Arab babes fucked in jungle camp

Arab babes fucked in jungle camp
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Every day Josh would walk to the library after school, though this day felt different he couldn't tell why or how. He aprouched the library, it was small and it was not very updated, but the internet was fast and there was no block on the porn sites.

Not even the sites with little girls were blocked(the ones he prefered).

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Josh entered and saw that all the computers were taken up. So he walked to the librarians desk signed up for one, so that he would be first on when one did open up, went to the bach where no one else sits pulled out one of the many sex stories he found on the net and began to read.

he was reading for aout fifteen-minutes and already had a hard on when he heard a noise behind him. He turned and saw a young girl.

She looked only 9 but was extremely hot. She had blonde hair blue eyes, and was wearing a short levy skirt and a tight blue belly shirt, she had a perfect figure no fat anywhere on her young body and the most innocent look on her face. He then realized that she might have saw what he was reading.


His heart froze and he stammered," D-di-did you s-see what i was r-r-reading!?" fear rushing through his body. She blushed a little than answered,"yes, but i didn't mean to. It was just there." she then looked down. He was busted, this girl was going to tell the librarian and she would check it out and he would be in alot of trouble.

Though he was still underage, 17 wouldn't stop them from convicting him as a pedophile. Then the girls said softly almost as a whisper,"I liked the story though. Is it a true story?". Josh was shocked he didn't know what to say, then it hit him he had an idea. He proceeded to ask her,"No, it is not true, by the way I am Josh." he had a guttoness smile,"What is your name?" She smiled back and said," My name is Jenny and i am 8 years old.

Wow, he thought she is even youngerthan he thought he then asked," Apparently interested in boys. Would do stuff that you saw in that story.". She looked at him with a confused look and said,"What do you mean?" Josh answered,"Well, you know the stuff that the boy and girl were doing would you do that stuff?". Jenny kinda of blushed and said," I don't know, maybe if a boy wanted to. Besides a boy that old would want to do that stuff with me any ways." she looked down.

Josh then held her pretty face in his left hand, his dick growing harder by the seconed and asked," Would you like to do that stuff with me, Jenny?" he took a deep breath," I realy want to do that stuff with you." Jenny looked a littl shocked from what josh said. She than quitly ansered,"Yes i would love to." Josh then got the biggest bonner he ever had before.

He grabed by the had and than led her out of the library. Jenny asked nervously,"Where are we going?", Josh pointed towards the old baseball feild. It hasn't been used ever since it was declared a national land mark by the city, in honor of a local hero. Josh new that he would be safe there, he and other girls his age always did stuff there in the day, no one else ever went there. When they entered the feald he led her under the bleachers which were covered in old vines.

He then sat her down and kissed her. She didn't know how to kiss but she did give it a good try. After he took his tounge out of her tiny mouth he layed her back and said,"I can't wait to touch ur tiny balled pussy." Jenny looked down a little with a smile and blusshing. Josh than proceeded to take off hir small blue shirt.He noticed that her tiny underdeveloped nipples were hard, he got an instant hard on from it. As her rubbed Jennies nipples she started to moan slightly.

Josh took toice of that and start to lick and suck on them. Jenny moaned,"yes, that feels so good." he felt her tremble." I am going to make you feel even better now." he said as he was taking off her barney panties,"i am going to keep these for memory of ur tiny bald pussy." Josh said as he stuck her panties in his pocket.

He than looked down at her small undeveloped pussy and shivered with exitement.

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He never saw anything this erotic befor in his life. He start to softly slide is finger between her pussy's tiny virgin lips. She was already wet from him playing with her nipples.

She began to moan as he rubbed her bald pussy. He then put his finger to hher mouth and said," Lick it for me baby, it will taste so good." Jenny looked at him strange for a minute, then she took his finger in her mouth and start to suck on it. He then took the finger away and asked,"You like the taste of your pussy baby?", she shook her head yes,"Now it is my turn to taste your pussy my little baby." He then start to slowly lick her tinny round clit.


Jenny shudders and starts to pant. Josh noticing this start to suck on her clit and rubb her nipples. Jenny lets out a slite scream and starts breathing hard and moaning, then Josh slides his pinky in her tight virgin pussy.

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He start to finger her hard, in creasing his speed with every insertion. Jenny starts to moan louder and louder, she keeps saying," oh yah, yes, yes, yes!!!!!", just then her whole body shakes and begins to spasm and her tinny firgin pussy starts throbbing as she lets out the loudest shcream he ever heard. He new that he gave her her first orgasm. He then kiss her with her pussy juices dripping from his mout.

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He then asks,"did you like it my little sex baby?" she shakes her head yes while bitting her lip. He then takes off his pants and shows her his rock hard cock and asks," Do u want me to stick this in your baby pussy?". Jenny shakes her head up and down rapidly and says," Yes, please stick your giant pee-pee in my baby pussy." He looks at and says," The first time hurts for girls, and when i start i am not going to stop untill my sperm has filled your pussy, ok!?" She shakes her head yes, but she looks a little scared.

Josh starts to tease her pussy with all of his 7"1/2 rock hard cock. She start pushing on it, he tells her ," now when i stick it in I want you to bare with me and not scream ok?" She shakes her head yes slightly and whisper," please stick it in my baby pussy.". Josh then starts to try and push it in, but her little virgin cunt wont let his dick in. so he lays on his back and psitions jenny over his cock. He tells her," I want you to push down as hard as you can no matter how much it hurts, ok?" she shakes her head yes again.

he then puts his hand on her hips and start to push down. He can feel her pushing with him, he feels the head of his pussy slowly enter her tiny cunt. He pushes hard and it goes in more. Jenny lets out a small scream of pain and a little pleasure.

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Josh pushes harder now about 1/4 of it is in, but he wont stop untill her baby pussy has taken most of it. Jenny than screams,"It hurts!!!" as a tear falls down her cheek. Josh then puts her on her back again and pushes harder untill his dick is in as far as it could go.She is still crying when he asks," do you want me to stop?

I told I would keep going baby. Besides the more you do it the better it will feel." jenny shakes her head no as tears run down her cheeks and says," i want you to keep going, i love your pee-pee." So Josh than start to thrust slow and medium hard untill the tears stop coming out of her eys, the tinmy pussy feels so good on his monster cock.

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He than starts to fuck her as hard and as fast as he can. Jenny starts to cry and every now and then says,"it hurts so much." but he continues to fuck her pussy, he soon feels he charry pop and start to fuck harder saying,"you know you like my cock in your pussy baby." as he licks her tears and kiss her with her tears on his toungue. As he goes he feels his cumn building in his cock, he knows that he will cumn harder than he ever has, and starts to fuck her even hard, she squeels from it.

Just before his cock explodes inside her pussy he says," i am going to sperm in ur tiny pussy baby." than he starts to cumn in her, he has never cummed so much before, load out of load fills her tiny cunt. He than kiss's her and pulls it out.

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Just than he heard a noise behind him, he freezes and slowly looks be hind him. He sees a slightly older girl behind him and thinks to him self oh shit. to be continued.