Body oiled brunette teen masturbate on table

Body oiled brunette teen masturbate on table
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MatrimKnotai: So come here just to chat or for some fun? Ataya5: Definitely the latter MatrimKnotai: Oh? You think you should have some fun? Why is that? Convince me. Ataya5: -Raising a brow she turned to face him nodding.- Because I am a slut and I am horny as all hell . plus -she lifted her shirt for a brief moment, flashing her breasts- convinced? MatrimKnotai: rubs his chin with his right hand. "Well that is not quite what I had in mind but I guess it will do.

However, sluts don't belong on my couch." He snaps his fingers with his left hand and points to the floor in front of him. "For that you have earned a spanking. I don't like cleaning up wet spots." Ataya5: -Pushing herself off the couch she folded her arms across her chest as she stood in front of him, staring down at the ground for a brief moment.- So you don't like cleaning up wet spots but you are more than happy to make them?

MatrimKnotai: chuckles as his right hand reaches out and his fingers hook into the band of her pants and tug them down on her left side. "Why of course, I make them and sluts like you clean them up. That is what you are good for is it not?" Ataya5: -The corner of her lips tugged up in a smirk as she watched him tug on her pants, fidgeting on the spot as she bit into her own lip.- I don't clean.

MatrimKnotai: his left hand reaches out and grabs her right from the top to the bottom in the middle in a clenched fist. he pulls her down towards him as his right hand moves to the front of her pants and tears the button off and the zipper open while tugging them down. "Oh you will when I'm done with you slut. You'll clean it all up with that nasty tongue of yours." Ataya5: -gasping slightly as he pulls her down she flinched a little as she heard her jean rip.- hey I need those.

-her cheeks were flushed pink as she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her jeans and slowly slid them down her legs, stepping out of them slowly after kicking her boots off, revealing her black panties- MatrimKnotai: looks at her black panties with a grin.

"I don't care if you needed those. Now unless you want your panties ripped off then you will remove them as well before you bend yourself over my knee." He pulls up on her shirt and quickly pulls it over her head and hooking it behind her head, leaving her boobs on display. Ataya5: -hooking her thumbs into her panties she slid them down no more than an inch before hesitating, pushing them the rest of the way she closed her legs tightly as she knew she was practically dripping wet, standing in front of him naked.

Looking at his knee she shrugged- ask nicely and i might MatrimKnotai: slides forward on the couch and plants his feet on the ground while keeping his left knee higher than his right. He reaches up with his right hand and wraps his fingers around her throat as his left hand moves to push its way between her legs.

"Now listen here slut, you're going to do as I say and when I say it or this filthy cunt here is going to empty for the night. Now get over my knee." He starts pulling her with his hand around her throat towards his knee. Ataya5: -opening her mouth to sling another smart ass comment she quickly stopped as his fingers wrapped around her throat. Her hand flew up and wrapped around his wrist as she tried to pull his hand away.

Gasping as his hand pushed between her legs, her cheeks darkened slightly before her jaw dropped as a small whine passed her lips- that's not fair. -as he started pulling her down she rolled her eyes before climbing over his knee, wriggling as she tried to make herself moderately comfy.- happy?

MatrimKnotai: removes his hand from her pussy and places it on the small of her back to keep her on his knee. He wraps his right leg over her legs to keep them still as he lets go of her throat and rests his right hand on her ass. "For being a smartass and trying to set your own terms slut you will be getting 5 spankings on each cheek. After each one you will count until we get to 10 and you will thank me after everyone.

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If you don't, I start over. Understand slut?" Ataya5: -arching her back from his hand she lay over his knee relatively still until he spoke the conditions of her spankings.

Lifting her head she stared at him over her shoulder- What! No, I am not thanking you for spanking me. I don't deserve 5 spankings. That isn't fair. MatrimKnotai: raises his hand and brings it down hard enough on her right ass cheek to make it ripple and leave a stinging red handprint.

"Did I ask for your opinion in this slut? Did I ask what you wanted? Do you want to make it more for not listening?" Ataya5: -She tried to bring her legs up to cover her ass, but he clearly saw that coming as his leg over hers stopped her very quickly. Yelping as his hand left a stinging red handprint across her fair skin she writhed on his lap, pushing her hands back she tried to cover her ass as she shook her head- MatrimKnotai: pushes down harder on her back to hold her in place as he brings his hand down just as hard on her left ass cheek, leaving a stinging feeling in his hand.

"I can do this all day, or you can cooperate. Your choice slut." Ataya5: -flinching as he bought his hand down against her left ass cheek, making her whimper.- ok ok, i'm sorry. -moving her hands from her failed attempt to protect herself, she gripped onto the couch tightly as she spat out through her clenched teeth- 2.

thank you. MatrimKnotai: slams his hand back down on her left cheek in the same spot in anger. "Can you not count slut? Or can you not listen. I said every time you didn't do it or mess up I start over. This is one. Say thank you sir." Ataya5: -Screaming as he slammed his hand back down against the same spot she bit into her lip as it took nearly all of her self restraint not to scream a list of insults at him.- On .

one. Thank you. MatrimKnotai: shakes his head at her incompetence and apparent deafness. He leans down slightly so she can hear him better. "I will except that one but from here on you better say thank you SIR. You got that slut?" As soon as he said slut his hand slapped into her right asscheek again. Ataya5: -balling her hands into small fists she tilted her head away from him as he leaned down towards her.

Yelping into her bitten lip she dropped her head towards the couch as a barely audible snarl passed her lips- Two, thank you . Sir. MatrimKnotai: rubs his hands over her red asscheeks for a couple moments.

"Good little slut, Isn't it better to listen and do as told? Everything seems to get easier like this." He brings his hand down on her right ass cheek again, but this time it was much softer yet still hard enough to make a loud smack sound. Ataya5: -the stinging was still there but as he rubbed her ass cheeks the pain seemed to lessen. She still couldn't help but flinch as his hand came down against her ass once again, but she could feel the distinct difference in strength.

Ignoring his question she continued to count out her punishment.- Three, thank you Sir. MatrimKnotai: he brings his hand down on her left asscheek near the bottom of it with the tips of his fingers just barely grazing the edge of her pussy lips as his hand lands. "Isn't it a lovely sight?

having a gorgeous thing like you over my knee." Ataya5: -Gasping as he smacked her ass again, she couldn't help but groan as she thought about the rest that were to come. Closing her legs tightly as his fingers grazed over her pussy she once again ignored his question as she hesitated, temporarily forgetting what she was up to, as she spoke it sounded more like a question than a statement.- Four?

Thank you Sir. MatrimKnotai: holds his hand where it landed for a moment before he moves his fingers over her pussy lips a bit more, feeling wet and aroused she was.

"Your soaked. Your loving this aren't you slut? Cant wait for this to be done so you can have my dick plow into you. Sound nice slut?" He raised his hand and slapped it on her pussy and hitting both her asscheeks. Ataya5: -Her cheeks turned a deep shade of pink as she arched her back further as his fingers moved over her sensitive and soaked pussy lips.- no . no i'm not. -she shook her head as she jumped slightly, feeling his hand come down across both ass cheeks, hissing slightly as she counted out the halfway mark.- Five.

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Thank you Sir. MatrimKnotai: spreads her lips with his fingers and traces her slit back and forth, just avoiding her clit for a few moments to torment her before he raises his hand again.

"Shall I add more for lying slut or are you going to change your answer?" He slaps his hand back down directly on her pussy a bit harder then the last one. Ataya5: -Biting back into her lip as a soft moan passed her lips as his finger traced back and forth along her pussy. As he raises his hand she opened her mouth to answer his question before he stuck down directly on her pussy making her jump and kick her legs up against his leg. Her hands moved as though to hit his torso but she stopped herself as she trembled slightly, closing her legs tightly once again to stop him from doing it again.- Ok ok you were right.

Six, thank you Sir. MatrimKnotai: Grins at her confession as he watches her hands closely. He raises his hand and brings it down hard on her right ass cheek.

"Good little slut, a few rounds of spanking and you may actually be worth keeping around for your honesty. However since you weren't honest at first these last few are going to hurt as much as the first ones did." Ataya5: -closing her eyes as she hissed through her teeth she fidgeted on his lap.

His last statement made her groan as she shook her head- but it was only a small lie, and i admitted the truth afterwards. I said sorry. -She was silent for a moment before quickly remembering to count.- Seven, thank you Sir. MatrimKnotai: raises his hand and slammed it down on her left asscheek as if it was routine as he focused on her words. "Saying sorry does not change the fact that you lied to begin with.

The last ones will be harder. Argue more and I will add more. Do you understand?" Ataya5: -a whimpered yelp passed her lips as she tried to keep her yelp silent.

Giving a single nod to convey her understanding she mumbled to herself.- two more, there's only two more, two more and we're done.

-Inhaling deeply through her nose she lifted her head, keeping her chin up as she counted it out and tried to show it wasn't getting to her.- Eight, thank you Sir. MatrimKnotai: listens closely to her mumbles and narrows his eyes slightly in thought before he brings his hand down as hard as he can on the reddest part of her right asscheek for maximum effect.

"I didn't hear you answer me slut. Do you understand?" Ataya5: -Closing her eyes as she gasped at the sudden smack, her ass cheeks stinging with the handprints of each attack. Twisting her body away from him slightly for a brief moment she rolled back onto his lap as before.- Nine, thank you Sir.

-raising her voice a little agitated she responded to his question.- Yes I understand MatrimKnotai: rubs his hand over her pussy lips while sitting in thought.

"Where should I put the last one slut? What do you think? You're slowly starting to learn and behave, let me hear it." Ataya5: -Curling her toes as he rubbed his hand across her pussy lips she moaned softly, still trying to silence herself.


Chewing on her lips she thought about how to answer, taking a moment before opening her mouth to answer him, just trying to make him finish the tenth one so it was done.- Anywhere. MatrimKnotai: stops rubbing her pussy and raises his hand over her ass.

"Good little slut, you really are learning. It doesn't matter where you think I should spank you." He brings his hand down as hard as he could on her pussy leaving a painful stinging feeling throughout his entire palm. Ataya5: -Digging her fingers into the couch as he raised his hand over her ass, it felt like forever as she flinched, waiting for his hand to drop.

As his hand comes down against her pussy she let out a high pitched scream, kicking her feet against the couch as she pushed his hands away from her and pushed herself back so she was kneeling beside him, hovering just above her heels as her ass still stung.- Ten, thank you Sir. MatrimKnotai: looks down at her in annoyance before pointing back to his knee. "I didn't say you could get off my knee slut.

Just because your ten spankings are done doesn't mean you can move. Or are you telling me that you want more spankings for acting on your own? Is that it?" Ataya5: -closing her eyes as she sighed she hesitated before crawling back over his knee. Her ass cheeks were covered in red handprints as she fidgeted.- No no, I don't want more. I'm sorry. MatrimKnotai: places his left hand on her lower back again as his right leg moves to cover both of hers. He brings his right hand to her pussy lips and slowly rubs them.

"Good little slut, a little more training and you might even be worth serving me." Ataya5: -Parting her lips as she gasped, she could feel her cheeks burning bright pink as he slowly rubbed her pussy. Fidgeting still, she wriggled as her toes curled, her fingers gripping the couch as she furrowed her brows snickering slightly- Training MatrimKnotai: he chuckles at the word that slipped from her lips.

"Yes training, I shall have to see if I have a cell available for you later if you ever meet my standards. But until then." He slips his pointer and ring finger between her lips and spreads them as his middle finger slides across her hole.

Ataya5: A cell! -Her eyes widened as she shook her head- No, no ,no. -As he parts her pussy lips, his middle finger sliding across her made her whimper as she moaned softly. Arching her back she raised her hips slightly, pushing herself back towards his fingers- MatrimKnotai: slowly pushes his middle finger inside of her to the first knuckle. "You say no, but this pretty little tight pussy just keeps screaming yes at you, doesn't it slut?"He stops for a moment to tease her then slowly presses his finger all the way inside of her.

Ataya5: -gasping slowly as he pushed his finger into the first knuckle she almost whined as he stopped, trying to push herself back onto his finger. Moaning as he pressed it in all the way she chewed on her lip as she blushed deeper, staying relatively quiet on the question.- MatrimKnotai: pulls his finger out just as slowly and then he brings the finger up to his mouth.

He takes a slow lick of his finger and sits there for a minute judging the flavor before moving the finger that is still covered in her juices in front of her lips. "I'm getting real tired of talking to myself slut, when I ask you something I expect an answer.

Is that understood slut?


And clean the mess you made on my finger." Ataya5: -Moaning softly as he pulled his finger out slowly she lost all control of her self restraint. Reaching back she started to rub her pussy lips with her fingers as he placed his finger in front of her.- Understood, but I don't clean remember.

MatrimKnotai: pushes his finger into her mouth as she is talking. His left hand moves from her back and grabs her wrists. He pushes her wrists against her lower back to stop her from touching herself. "Did I not say that what you want doesn't matter?

All you need to do is what you're told slut. Is that clear?" He pushes his finger around in her mouth a bit before letting her push it out. Ataya5: -Biting his finger slightly she released his finger as he started moving it around her mouth. Twisting her wrist as he held it against her lower back she tried to pull it back from him.- .

i was trying . to uh . i did it for you. MatrimKnotai: pulls his finger from her mouth and lightly slaps her cheeks for the soft bite. He moves his hand down her body and between her asscheeks to poke at her little rosebud.

"Tell me slut, ever taken a dick in your ass before?" Ataya5: -turning her head slightly as he lightly slapped her cheek, she figured that was going to happen the moment she bit him. Arching her back she wriggled herself against his knee.- What do you think?

MatrimKnotai: runs his finger between her pussy lips for a few moments, getting it nice and wet before placing it against her rosebud and slowly pushing it into her ass. "I think that since your a slut, you love it in every hole and in every way from everyone." Ataya5: -She bit into her lip moaning as he teased her, rubbing his fingers between her pussy lips. Gasping as he pushed his finger into her ass slowly.- not just anyone, you think just anyone can handle this?

-She wiggled her ass as she chuckled.- MatrimKnotai: pulls his finger out slowly before pushing it back in slowly with a second finger. "Im sure that you would jump on anything that had a dick, and if they couldn't control you then you would just control them slut. Too bad for you that won't work in here." Ataya5: -Running her tongue over her lower lip as she moaned, feeling the second finger pushing into her tight little ass. arching her back further she started to pull herself off his fingers before pushing back onto his fingers.- I dunno, seems to be working well MatrimKnotai: chuckles at her words before removing his fingers from her ass.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. He secures and tightens them behind her back before removing his hands from her and releasing her legs. "Well in that case, claim your prize slut. But you might want to get it wet a bit." Ataya5: -Hearing the handcuffs she shook her head, trying to push herself off his knee before he had bound her hands behind her back.

Yanking her wrists in opposite directions trying to free her hands she glared at him- release my hands. MatrimKnotai: makes sure the cuffs are secure before pushing her off of his knee. "No slut, you will be released once you make me cum in that little pussy of yours. Get to it." He moves his right foot between her legs where she fell and rubs it against her pussy. Ataya5: -snarling slightly she glared at him before biting into her lip with a gentle moan as he rubbed his foot against her sensitive pussy.

Shaking her head as she tried to focus she ran her eyes down his body- You are going to have to take it out seeing as you bound my hands. MatrimKnotai: pushes his foot up against her pussy as he rubs it.

"You have teeth do you not? Don't know how to work a zipper?' He unbuttons the button on the jeans and then stretches his arms out beside him as he leans back into the couch with his legs spread. "Get to work." Ataya5: -Balling her fists up behind her back she rolled her eyes- very well. -Leaning down she took the zipped in her teeth and moved her head down dragging the zipper down.

Biting into the edge of his jeans she tugs each side of the zipper apart, trying to get to his cock like a starved beast.- MatrimKnotai: lifts his hips to assist her in taking the jeans down with a grin on his face as he watches her do as she was told. "If I feel teeth even once I shall add arm bingers, a spreader bar, and chastity belt. Understand slave?" Ataya5: -Dragging his jeans down, she nearly slipped off the edge of the couch as she looked up at him.- no pressure then -she grimaced at the thought of the chastity belt.

His final word made her temper flare.- Do not call me that. -She hissed through clenched teeth before leaning down and licking along the underside of his cock.- MatrimKnotai: moves his right hand down to rest on top of her head. "Oh, is that not what you are right now my little slut? Cuffed and made to follow my orders, punished for infractions and not having a choice or say in anything. Sounds like a little slave to me." Ataya5: -Lifting her head she glared at him- Don't.

-she sat back so she was kneeling, refusing to do anything until he stopped.- No that is not what I am right now. I am not made to follow your orders. MatrimKnotai: presses the hand on her head into her hair and grabs her scalp in a tight grip he pulls her towards his dick as he stares into her eyes.

"Continue or it's the chastity belt for you slave." Ataya5: -whimpering as he grabbed her hair in a tight vice like grip she turned her head trying to sit back up.- I swear to god if you don't stop calling me that . -she stopped herself as she realised her threats were pretty much pointless against him.- MatrimKnotai: pulls her forward so that his dick was pushing at her lips.

"Start sucking slave or I'll stick it in your ass first while it's dry." Ataya5: -Parting her lips she took his shaft in her mouth, pushing her head down towards the base, taking as much as she could in her mouth before starting to lift her head back towards the tip, her tongue running over the head as she did.- MatrimKnotai: pulls her head back and forth a few times on his dick before he pulls her as far as he can onto his dick.

Trying to get her nose to smash against the bottom of his stomach. "Take it all slave, gag on it and get it nice and wet. I'm not gonna let you try and get me off with your mouth. Just get it wet." Ataya5: -his hand pulling her head didn't bother her much, because he was just making her do what she was doing anyway. Trying to throw her arms out, she winced as the cuffs stopped her, her head was pulled down as his cock pushed into her throat making her gag.

Her throat tightened around him as drool hung from her lips and to his cock. Her eyes widened as he spoke, how did he know that was her plan.- MatrimKnotai: pulls her head back and off his dick.

He pushes her backwards away from him as he stands up and kicks his pants off. "get on your knees up against the couch slave." Ataya5: -Kicking her legs out she rolled onto her side to push herself up so she wasn't on her back.

Staring at him she shook her head- Don't call me that. -Stubbornly, she remained where she was, kneeling on the couch as she stared at him.- MatrimKnotai: sighs and pulls his shirt off. He rubs it along his dick to dry it off before tossing the shirt on the floor. "It looks like you just lost the right of having it go in wet and lubed slave." He grabs her by the hair with his left hand and drags her into the position he wanted.

Ataya5: -her eyes widen as she realised he wasn't kidding about his threat. Grabbing her by her hair and moving her around like a doll she held her hands out towards him in the cuffs- wait wait wait, i'm sorry. MatrimKnotai: pauses and lets go of her hair since she is already in position. "Oh and I am supposed to believe this sorry any more than the last one why slave?" Ataya5: -flinching slightly at his choice of title for her, she shook her head- It was a mistake, I am sorry.

-Turning around she tried to face him, opening her mouth so she could make his cock wet again.- MatrimKnotai: holds his dick just out of reach of her mouth as he looks at her. "You are a slave. I want to hear you say that your a slutty little slave. And then you can wet my dick again." Ataya5: I am not. -She hissed through her teeth as she stared up at him.- Yes I'm a little slut, and yes I will gladly admit that, but I am not a slave.

MatrimKnotai: grabs her hair and spins her around before pushing her upper back between the shoulders to make her lay across the cushion. He gets down on his knees behind her and with his left hand he grabs the chain of the cuffs and holds it to her lower back so she can't put her hands in the way. His right hand grabs her right ass cheek and pulls it out to spread her. "Very well then, your choice is made slave." Ataya5: -a small squeal passed her lips as he spun her around. Wriggling underneath his hand she turned her head to the side, staring at him over her shoulder.

Kicking her feet out against the floor and him she shook her head.- no I didn't, and don't fucking call me that. MatrimKnotai: scoots forward and places his legs over her calves while he lines his dick up with her asshole.

He looks her in the eyes with a look that says this is her fault before slowly pushing forward against her asshole. Ataya5: -Her eyes widened as she felt him line up his cock with her asshole. Turning her head forwards, so he couldn't see her face she bit into her lip hard in anticipation before he started pushing into her slowly. Whimpering she dropped her head against the couch as she screamed.- MatrimKnotai: lets go of her right asscheeks.

He moves his right hand up to grab a chunk of her hair and pull her head up and to the side so he can see her face as the head of his cock pops into her little rosebud.

Ataya5: -Curling her toes she whimpered as he grabbed her hair and moved her head so he could see her. Biting into her lip hard she gasped and whimpered as the head of his cock popped into her tight little ass.- please MatrimKnotai: pushes forward slowly so that she feels even centimeter of pain as he continues to look at her face with a look of pleasure and excitement.

"Tell me slave, what are you?" Ataya5: -turning her head away from him as much as she could she couldn't help but moan slightly as he pushed into her deeper.- I'm amazing. MatrimKnotai: yanks harder on her hair to put her head back where he had it as he pushes faster into her dry ass. "Tell me what I want to hear and you can have lube other than your own blood slut." Ataya5: -Yelping as he pulled harder on her hair she screamed as he pushed faster into her.

Whimpering as she bit into her lip, struggling to keep it together as she mumbled barely audible- i'm a slave MatrimKnotai: pushes his dick further into her until it is halfway. As he does this he speaks to her again. "I'm sorry I couldnt hear that. What did you say you slutty little slave?" Ataya5: -biting her teeth together she snarled at him before practically yelling at him.- I said I'm a slave.

Happy now. -She tried to climb back onto the couch, pulling herself off him slightly as she trembled a little- MatrimKnotai: pushes her back down into place with his left hand that is holding the cuffs and her arms in place. He pushes a bit further into her ass before he leans over her so his face is by hers.

"I told you slut, I want you to say you're a slutty little slave. And this time without the attitude and defiance, slaves don't have that." Ataya5: -Groaning as he pulled her back onto him, pushing a little further into her as she hissed. Trying to pull her head away as he held his face beside hers, making her whimper slightly.- I'm a slutty little slave. -She closed her eyes as she spoke, but other than that, did it perfectly, just as he wanted.- MatrimKnotai: placed his lips on hers for a quick kiss before leaning back until he was straight behind her again.

"Now, slaves know that their pleasure doesn't matter and they can handle pain. Anything their Masters want, their Masters get." He holds her down and looking at him as he pushes all the rest of the way into her ass until his balls rested upon her pussy lips. Ataya5: -the kiss was a little surprising, leaving her speechless for a moment. Shaking her head she tried to process what he said,- wait but . wait you said you would use lube.

You liar, you son of a . -She cut off as he holds her down, pushing the rest of his cock into her ass, making her cry out a scream.- MatrimKnotai: pulls back about 2 inches and looks down at where his dick is spearing into her ass. He leans down and spits on her asshole, letting some of it dribble down onto his cock before slamming it all the way back into her. "I am a man of my word, you now have some lubricant other than your own blood slave." He chuckles as he starts sawing back and forth inside of her at a pace that wasn't so slow that she would get used to it but not so fast that she would get numb from it.

Ataya5: -She bit into her lip as he started to pull out, she thought he was pulling all the way out until he spat down onto her asshole.

Yelping as he slammed back into her she hissed at his words, curling her hands into fists, she dug her nails into the palm of her hands as he started to move back and forth, making sure she felt every movement.- MatrimKnotai: pulls all the way out of her releases her hair as his hand moves towards his pocket. He makes sure his left hand is holding her down firmly as his right hand pulls a small bottle out of his pocket.

He pops it open and dribbles it over his dick and her closing rosebud.

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"Is this what you wanted little slave?" Ataya5: -turning her head she watched him pull something out of the pocket of his pants. She figured out pretty quickly what it was, pushing herself up higher onto the couch she shook her head- no it isn't. I want you to fuck my pussy. please. MatrimKnotai: shakes his head as he drops the now empty bottle and lined his dick back up with her rose bud.

As he forces his way back into her he looks down at the bottle and grins. The bottle read "Get sensitive skin now, great to use during sex, your partner will feel everything as if it was magnified five times." He figured with how little he used she will be dry by the time he hit bottom but her ass would be sensitive as hell and in pain.

Ataya5: -gasping as she hung her head slightly as he started pushing back into her asshole, she turned her head and saw the bottle, turning away for a moment before doing a double take. Her jaw dropped as he pushed all the way into her asshole, biting into her lip as she could definitely feel it.- MatrimKnotai: starts to pound back and forth at the same speed as earlier so she feels every bit of what I'm doing as the gel absorbs into her and dries up.

"Now why would I fuck your pussy when I'm not done with your ass slave. I told you what you want doesn't matter." Ataya5: -She bit into her lip harder, gasping and moaning as she felt each small movement he made. Arching her back as she tried to make it easier, whimpering softly she shook her head- because i said please.

MatrimKnotai: grunts as he pushes in and out of her ass, tearing it open. He reaches out with his right hand and grabs her hair again and forces her to look at him. "Look slut, I have this place video taped, I have proof that you admitted you were a slave, which means I now own you and can do whatever I want to you mouth, pussy, and ass.

Keep thinking you matter and I'll sew up your pussy and just make you an anal whore.


So Id shut up and enjoy the ass raping, understand?" Ataya5: -trembling as she shook her head, trying to distract herself as he tore her ass open. Yelping as he grabbed her hair again she closed her eyes and tried to ignore him, but every word getting to her.- you what! -Her jaw dropped as she realised there was a chance that he wasn't bluffing about the video tapes and owning her.

Biting into her lip once again to silence herself it seemed to work a little better than normal.- MatrimKnotai: pushes all the way into her and sits there for a moment. "Since the new laws passed, any woman who says they are a slave is immediately enslaved to the nearest man, which was me. You're mine now slut." He pushes her face forward and lets go of her hair. He raises his hand and starts spanking her ass as he starts fucking her harder then before. Ataya5: I didn't know that.

. I would never have . You tricked me. -keeping her head pressed against the couch she whimpered as she realised that she had done exactly what he wanted, he had baited her. Yelping as he spanked her ass, she tried to push her bound hands into his torso- MatrimKnotai: holds his left hand still against her lower back which prevents her hands from getting to him as he laughs at her.

"Of course I tricked you slut, but it doesn't matter how did it. All that matters is I did and you're now mine. But hey I'm not a completely evil man. Ill fuck your pussy soon." He starts slamming in and out of him, coming all the way out and then all the way back in with one thrust. Ataya5: -She writhed against him as she he admitted tricking her, snarling at him as she tried to kick at him.- Of course it matters, it doesn't count.

-Biting into her lip as he pulled all the way out and slamming back into her, making her yelp and cry out each time, whittling away at her defiance and attitude.- MatrimKnotai: stops spanking her and slides his right hand under her chest and grabs ahold of her right nipple. He twists sharply in timing with his thrusts, every time he pulled out, he would twist.

"Not according to the law it doesn't, You're mine, no matter how I get you to say it. One you say it any past issues are null and void. Including me raping your ass to make you say it. You're stuck in this life forever slave." Ataya5: -She swallows the dryness in her throat as his hand slides underneath her and twists her nipple making her scream slightly.

A whimpered yelp passing her lips each time he twisted. She was still at a loss for what to do about being cheated into this.- You shallow, slimy son of a bitch. MatrimKnotai: Yes I am slave, and you're still mine. And now it's time to make that clear.

-He pulls out of her ass and pushes forwards before slamming his dick fully into her tight pussy in one thrust- I've taken your mouth, your ass, and now your pussy slave. Enjoy it while you can. This pussy wont see much action for a long time. Ataya5: -gasping at the sudden absence of his cock she exhaled deeply, thinking it was done before he suddenly slammed into her tight pussy.

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Curling her toes she shook her head, moaning softly her eyes snapped open as she turned her head to see him- What, how is that fair? MatrimKnotai: Who said anything about being fair slave? -He slowly pulls out of her pussy until just the tip is left before slamming straight back into her.

His right hand starts pulling, twisting, and pinching her nipple hard as he fucked her pussy- Ataya5: yeah but . but . -she had nothing, as he pulled out of her she felt a small wave of relief until he slammed straight back into her, making her whole body lurch forwards. Pushing her body down towards his hand as his assault on her nipple made it sensitive and made her whimper.

Closing her legs tightly she shook her head trying to deny the feeling that he was pushing her closer to the point of cumming.- MatrimKnotai: starts slamming in and out of her as his hand moved to her other nipples to repeat the same things.

"Cum for your master slave. I know you want to. Cum and embrace your life as my slave. Cum while you can because in the morning this pussy will never be used by anyone but me again." Ataya5: -Dropping her shoulder she tried to stop his other hand from reaching nipple, as she tried to use the couch to cover herself.- No -Stubbornly trying to hold onto whatever control she had left she was struggling as her body clearly wanted to, but her head didn't.

Biting her lip hard she whimpered and moaned as she felt her legs trembling, and her pussy tightening around him.- MatrimKnotai: starts slamming into her harder as he can feel it building up inside his balls.

His hand fights its way under her and latches onto her other nipple and starts squeezing it. "You lost slave, you can feel it coming can't you? Let it out and accept your new life. There is no escape." Ataya5: -She moaned loudly, arching her back as his hand latches onto her nipple, teasing it and squeezing it as she moaned loudly, her body trembling slightly as she screamed, flooding his cock as she came, after resisting so long it made her collapse on the couch gasping.- MatrimKnotai: lets go of her hands and nipple and grabs her hips as he pushes himself inside of her as far as he can.

As he feels her squeezing him in her orgasm, his balls erupted inside her, coating her pussy white. "Good little slave girl cumming for her Master." Ataya5: -She was trembling slightly as she tried to catch her breath, his firm grip of her hips held her in place easily as he erupted inside her, filling her with his cum as she lay still, her jaw hanging open as she tried to think about what had happened.

She was his now.- MatrimKnotai: holds her in place for a few moments until he could catch his breath. He pulls out of her and stands up while slapping her ass. "You're a good fuck slut. I'll make sure not to sell you anytime soon." He walks to the side of her and collapses on the couch while watching her.

Ataya5: -She didn't have the energy to fight him off as he held her still for a moment or two. Yelping quietly as he slapped her ass she looked up at him as she scrambled back, glaring at him- You can't sell me anyways, I am a person. MatrimKnotai: No slut, you're now my slave who has cum dripping out of her. However for that outburst I will not give you the key, you'll have to get it out of my pants pocket yourself and find a way to free yourself.

MatrimKnotai: Oh and the butler has already informed the authorities that you are now mine, Leave and you will be arrested on sight and returned to me. Ataya5: -her cheeks darkened as he spoke of how she was dripping cum.- Outburst .

wh . -She bit her tongue to silence herself shuffling on the floor to where his jeans lay on the floor, trying to find the pocket that held the key to her cuffs. Her eyes widened as he mentioned the butler and the authorities, maybe her way out was making the butler feel bad, or finding a sympathetic cop.- MatrimKnotai: waved his hand at the camera making a gesture and the doors opened to admit a large and violent looking man wearing a butler's suit.

"Take my new slave down to her new cell. And you can play with her on the way if you wish." Ataya5: -staring at the hulk of a man that walked through the door, her jaw nearly hit the floor as her voice rang higher pitched.- What the hell, that isn't a butler, that is a rock.

-Grabbing the key from his jeans she kept it hidden in her hands as she scrambled to her feet and backed away from the stranger.- don't touch me MatrimKnotai: -the butler doesn't say a word as he walks up to her and grabs her by the hair and starts pulling her out the door- Oh and she should have the handcuff key on her. I'd like that back when you're done with her. -He grunts as he pulls her out the doors and lets them slam shut behind him-