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Perfekt rund assed Hottie kimmy olsen bekommt anal zerstört
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Part 2 Christine continued to show Serena around the school. Serena was glad she came to this school. It had all she needed and she could get.

Christine held Serena's hand as they walked to the next class, which was literature with Ms. Karen. Ms. Karen was a short woman with white blonde hair. She had on a black pencil skirt and a white ruffle blouse.

"Hello Ms. Karen" Christine said as she closed the door. "Hello Christine. Who is this?" Ms. Karen said looking at Serena. Ms. Karen looked to proper and stern to be that kind of teacher, Serena thought. "I'm Serena. New student" "Mhmm. I see" Ms. Karen walked to Christine and gave her a long kiss. Serena watched in enjoyment, seeing their tongues dance. Serena noticed a bulge in Ms.

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Karen's skirt. Christine pulled away and grabbed Serena to the front of her. "Ms. Karen is one of the special teachers" Christine whispered in her ear, "watch" Ms. Karen pulled down her pencil skirt along with her black lace panties.

Serena gasped as she seen the 8 inch hard cock hit Ms. Karen's stomach as she let her lace panties fall. Ms. Karen started stroking while looking up and down at Serena's body. Serena felt Christine kissing her warm body and unbuttoning her shirt.


Ms. Karen walked up to her and put her hand under Serena's skirt and said, "I hope you enjoy." Ms. Karen then gave Serena a French kiss as she rubbed Serena's wet pussy. Serena had lain on the desk as Ms. Karen continued kissing her and rubbing her pussy. Christine let Ms. Karen and Serena get acquainted as she put on a strap on. Then she walked up behind Ms. Karen and rubs the strap on dildo between Ms.

Karen's ass cheeks. Ms. Karen stopped kissing Serena long enough to moan before Serena continued kissing her. Christine rammed the dildo into Ms. Karen's ass hard and fucks her. Since Ms. Karen was bent over on top of Serena, her cock had rubbed against Serena's pussy, which added more pleasure.

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So Ms. Karen rubbed her cock against Serena's pussy and then slid it in.

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Serena gasped. She had never felt a cock that big before and was enjoying the feel of it. Not even her ex-boyfriend, Daniel, was this big. She felt Ms.

Karen's tongue on her neck and she fucked her pussy and Christine fucked Ms. Karen's ass. Ms. Karen was enjoying the tight squeeze of Serena's pussy and fucked harder. It was giving her so much pleasure, plus Christine fucking her ass. She was going to cum soon. Christine had fucked Ms.

Karen enough to know to pull out. Ms. Karen had pulled out of Serena and shoved her cock into Serena's warm mouth.

Serena sucks on her cock as she felt Christine shove the strap on into her pussy and fucked her. Ms. Karen was moaning so loud that Serena knew it was coming. But she didn't expect a lot of cum from Ms. Karen. She thought it was so sexy drinking cum form this woman that she came herself.

Christine knew she came, and slowly came to a stop. When Serena licked off the last bit of cum from Ms. Karen's cock, she sat up and gave Ms. Karen a long French kiss. The turned to Christine, doing the same. Ms. Karen pulled away and got herself dressed. Then turned to the girls and said, "Thank you ladies. And as for you Ms. Serena," she smiled, "I'll be expecting you after school on Monday for some catching up." With that she left the room, and the girls got dressed.

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Serena thought she'd do something nice and put her panties in the top drawers of Ms. Karen's desk, in memory of their first time.


Christine smiled and took Serena to another class. Serena couldn't wait to meet the rest of the teachers. Christine took Serena to the next teacher, who was Mrs.


Page, the science teacher. Mrs. Page was a married woman who loved pussy. She wore a business look-a-like suit in the color of gray. Her hair was wrapped up into a bun and had streaks of gray. Serena thought she might have been one of the old, boring, dull teachers. Christine walked her in and introduced them. "Hi, Mrs. Page," Christine said. Mrs.

Page looked up and smiled. "Hello, dear. Who is this?" she asked, gesturing to Serena. "This is Serena. She's a new student." "I see.

Come here Ms. Serena." Serena slowly walked forth to Mrs. Page. Mrs. Page stood up and looked all around Serena, inspecting her. "Aren't' you certainly beautiful? Now tell me, do you like older women?" Serena gasped at the question.

"I'm not sure what you mean" she stuttered. She looked at Christine, who just smiled and shrugged. She noticed that Mrs. Page stood behind her, very closely. "I mean, do you like a married woman?" Mrs. Page grabbed Serena's breasts and squeezed them hard. "I.I." "Of course you do, dear" Mrs.

Page said, "because I can tell" She smiled at Christine then pulled up Serena's skirt rubbing at her pussy. Serena moaned at the contact and automatically began humping herself against Mrs.

Page hand. "Oh, we have a humper" Mrs. Page said gladly. She pulled her hand away and laid Serena down on the lab table. She pulled up her skirt and pull off her panties. "Christine dear, come and sit on Serena's face." Christine took off her clothes and sat her pussy over Serena's face. Serena immediately started licking at her pussy and eating her out. Meanwhile, Mrs. Page was setting her pussy on Serena's and began humping.

Serena gasped, but kept eating Christine's pussy. Mrs. Page started humping Serena's pussy faster and harder, causing them both to moan and gasp.

Christine on the other hand began cumming and Serena was licking up all of her juices. Moments later, both Mrs. Page and Serena began cumming. It took a while for them to stop convulsing and breathe. Both Mrs. Page and Christine got down and kissed Serena simultaneously.

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Their tongues danced and danced, sharing all of juices of all three combined. After they' finished kissing, they all got dressed. Mrs. Page said for both of them to come back another time because she enjoyed the affair. Christine and Serena grabbed each other's hand and walked off to their dorms because it had been a long day of sex.

But they couldn't wait for tomorrow, where there'd be more teachers and other students. Comment on this. All criticisms appreciated.