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Secret Wives Milf Club By Docker5000 Everyone is over 18 in this story Part 1 In a middle class house in sunny Florida three friends were having a coffee morning and filling each other in on the local gossip. The friends were at Valentina Timantti's house. Valentina was having coffee with Vivian Wynne and Caitlin Warner. The three friends were discussing that they was a lot of news lately about gays in the media.

The media seemed to be pushing the idea that being gay was perfectly normal and the media was even aiming it at kids at school. The friends continued to discuss how the media and schools and the government seem to be playing down the typical male as outdated and the new men of today. Had to get to know their feminine side. Of course the ladies had it all wrong. The government and the media were just trying to cut down on violence.

Which led to injustice and in the political scene even war. They wanted a new man who would be less aggressive and more open to discussion rather than fighting. But the women were fearful that the new way of doing things would turn their sons in too gays and they would never become grandmothers. Vivian now said to her two friends. "Now listen to me both of you and let me finish before you interrupt me." Caitlin and Valentina both fell silent and listened to what their friend had to say.

Vivian now said to them. "In the old days kids did not get the chance to be teenagers. They went from kids to adults. What if we arrange for hower sons to spend time with adult women?" Valentina looked at Vivian and said to her. "There is no way on this planet that I will allow my son to be anywhere near a prostitute." Caitlin now agreed with her friend.

Vivian now said to them both with a smile on her face. "I am not suggesting we send them to any druggie or disease ridden prostitute I am suggesting we educate each other's sons hower self's." The three women now discussed the idea for the next couple of hours.

They realised that it would be too risky and the penalties if they got caught would be pretty severe. Valentina finally said. "That she knew her own son was interested in girls, she had watched the way he looked at them when they passed them on the street." The two other women now also said the same kind of things.

That their sons also liked girls each trying to reassure the other that their own sons would never turn out gay. The three boys where expected at Valentine's house after school. So the girls went to Valentine's son's room. Jeffrey was in his room with Vivian's son Paul and Caitlin's son Davey. When the three mothers entered Jeffrey's bedroom they got the shock of their lives their sons were all wearing dresses and complementing each other how good they looked. The three mothers now red their sons the riot act telling.

"Them to get out of Jeffrey's sisters clothes. Caitlin and Valentina now turned to Vivian and said to her. "That plan of yours you can count us both in." The three friends also discussed their plan with another four mothers who were also concerned about the way the schools and state were trying to influence their son's into turning out to be gay.

Valentina's house was to be the new headquarters of the new club that the mothers had set up to keep their sons on the straight and narrow. Valentina's husband was out of the state a lot on business and her house was the largest. It was the night of the first meeting of the club. Each mom had come with their teenage son's. Each boy had been given a number.

That number was now pinned on a piece of paper to the boy's shirt. The boys now were all sat in the same big room extremely board.

They were discussing amongst themselves what was going to happen tonight. Their mothers had given them no explanation as to what tonight was all about.

They had just been told when their number was called out. They were to go into the next room and do what they were told. The girls were talking about what would happen tonight. They were also having a few drinks too relax.

Each of them was doing this for their own son's well fare. But secretly a few of them also had long pent up desires towards 18 year old teen boys and this would be the perfect chance for them to act on them. But they would not admit it to their friends.

Just before 9pm Valentina opened the door to where the boys were. She now told them. "That her and their moms were now going to leave them for a few hours. And some nice ladies were going to spend some time with them. The ladies were like teachers and they would be teaching them some very important things." Valentina smiled to herself.

When she saw the looks the boys gave her when she said the ladies were teachers. She now left the room. The boys in the room now got excited when they heard the bell sound. The girls at the last minute decided not to call the boys out one by one. They each picked a number out of a hat. They then pinned that number to their outfits.

Each girl was also wearing a mask so the boys would not recognise them. The girls now went into the room wear the boys were waiting for their teachers. The boys were now looking at these women in complete aw each woman was wearing a swimsuit. They were tight one piece swimsuits or sexy bikinis each woman had a number attached to their swimming costume. Each of the women where wearing a mask so they could not be recognised by the boys. Valentina had added something to the wine so the ladies would be more willing to go through with fucking the boys and not chicken out at the last minute.

What she added to the wine also made their nipples hard and their cunts get wet and horny and ready to be fucked. The mothers in disguise were now looking at their sons and their son's friends with lust in their eyes. They were also pleased to see that every one of the boys was now sporting a huge hardon. Their fears about them being gay where quickly forgotten. This would be a night of fun as well as education. The moms now picked the boy who had the same number on as them.

Moms were now leading boys by their hands into the bedrooms of this big house. Some moms were teaching the boys how to kiss a girl and how to use their tongues as well. Some moms were teaching the boys how to play and suck there boobs.

Showing them how to tease a woman's nipples by licking it slowly before sucking it hard into their mouths. Every one of the boys liked their new teachers and liked the new lessons they were learning. Boys who were good it the kissing and sucking lessons were then rewarded with a hand-job lesson and then a blow-job lesson. The boys loved the blow-job lessons and the moms loved teaching it.

Each mom was rewarded with a mouthful of young spunk which they at greedily swallowed. Once the women had taught the boys everything that they needed to know. They taught them the most important lesson. The fucking lesson.

How to satisfy their girlfriends so they would not go elsewhere. And how to be a real man by fucking their woman hard and fast and giving her what she really wanted. The house was now full of the moans and groans of women being given a real good fucking by their men. The sounds of fucking filled the house.


The moms after they had fucked their young lovers half to death watched as one by one the boys fell asleep. Each boy had a big smile on their faces as they slept. The moms now left the rooms to get dressed then to go back and pick up their own son's and take them home.

Hopefully this experience would make them life-long members of the cunt club. The mom's now walked home with their own sons their own cunts full of their son's friend's spunk. Each mom asked her own son the same question. "Did they enjoy this evening?" Each mother was pleased with the answer they got off their sons. The boys had really enjoyed themselves. Each mother walked home with a big smile on their faces. Knowing that they had turned their son's back to the natural way of things.

After everyone had left Valentina started to clean the house. She put all the empty wine bottles in the dust bin. She then went from bedroom to bedroom to collect all the used condoms and get rid of them as well. She did not find a single condom or condom packet. She now realised she did not use a condom with the boy she had fucked and she wondered if any of her friends had used a condom. The next couple of months could be interesting she thought to herself with a big smile on her face.

Valentina quickly stripped all the beds except hers and her sons. She put the dirty sheets into the wash. She would get her maid to make up the beds tomorrow she had given her two staff members the evening off. Before she went to bed herself she was going to check in on her son to make sure he was ok. She now walked into her son's bedroom.

He was still up. She asked him. "If he had enjoyed this evening." He told her. "That he had enjoyed it very much." He also asked her. "If the woman he had been with was her best friend Fiona." She just laughed at him and told him. "Not to be stupid. None of the women were known to any of the boys." She then said Goodnight to him and left his room.

As he was falling off to sleep. He wondered to himself if the women were known to the boys. Why did every one of them wear a mask?

He knew that he recognise some of the other women's voices. He would try hard to figure out who the women were. Part 2 Jeffrey could not sleep so he waited until he was sure that his mom was asleep. He then went to check the house's CCTV to see when the other women arrived. There was only his mom his friends and their moms who had come to the house. He now smiled to himself. So he had fucked one of his friend's mothers.

And one of his friend's had fucked his own mother but who fucked who. He had to find out who he had fucked. And who had fucked his mother too.

Jeffrey now copied the CCTV to a USB stick. He had the CCTV of only their moms and his mates at the house. His mom and her friends were going out to dinner before the masked women showed up. But it was now so obvious that their mothers where the mask women.

He emailed the CCTV footage to all of his friends as well as sending them an email telling them exactly what had happened last night. The boys now all got together one day after school to plan what they were going to do next.

Each was going to blackmail their own mother for sex. They were going to use them as sex slaves as from now on. Otherwise they would inform their fathers what they had been up to and they had the CCTV to prove it. Davey was the first of the boys to put his part of the plan to turn their mothers into sex slaves into action. It was a Monday morning and his dad was just about to leave for work. The boys had now used the CCTV to work out who had fucked who.

The boys had seen their mothers get changed into their costumes and what number they had picked. So they had worked out who had fucked who. This was going to work to their benefit. Davey waited until his dad had left the house and he had driven off. He now told his mom everything. He told her. "He and his friends knew all about them sexually molesting them last night." Caitlin was shock that her son and his friends knew that it was her and her friends and not some women they had hired for the night.

Davey now told her. "That he and all his friends had the CCTV from the house which showed that nobody else came in the room and it showed them getting changed in and out of their outfits." Caitlin now tried to explain to her son. Why they had done what they had done. But her son would not listen to her. He told her. "That he and his friends were going to report them to the police and they would all go to jail." Caitlin now started to panic.

She was begging her son not to call the police and for him to persuade his friends not to inform on them. They had the best intentions when they seduced them. They wanted to keep them safe and show them that being gay was not a good idea and what fun they could have with women.

Davey now smiled lovingly at his mother he also dropped his pants and underwear. A large hardon now sprang free from his underwear. It was already dripping pre-cum. Davey now gave his mother his best little boy smile and pointing to his hardon said to her. "Maybe you can persuade me not to say anything and to have a word with my friends about what happened last night." He smiled at her once more.

Caitlin was now looking from his eyes to his huge hardon. She could feel herself getting wet in her panties. It then dawned on her that her own son was actually trying to blackmail her into giving him a blowjob. This now got her very angry. However her anger was replaced with the growing lust that was building up in her body. She now pretended to be resigned to her fate. She now dropped down onto her knees in front of her son.

Caitlin noticed a large drop of her son's pre-cum about to drip from his cock. Without thinking she put out her tongue to catch it. The pre-cum landed on her tongue and she swallowed it with a smile.

Caitlin now took her son's cock willingly into her mouth and she started to suck him off. She also put her hand under his cock and she started to gently rub his balls. Davey now started to moan softly as his mother gave him a wonderful blowjob. His friend had told him how good her mouth had felt.

When she had sucked him off the other night. Caitlin could tell by the moans and groans and the way her son was pushing his cock into her mouth that it would not be long until he came. She now increased the pressure of her sucking. She also inserted a finger into his asshole. This did the trick and he cried out loudly and he started to fill her mouth with his wonderful young spunk.

She swallowed everything he shot into her mouth. She even licked his cock clean. After his cock was clean. She looked up at him trying to look defiant. She then said to him. "Is that it, have you finished with me?" Secretly she hoped that he would demand more from her. She was quite enjoying herself.

But also she was trying hard not to show it. Davey was now looking down at his mother. She was still on her knees and looking at him defiantly. He could still see his cum on her red lips. Davey now told her. "To stand up." He had a large smile on his face now. She continued to look at him defiantly. Secretly she hoped he had something more in mind for her. She had never been so turned on in her life as she was right now. Caitlin was a little submissive. But she would not tell anybody this. Her husband knew she liked getting told what to do and in the early part of their marriage he would use her like a sex slave and she truly loved it.

But the more successful he got the busier he got and that part of their marriage finally dwindled away until it was really not part of their life any more. She was now stood before her son her hands on her hips and she was just looking at him. Davey was for the first time truly admiring her body. She had a nice curvy figure with lovely big breasts.

He had dreamed about her breasts for years. He now told her. "To lose her skirt." She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor revealing her panties to him. He could see that they were damp. She still looked at him defiantly her hands still on her hips. She was looking at her son. He was nearly drooling at the mouth. She also noticed with a smile that he was once again rock hard and once again dripping pre-cum from his hard cock.

He now said to her with a slight stutter to his voice. "That he wanted to see her big breasts." Caitlin now smiled to herself it was now her turn to have a little bit of fun with her asshole of a son.

She now took hold of the bottom of her top. She was wearing a tight top that made her breasts look nice and big. She now slowly started to pull the top up. Caitlin now revealed the bottom half of her breasts. He nearly fainted with excitement when he saw the bottom halves of her big breasts. But she stopped before revealing her big hard nipples to him. She did not like to wear a bra. She now pulled her top up the rest of the way revealing her full big breasts to him.

But she did not take it off. Just in case she needed to pull it down quickly. Caitlin was pleased by her son's reaction to her full boobs. He quickly rushed to her and he took one of her nipples in his mouth and started to suck on it like he did when he was a baby.

His other hand was playing with her other breast. He was now sucking from nipple to nipple. She just giggled and allowed him to do what he wanted to her tits. She now took control she turned around. His hands were still all over her big tits. She now leant forward a little bit and she told him.

"To remove her panties." He quickly grabbed hold of her panties and quickly pulled them from her. She giggled as she stepped out of her panties. She now teased him by saying to him. "Show me that your friend is not a better lover then you are. Show me that your cock is bigger and better. Otherwise I would have to go back to letting him fuck me and not you." She smiled to herself and also let out a loud scream of pleasure as her son slammed his cock into her pussy.

His hands also took hold of her dangling breasts and he started to roughly fondle them as he continued to slam his cock in and out of his mother's pussy.

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Caitlin was now smiling to herself and moaning to herself as her young son fucked her pussy. She loved to be fucked nice and hard. Every time he powered into her pussy she had a small orgasm. She could feel a large orgasm starting to build up deep in her pussy. Caitlin needed him to fuck her harder and deeper. So she said to him. "Your friend fucked me a lot faster and harder. Do you have his number so he can come over and finished the job for you?" This got him very mad and he dug his nails into her breasts causing her to cry out in both pain and pleasure.

He also started to fuck her even harder. She was in complete heaven now and he was starting to hurt her a little bit. But the pain was wonderful. She asked him. "To slow down just a little bit." Davey through his moans and groans of pleasure as he continued to slam into her as fast and as deep as he could asked her. "If he was better than his friend?" Caitlin was in a world of both pain and pleasure.

She had never felt anything like this before. Her pussy was on fire with pain and pleasure. She told him. "He was better than his friend. She also begged him to slow down." Her pussy could not take much more of him slamming his cock in and out of her cunt. She could feel her orgasm nearly bursting out of her body. He now smiled to himself, but he fucked her even harder and faster. She passed out as she cried out in pleasure as she had a wonderful orgasm. At the same time he filled her cunt with his spunk.

He also collapsed down on top of her sending them both to the floor. After they both recovered and he had pulled out of her now sore cunt with a loud popping sound. He looked at her very worried. However she just smiled at him got to her feet and took his hand and led him to her bedroom. They spent the rest of the day until her husband came home from work making love to each other in her big bed.

He would never have to worry about finding a sexual partner when her husband was away she would be always available for her son. Marion Bay was now laid under her bed sheets completely naked. She was waiting for her husband to come back out of the bathroom. She wanted him to give her a good fucking before he went on his business trip.

However her husband was running late and he came out of the bathroom and completely ignored her. He told her. "She would have to wait until he got back." She was feeling very frustrated and begged him to come and give her a good fucking before he left. He quickly got dressed and told her. "That he was going to miss his plane." He quickly left the house.

She was so frustrated that she used her fingers on herself. In her frustration she fell back to sleep. Max her son had been listening to his parents. He now smiled to himself and once he was sure that his mother was asleep he quickly stripped of all his clothes and climbed onto her bed and he disappeared under the covers. Marion now started to moan in her sleep she was having a wonderful dream. However she was not having a dream at all Max her son had her legs pushed open and he was licking at her pussy with his tongue.

Marion now let out a loud cry of pleasure as she had a powerful orgasm. She instantly woke up her body covered with sweat. She couldn't ever remember cuming to a dream before. Marion suddenly felt very hot and she pulled the covers off her body. What she saw completely shocked her but only for a few seconds. Marion was now looking at her son Max who was in between her legs. His face covered with her pussy juices when she came and squirted them all over him.

He had a funny smile on his face like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. She now demanded to know what he thought he was doing. However before she could get upset and get on her high horse. Max quickly told her. "He knew everything about the other night. He quickly told her about the CCTV. He quickly told her all the boys now knew what had happened that night." Max now took advantage of his mother's confusion and moved up in-between her legs.

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The first thing Marion really knew about it was when she felt his cock sliding into her pussy and his lips locking on to one of her nipples. Marian now tried to fight him off but only half-heartedly. She had worked herself up into a sexual frenzy hoping her husband would put out the fire of her cunt for her. However her son was doing his dads job for him. She tried to fight for a few more moments and now just laid back and enjoyed her son fucking her.

Max smiled to himself and started to fuck her fast and deeper and suck on her nipple harder as well when he felt her hands running up and down his back and her nails lightly grazing his skin. She now had her hands on his ass cheeks and was pulling him deeper into her when he thrust back in to her pussy.

She also had her nails digging into his ass cheeks so he would fuck her harder and deeper. Both of them were moaning with pleasure and also a little bit of pain on Max's part. Max now had a good motion going and he was really pounding into his mother's pussy.

She had her hands running up and down his back and she was encouraging him on. She was telling him. "How wonderful he was and how good his cock felt inside of her pussy." Just then her mobile phone started to ring she knew it would be her husband telling her he was on his plane.

She told Max. "Just to ignore it and to carry on fucking her." But the phone continued to ring and ring and it was putting both of them off now. Marion eventually answered the phone.

She tried to keep her breathing under control. But it was difficult as Max now decided to be a little naughty and pound even harder into her. He had both hands on her big breasts and was tweaking her nipples every time he thrusted back into her. She found it hard not to scream into the phone he was giving her so much pleasure. Her husband asked her. "What was wrong, why was she making such funny sounds?" Marion told him. "That Max was on the bed and he was tickling her." He thought to himself that his son was really too girlish for his liking he wish he would be like other boys and show at interest in girls.

Eventually Marion managed to get her husband to go. She now paid her attention back to her son. She said to him. "Your father thinks you are to girlish and you need to pay attention to girls.

So show me how good you can be. And I will tell him that you are now liking girls. He will be really proud of you." However we will not tell him that I am the girl you like." Both of them now started to laugh and Max continued to thrust into her pussy giving her a long overdue orgasm. Before he filled her cunt with his spunk.

Max and his mom now fucked all day. Max also moved into her bedroom until his father got home. Later on that night Gerry Muirga was getting ready for bed. He had found out from his friends that they were all now trying to seduce their mothers and blackmail them into been willing partners. However he was a little bit nervous about trying it with his own mother she could be very strict and he was also a little scared of her.

Gerry finally had the nerve to confront his mother she was drinking a cup of mint tea in the living room. She smiled at him as he entered the living room she could tell by the look on his face that he had something on his mind.

She patted the sofa next to her for him to sit down next to her. However he remained standing which was quite puzzling she thought to herself. Gerry before he lost his courage told her everything the boys had found out about the night before. She listened without saying a word or interrupting him. She looked at him for a few seconds without saying a word she then said to him. "So you think you can blackmail me into being your sex slave is that it." And before he could say anything her eyes sparkled and she got up wrapped her arms around his neck and started to kiss him passionately driving her tongue into his mouth.

She took hold of his hands and placed them on her breasts and told him through her kissing "To play with them." She then said to him after she had stopped kissing him.

"She was so happy that he had finally become a man. She had something very wonderful she wanted to share with him. It would be their secret and she was sure he would enjoy it." He was now totally confused however she took him by his hand and leads him through the house. Until she came to a locked door. She unlocked the door and turned on the light.

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The door led down to the basement. He was never allowed down in the basement. He thought she used it as a work room and had a few keep fit machines down there. So no-one ever went down into the basement. She now led him by his hand down the stairs into the basement. Once they were in the basement both of them completely stripped off all their clothes. Now completely naked they held each other.


She now looked at her son and said to him in a serious voice which sort of scared him a little bit. "Did he want to take her as his lover?" He hesitated a few moments then said. "Yes to her." This got a big smile off her.

She now told him. "That she worshipped the dark old gods. And people did not approve of them. So he could never speak their names. She would teach him how to worship them and as a prize for worshipping them he would get her body and her love anytime he wanted. But they must make love the first time in the pentagram. He did not really realise what was going on. The only thing going through his mind was that his mother was willingly going to let him fuck her anytime he wanted and that was all that mattered to him.

All the time Gerry was making love to his mother. She was chanting strange words. However he was not really concerned about this. He was just happy that she was letting him fuck her. They fucked in every position. He could think of. The only thing she insisted on was that they be in the centre of the pentagram all the time as they fucked.

Back upstairs in the main house her husband had arrived home early from one of his business trips. He entered the house looking for his wife and son and could not find them. He then heard strange words coming from the basement. He quickly went down into the basement to see what was going on. As he was just about to enter the basement he saw his naked wife riding his son.

His son was thrusting his cock in and out of his mother's pussy. When she saw her husband watching her she smiled at him and in a strange voice said to him. "Hello husband your son has just cum inside of his mother." He looked at his wife and son fucking in the middle of the pentagram then a big smile crossed his face and he said to his wife.

"I am very pleased with you wife. But make sure you repeat the ritual four more times tonight." With that he turned and went back up into the main house. Gerry and his mother fucked the night away. When her pussy was full of her young sons spunk. She Crouched over the pentagram and let his spunk run out of her pussy and onto the pentagon. The pentagon now started to glow brightly. Gerry felt a very strange and pleasant sensation running through his body so did his mom.

She now smiled at him and led the tired boy back to his bedroom. Part 3 Now it was Paul's turn to get into his moms panties.

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Paul now took a deep breath and like his friends tried to blackmail his mother. Her reaction was a violent one. She slapped him hard across his face.

She told him. "Had he not forgotten she was a lawyer? She now threatened to get a couple of her police friends and throw him in jail. Paul now got up he was rubbing his cheek with his hand he had a red hand mark on his cheek where his mother had slapped him. He now looked at his mother defiantly and said to her. "That she had better get herself a cell for herself because if she called the police she would be in more trouble than he was." He now found the video footage on his phone which his friend had Email to him.

He now tossed the phone over to his mother. She caught the phone and looked at the video which was playing on it. She instantly went to delete it. He just laughed at his mother and told her. "All his friends had video footage of her and her friends and the master copy was hidden in a very safe place. Now it was up to her." She now started to cry and begged her son. "To let her off and for him to tell his friends to delete everything they had." He felt sorry for her until his cheek started to hurt a little bit and he remembered how hard she had hit him.

He also started to remember that she really had been a bitch to him for years. She was the perfect mother when they were out in company and when they were home she treated him like a slave ordering him about all the time. Mother and son continued just to glare at each other eventually she realized that she had lost.

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She hung her head in shame and said to him. "What had he in mind?" Paul smiled to himself and said to her. "You treat me like a slave around here. Now it's your turn to be my slave my sex slave. You will do what I want when I tell you. Otherwise I will Email this video to your office and the police." He now quickly removed his trousers and underwear. He had a hardon now.

He told her. "To come and suck his cock for him." Vivian had no choice now she went to her son got down on her knees and she started to suck her own sons cock. Paul now started to moan in pleasure his mom was very good at sucking cock. She continued to suck on his hard young cock. Until he moaned out loud and he shot his load down her throat.

Her face was now covered with his young cum. And she had a belly full of it as well. She now wiped his cum from her lips. She found that her pussy was wet and she was feeling rather horny. Vivian now looked at her son and said to him. "Is that the best you can do you pathetic little bastard?" Paul now looked at his mother who was looking back at him defiantly. His cock was now hard once more. She was still kneeling on the floor wiping his cum from her face. Paul jumped on her and pushed her on to her back at the same time he parted her legs in the struggle that followed he completely ripped off her clothes bra and underwear.

Within a few more minutes Paul had his mother moaning with pleasure as he started to brutally thrust his cock in and out of her pussy with all the strength he could muster.

Her screams now filled the house. It wasn't long until forced sex went to mutual sex's. She was once more ordering him about telling him to fuck her harder and to push his cock further up her pussy. She ordered him to kiss her and to bite and suck on her tits.

It was he who was now the sex slave. As well as being ordered around the house and made to do the housework he now became his mother's personal sex slave. However he enjoyed his new role and the house became a happy one once more. Gill Greene like his friends was trying to fuck his mother. Lacey Greene was shocked when her son showed her the video on his phone. She was more shocked when he ordered her to get on to her knees and start to suck him off.

Gill was send to his room with a big red mark on his face were she had slapped him. She had broken his phone by throwing at it the wall. Lacey was downstairs trying to settle her nerves. She had drunk several rather large vodkas and on the medication she was taking this was not really a good idea. Lacey couldn't get it out of her head she also couldn't get out of her head the part where her son had said to her.

"All his friends had videos of them and they were prepared to use them if necessary." She now called her best friend Vivian. Vivian answered the phone to her friend and confirmed everything her son had told her. That the boys were using the videos to blackmail their own mothers and make them their own sex slaves. However she giggled and said to her. "You can always use it to your own advantage." She then explained to her friend. "That at this very moment she had her legs wide open and her son was greedily licking her pussy out for her.

She had made him her personal sex slave. She had turned the tables on him." After she had got off the phone with her friend. She had one more large vodka and sat on the sofa thinking to herself. There were things she would like to try but her husband would not try them with her.

Could she try them with her son? He was young and horny maybe this could be a good idea. She could use him like her friend was using her own son and she would be in control. She now decided what the hell. She completely stripped off all her clothes. She then found the large studded dog collar which she had bought. It had a lead attached to it.

She now put it around her own neck and she now walked naked to her son's room and knocked on his door.

At first there was no answer from inside his room. She smiled to herself and knocked on his door this time more forcefully. A voice from inside said. "What the hell do you want?" She just smiled to herself and opened his door and walked into his room.

He was reading a comic when she entered his room closing the door behind her. He turned to look at her. He was just about to say something to her when he saw she was naked. He just dropped the comic and looked at her in wonder he instantly got a hardon in his shorts. Gill just looked admiringly at his mother's naked body. She had lovely big tits.

He had always wanted to play and suck on them. She smiled to herself and said to him. "If we're going to start fucking each other. "It is going to be by my rules." She now told him. "To take all his clothes off." Gill quickly took off all his clothes.

He was now completely naked. Lacey now climbed onto the bed and positioned her pussy so it was directly over his face. She then braced herself on his head board and lowered her pussy down to his mouth. She told him. "To start licking her pussy and get it nice and wet ready for him to fuck it." Once her pussy was nice and wet she turned around and got onto her hands and knees on his bed. She now told her son.

"To put his cock inside her pussy and fuck her nice and hard." Gill did as she told him. Soon he was banging away at his moms hot cunt. Gill fucked her hard and fast until she screamed out loud and she then came all over his hard cock. Gill continued to screw his mother. She told him. "When they were fucking not to call her mother but to call her BITCH." Gill and his mother but now fucked until he had shot that much spunk into her pussy that she could not take any more. After Gill and his mom had recovered.

Gill leads his mother by her lead from his room and into her own bedroom. He then told her. "He was going to fuck her on her own bed." Part 4 Fiona and her son Jimmy had popped around to Valentina's house.

Jimmy went to find his mate Jeffrey. Jimmy and Jeffrey also had a plan to get into their mom's panties. Fiona and Valentina were soon watching an old movie on Valentina's big 50 inch TV. The girls we're sharing the latest gossip over a couple of glasses of wine. Jimmy and Jeffrey now came in to the living room the boys were only wearing their swimming shorts. Jeffrey picked up the remote control and turned the TV off. Both women turned around to see their sons just wearing their swimming shorts.

Jeffrey and Jimmy now asked them to come for a swim in Valentina's pool. Jeffrey's mom told him. "No and for him to turn the TV back on." Jeffrey smiled at the two women then said to them both.

"Ok if you want to watch a movie, watch this one." Both women just gave him a funny look. Jeffrey now pulled his phone out of his shorts where he had been hiding it.

He found the video of the other night. He now sent the video to the TV. Both women were shocked when they saw what was playing on the TV. Valentina quickly gets up off the sofa where she had been sitting with Fiona. She snatches the phone from her son and quickly deletes the video the TV screen goes blank. She now looks at her son with an angry expression on her face.

Both boys just smiled at her and Fiona. Valentina now demanded to know where he got that video. Jeffrey smiled at his mom and said to her. "You forgot to turn off the CCTV when you and your friends fucked me and my friends." Fiona now gave Valentina an angry look." Jimmy now quickly added.

"That they had several copies of the video hidden in a safe place." Both women now just looked at each other in horror. Fiona now looked at both boys and said to them both. "What do you both want?" We want you two to come and meet us at the pool in your swim wear.

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Said the boys. The boys now walked off to the pool. Both women went to Valentina's bedroom to put on some swim wear. Valentina lent Fiona a swimming costume. Both boys couldn't help letting out loud wolf whistles when the two women walked into the pool room. Both of them were wearing bikinis and both of them looked very hot. Both women felt very uncomfortable and nervous around the boys now.

Fiona now asked the boys what now? The two boys now started to talk together in low voices so the girls could not hear them. Jeffrey now tossed a coin up into the air. Jeffrey said to Jimmy. "Heads and we do hower own mom's, tails and we swap mom's." Jimmy just smiled at his friend. The women still could not hear what was being said. The coin was Heads. Jimmy smiled at Jeffrey and said to him. "It's Incest." Both boys now started to laugh.

This got both girls worried. Both boys turned to look at both women both boys had huge smiles on their faces. Both boys said at the same time.

"Take your tops off. We want to see your tits." Both women looked shocked. However they knew they really did not have any choice and both removed their bikini tops. The boys once more let out loud wolf whistles. Jimmy now surprised his friend by taking the lead he was usually a little shy. Jimmy now told them. "To rub their tits together." Both women looked at the boys then at one another. They eventually started to rub their tits on to each other's.

As they had been told to do by the boys. Both boys were going wild as both mummy's rubbed their tits against the others.

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Both boys were getting very excited as they watched their own mothers rubbing their tits against each other's.

Both boys now had big hardon's in their shorts. Even Valentina and Fiona were starting to get turned on. Valentina and Fiona had once a few years ago been lovers.

Fiona now took both boys as well as Valentina by surprise. She kissed Valentina on her lips and at the same time she slipped her hand into Valentina's bikini bottoms. Both boys now watched in silence as the two women now started to make out together. Fiona continued to finger fuck her friend's pussy. Valentina now returned the favour and slipped her hand into Fiona's bikini bottoms.

Both women were now finger fucking each other as they started to kiss each other passionately. For a few moments both women had completely forgot about their son's watching them. When Jimmy made a coughing sound both women turned to look at him. Both women flushed in their faces when they saw their sons watching them. However both women also smiled when they saw the huge hardon's their sons had in their shorts. Both women now continue to look at their son's and at the same time they started to open mouth kissing each other.

So their sons could see their tongues going in and out of each other's mouths. Both women now stopped kissing each other and they started to remove there bikini bottoms much to the delight of their sons. Both Fiona and Valentina were now both naked.

They got into the pool facing away from their sons with their now wet pussies ready for their sons to fuck them good and hard. Both boys now got into the pool each boy positioned himself directly behind his own mother. Both of them now smiled at each other. Both boys timed it so that they both entered their mother's pussies at the same time. Fiona and Valentina both let out loud moans of pleasure as their own son's cocks now slipped into their wet cunts. Both boys now had tight holds on their own mother's hips and where thrusting their cocks deep into their cunts.

Both women were moaning and groaning as their sons fucked them with hard deep thrusts. Valentina and Fiona were now enjoying getting fucked by their sons. Fiona joked to Valentina through her moans of pleasure maybe we should start a Mother and Son fuck club. Valentina who was just about to cum on her son's cock agreed with her.

Valentina was the first to have an orgasm followed by Fiona. Both boys came within a couple of seconds of each other filling their mothers cunt's up with spunk. All of them now had big smiles on their faces. The women had turned around and were embracing their sons.

The sons took the opportunity to start sucking on their ample boobs. The women just smiled down at their son's as they sucked on their tits like babies. All four of them now got out of the pool to rest.

Valentina now said to Fiona's son Jimmy. "Do you want to fuck me?" Jimmy smiled at her and got hard once more. Fiona just watched as her son Jimmy started to fuck her best friend Valentina. Jeffrey now started to jack on his own cock getting it nice and hard as he walked over to his friend's mother.

Fiona saw him coming towards her and smiled at him. She also opened her mouth and let him slip his cock inside her hot mouth and she started to suck him off hungrily. While she watched Jimmy and Valentina fucking each other.

Fiona now let Jeffrey's cock out of her mouth. She told him to fuck her. So Jeffrey and Fiona were fucking each other. The four of them now fucked and fucked all that day. Both boys fucked Fiona. Then both boys fucked Valentina. They all just enjoyed fucking. The next week all the mother's and son's gathered at Valentina's house for a special mother and son meeting.

It turned out to be the first of the mother and son sex swap club. All the boys were made to hand over all the videos of the last meeting.

Valentina turned off the CCTV system too. Mothers and sons were fucking in every one of the bedrooms in Valentina's house. There was nothing off limits. threesome, foursome, and even gangbangs were all aloud.

The only rule was no one outside of the club was ever to know. And They All Fucked Each Other Happily Ever After. THE END.