Beautiful angel with nice natural tits is seen riding the cock

Beautiful angel with nice natural tits is seen riding the cock
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After the weekend encounter, Phred decided to buy her a thank you gift: a gold chain. It came in a small black box. It was big enough to hold a small card, and on it he wrote; "Thanks for a wonderful time again last weekend!

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Hugs P-." Tuesday morning, he tucked this into his pocket and left for work. When he arrived, he purposely went past her workstation, made sure no one was looking and placed it discreetly on the desk.

He then went about his business. Deana arrived at her desk, checked for messages and the mail like she did every morning.

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In the corner where the correspondence usually was she saw a small black box. She carefully opened it, and inside was a pretty gold choker and a card. She read the card wondering whom it was from. When she saw it was from Phred, she trembled clear to her clit. She picked up the box and headed toward the women's room. She did not hesitate to put the choker on and admired how it stood out against her pale neck.

She then walked back to her workstation, and purposely on her way, walked over to where Phred worked. When she got there, she said, "Thanks for the gift." "You're welcome. I hope you are not offended, I thought it would look good on you," "By the way do you have time for a coffee break?" "Sure do, but we must be careful, I don't like office gossip." "I plan to be discreet." They headed for the coffee room and upon entering, found the place empty.

After getting a cup of coffee, she sat down across the table from Phred. "By the way, Phred, you didn't offend me, I think we all had a wonderful time last weekend. By the way, I just love the way the gold accentuates my white skin." He shifted to accommodate his swelling cock. "Great, now let's talk about something else, my dick is beginning to stir." "Well, I should get back to work.

Maybe we can talk another time about what happens next." She got up, bid him goodbye, and left the room. She tried desperately to get him off her mind, and dug into her pile of paperwork. Phred sat in the coffee room for a while, daydreaming about the first time they kissed.

It was the night of the Christmas party, and he didn't seem to mind that they kissed and hugged, the sensation was electrifying. Up to that time in his life he had never kissed a white woman, although he had fantasized about it for a long time. When they pulled off the road he confessed, "You're a very sexy woman, Deana. I think about you all the time." He remembered she smiled at him, and they ended up having a wild fuck in his car.

He shook his head and reminded himself he was at work. He finished his coffee and returned to his desk. A few days later he got courageous and took a couple of pictures of himself; one with him naked, with his erect cock in his hands, the other was of him climaxing hard. He mailed them to her in a large vanilla envelope. He got so excited with anticipation that he masturbated three times that night. Deana sat down at her desk and reached for the mail. She noticed there was an envelope from Phred, with the word "Confidential" written on it.

She looked around before opening, because she didn't need any nosy eyes. She was mesmerized by the sight of his thick, black, powerful tool; it was bigger than any penis she had ever seen. She felt her breath quicken as she imagined tasting it and pleasuring him with her tongue, the feeling of him splitting her as he entered her.

Her pussy began to moisten as she fantasized. Under the picture were the words, "Deana: See how happy you have made me. I cannot wait to fuck you once more, and just maybe take some hot sexy photos of you. By the way, did you forget I destroyed your birth control pills?" Deana sat down, gasped, and felt her head spinning.

Not only did Phred take her, he wanted to make a baby with her. She hadn't considered this. For the rest of the day, she scarcely left her desk and tried to bury herself in her work. However, she didn't want a child right now; after all, she was married to a white man! Around three o'clock, she began daydreaming about everything that had happened.

She thought about what Phred was trying to do. The idea was crazy, insane, and ridiculous. Then it dawned on her once more, her monthly cycle was late. All of a sudden, the daydream was broken by someone standing near her desk. When she composed herself, she discovered it was Phred.

Right now he was the last person she wanted to see.

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"Hi Phred." He saw that she had opened the envelope, so he looked into her eyes, and smiled devilishly. "Hi there, I see that you have read my mail." Deana now understood, his whole plan was to find a white whore and get her pregnant.

She looked around and noticed no one was paying attention to them. She asked him into her cubicle and with tears in her eyes, spoke with a voice barely audible. "I'm not sure I'm ready for this!" "Listen Deana; let's not talk about this now. How's about I meet you at Ruby Tuesday's around five to talk about this." He handed her a handkerchief and she dried her eyes and answered, "Okay, let me call John first, and tell him I will be late getting home tonight." "Why don't you invite him to join us, around six pm?

That will give us plenty of time to talk. I better get back to work." "All right, see you later." She called John and told him to meet her at Ruby Tuesday's around six. She was meeting Phred at five and they were going to be talking about something serious. Adding an hour to give her time, she could then tell John what was going on when he got there. John agreed, wondering what on earth was going on.

It seemed like that day would never end, she would never get her work done. At four pm Deana finished what she could and put the other things in a place to be worked on tomorrow. She then clocked out and drove to Ruby Tuesday's, so nervous she could hardly handle the wheel. She spoke aloud with tears in her eyes, "What am I going to do? How will John take the fact that I am pregnant and I do not know whose baby it is?" When she entered the restaurant, Phred was already there.

She went over to the table, took a deep breath, and sat down. Her stomach and head were both spinning; she excused herself, went to the bathroom, and threw up.

Now that was a sure sign she was pregnant. "Sorry Phred, I had to go to the bathroom, or throw up on the table." "Uh-uh, I bet you're pregnant!" "I'm not ready for this?" Phred smirked, leaned over towards her, and answered, "Ready for what? You know you love being my whore." He then put his arm around her, lifted her chin toward him and softly with a reassuring voice said, "Listen, Deana, I'd didn't mean to say that.


I'll be more honest with you. I'm in love with you.


I've always wanted to father a baby with a white woman. I'm going to support the two of you in any way I can, after all, it may be my baby. Now dry those tears, and let's talk about how we can tell John." " It's not that I don't want a baby, I love children. I am just worried how John will react if the infant is a light brown child, will he love and cherish it too. I hope he doesn't knock your block off." "Me too, as I do not pretend that there is a possibility that I am the father.

Now let's not count our chickens before they hatch." Deana laughed, "You do have a silly way with words." Phred kissed her cheek softly and then whispered in her ear.

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"Can you get away next weekend? I have a meeting in Nashville, and I want you with me. I want to possess your body in every way possible. I want to make sure that little life inside you knows that you are loved." Deana's head was spinning with confusion.

She returned his kiss and laid her hand on the crotch of his pants. She could feel the bulge in his pants; it was hard as steel, spoke of his desire. She felt herself weakening, tumbling into an unplanned future, caught between deep desire for Phred and her deep love for John.

Could she love two men at the same time? She got up and hurried to the bathroom before he could see the tears of confusion in her eyes. When she returned to the table John and Phred were having a conversation. John got up, pulled her chair out, and kissed her hello. "Hi darling, what is this serious secret that you need to tell me?" Deana smiled nervously, held back her tears, and asked, "How'd you like to kiss a pregnant woman?" A smile of excitement crossed his face, and then he asked, "What is so serious and secret about that?" John's jaw could have broken the floor with her next remark.

"I think I'm about six weeks along, which means I got pregnant the weekend we went to Nashville for that convention." She sat down and began to sob uncontrollably. John looked at Phred and then back at Deana. "Honey, I thought you were on the pill?" "I was, but I could not find them when we got to Nashville.

I figured I would be protected until I got home to get more. Dumb of me huh. I'm so sorry!" Deana sobbed. John was dumfounded for a few minutes, then spoke in a reassuring voice, "Well we caused this mess; we'll just have to deal with it. Now dry those tears, we'll make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to make sure you're pregnant." Phred then spoke up, "Yes, let's not worry about things now, not until after you see the doctor." They all ate dinner with little to say about the possible pregnancy.

When she returned home, Deana was convinced she was pregnant. That night she and John went to bed early. She snuggled up close to him. John looked down at Deana with tears in his eyes; it was time they had a sincere discussion about everything. He spoke up first. "I think we forgot what is the most important thing to do when we swing with someone." She nodded in agreement. "I know, once again, I thought with my pussy instead of my head.

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Ah, ah, honey, will you forgive me if I am pregnant and it turns out it's not yours?" She sobbed and her whole body shook.

"I never intended for things to go this way." He pulled he close and whispered, "I love you baby, and we will get through this together, like we always do. Let's not let our emotions get out of control until after we see the gynecologist, okay?" She wiped her tears, looked into his loving face, and admitted, "That's the reason I love you so.

You always work together with me, through thick and thin." John held her until she fell asleep in his arms, secretly praying, "Oh God, if she's pregnant, let this be my baby." The next day John took the day off to be with her and offer his support.

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She called the receptionist to make an appointment with the doctor. When the woman asked why, she answered, "I need to find out if I am pregnant." The receptionist replied, "Let me check the schedule. It looks like we had a cancellation at three pm. would you like to come in then?" Deana told the woman that they would come in at that time to see the doctor. Afterward, she spent a lot of time soul searching, and asking herself why she didn't pay attention to details and have a backup supply of pills hidden in her make-up bag.

John tried his best to reassure her, but all she could do was cry. They went to their scheduled appointment, sitting on pins and needles the whole time. When the nurse called her name, Deana passed out. When she came too, she was on a bed, surrounded by the nurse, doctor, and John. The doctor took her by hand and asked, "How are you feeling Deana?" Deana replied, "Dizzy and nauseated." The doctor smiled and said, "Well let's see if you pregnant, after all that could be the cause of it." The nurse escorted them to an exam room.

She then collected urine and blood for the usual pregnancy test as well as the date of her last menstrual cycle.

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Afterwards, she then handed Deana a pink gown and told her the doctor would be in shortly. She left the room, put the chart on the door for the doctor to pick up, and took the samples to the lab.

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The doctor entered, asked Deana a few questions, and then proceeded to do a thorough exam. When he examined her pelvic area and abdomen all he would say is, "Hum, let's see, that's it. I'm done with your physical exam." He then paused, helped her sit up and told both of them, "My physical exam tells me you are pregnant, however let's see what the lab report says. I'll be right back." Deana felt like she was going to throw up and pass out again.

John felt worried, but didn't let her know it. It seemed like an hour passed before the doctor returned. The doctor entered the room, looked at them both seriously, and said, "The lab test confirms it.

You are pregnant, Deana." Before he could go on, she passed out once more. When she came too, the doctor sat down with them and spoke with a calm reassuring voice, "Deana, its normal for pregnant women to pass out." He looked over the paperwork then said, "From the date of your last cycle, and the lab work, I'd say you're about fourteen weeks along." Deana wanted to shout, because she knew that the baby in no way was Phred's.


They spent the next few minutes discussing the details of prenatal care On the way home, Deana yelled, "I am so happy John! It is yours because fifteen weeks ago, I wasn't even seeing Phred." John asked her if she felt well enough to go out to eat and she told him yes. They went to dinner to celebrate the pregnancy and discussed what to do about swinging. The two of them decided from that point on, if they decided to go swinging, it would only be with couples and to make sure there was a back up plan for birth control.

Deana admitted to John that she wasn't sure how to tell Phred. John answered by suggesting she invite him over for dinner that Sunday. They could then break the news to him regarding her pregnancy and the fact they no longer wanted to be involved with him. Later on, Deana found out she had done the right thing, cutting Phred loose.

The office gossip told her that another white woman was taking Phred to court for paternity testing. When Deana confronted him, he just frowned and answered with a sarcastic tone, "Well hello sweetie. Why in the hell do you care! Oh, it's true, my plan is to set a record and have ten children by white women, by the time I am thirty-five. Good-bye slut!" She just smiled, walked out of the room, and told herself, "Good riddance to the ole scum bucket."