Naked gay sex movietures and stories and nude real indian hunk

Naked gay sex movietures and stories and nude real indian hunk
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Oops, It's My Niece… Not My Sister-In-Law "ALRIGHT," I said out loud as I drove up in front of Kate's house and saw her clunker parked in the driveway, "Looks like I'll get to knock off some pussy before I take a shower." Just a little background, here, before I continue… Kate was my brother-in-law's common law wife.

After twenty four years together, she finally ran his sorry ass off to Alabama, where he immediately hooked up with druggies and is now in prison. My wife contracted breast cancer at the age of twenty three, and died in less than a year after being diagnosed. Her shithead brother never came to her funeral, but Kate came to help… and she was awesome. She managed to make room for all the 'out of town' relatives, organized the family dinner and helped me with the funeral arrangements.

When she offered to stay over and help me get things back in sync, I accepted quicker than a dog can lick his nuts.

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What I didn't expect, was Kate crawling into my bed while the dirt was still settling on Carly's casket. She knew I had gone without for several months, but she quickly remedied that situation… four times that night and twice the next day. That was thirteen years ago and we've hooked up hundreds of times since then. Since J.R. left five months ago, we've (pretty much) been together at my place or hers every time I'm at home.

I work as a safety rep for two oil companies; one week on, one week off.


I had just driven 300 miles that day, saw her old car in the drive, and was ready for some tight pussy. Kate had three children, but had c-sections with all of them. Her youngest, Darla, was now 19, but none of them knew about our relationship; they all thought their dad hung the moon. Probably because he spent all the money he made, selling drugs, on them. I tapped on the door but there was no response. With my own key, I let myself in and locked the door behind me. I was pleased to hear the shower running; she was going to be surprised when she came out of the bathroom… I pulled back the bed spread and the top sheet.

The KY Jelly was in the middle drawer of the nightstand, so I squeezed a liberal amount onto my fingers and slicked up ol' Fat Boy. He was already stiff, in anticipation, but when the shower quit running, every extra drop of blood in my body rushed into its veins.

I had my dick in my hand and a smile on my face when the door opened. Her head was wrapped in a towel, but the rest of her nakedness was in full display… but… I had seen Kate's naked body many, many times, but this one wasn't Kate. What else was I to do? Fat Boy needed some relief.

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I continued to lay there for a few minutes, slowly stroking my cock, as the woman toweled her hair and under her amazing set of tits. When she stepped in front of the dresser mirror, she saw me… and I saw her. It was Darla! She screamed in fright and grabbed for the towel she'd dropped, "Uncle Don!!!

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What the fuck are you doing? Get out of here, this is Mom's house!" I sat up and snatched the towel away, causing her to scream, again, "Maybe I should be asking you what you're doing here?

Where's Kate? Her car is here." "I live here, now! Give me that back!" she screamed as she reached for the towel, "What the fuck are you doing?" "Well, I just stopped by to collect the rent. I'm the one who pays for this place and your mother fucks me, to pay the rent," I jerked the towel hard, causing Darla to stumble toward me, "Since she's not here," I grabbed her wrist and threw her on the bed, "I'll just have to collect from you, honey." "STOP IT!

STOP IT, DAMMIT! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! MY BROTHERS WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS!" I was able to pin one arm under her when she tried to roll away.

I raised my hand and threatened, "You listen to me, you little cunt; you say one fucking word to your brothers and I'll break every Goddamn bone in your body." "STOOOOPP ITTT!! If you hit me, Mom will kill you, too!" "You better just shut your fucking little mouth and stop kicking. I'm gonna fuck you, no matter what you say or do. You might as well get ready and accept that." "NO YOU'RE NOT, YOU BASTARD! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? I'VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO YOU!" I laid my 220 pounds on top of her 115 pound body, mashing her into the mattress, "Because I've been away for over a week and I need to fuck somebody.

I've been lying on this bed for twenty minutes, stroking my cock, waiting for your mother to come out of the fucking shower.

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You came out instead, so my cock gets a new treat." As I spread her legs with my knees, she made an attempt to kick my balls. When my right hand caught her left cheek, her eyes flew open wide and stared at me with hate, "You better kill me, because I am going to murder your fucking ass for doing this… don't rape me, Uncle Don." Through all the … shall we call it 'foreplay'?.

Ol' Fat Boy stood tall and proud. I rubbed its head, coated with the lube, against Darla's hole. One hard thrust and I was seated fully inside her warmth. She started to scream again, but cut it off when I raised my hand. "Just get it over with," she mumbled, "the quicker the better, then I can kill you." There was no fucking way I was just going to 'get it over with'. Darla was prettier than Kate, with bigger, firmer tits. She was smaller than her mom, but her pussy was easier to enter… and she was just 19.

I was going to make this last as long as I could… Darla never spoke, uttered a sound, nor responded to my pumping piston for the first ten minutes or so. She just lay there, quietly accepting her fate. When I felt myself getting close, I pulled out and started kissing her neck and shoulders. I planted a good kiss on her lips, which she quickly wiped away with her free hand. I kissed her again and received a dirty look.

"What's the matter, Honey? You used to love kissing your Uncle Don." "Fuck you, you bastard. You're not my uncle anymore. You're an asshole." With my cock out of her, catching its breath, I took a nipple in my mouth and gave it lots of tongue and a little nip with my teeth.


BINGO! I detected an involuntary shudder. A little bit of attention to Kate's nipples will make her hornier than a three-peckered, billy goat.

'Hmmm', I thought, 'Looks like baby girl inherited that from her mom'. I dwelled on those nipples for a few minutes, getting a little more response. Then I worked down across her ribs, her abdomen, her belly button and kissed the hood covering her clit. That did it! I knew right then that this girl loved for her pussy to be eaten… so I did. She worked her arm out from under her back and held my head in exactly the position she wanted as I kissed, licked, even scraped her button lightly with my teeth.

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Her quiet little 'uh, uh' turned into 'oh, yes, mmmm, ahh, mmmm, oh, God that feels good'. I sucked her on her clit and bobbed, as if I were giving her a blow job.

My index and middle fingers found their way inside her cunt and curled up to her g-spot. The third time I rubbed it, she crammed my face into her pubis, "Oh, my God, Oh, my God, Oh my GODDDDDD!!!!" Darla had to be absolutely shocked that her rapist just made her have a tremendous orgasm.

She relaxed and dropped her arms to her sides. She looked up at me as I was moving back toward her pussy, with my hard shaft, "Shit. You really are a bastard, you know." I may be a bastard, but as I positioned myself, she moved her legs further apart and smiled, "If you make me cum again, I'll have to kill you twice." She caught the back of her knees and pulled them toward her ears, "Fuck me as hard as you can, Uncle Don.

Give me all you got." A little over an hour, and two loads of cum, later, Darla explained that Kate had taken her car to work because the air conditioner worked better.

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She and I washed and dried the sheets and had another round while we waited in the utility room. We talked for about an hour.

That was when she explained that her ex-boyfriend had been fucking around on her; the reason she moved back in with Kate. We put a plan together and when we heard Kate drive up in Darla's car, we hurried to get it done. When Kate walked into the bedroom, I was lying on her bed, naked and stroking my hard cock.

I looked up at her and jumped up, acting surprised, "What the fuck? Who in the hell is in the shower?" "Darla's here.

Quick, get your clothes on." I dressed and led Kate into the kitchen, "Shit! I saw your car in the driveway and thought it was you in the shower. I was gonna be a big surprise for you when you got out. Damn, I would have scared the shit out of that poor girl. It's a good thing you came home when you did." We heard the water stop running, "Quick, Don," Kate wrapped me up in a big, wonderful kiss, "You go on home and I'll try to get away soon.

I'll bet you're nuts are about to blow up, but I'll take care of that as soon as I can." I gave her sensitive nipples a tweak, "You kiddin' me? When I drove up and saw your car, I never wanted you more. Come as soon as you can. Tell Darla, Uncle Don loves her best of all my nieces."