TS Natalie gets fuck while sucking a sex toy

TS Natalie gets fuck while sucking a sex toy
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I last left you with having some fun with Kim and her boyfriend John at the drive in. That happened our junior year in High School just before school left out for the summer.

I figured it was going to be a long hot summer. However that was not going to happen due to my parents. They had brought themselves a camping trailer and I found out we were going to be spending our whole summer away from home. I was devastated to say the least, I only had time to tell Kim what was going on I did not get a chance to tell John or even talk to him.

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My summer was ruined for me with being so far from home as the camp grounds were about 100 miles away. My mom and dad had twelve weeks of vacation to use that year so we were going to be gone the whole dam summer. To me my life was over; at least I thought it was but something happened over that summer that was to change my life forever.

Janet that goofy little girl turned into a woman that summer. By the time I got back home I was now 5' 11" around 145 lbs my body was toned, tanned and fit due to me taking up running that summer.

My long blond hair got longer it was down just pass my shoulder blades, my hot little ass got hotter and tighter.

But the biggest and best changes were my boobs. The girls at school could no longer call me "Buds" due to me having small tits. My boobs grew nicely that summer by the time we returned home I was wearing a 36DD bra and the girls were still growing.

I could not wait to show them off to everyone; especially John. I know my brother sure the fuck loved my new big tits. Kevin was always checking them out and having me show them to him when ever we were alone.

Kevin asked me one day to go for a walk with him in the woods as he had some thing to show me. I told him OK and off to the woods we went. "Hey sis bring your suntan lotion too," Kevin. "My suntan lotion," I replied in wonder. "Just bring it your going to need it," Kevin said. Kevin and I went into the woods and I wonder why I had my suntan lotion as it was pretty dark in there even with the sun out.

Kevin laid a blanket out the same one we have been fucking on all summer long. As he lay the red blanket out I saw it had dried cum marks on it in spots. "Kevin you need to wash that thing it has dried cum and my pussy cum all over it," I said. "Yeah yeah just lie down on your back sis I want to show you something new," Kevin replied. "Take your top off also," he added. I sat down and I reached up over my neck and I untied the string holding my top.

My big tits flopped into view Kevin just stared at them fishing his cock out of his swim trunks. Kevin reached and got my suntan lotion and he squirted some onto his cock.

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Kevin milked it into his cock making it all hard, shiny and slippery. "One of my friends here sis told me about tit fucking," "He also told me that your big fucking tits would feel awesome to slip his cock between," Kevin said as he pulled on his cock. "Well give me some of that lotion and you will find out," I replied back. Kevin tossed it to me and I squirted a lot between my tits. I rubbed it in between them as well as all over my boobs. I pinched at my nipples watching Kevin pulling his cock.

I did love playing with my new big tits I could feel my pussy getting all wet. Kevin told me to lie back and I did. Kevin straddled my chest and he laid his cock between my tits. Kevin pushed my tits together and he started to run his cock in and out between them.

Kevin readjusted his hands so that he could tweak my nipples as he pushed his cock between my tits. "Dam sis your fucking tits feel great on my cock," Kevin moaned out. "It feels good you pinching my nipples but your cock just sliding between my boobs do not do much for me," I replied. "Push your own tits around my cock then," Kevin said. I pushed my tits tighter around his cock with my own hands. Kevin took his hand and he started to rub my pussy through my bikini bottom.

Kevin slipped a finger through the side and he started to finger me while he pumped his cock between my tits. I started to think about John's cock slipping between my tits. With his cock so much bigger than Kevin's I knew his dickhead would pop out from my tits when he pushed it forward. I moved my head up to check if I could flick my tongue at his cock and I could. Kevin stuck two fingers into my pussy and he dug them deep hitting that special spot in my pussy.

'Ohhhhhhhhh fuck my tits John," Give me your cum please," I screamed out. I heard Kevin moan loudly and I knew he was going to cum I stopped pushing my tits together and they rolled apart exposing his cock just as it started twitching. Kevin started to fire off big shots of cum.

His cock would jerk and a load would shoot out followed by another jerk and more cum. Kevin's cum was changing over the summer as well. It used to be mostly clear but now it was getting thick and white. Kevin splashed his thick white cum all over my tits and some even splashed onto my face and my lips.Kevin's cock shot out more cum that day than ever before. It reminded me of when John's cum filled my mouth. "Aaaaah," I moaned out as I licked at his cum as my pussy started to squirt all over the place.

Kevin got off of me as my orgasm died down and he said, "That was so cool sis but you called me John." "Isn't John Kim's boyfriend?" Kevin asked with a little smile on his face.

"Never you mine just wash this dam blanket or I am not doing it anymore with you," I replied standing up and tying my top back up. "Hey little brother bring your friend with you the next time," I added as I walked from the woods. "WOW OK sis," Kevin replied as he folded up the blanket. Christ I had John on my mind so much that I am calling my own brother John. I walked back down to the trailer a little less horny but still thinking about John.

I wanted and needed John so badly. I would do any thing to have him. But as to John I had figured he had forgotten all about me and that little bit of fun we had at the drive in. I figured that last hot passionate kiss we shared when he dropped us off at my house was the last one I would ever get from him.

I started to think of it as our good bye kiss. Kim and I were now to be seniors when school started back up. John was going to be a freshman at our local college where he was attending going.

I figured he would be going out for the football team as well. I had found out about mid August some news about John. My dad had to go into town for a meeting at his shop. My dad came back to the camp grounds that afternoon after his meeting. "Hey Janet, I just happened to have stopped at the college practice field today and that guy of yours sure looked good out there," Dad said to me as I was laying there in my bikini.

"You saw John," I yelled as I jumped up. "Yeah I saw him and I talked to one of the coaches who told me that they were all impressed by his play so far." "The coach told me that they were going to start John as a freshman," my dad said just gawking at me. "Did you talk to John?" I asked hoping to find out if he asked about me or anything.


"No sorry honey but I would not worry about him and you," dad said with a big smile and still just staring blankly at me. "He does not even remember me nor will he ever take notice of me again, "I replied with a long frowning pout. "Believe me if he does not notice you he sure in the hell is going to notice them," dad said pointing to my chest with a smile.

I looked down and it seemed that one of my boobs had popped out of my top when I jumped up. It was just hanging there in plain view of my dad. I had been having that problem of my tits popping out lately.

I scooped my tit up and stuck it back into my suit's top. "Sorry about that dad they have a will of their own sometimes and I am just getting used to them," I said flashing him my evil little sexy smile.

"Girl you got your mom's tits when she was in her twenty's," "She could never keep them in as well," dad replied as he walked away. There was something else I noticed about my dad that day. I had given my dad a big boner, I saw it as it pressed his pants into a tent. I laid back down thinking about that but my mind went back to thinking about John instead as my pussy started to tingle. I thought let's work on John's cock before anyone else.

As soon as we returned home I went over to Kim's place. Kim lived with just her mom and her older brother as Kim's dad had left her mom years ago. I was hoping John would be there as I walked up but I did not see his car. I knocked on the door and Kim's brother Bill answered it. "Hi can I help you?" Bill asked. Then he realized who I was.

"Janet is that you?" "Dam girl look at you," Bill said checking me out from head to toe. "God dam girl look at those fucking big ass boobs," Bill added. "BILL," I yelled. "Is Kim home?" I added while giving my boobs a little shake. "Damn girl when we going to go out?" Bill asked before he turned back into the house and yelled, "KIM some girl is here to see you," Bill told me bye as he got into his car and drove off.

I had turned from the door as I watched Bill drive away. "Yes," Kim said from behind me. I turned around and replied, "Kim it's me." "Holy shit girl what the hell happened to you over the summer," Kim yelled out. "It must have been something in the water," I replied. Kim came over and she hugged me. As we hugged our tits smashed into each other something that had never happened before.

I felt my own nipples harden as my tits pushed into hers. We both had a little laugh over banging our tits together like that. Kim and I went inside and we got caught up with what we had been up to. "So how are you and John doing?" I asked. "OK when I can see him," "What with his dam football, college and him working for his dad's construction company." Kim replied with an unhappy look on her face.

"What is he to busy to come round?" I asked quaintly. "No he comes by when he can but…" Kim replied as a troubled look filled her face. "But what Kim?" I asked. "John has changed so much since he started college Janet," "It is almost like he does not want to be around me anymore." Kim added with a more worried look, "I think he has found a new girl friend at his college." God hearing that my heart almost stopped beating.

All I could do was to hug Kim, not to comfort her but to give comfort to myself. I had lost him to yet another woman. We talked well into the night and John never came over or even called her. I know Kim was hurt over it but then so was I. But I could never tell her just how I felt about John. School started the next day and no one could believe it was I.

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I had guys asking me out left and right all day long. But the guy I wanted no longer went to our school.

I went over to Kim's every night after school that week hoping that John would stop over but he never did. Kim told me about midweek that John always stops over on Fridays no matter what and they would go out for a bite to eat and maybe catch a movie or they would just fuck. "Why don't you plan on spending the night and you can tag along with us." "I just bet John will be very surprised with your new look," "John is going to love those big tits of yours.

" Kim said as she ran her hand over them. "Are you sure about that Kim; you guys sound like you need time alone," I replied but I was thinking I needed some alone time with him myself. "Yes I am sure Janet, besides maybe if I give him another gift he will be interested in me again," Kim replied. "You mean you will share him with me again?" I asked hoping that was what she meant.

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"Yes that is if you want too and this time I will even let you go all the way with him." Kim replied. "I will have to wait and see Friday as I may have a date already," I replied which was a lie because I didn't; but I just did not want it to sound like I wanted him so badly. Friday came and I told Kim at school I would spend the night with her. Kim and I went to her house and we waited for John to show up but he never came.

Kim was hurt at first but seeing how her mom was not home she decided to make herself feel better by drinking her mom's vodka. After a couple hours of drinking it only made her pissed at him. "Fuck him Janet I am tired of his fucking god dam shit." "I hope he never comes around to see me again." "I can have and fuck any boy at school I want." "I hope his new fucking bitch girlfriend is happy with his fucking ass," Kim said.

I did not say too much back as I did not want her pissed at me so I just agreed every now and then. Kim bitched some more about John calling him just about every name in the book. I almost told her not to talk about John like that but I did not say anything.

But soon that bullet proof feeling that drinking gives you turned back into self pity. By the time we went to bed Kim was hurting inside again over John. "Janet I miss my John very much," "Why didn't he come over tonight," "I need my John," "John does not love me any more Janet," Kim cried out with tears flowing as we sat in bed.

I did my best to give her comfort with out showing my own hurt. I gave Kim a big hug and I told her I am sure there was a good reason for him not being there tonight.

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I reassured her that John still loved her which made me cry with her. Kim hugged me tighter and she whispered into my ear, "I know what will cheer us up and also make us feel better. " "What is that?" I asked. Kim got up and went over to her closet searching through her closet. Kim returned with a shoe box. Kim got back into bed and she told me to close my eyes and reach inside and feel around.

I closed my eyes and I slipped my hand into the box. I felt something soft yet hard and very long. "What does that feel like?" Kim asked. "I really do not know," I replied. I ran my hand up and back down it then back to the top of it; "Kim it feels like a cock," I yelled as I opened my eyes to see the Kim had a dildo that looked just like a real cock in the box. "Where did you get that?" I asked. "John got it for me the week after you left for the summer, he told me that it would be better for us to use this than our fingers," Kim replied.

"And it does feel so much better," Kim added. Kim looked at me and me at her. We hugged for a second then Kim placed her lips onto mine. We kissed each other and swapped some tongue for a while.

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Kim suggested we get naked as we each had night clothes on. Kim had her clothes off and was back into bed before I even got off the bed. "Show me that new body of yours Janet," Kim said as she sat up in bed watching me.

I started with my pants I pulled them off and I bent over giving her a view of my ass. Kim told me that my butt was rounder and that my legs looked so shapely and so long.

I turned around and I showed her my still hairless pussy. "Janet you still do not have hair down there," Kim said. "Oh I do but I keep it shaved now as it shows my pussy lips better in tight pants," I replied as I put one leg up onto the bed and showed her my pussy lips by parting them as I ran my finger between them. I put my leg back down and I turned from Kim's view. I pulled my night shirt off over my head. I stayed that way for a while looking back at her with my hands on my boobs.

I checked her tits out as she was sitting there, Kim" s tits were big but hers had more sag and hang to them, mine did not. "Come on Janet let me see those fucking awesome tits," Kim yelled out bringing one up to her mouth licking at it with her tongue.

I turned toward Kim with my hands and arms covering my boobs. I got right up close to her face. I flashed her that evil little smile of mine as I dropped my arms exposing my breast that were behind my hands. "Damn girl those puppies are bigger than mine," Kim yelled again.

"I don't think so but still they are so nice," I replied pinching both nipples hard. I climb into bed with Kim and we kissed again but as we did her hand went to my boobs. Kim felt each of them up for a second then broke our kiss. Kim pushed me back down onto her bed. Kim got on her knees beside me. She ran the dildo over and between my breasts.

"Those boobs need to be a little wet," Kim said. Before I could say anything Kim bent down and her mouth was on one of my tits. Kim kissed, licked and sucked at my nipples. Kim got my nipples hard and sticking up from sucking on them and flicking her tongue at them. Kim used her tongue between my tits; she ran her tongue up and down between them while she pulled on my nipples. Kim left a nice wet trail between the valleys of my boobs.

My pussy was wet and tingling just from her using her tongue on my boobs. Kim took the dildo and she ran it over my breasts. Kim poked at my boobs with it as well. Kim ran it up between my tits just like my brother had done with his cock showing me how to tit fuck over the summer. "Kevin fucked my tits a lot over the summer," I said with a moan.

Kim ran the dildo lower on my body. She worked it down to my stomach where she poked and jabbed at my belly button with it. She ran it lightly over the top of my pussy just barely hitting my clit. "Mmmmmm Kim that does feel good," I moaned softly as she ran it over and between my thighs. "That needs to be wet too," Kim moaned sexily. I was just about to tell her my pussy was already wet when I felt her hands push my legs apart. I put my hands to the back of my thighs and I pulled my long legs up high into the air spreading them wide for her.

My pussy lips parted showing her the pink insides of my hairless pussy. Kim smiled at me before she buried her face directly down onto my pussy. "AHHHhhh," I moaned loudly as I felt her tonguing probing deep into my pussy. Kim worked her tongue magic on my pussy for a while. My hands went to the back of her head. I was pulling her head down as I pumped my pussy back up into her face. That girl could eat some pussy she knew just where to lick at with that long tongue of hers.

Kim flicked her tongue over my clit making it come out of its hood. Kim flicked her tongue wildly at my clit making it hard before she sucked it up into her mouth. "OOOOOoooaahhh Fuck," I moaned out as I had a small quick firing orgasm as she sucked at my clit as if it was a small dick. Kim removed her head from between my legs.

Kim's lower face was all wet and slimy looking with my pussy juices. Kim wiped her mouth with her hand as she said, "I think you are wet enough." Kim started to run that dildo up and down my pussy. It felt just like a real cock trying to get into mu pussy. I closed my eyes thinking it was John's cock running over my pussy.

Kim took the dildo and she slapped it against my pussy and clit. Kim placed it at the entrance of my pussy and she pushed a little bit of it in. "AHHhhh," I moaned as it entered my pussy making it tingle. Kim started to work it slowly in and out.

God it felt good as she slipped it in and out. Just like a man teasing you with just the head of his cock. I started to move my pussy forward trying to take more of it. Kim would only give me just the head of that dildo. It felt good but I wanted it buried deep just like I wanted John's cock to be pounding my pussy.

"Fuck me Kim," "Give me more," "MORE dam it give me it all," I moaned out to Kim loudly. Kim pushed the dildo fully and deep into my pussy. She did not move it in and out Kim just held it there.

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My pussy sucked at it waiting for her to move it in and out. But Kim just held it there as she smiled at me. "What you want me to fuck you with it slut?

' Kim asked. "You know this dildo is the same size as John's cock," Kim added. When I heard that I started to pump my hips at it fucking it myself; it felt so good in my pussy. Kim finally started to run it in and out slowly at first working up to a steady pace.

Soon Kim was slamming that dildo into my pussy. I felt my nipples go hard on my breasts, them my clit started to throb as my thighs started to shake. Kim just worked the dildo faster in and out of my pussy. My pussy was soaking wet the dildo was causing it to make wet sounds as Kim ran it in and out. "Take it you fucking slut," Kim yelled out. "OOOOH Fuck I am going to …" was all I managed to reply as Kim took her finger and she started to rub my clit with it.

I started to breathe heavy sucking at for air just like my pussy was sucking at the dildo. I started to roll my head from side to side screaming out "Yeah ooooh yes." I started to have many short fast multiple orgasms one right after the other. I was screaming and moaning wildly as my orgasm took over my body.

Kim started to slap at my clit with her hand as she pushed the dildo in deeper. "Squirt for me you fucking slut," Kim screamed out as she pushed the dildo deep and upward. Kim must have hit the right spot in my pussy. Because when Kim popped that dildo out of my pussy a big gush of my pussy juice followed it.

My pussy sucked at the air each time it squirted. My orgasm was strong and intense as I squirted about 3 more times shaking wildly on her bed. When I had opened my eyes Kim was just staring at me.

When she saw my eyes were open she just smiled at me. My eyes went to those big tits of hers. Kim tits had my juices dripping from them. I had squirted all over Kim's tits "Dam girl you got my fucking tits all wet," "God you even squirt harder than before, you went away for the summer," Kim laughingly said.


I sat up and I took the dildo from her, and I replied, "Well you said that your tits had to be wet to use this," I pushed Kim down into the bed and did to her what she had done to me.

Kim and I spent most of the night giving each other pleasure until she dozed off to sleep. I believe that she had forgotten all about her troubles with John by the time she fell asleep. But I lie there thinking about him wondering if he did have a new girlfriend at college.

Well that is going to have to be enough for this chapter as I am too horny to go on. But the next chapter will be out soon. Coming up next John sees the new me instead of that goofy little girl I used to be.