He knows how to treat that new juvenile pussy right

He knows how to treat that new juvenile pussy right
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Missing Man Part 2: Crazy I had no long idea how long I had slept, at some point I had fallen asleep in that seat. Still trussed up and still very much plugged. I woke to the vibrations in said plug and the whack of something against my skin. I cried out or at least I tried but I was gagged. I couldn't see what the hell was going on around me either.

My eyes were either swollen shut which was probably a safe bet or they had blind folded me or put some form of hood over my head so I couldn't see what they were doing or what they might try to do to me. "Its awake Alice." I heard him say as he hit me again I screamed again. The whip or flogger or something hit my chest and the pain flared up around my chest.

"That's it bitch scream for me." He said laughing ~wham~ white hot pain flared up again more screams. I didn't know what was worse that they were doing this or that I couldn't see them doing this so I was stuck in this hell of their creation. The vibration in my pussy stopped just long enough for the bitch to pull it not at all gently from my body.

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I cried out again as the impact on my pussy from what ever he was wielding that hurt like a son of a bitch. I may have passed out again but the next thing I know I am being dragged out of the chair. my whole body aches from being sat in that position for so long and I can barely stand without their help and they are dragging me where ever they want me by my hair.

They are being none to gentle about it. Half dragging half walking. I scream as I am guided into a wall before I am dragged into a room. I am picked up and bodily thrown, my screams continue long after I hit the bed that bastard has thrown me at.

My body still aches from what they have done to me already.

Before I can fight back, like I could at this point my arms are forced into restraints on either side of the bed and then with a lot more effort as I am struggling with them now they manage to secure my legs spread painfully as wide as they will go.

A slap to the face and another one going in the opposite direction make me cry out in pain. The gag is removed from my mouth. "You just don't learn do you. how would you get away you blind whore. Your face is so swollen they'd return you to sender anyway." Alice yelled at me hitting me over and over again.

The screams almost inhumanely loud. "You will fucking behave if you want to live you cunt." She snarled at me jamming her hand against my throat and tightening her grip on me. Now I can't breath and the bitch knows it, I know I am turning blue and from the laughter around me I know that the bastard is enjoying himself. They are getting of on this and its not like I can do anything to fight it. "After a bit of training this bitch is going to be begging us to do her in." Jake said to his wife and the woman was laughing as she let go.

I am gasping and drawing into my lungs as much air as I possibly can while I have a chance. I'd say I was seeing stars but truth be told I wasn't seeing much of anything. I feel a sharp prick in my forearm and hear laughing from Alice. As she pushing something into my body. "That will make the bitch more easily controlled." Jake said to her laughing. "Congratulations bitch that is a nice little drug we just gave you.

It will make you desire everything we do to you and then some. Oh its not a mind control drug no nothing like that exists. No this is a drug a friend of ours came up with, it just makes you crave sex like a mindless beast which is of course what we want from you." Jake said to me.

I scream at him. "It is extremely addictive and unfortunately for you it stimulates your reproductive system. Gives you a nice little high in the process as well." He said laughing at me I yell and fight at the restraints but it is of no use I can't move much if any at all. "Just let me go you psychotic bastard." I plead with him. Their fists and feet come crashing down on me, I scream in pain and try to get away from their blows.

"I told you cunt, you will be respectful of me and my husband or you would pay the price. I will fucking end you bitch." Alice snarled, she is screaming obscenities at me as I pass out from the pain again.

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The world is still dark when I feel something being dripped into my mouth. My pussy lips are burning like I have never experienced before in my life. Its practically oozing actually.

I have never been this wet in my life. "You really shouldn't piss Jake and Alice off, they have no issues with killing you." A mans voice said from nearby. "This is all for your own good." He told me as my eyes opened. "I am afraid you have been out for more than a week.

They damn near killed you after that stunt you pulled." He said not at all sympathetic to my plight. "You have to help me get out of here." I tell him he laughs at me. The world is blurry as I look at him but he is an older man and he is wearing a white coat.

I am still in their place I know that much and I am still tied to the bed naked or a bed naked. No idea whether its the same bed that I was beaten on. Or even how long ago that beating was. He said a week but if he won't help me it could have been a lot longer than that and what had they done to me since then I had no idea. "Oh and where would a whore like you go if I were to help you.

No you are better of where you are cunt lips and trust me when I say that the next time they beat the shit out of you I will not be so caring about healing you up." The doctor said to me. "Why are you doing this to me." I demand. "Their is no ME, you aren't a man or a woman you are an it, a piece of property to be used and disposed of at the whim of people like me or them.

Be grateful they are going to put you to good use and have you working for the good lord." He ranted he was almost rabid when he was talking preaching as the bastards came into the room.

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"The bitch is ready to be bread, make sure you do what needs to be done. If that bitch looks like its going to escape then you end its worthless life.

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I do not want or need police coming to this community." He snarled at them before leaving me with them.

Alice is the first to pounce on me, sitting across my bare chest and smiling down at me she leans over so my face is close to hers. She stinks I mean really wash your fucking teeth you bitch. "You hear that whore, you are now ready for us." She said laughing at me as she stood up and started to strip. She was in good shape for a psychotic bitch and her husband was in relatively good shape if you ignored the slight paunch that he had. That stomach would get bigger no doubt with age. Trailer park trash pure and simple but I dare not tell them that I was thinking that.

"Ah you are still fighting your inevitable new life, what a shame you can't see the whore that you are." She snarled at me as she removed her panties revealing a hairless pussy. She sat down on my face mashing her pussy against my mouth. "Lick it cunt face." She screamed at me my mouth stayed close until she clamped her hand tight against my throat and forcing me to open it telling me open it or die. Wow that was an option wasn't it. Except that it kind of was an idea I played with, I wanted out of this hell hole and away from this crazy bitch and her husband and the doctor from hell.

Something about that man gave me goosebumps. I was licking her pussy when that bastard slammed his cock into me to the hilt. Now I am no virgin and I am not as tight as I maybe once was but that is not to say that it doesn't hurt like a bitch when someone slams into you.

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It hurts and they know it hurts and they don't care that it hurts. The bastard has bottomed out in me. "Take it. take it whore. take my cock and my seed. I am breeding you for the better of all mankind." He screamed slapping me as best he could in places he could reach while fucking me hard. I was moaning and I already knew that my body was ready for this.

My pussy felt like it was on fire and I was moaning loudly at the pounding. I hated myself for it but that was the truth.


The bitch above me seemed to be enjoying her self she was moaning and fingering her clit as best she could while making it almost impossible for me to breath. "Oh yeah baby breed this whore." Alice calls to her husband.

He is laughing and fucking. horribly laughter and mocking laughter as his groin hits mine with each push forward. A nasty slapping sound coming from said action I cry and I cry, I can't beg I can't talk she makes sure of that.


Even if I could talk it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference, I could barely move with someone on top of me fucking me and someone with their pussy in my face. She screamed cumming loudly all over my face. Her juices exploding all over me and he screamed profanities at me as his cum filled my pussy I groan as he sits there for a moment flexing his cock while she gets up of my face and manages to step on my chest making me scream in pain as she got of me and the bed lauging her ass off.

Soon I found my legs above my head bent keeping his sperm in me and making me uncomfortable for all the wrong reasons. "Stay like that bitch and if you make a sound I will come in here and make you black and blue again." He said to me stalking out of the room with his wife. I was stuck in this position unable to do much more than shuffle to try and get more comfortable.