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*** It would really be a good idea to read the other chapters before this one so you know what is happening. They can be found by clicking the authors link above: JadeM Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been sending Pms, commenting, and basically taking time out of their busy lives to let me know they like what I do.

or have suggestions on how I can improve, or both! A vote or comment can really help make a dark day brighter! Special thanks to: Spread1, Shotgun82, Clitpleaser12, rdwyier, Feazko, kakatz, JetiJah, workingman, stillagood1, guilz87, thickhead, TT, Ghostrider939, BadInAGoodWay, Ed W, and doug1953, creative thinker, charlie33851, and Matillie97 This does contain a kiss shared between sisters. just a kiss.

I hope that does not offend too much. If so I am sorry in advance, but it is a true story. All For Mr. Redman Chapter 8 After both Peter and I had showered, him helping me of course because of my foot, we got dressed and went out into the living room.

My sister, Yumiko, was sitting there watching Family Guy on T.V. I saw what she was watching and started to laugh. I sat down with her and watched as Peter started making dinner. Yumiko did not say a word about the sex Peter and I had just an hour earlier. I was wondering if she was going to ask me about all the nasty dirty talk that had gone on.

I knew she heard it. She would have heard us talking about fucking her, being Peter's nasty little Japanese slut sisters. Of course the part about us fucking Barbara as well would have been heard.

When dinner was ready he brought it out to us. We ate while laughing at Family Guy and the random chicken attacks on Peter Griffon. After eating Peter cleared away the dishes, he would not allow Yumiko to help. When he was done he came out and said "I'm going to the gym for a couple of hours." and gave me a kiss goodbye. It was strange he picked that time to go as he rarely works out on weekends.

When he was gone I looked at Yumiko and said "You heard us I assume. I am sorry if that was too much. It was just talk because of what Peter heard you and I chatting about. I'm very sorry." She smiled and said "No, it's okay. Please don't worry Sachiko. We are the ones who put the idea in his head with our conversation and I have to admit. it turned me on. I have never seen anything like that." I stared at her stunned "You watched us have sex!?" Yumiko immediately began apologizing.

I could see that she meant it to and she was clearly embarrassed. "It's okay. I understand why you did it. I am to blame for leaving the door open. I thought I closed it and just lost track. I had no idea we were going to have sex, I just wanted to explain what you and I were joking about. Don't worry, I will not say anything, but if he had seen you he would have been deeply embarrassed. He did not realize the door was left open. I closed it before he noticed." She was still upset so I hugged her, but that did not help.

She started to cry. She was shamed by her tears and went to the bathroom.

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I sat and waited for a few minutes. When I knew she was no longer crying I went to see if she was okay. I did not want a rift between us over this. In the larger scheme of things it was rather trivial and no real harm had been done. I knocked lightly and asked her to let me in. She opened the door and sat on the side of the tub looking very conflicted. "It is not that big a problem, please do not worry about this. It is of no matter, no harm was done." I said hoping to relax her.

Yumiko looked up and said "Harm was done." "I do not understand. It was nothing." "Sachiko, I. I was not kidding when I said I had bad thoughts about you and me.

I am so fucked up for thinking of my sister that way. Peter is very handsome and I. I wanted to join you there. That's so fucking twisted and no way can I ever think it's okay." I regarded her calmly and she blurted out "How can you even tolerate looking at me after what I just said? I'm so fucked up. I think about sex all the time and not just normal sex, I think about sex with my sister and her boyfriends. I have always been fucked up. I don't understand. it's not like you have ever done anything to me." she trailed off and went silent looking at the floor.

Doing the only thing I could think of, as words were not forming, I went to Yumiko and knelt before her and hugged her tightly. She returned the embrace and we stayed that way for a few minutes.

Finally I managed to say " Yumiko I love you. Your my sister and more precious to me than anyone. I had no idea about any of this and I am so sorry that I never realized how much you have been suffering in silence. I feel so stupid and you could have talked to me about it. You can talk to me about anything, you know that." I was looking at her with great caring because I meant every word.

Yumiko looked back up and said quietly "Anything?" Smiling I said "Yes, what have I been saying? We are sisters and have to trust each other." She stayed silent for a time and said "I. I want to know what it's like." "You want to know what?" I said reassuringly.

"I have to know what it's like to. to." and she suddenly leaned forward and took the sides of my head into her hands and kissed me. It was not the kiss of a sister, she was kissing me like a lover. I hesitated and allowed her to do it for few moments before gently pushing he back with my hands on her shoulders. Yumiko was literally shaking, probably expecting a harsh rebuke.

"I did not expect that." I said calmly while smiling. Inside I was awash with too many thoughts to describe. My sister had kissed me and I had no idea what to do. Yumiko asked "Are you angry with me?" "Angry?

No, I am not angry. I don't know what I am to be honest." I said thoughtfully. "Did you. did you like it?" She asked quietly. Pondering that I finally said "I think you are a very good kisser. You must understand that we cannot and should not be doing that together. Our parents never did anything like that with us and I just think it will end up hurting us both very much, cause us many problems and shame us terribly if anyone ever saw that happen." She nodded slowly and said "So you are worried about someone finding out." "Yumiko." I said "That is not the point.

We should not be doing that. I am not an angel, I admit that, I have done things that if people found out would be very bad for me. but I don't want you to suffer because I did not have the wisdom, character, or strength to prevent it happening." Yumiko listened to that and leaned forward.

I did not pull back and she looked at my mouth and closed the distance kissing me again.


As she was kissing me she moved off the edge of the tub and was kneeling facing me, pulling me tight, sliding a hand to the back of my head. I began to enjoy it and returned her passion, before my conscience screamed at me and I pulled back, breaking free "Stop this Yumiko.

Please stop this. I beg you please do not do this." I felt as sick and twisted as was possible for me and was trying to crawl backwards, my injured foot protesting the contortion. The pain caused me to gasp and I fell backwards and found myself laying flat on my back. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the pain. Yumiko crawled forward and was on her hands and knees over me when I opened my eyes.

She was staring at me with a look I know I have had before. She was turned on and knew that she was going to get what she wanted. "Please don't." I said and turned my face away. "I'm hurt, my foot is really sore." Thankfully that registered with her passion filled brain and she immediately moved to help me sit. We checked my foot, and seeing the stitches were okay, she help me to get to my feet. Leaning on her for support, she helped me to lay on the couch in the living room. Once I was comfortable and my foot was elevated Yumiko knelt on the floor next to me.

She was stroking my hair and said "I'm sorry, I forgot about your foot. I don't know how I could do that." "It's okay, I think our conversation distracted us both" I replied. "Maybe, but I think it was the kissing.

I could tell you liked it. No one is here and no one will ever know what we do. You kissed me back with heat and I know you were enjoying it." Looking at Yumiko I said "Please. I don't want to give in to that. I know I rarely say no to sex of any kind, especially to someone I care about, but idle fantasy and dirty talk does not make actually doing the thing right." "Okay Sachiko, I understand.

I am here and willing to love you, to show it to you physically how much my heart cares for you. Never will I pressure you again. I can tell when you need to think about something." Yumiko said. She got up and went and got me a pain pill.

I took only one, but it was still enough to knock me out. When I woke up it was 11:30pm. There was a blanket over me and I heard my sister talking to Peter in the kitchen. I got up carefully, worried about my foot, and made my way to see them.

Peter came right over and helped me to a chair. He gave me a big hug and kiss. Smiling he said "I think we are all going to be okay. We were just talking and everything is cleared up. Don't worry about us or anything.

I was still groggy and said okay. Peter helped me to bed and we went to sleep. I could barely keep my eyes open and fell asleep curled up against him. Monday morning I had to go back to the University and got a ride there with Peter. He had taken the morning off from work and met with the Dean.

We had to sort out the lost time, the incident with Jason, and how it would affect my exam schedule. We also dropped Yumiko off at her school. The primary issue was my exam that afternoon. I had studied, but asked if I could write it the next day in the early morning. I am going to say here and now that he was wonderful about it and had no problem coming up with his own solution.

He looked at my transcript, spoke to my professors for my next two exams, and basically ensured he had a clear understanding of my academic standing. By the time we left I had been deemed exempt from my Monday exam and my Tuesday exam.

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I was shocked, but agreed when he explained that my grade at completion of those courses, prior to writing the exam, would be assigned as a final grade and full credits would be awarded. That left me with just two exams to write and I knew I could handle those. Fortunately, my marks in the first two classes were really good. The School also made sure that any resources I needed in relation to Jason's attack on me.

When I went with Peter to my dorm room I looked around. Amanda, my roommate, had done an amazing cleaning job. The room looked like it was ready for inspection. There was no sign of the blood from my foot anywhere and my bed was perfectly made. Peter and I sat down on the bed and he just hugged me and said "You really don't have to stay here you know.

You need help getting around and just making sure you don't hurt yourself. Come and stay with me and let me help. I promise, I swear. I will not distract you from your studying. I know how fanatical your are about that." I agreed with actually very little convincing.

We gathered up the things I needed and I wrote a note for Amanda thanking her and letting her know where I was. I missed her and felt bad I did not get to see her that day. Peter took me home with him and he insisted on putting my things away while I had tea.

When he came back he looked deep in thought and walked over and hugged me tightly. He caressed my hair with his hand and kissed the top of my head. I just held him. He gently disengaged from the hug and I looked up at him. He was smiling warmly and said "I can't believe you have drawers and a shelf now." I smiled and started to laugh.

"Seriously, I don't think anything has ever felt more natural and right to me." he said with sincerity. "I love you Peter." I said as I kissed his hand.

"Oh God Sachiko. I can't put into words how you make me feel.


I love you so much and I really want you to understand that." "Peter, please, I know you love me. I love you and I feel at home here." I replied. He kissed me again and we hugged. He could not stay and had to say goodbye and head off to work.

While he was gone I did exactly what I should, I studied using his office. True to form I was deep into my studies when I heard the door to the office open. Peter came in and kissed me and set a tea down.

I looked around and saw the clock. It was late. "How long have you been home?" I asked. He laughed and said "About 5 hours." "So sorry, five hours! You were so quiet!" I said shocked. Laughing he said "I promised I would not disturb you, but you need to eat something." Having said that he picked me up and carried me into the kitchen. A lovely chicken dinner was already laid out for me.

I ate quite a bit, I was so hungry. After eating he carried me to the bedroom and helped me take my clothes off. There were towels all over the bed and he had lit candles. He had soft music playing and laid me down gently on the towels, rolling me onto my stomach.

He had heated massage oil handy and proceeded to give my stiff muscles all the attention they could have ever wanted. His hands felt heavenly as he massaged my body, I could not believe how much I needed this. His hands gliding along my back and neck muscles made me feel like a Queen. I also noticed that his gentle massage was having other effects on me. I started to moan softly as he was massaging my upper thighs.

I heard him chuckle and he just kept massaging me. When his hands moved to my ass and began kneading and deep massaging it I was completely turned on. I knew my pussy had opened like a flower and could feel the moisture building there. Peter noticed as well and began rubbing closer and closer to my pussy, allowing his thumbs to brush the edges, making me tremble and moan for him.

When he slid his hand over it, cupping me gently, I gasped and arched my ass up toward him. He took advantage of this and positioned himself, while still massaging me, between my legs. He gently spread them and laid down, bringing his face closer to my pussy. He gently began kissing the cleft of my ass as he reached under me, lifting my hips up. He took a firm cushion and put it under my hips, helping keep me raised while still allowing me to not strain myself at all.

As he kissed his way lower he gently flicked his tongue at my tight little asshole and I found myself riding a wave of pleasure. I felt his tongue gently probing me, gradually opening me up. He then began to fuck his tongue into my ass. I loved it and said his name over and over again as he was doing it. He then worked his way lower and began gently kissing, then flicking his tongue at my pussy, before making long licking strokes with his tongue, lapping at my juices.

Occasionally his tongue would move higher and lick along my ass. Moaning and writhing under his oral loving I could do nothing other than enjoy the sweet sensations he was causing. Peter was not in any hurry and spent a lot of time eating my pussy and ass. I was slowly being built up by his attention, my orgasm slowly rising. Sensing this he locked his mouth over my pussy and began licking my clit. I soon found myself shaking as he began relentless and began devouring my pussy with a vengeance.

I screamed as my orgasm rocked through me, making me flood his face with my sweet juices. He devotedly lapped up all I had to offer, while I was left laying there completely spent and unable to do anything other than smile and whisper "Thank you Peter.

I love you so much." I felt him move up over me and when he began rubbing my pussy lips with his hard cock I knew I was not done feeling the bliss he had given to me. He gently entered me and his first slow and determined stroke had him bottoming out in my pussy, the head of his lovely cock pressing at my cervix and making me moan in appreciation. Once I had adjusted to his presence he began a slow and gentle pace, fucking me deeply, allowing me to feel every contour of his amazing cock.

Keeping his weight off of me he fucked me slowly and romantically, telling me how much he loved me. When our shared orgasm arrived he buried himself deeply in my pussy and I felt every contraction of his cock as he spent his hot cum deep inside me. I held my ass in place, pushing upwards as much as I could, loving the way he was joined to me.

Revelling in the feeling of my own pleasure I moaned out my love for him. Peter gradually relaxed and moved away from me, slowly removing his powerful hard cock from my pussy. I missed having him there almost immediately. He moved the pillow out from under me and turned me onto my side, slowly sliding back in. We laid there, spooning, his cock deep inside me and I fell asleep feeling more content that I ever thought possible. In the morning I awoke first and decided he deserved a special gift for what he had done for me the night before.

I slid down under the sheet and began gently licking his cock. Even though he was asleep, that gorgeous cock responded and got hard quickly. I could taste our previous nights activity, but did not care. in fact I loved it. When he was completely hard I gently rose up and took him into my mouth.

Slowly and gently I began moving my mouth up and down on his hard cock, taking it deep as I could, all the way into my throat. He woke about a minute later and I felt his hand touch my head. He flipped the sheet out of the way and stared down at me.

I winked at him and kept sucking his cock. I love having him like this, on his back with his cock deep in my mouth. He gripped the bottom sheet with his hands and threw his head back saying "Holy shit Sachiko. oh my fucking God." Gradually I built up the speed of my movements until I was fucking his cock with my mouth. I brought my hands into play, gently teasing his nuts with the nails of on hand, while I slid the other under his ass and gently nudged his tight hole my middle finger.

He started to shake and then screamed as his ass came off the bed. Taking advantage I slipped my wet finger into his ass and buried his cock in my throat. His hands flew to my head holding me there as unleashed a torrent of hot sweet cum, flooding my throat. When he had calmed down I slowly slid my finger out of his ass and lifted my mouth from his cock. I licked him clean and kissed his stomach.

He was laying there smiling happily and I poked his tummy with my finger and said "Make me coffee!" Peter burst open laughing and hugged me. "Have I told you how much I love you?" "First time today." I replied smiling. He leapt out of bed like a super hero and went to make coffee. It was then that I realized how to make sure I get coffee made for me and served in bed every morning.

I'm evil. but it's a good evil ;) The rest of that week Peter was so caring and helpful. He supported me through all my studying and never once complained. My exams went exceedingly well and I was very happy with the end result. Third Year was going to be easier because of extra work I had put in. Then the great trouble of deciding on my summer employment started. I had three jobs I could go to, but they were all in the north and Peter would not be able to stay with me.

I did not want him driving a minimum of 6 hours to see me when I was basically working 6 days a week if I took any of them. Also, since they came with accommodation he could not stay with me.

That was not satisfactory.

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After much debate with him, crazy guy wanted to help me pay for school and not go north, I decided to take a local job. That way I would be staying with him and could still see my friends who stayed in town. Of course, being me, I also signed up for a Chemistry course to take during my summer break. Peter thought I was crazy, but one course was not a problem. I eventually found a job and worked as a waitress at an upscale chain restaurant in the downtown.

I was able to work most shifts and the Manager was happy I was so flexible and did not ask for weekends off. Working in a restaurant/bar is something I found very interesting and fun. We were always busy but managed to have fun. Of course I had to deal with flirting and such but got some excellent advice on how to use that to my advantage for better tips.

I noticed some women did not like the fact their husbands could not keep their eyes off me. In those cases I paid the woman lots of extra attention and made sure she felt like the most important person at the table, if not the whole place. When I was not working Peter and I spent as much time as we could together and did manage to take some time away when I finished my class.

We went to his family cottage, camping at Bruce Peninsula National Park (used to be called Cyprus Lake Provincial Park) and boating with friends of his. Amanda went away for the summer to work. I missed her, but we chatted by phone quite a bit. Barbara took three weeks to go to England and when she got back we managed a night out, but that was all.

She was as busy as I was. Peter also found he had ample time to work on his golf game, and believe me, he needed it. His game boils down to "whack" the ball followed by "Fuck!" We had a wonderful summer, if busy. It was late in August when our lives took a really hard turn for the surreal.

At least it seemed that way to me. The last Saturday of August in the morning I was cleaning the house, with Peter's help, when there was a knocked on the front door, followed by the doorbell ringing almost immediately.

I walked to the door and opened it. Standing there was a woman who looked to be about 30 years old. She had long red hair and seemed kind of thin. She was dressed in a sleeveless blouse and jeans. She was taller than me, about 5'7" and had a pretty face. She looked kind of tired though.

Standing with her was a boy I guessed to be around 12 years old. He had short brown hair, was healthy looking, wearing jeans and a Transformers T-shirt. He was staring up at me with big blue eyes and seemed to be curious as he was clearly sizing me up. I looked at her and said "Good morning, can I help you?" She said "Yes, is Peter home?" "He is, can I say who is calling?" I asked.

"Are you his maid or something?" she said tersely. I remained calm and said "No. I am not the maid.


I live here." Turning I said "Peter, someone is at the door to see you. She won't say who she is." Turning back to face the woman I did not invite her in. I heard Peter coming and as the door was wide open he could see who I was talking with. I heard his steps slow and he said "Jessica?

Is that you?" "Yes, it's me. We need to talk." she replied sounding tense. She glanced at me with basically "Fuck off this is private" written all over her face. Peter said "What about? You bailed on me, I never hear from you, and now you want to talk?" he looked pissed off. "Yes, about our son." she said as she gently brought him in front of her. Peter looked at the boy, looked at her, and back at the boy.

I looked at the boys eyes and recognized them, his hair, and he shy smile. It was at about that point I turned and said "I'm going out." and walked back inside to get my purse and keys. Peter was telling them to come in. I could hear the shock in his voice and knew he was probably caught off guard. Part of me registered that. A bigger part was screaming "He has a son!" Getting my things I started heading back to the door as he was bringing them into the living room.

I walked passed them and kept moving. I was panicked and did not want to show anything of it. Peter suddenly caught my arm and said "Don't.

I don't know what the hell is going on but don't leave." I looked up at him and I knew I loved this man more than anything, but I could hear the blood pounding in my ears I was so worked up. A million things ran through my mind about this news. It was simply so big and so not something I had ever thought to hear.

Words cannot describe how overwhelmed I was at that moment.

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I wish I could say I did the mature thing, the reasonable thing. That I held my calm and did not allow any emotion to show. I wish. Looking up at him I felt the single tear start running down my cheek. "I have to go. I'm sorry. I can't. I will call you in a few hours." I reached up and brought his face down to mine and kissed his cheek.

I let him go and turned and walked out the door.

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Life can be so hard. karma is karma.