "Okay, everyone get your flip flops and then I'll get the sunscreen out of my bag and we'll get covered up. Don't want anyone to burn", Bella proclaimed. "Mom, I don't want any sunscreen. I'm trying to get tan" said McKenna. "I don't care what you're trying to do, you're putting sunscreen on.

I'm not sitting in here taking care of your lobster skin if you get burnt." Bella replied. With that the family began to strip off their clothes. There seemed to be an anxious vibe with the children as they slowly undressed, each one waiting until the other removed a piece. This uneasiness was quickly relieved once their father removed his boxers, revealing a hairy undercarriage.

Roger stepped out of his boxers and bent down to pick them up. When he stood back up he looked at his children who were all stuck in a gaze back at him. "Are you guys on pause mode or what?" Roger joked. With that Florence removed her panties and headed to bathroom exclaiming how badly she had to pee.

McKenna followed suit by removing her panties but keeping her bra on. Bella returned from the other room where she had retrieved the sunscreen and was topless. "Okay, I got SPF 50 for Florence and Dillon. And I got SPF 20 for you McKenna.

That should protect you while still letting you tan, you brat" Bella exclaimed. "Go ahead and lather me up babe. These slowpokes are taking their sweet time and are gonna miss out on some killer sun rays down there" their father said. Bella squirted the sun lotion onto Rogers back and continued all the way down to his butt. She proceeded to get down on two knees and carefully rub in all the sunscreen on her husbands ass cheeks. She then did the back of his legs.

"Alright got the backside all done. About face soldier!" Bella ordered in a joking manner. Roger turned around now with his flaccid cock staring right into Bella's eyes. She ignored his dick and went on to rub lotion in on his legs. When she got up to his dick she squirted a small amount into her hand and gripped Roger's cock.

She began to stroke his dick up and down his shaft until the lotion was rubbed in. This naturally cause a stir in Roger, who's penis had grown nearly two inches just from this encounter. Roger now stood glistening with sunscreen all over his body and his dick was now drooping down well past his testicles. McKenna and Dillon had been observing their parents this whole time and were both getting quite turned on by the sight. McKenna didn't remember her father's cock being this large from previous trips to Cap d'Agde but then again that was a long time ago and her memory wasn't as good then.

From her perspective, her father's cock was nearly 6 inches and it wasn't even hard yet. She was also amazed at the manly forest of pubes that surrounded the base of his dick. Her father was a really hairy man but that seemed to turn her on.

Meanwhile Dillon couldn't keep his eyes off his mother's breasts. They were so perfect to him. They were extremely large and had a subtle sag to them due to their naturalness. Her areolas were perfect cone shapes with thick protruding nipples at the ends. What Dillon wouldn't do to suck on one of those delicate nipples.

"Well, mister? You up next?" Bella asked her son. "Uhh, I don't know mom" Dillon stammered. "What is it?" asked Bella. "Oh, I think our boy here is a little too excited Bell" Dillon's father chimed in. Dillon had a noticeable chub forming in his boxers. "Oh, sweetie. That's alright. That's one of the things your father and I talked about with bringing you kids here now that you're more grown up. Don't worry about it Dillon.

Its not something to be ashamed of. Your father was getting hard earlier too, you're not the only one" his mother said. "Yeah Dillon, why don't you just jerk off like you always do to get rid of it" McKenna teased. "Shut up McKenna! I don't jerk off!" Dillon shouted. "Hey, you two knock it off. McKenna stop teasing him. This is a natural reaction for a boy your age. Here lets get those boxers off and you can see its no big deal" Bella said.

Bella walked closer to Dillon, bent down and slid his boxers down to his feet. Dillon stepped out of them and stood as his mother retrieved his underwear. "There you go. See? The world didn't end. Now lets get sunscreen on your back" Dillon's mother told him.

She proceeded to rub lotion in on Dillon's back.

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As this was happening Florence came out of the bathroom completely naked and ready to get sunscreen on herself. McKenna had also removed her bra finally and revealed her great tits to her family.

Dillon couldn't help but gaze in her direction. Her breasts were much paler than the rest of her body as she couldn't tan them in the salon. Her tits emulated her mother, with large cone shaped areolas and protruding nipples.


The sight of McKenna's bare breasts while his mother rubbed lotion into his upper butt cheeks caused Dillon to become much more aroused. His dick was fully hard now standing at 7.5 inches in an upward angled position just begging to enter a hole.

"Ha ha, Dillon's got a boner. Dillon's got a boner!" Florence chanted. "Hey Florence get over here, lets get sunscreen on your back" Roger proclaimed trying to draw attention elsewhere. "Wow" McKenna exclaimed as she noticed Dillon's erection once Florence had said something.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it" Dillon pleaded. "Don't be sorry Dillon. I told you its fine. This is what should happen to a boy your age. Your in a room with three beautiful women. I think we should take this as a huge compliment, right McKenna?" Bella said. "Yeah its huge alright" McKenna said as she raised her eyebrows in the direction of Dillon's dick. She was truly amazed at the size of her brother's cock. It had grown tremendously since the last time she saw it when they were little kids.

"McKenna, stop teasing your brother" her father told her. Once Dillon was lotioned up, Bella removed her panties and had Roger do her back. Florence lotioned up McKenna and the family was ready to head to the beach.


"Wait, I can't go down like this" said Dillon who was still rocking a very large erection that now had pre-cum leaking out of the tip. "Oh, that's right. You can't have any sexual behavior in the town public areas" explained his mother.

"Well, then you're gonna have to take of it Dillon. Just jack one out" his father told him. This caused McKenna and Florence to chuckle at the thought of their brother masturbating. "Alright.

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But you guys have to leave" Dillon said. "Aww, why. I've never seen a penis ejaculate. I've only learned about it in school" whined Florence. "No, you two go with your father down to the lobby. Dillon and I will meet you down there in 10 minutes" Bella said.

"What? Mom, I don't want you here either" exclaimed Dillon. "Don't worry. It's going to be fine. We all want to get down to the beach so lets just get this done quick so it won't be in the way anymore" said Bella.

With that Roger led McKenna and Florence downstairs while Dillon and his mom remained in the room. "Alright now lay on the bed Dillon" his mother ordered. "Now I know you don't masturbate at home and its not a natural thing for you. So just do as I say. Ok?" his mother said "Alright" Dillon replied With Dillon laying on the bed, his head on the pillows, and his mother standing completely nude at the end of the bed, she instructed him. "Now, I want you to take your huge…throbbing cock into your hand" This statement sent shockwaves up Dillon.

He had never heard his mother talk so dirty. Dillon took his right hand and wrapped it around his dick pointing the tip directly upward. "Very good" his mother told him. "Next I want you to lift your legs up in the air" his mother ordered him. Dillon complied immediately, not even questioning this somewhat bizarre request. He lifted both his legs up in the air and was now in the missionary position. His cheeks were fully separated and his butthole was out in the open staring directly at his mother.

His hand was still firmly wrapped around his cock which was now pointing directly back at his face. "Perfect Dillon" his mother told him as she climbed onto the bed near his legs. "Now I want you to slowly move your hand up and down your cock and don't for any reason take your eyes off of my tits" Bella told her son.

Dillon obeyed and began slowly stroking himself while staring directly at his mother's breasts. "That's a good boy. Now, just think about mommy's tits and what you want to do with them" Bella said. Dillon imagined sucking on his mom's perfect nipples until they were fully erect. He imagined his stiff dick rubbing in between her breasts. "Stroke faster Dillon.

And tell me what you want to do with my tits" Bella ordered. Dillon complied by stroking more aggressively but didn't say a word to his mother. "Tell me what you want to do with them" his mother repeated. Dillon finally blurted out, "I wanna suck on your nipples. Your huge perfect nipples, I wanna put my dick in between them.

I wanna&hellip." As Dillon was confessing these desires, Bella had reached down in between Dillon's legs and shoved two fingers into his asshole. This shocked Dillon, but he continued to stroke his cock all the while. His mother shoved her fingers in and out of his asshole for a few seconds and this pushed Dillon over the edge. "Oh…my…god, mom" Dillon shouted as he ejaculated. Due to the position that Dillon was in, the first stream of cum shot onto his chin with the rest following in a line down his chest to a pool of semen near his belly button.

For nearly 15 seconds the room was silent with only panting from Dillon trying to catch his breath after the enormous climax that he just had. "You see, I told you I'd be a big help to get rid of that thing quickly" Bella told her son while still holding her two fingers inside his asshole.

"That felt amazing! I didn't know jerking off was like this" Dillon told his mother. "Well not everyone uses ass play, but I knew that would get you off right away. Always works for your father" Bella said. Dillon flopped his legs down onto the bed and sat up to examine himself. When he sat up the cum that had been blown onto his chest began to run down into his pubes.

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"Don't move Dillon or you'll get cum all over the bedsheets. Stay there, I'll go get a towel" Bella told her son. Bella proceeded to get a towel and wiped up the semen off of Dillon's chest and as much as she could out of his forest of pubes.

"There, that's good enough. The rest will dry up and no one will notice it" Bella told Dillon. "Thanks mom…you know…for helping out" Dillon said. "Your welcome Dillon. And don't worry about it again. Erections are perfectly normal, especially for a teenager around all these naked women" Bella said as she gave her son a kiss on the forehead.

"Oh, looks like I missed a spot" Bella laughed as she realized Dillon still had a blotch of semen on his chin. With her thumb she wiped the semen off of his chin. She proceeded to stick her thumb inside her mouth and sucked the juices clean off. Dillon was surprised by this action but didn't say anything as his mom had acted as if she was slurping up peanut butter. She was so nonchalant about it that Dillon assumed this was no big deal.

"Alright now lets head down to the lobby and meet up with your father and sisters. The beach is calling our names!" Bella exclaimed.