Red hair shebabe oils up her massive breasts and tiny cock

Red hair shebabe oils up her massive breasts and tiny cock
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It was one of those mornings you wake up and just know its going to be a good day. Its Friday, the sun is shining, your wife's in the kitchen making breakfast and its your birthday so you know everyone will be nice to you today can get away with being a little slack at work. As I walked down the stairs I could hear the girls in the bathroom fighting over the mirror getting ready for school and the sound of bacon cracking in the pan. "Good morning birthday boy, bacon egg burger for breakfast your favorite" says the wife as she hugs me.

My wife is the most beautiful lady you would ever meet. Fairly tall, brunet, green eyes always kept herself looking good. "Oh sounds good dont forge" she cuts me off mid sentence. "Don't forget runny eggs I know hunny" she always knew how I liked it. Especially in the bedroom, boy did she know how to get me to blow my load. Earlier in the morning I had woken up to her rubbing my morning wood dripping wet for a hard fucking before she had to wake the girls up for school. Of course I couldn't let her down.

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;) As I started to eat breakfast my two daughters walked out. "Happy birthday daddy" they both said as they leant in for a kiss. Like their mum both brunet, tall and slim beautiful girls. Anna the youngest was a wild child never wanted to listen to anything you tell her, where as Makayla who was in the middle of her high school years was quiet and just liked to study in her room. My wife was a airline hostess and was out alot this weekend would be no exception.

"Look girls your staying with your aunty this weekend your dad needs a weekend for himself not running around after you two" my wife explained to the girls. " but mum I have exams next week I need quiet too study" Makayla complained. " it's ok Makayla can stay with me this weekend she is no trouble" I explained to the wife. "Only if your sure" she said as she stuffed luches into school bags.

"No problem at all" thinking to myself fuck I planned on a weekend of porn and football. How can I watch porn on the big screen with my baby girl 2 doors down. That night I got home from work to the usual music coming from Makayla's room and the dog barking at my feet for attention.

I walk to Makaylas room and open the door to see what she wants for dinner only to find her on her laptop at her study desk watching a man licking a girls Clit as he fingers her fast and hard!

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And my little girl rubbing her own clit. She spins around and shuts her laptop with a look of pure horror and I quickly shut the door an walk away! What had I just witnessed. I had no idea she even thought about that kind of thing!

I left it half an hour and got myself showered and ready for a relaxing night on the couch. Makayla walked out into the theater room. " sorry daddy I know I shouldn't watch that stuff but all the girls at school do and I like the way it makes me feel".

Stumped on what to say I just stare for a minute.

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Staring at this young woman standing infront of me.She had quiet big breasts sitting perky in her tight white tank top, she had no bra and her nipples were hard and standing out in my veiw. Without realizing it my cock was sitting upright in my shorts.

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Was I really getting hard over my daughter. "It's on hunny you are growing up its all part of growing up" now watching to change the subject I quickly ask what she would like for dinner. We ordered a few pizzas and put the tv on. The movie transformers came on and who can turn down watching transformers. Makayla cuddled up to me as she does on movie night. But tonight was different.

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I could see down her shirt, the smell of her hair, everything was getting me so hard. My hard cock was inches from my daughters face. "I'm getting a drink daddy you want anything" Makayla asked as she got up.

"No thanks baby girl" I replied.

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As she got up a look of shock went over her face and she walked away quickly into the kicthen. I look down and sure enough my hard, long, throbbing cock is hanging out the side of my football shorts. I quickly hide it away before she returns.

To my surprise she gets closer this time cuddling in with her head on my lap. Was my baby girl doing this on purpose. Did she like that she got me hard? "Daddy" said Makayla in a soft yet excited tone! "Yes dear"i replied. "let me suck your cock like they do in the porn I watch please dad. Don't think it's strange. Noone has to know I promise I won't tell anyone. All the girls at school have experience in sex and everything and I don't know anything.

Please daddy." Was my daughter pleading for me to let her suck my cock or was I dreaming. I mean lately when her mum wasn't home I notice her outfits were a little revealing and it had gotten me hard but I never thought it was to seduce me. " no " I said quickly not knowing what to say to that. "I could get in alot of trouble" " please dad noone would know. I promise" before I could stop her my cock was out of my pants and she was massaging it up and down with her small hand. What was I to do!

There was no turning back now! She continued wanking my hard cock for a minute before slowly lowering her mouth over my cock. I could feel the heat from her small breaths as she got closer. She then started sucking. It was like nothing I felt before. Swirling her tongue around the head of my cock playing with my balls. I thought she had no experience. " fuck baby girl how did you learn to do that" I sighed as she kept pushing my cock in and out of her mouth.

" really dad I'm good" she says as she comes up for air after shoving me feel inside her throat. " I have watched alot of porn and practiced on mums vibrator. But never the real thing. Can we try other stuff dad please" I was already in deep. So why not go deeper.

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Before I knew it my little girl was standing naked on front of me. Her pussy neatly shaven, breasts so perky and round. That's when it happened. I laid my girl down on the rug. Slowly kissing down her neck then chest getting to her tiny nipples. Giving them a suck and nibble. She let out a tiny moan as she started thrusting her hips. I could tell she wanted more! Kissing down her body more I got to her pussy smelling it first it smelt so sweet I then kissed each lip teasing before inserting my tongue into her slit.

It was so wet and tasty I started licking and sucking faster listening to my girl moan in pleasure I couldn't help but get carried away. I inserted one finger inside her tiny tight hole. Feeling around before taking it in and out while I continued to lick her clit.


"Daddy fuck me please. Fuck me daddy" my girl begged! I knew if this was gonna happen I needed to stretch this tight pussy out. No way my cock would fit in there.


I inserted another finger stretching her pussy out as I moved back up to her tits. Sucking them while still fingering her tight hole! "Dad just put it in please" my girl begged again! What kind of dad would I be if I didn't do it! It was hard to do but I got the head of my penis in and pulled It out and in and out and in and out.

With each penetration my girl moaned with enjoyment.

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"Is this ok baby" I asked. " yes daddy just fuck me hard" she said with a sound of excitement in her voice. So I pushed in harder fucking my baby girl just like she wanted. It wasn't long though before I knew I was gonna cum!

"I'm gonna cum baby." I said. "On my tits dad do it" I quickly pulled out and came over my girls chest. " your not a virgin are you hunny" I asked. " no daddy I just always wanted a mans cock not a boys cock" she replied. This is how I started fucking my daughter!