Best handjob blowjob ever the hot new stepsis

Best handjob blowjob ever the hot new stepsis
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Jennifer (Jennie) Connelly was five and a half years through a six year sentence when she first caught the eye of Officer Hughes. She was 24 years old; she was about five foot nine with long blonde hair and lovely green eyes. She was beautiful especially compared to most of the women in prison. Life in a women's prison was tough so the women had to toughen up as well, despite this Jennie had kept her good looks despite surviving almost six years in jail.


She was still gorgeous. Officer Stephen Hughes was thirty years old and had become a prison guard four years ago after finishing university he'd moved from job to job for a while before becoming a prison guard.

Stephen was tall about six foot three and muscular with brown hair, he'd never really had a girlfriend that had lasted that long.

One of the reasons were his sick and twisted sexual fantasies, such as bondage and domination which meant that most of his relationships hadn't lasted as he hadn't found a girl into any of this stuff. He was still fairly young and very sexually frustrated and thought about doing something about it. It was on a Tuesday a week before Jennie was up for release and as was the case in the prison, she had a meeting with one of the guards to try to sort out the logistics of being released and where she was going to live etc.

And it was on this day that Jennifer Connelly and Officer Stephen Hughes first met.

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Jennie knocked on the door of the office and a friendly voice shouted her to enter. "Hello Miss Connelly." Stephen said. "Hello sir." Jennie replied. "Please call me Stephen." Jennie closed the door and walked into the room, it was a plain old ordinary office with a desk in the middle with a few chairs seated around it a filing cabinet in one corner and not much else. "Please Jennifer take a seat." "It's Jennie, sir.


Everyone calls me Jennie." "And everyone calls me Stephen, not sir. It makes me sound old." They both laughed. Then they started talking about how Jennie was feeling about leaving prison and what she wanted to do when she got out.

Then Jennie brought up the problem that was worrying her about leaving the prison. "Stephen, I don't have anywhere to go when I get out of here, I don't have a house, no family, nothing." "Don't worry; the prison has some shelters that they send people just out of prison you can stay there for a while until you find somewhere else." "Oh ok." They talked for a while longer about many different things and started actually becoming quite friendly, and after Jennie left to go back to her cell, Officer Hughes could not stop thinking about her.

Back in her cell Jennie couldn't stop thinking about Stephen either at night as she laid awake she thought about his tall strong body and his handsome face and felt herself getting wet down below. She put her hand on her breasts and began to play with them, cupping them and rubbing her hands all over them. She then took her top off over her head to allow her better access. She then proceeded to feel her hard erect nipples she pinched them gently at first and gradually pinching harder and harder, she started to gasp in pleasure at the feelings rushing through her as she imagined that it was Stephen grasping them, almost six years without a man was too much she needed someone.

In her lustful state she had not realised how wet she was getting lower down, her panties were soaked, she had to take them off there was no way she was going to sleep like that.

So she took them off with her trousers and laid there with her pussy bare to the open air. Her juices were flowing so much that they were running out of her slit, down over her short black pubes and down onto the mattress.


All restraint had gone, she placed her hand over her pubic region to try and stem the flow as the rush continued but to no avail. Then she started to rub her right hand up and down over her clitoris, while her left hand continued to massage her boobs. The pleasure was so intense that she knew she was going to scream, she had to stop herself but the urge and build up was too much.

She continued to rub her clit which was turning her on more and more. Meanwhile cum continued to pour out of her pussy all over her fingers, but also her mattress, which could cause some explaining tomorrow, but Jennie was beyond caring. This was the most fun she'd had for almost six years and the sexual tension that had built up over that time was about to explode out of her. She couldn't hold back so she stuffed her top and fist in her mouth, tilted her head back and let it all go.

The feeling was amazing, Jennie had forgotten what it was like to orgasm, and this made the pleasure even more prolonged and intense. However, by now torrents of juice had rushed out of her open hole causing a puddle to have developed on the mattress.

After the pleasure had gone Jennie started to panic, she had nothing in her cell to clean up with, what was she going to do?

She couldn't leave a puddle or stain on her mattress when her cell got inspected in the morning. 'Shit' she said. In the end she could find nothing else to do, she mopped up the juices with her own panties until they were dripping.

But there was still a small puddle, even after she'd used another pair there was still some left. She had to use her last pair of panties to finally clear up the whole mess.

It looked like she was going commando tomorrow until she could get these washed. The next day Jennie woke up tired but excited, there was only a few days to go before her release and she had her second meeting with the lovely Officer Hughes. She spent the morning in her cell thinking about the afternoon. Then at two o'clock one of the older police officers knocked on her cell door.

"Stand facing the wall with your palms flat out in front of you." Jennie did so and the guard came in handcuffed her and led her to the same office she had been in before, the guard took off the cuffs and I entered. Officer Hughes got up and shook my hand and then walked to the door and said to the guard.

"Don't worry you don't have too wait I'll take her back to her cell." He turned round and said "how are you Jennie?" "I'm fine thank you sir." "I told you last time, please call me Stephen." Jennie laughed nervously, "Sorry Stephen, its just habit." "It's alright. Sit down we need to finalise what's going to happen when your released." Jennie sat and they talked for a long while about the logistics of leaving prison and surviving and coping on the outside. Jennie however was not really interested in the matters of leaving all she wanted was for Officer Hughes to take him in his big strong arms and take her on that desk right there right then.

In her daydream, Jennie hadn't realised that Stephen had asked her a question and was looking at her expectantly.

"Sorry, could you repeat that." "I asked you whether you have any preference about which shelter you want to go to after you leave here. Do you have any preferences? Want to be close to anyone, anywhere?" "Err, not really" Jennie said when she was actually thinking 'I want to be as close to you as possible.' "Err can I take a look at them?" Jennie said standing up and making her way around to the other side of the table.

She bent over to look at the different homes that she could go to and made sure she was as close to Stephen as possible as she stood there pretending to decide which she wanted to go to, whilst really she was just enjoying being so close to a man who wasn't some old prison guard who had her in handcuffs. This was great for Stephen as well; he loved having this beautiful woman standing right next to her, especially as he hadn't had sex in over a year.

This was made worse by the fact that her long blonde hair was falling onto his right shoulder and some of it was waving across his mouth. He blew that away but in doing so, it just created a ripple in her hair that looked even more attractive. James then took a deep breath and inhaled the scent of this beautiful woman standing next to him.

Stephen thought he had been discreet but he soon realised he hadn't as Jennie turned to look at him. "Did you just sniff me?" she said with a strange smile on her face. "Err…" Stephen stuttered. "It's alright" said Jennie "I don't mind." Then there eyes met and almost as if there was a connection.

It was at that moment that they both leaned in and kissed.

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Their lips touched only for a moment just lightly at first. Then realising what was happening Jennie pulled back. "Won't you lose your job for this?" "I don't care" said Stephen and he leaned in and kissed her again this time more forcefully. The kisses became more passionate and prolonged and then Jennie began to guide her tongue into Stephen's mouth, as it went in Stephen started to close his lips around it and massage her tongue with his lips, it felt so good for both of them to have this intimacy after so long, it was bliss.

Very soon their hands started to roam over each other's bodies; Stephen's hands wove their way through the blonde locks on the back of Jennie's head and held her to him as the passionate kissing continued.

Jennie however was much more direct and her hands went straight for the giant bulge in Stephen's pants, she began to gently rub her hand over it pressing hard on the stiff black trousers that was restricting her advances and trapping his aching cock. At this the bulge was getting bigger and bigger and Stephen began to gasp at the pain of a cock trapped in too small a place and the pleasure of having it rubbed by the sexiest girl he ever laid eyes on.

Jennie then decided to release the pressure on Stephen's cock and allow herself a proper look; she unzipped his trousers and unbuttoned his boxers before gently pulling his rock hard cock through the gap. Stephen gasped at the release in pressure on his dick. Jennie was impressed with what she saw; Stephen was about 9 or 10 inches long and fairly thick. Jennie started to drool over the huge rod in front of her.

Having pulled it out she then started to stroke her hand up and down it, establishing a steady rhythm.

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The build up in Stephen's cock was unbelievable, despite Jennie not having a man for six years she still definitely knew how to handle them. She continued to stroke the hard cock between her fingers gradually increasing the pace, until Stephen began to grunt in pure lust.

"You like that don't you. "Ohh Yeah I do." Stephen groaned in reply. The pressure continued to build inside Stephen's rigid cock and his grunts became louder and louder. "Shit, I'm gonna come." "Not yet your not." Said Jennie and she let go of his dick. Stephen looked annoyed, that was until he saw Jennie climbing onto the desk with her arse in the air, looking over her shoulder with and encouraging look.

Stephen immediately rose from his chair and stood behind the stunner in front of him. Jennie wiggled her ass in front of him and Stephen longingly reached out and placed his hand on the firm ass in front of him he then squeezed the strong cheek, He then grabbed her other cheek with his other hand and began to grope her arse. He massaged the cheeks gently under his strong hands, gradually his hands started to work their way up towards the waistline and then his fingers started to grasp the waistband and ease the trousers down to her knees.

Stephen was extremely surprised to find a bare arse exposed to him rather than any panties. "No panties, you dirty slag. You really want it don't you?" "Yes, yes I do." "Well you're gonna get it." At this point Stephen placed his solid cock on the lips of her waiting pussy and gently pushed it inside. "Ooooo" Jennie said. Then without warning Stephen thrust hard.

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The, "ooo" turned into an "ahh" of surprised pain as Stephen thrust deep into her tight pussy. It was a lot tighter than Stephen expected, the girl was clearly experienced from the way she could handle a cock, then again she had been locked up inside for six years.

Stephen then pulled out and slid his dick in more slowly this time pleasuring the feeling that he had longed for for so long. He pushed it in gently, so that the pussy could take it more easily.

He slid his cock as far as they could go so that his balls were resting on the top of Jennie's thighs, before pulling out and guiding it back in again. Stephen continued thrusting forwards and backwards gradually building up the pace. Jennie then started to thrust her body back to meet Stephen's forward thrusts and they established a fast and furious rhythm. The two rocked forward and back pounding into each other like animals.

Jennie's cunt was squeezing harder and harder on Stephen's cock as the pleasure built and built. The two began to grunt in unison at the physical pleasure that was building up inside them.

They fucked forward and backwards, Stephen's balls slapping against Jennie's thighs every time he bottomed out inside her juicy cunt. The gasps got louder and more frequent as the two of them got closer and closer to ecstasy. Jennie then started to pant, "I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come." She could not hold back, she was lost in her wild animal instincts that had been sparked by the event she had waited six years for.

She let those six years of built up sexual tension go in that thirty seconds of pure bliss as her body convulsed in pleasure. She couldn't hold back a scream; she felt like she was going to die the pleasure was so good; she had forgotten how good it felt to have a man's cock inside you. Stephen had also been struggling to hold himself back as well, and once Jennie orgasmed her cunt clenched even tighter around his cock.

This was too much he couldn't control it any more, he blew his load right there, into the stunning woman in front of him, he couldn't stop himself screaming as well as the sensations rushed through his body. He had never felt this good in his entire life, it was unbelievable. He collapsed down onto her back and lay there panting for a few minutes whilst still soaking Jennie's pussy with his juice. They both lay there panting for what seemed like ages, lost in the moment.

Then Stephen said, "You better go back now." "Yeah," Jennie said and they got dressed and Stephen put the handcuffs back on and led Jennie back to her cell. On the way back to Jennie's cell, Stephen weighed up the possibilities and decided what he would do.

When they got back to the cell Stephen said, "Jennie, I was wondering whether instead of going to one of the shelters, whether you wanted to come and live with me instead." "Really Stephen could you so that?" shouted Jennie, I delighted look on her face.

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"Of course I could, as long as we don't let anyone know." "I'd love to Stephen," and she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "OK." Stephen said smiling, "anyway I better go." He said standing up. "OK." Jennie replied blowing a kiss at Stephen as he left. Later on in the day, Stephen was walking towards Jennie's cell to tell her he had arranged everything, when he heard voices coming from the inside. He didn't know why but he stopped to listen. "Anyway, the dickhead is going to be taking me back to his place and then when he goes to work.

I'm gonna rob whatever shit he's got in his house and run off to the airport and fly somewhere where he can't find me," he heard Jennie say. "Jennie you're so clever, and wicked," her friend said. Stephen was so angry he turned on his heels and stormed off back to his office. This would not be the end; he would make sure of it. That he promised to himself.