Nena Mostrando sus tetitas en pleno ciber h264 512x384

Nena Mostrando sus tetitas en pleno ciber h264 512x384
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I'm treating this one as a sort of Pilot Teaser. I've always wanted to write horror and sex stories, and now I've found some sort of motivation. This is just a mild story, not as gruesome or brutal as some other ideas I have, but I figured I should appeal to the broader audience, and then refine my work as I go along. Oh and one last thing, the themes for this one are what is to come if I do decide to continue with this story.

My name is John. I once had a family, a wife and two kids, you know. your average American Family, but that time has passed. Would you like to know what happened to my family? Well, you'll find out soon enough. We all sat around the dinner table as usual, tonight we were having meatloaf, at least that's what they thought it was. I watched in complete bliss as my wife and sons shoveled the food down their greedy little throats. "If only they knew they were eating our next door neighbor." I thought to myself, smiling as I take a bite of the succulent meat.

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Usually no one would say a word to another at the dinner table, but I thought I'd get a few more kicks before heading out to do my bidding. "Enjoying the food guys?" I said in a cheery manner. "OH YES! IT'S DELICIOUS!" They replied in unison. "Good, I'm glad to hear it" I quickly cleared my plate, eager to head out, and put my dishes in the sink.

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No one questioned my leaving, I did this every other night or so, it was routine. I grabbed my "supplies" and car keys and left in a hurry. "Tonight is going to be fun." I said under my breath as I drove towards the city.

I finally came to a nice, dark, secluded place to park my car and stepped out into the night. As I wandered about, I found a young girl, no older than 16, alone in an alleyway. She wasn't very pretty, but she wan't ugly either.

I walked a little closer to her, being as silent as possible. She looked up at me, confused. I quickly decided that tonight I wouldn't toy with this one.

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I adjusted my pants, and reached out my hand, as if to help her. She was reluctant but, after a few seconds of contemplation, grabbed my hand. The second her hand was tightly in mine, I lifted my foot and kicked her in the face hard enough to knock her head back into the brick wall she was sitting against. Thankfully she was knocked out after the first kick, I really didn't feel like dealing with a struggling little whore tonight, well, not yet at least.

I took the girl back to my car and threw her in the trunk. I drove out to an old abandoned warehouse complex that I had been to before. When I got out of the car I could hear moans of agony coming from my trunk. The girl had awakened, fantastic.

Slowly, I opened the trunk and brought her out, she was still in a daze and presented no struggle whatsoever. We walked into one of the buildings, I set her down and went back to the car to get my tools.

When I arrived back at the warehouse, the girl was still in a daze, but she was conscious now, the fun begins my friends. "Where am I?" The girl muttered as she looked around with half-open eyes. "Where are you? Well little girl, you're in hell." I said with a smile upon my face.

"What do you me--" THUD She didn't have enough time to finish asking me what I meant, I had little patience with young girls, they talk too much. Blood seeped from her cracked skull, I had forgotten how heavy that hammer was, it wasn't my intention to kill her so quickly, I rather enjoy screams of pain and terror.

I put the hammer back in my bag and walked back to the girl. Gently I removed her clothes, in the sort of way you would expect a lover to remove clothing from his significant other.

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The sight of her soft and supple body, limp and devoid of any signs of life, filled me with great ecstasy, it was like doing heroin while skydiving, this was my thrill ride. I ran my hands all over her blood soaked corpse, moaning at the thought of the things I was going to do to this girls body. I slowly penetrated her pussy, still warm and wet, from the blood of course, and god was it tight. This was a first for me, a virgin, oh this is a good night indeed.

After a while I grew tired of normal sex, it was time to do what I do best.

I went for my bag and, after some sifting, pulled out a small paring knife. I sat for a moment in front of the body, wondering where I should create a new hole. Finally I decided on her eye socket. I cut out her right eye and looked at it for a while, then tossed it aside.


My cock was throbbing in anticipation. I slowly inserted my penis into the empty hole where her eye once was and started to thrust, slowly at first, then faster, all the while feeling her now cold breasts and licking my bloodied hands.

I moaned and writhed as I brought myself to orgasm, shooting my load directly into her hollowed out eye. "Now it's time to bring home some food for tomorrow night." I mumbled to myself.

I cleaned myself up a bit and went back to my bag again, this time bringing out a large cleaver. I hacked away at the body, saving bits of succulent flesh here and there, and tossing the rest into a large trash bag that I would later burn. It's late now, time to head home.


I walk back to the car with my spoils and head home. To be continued???