Para Ana la madura m aacute_s bella del mundo

Para Ana la madura m aacute_s bella del mundo
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I've tried a more sensual approach to this one, so I hope you like it! It's still tied to my other stories as well, so there could be some cameos in the future.

"I need a new cock," Jesse sighed into her mirror. She was sitting in front of her vanity, completely nude, as if a naked 10 year old was perfectly normal in her room. And it was in a way.

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She had been getting fucked by her brother, Peter, so often for the last couple years, that being clothed in her room was the exception, rather than the rule. But recently, after she had had her first period, Peter had stopped fucking her. It was something about not being able to cum inside her that made him stop. Fucking pervert.

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Who did he think he was? He had knocked up those Masterson girls, and he didn't suffer any guilt. "But no! The big strong man doesn't want to knock up his sister!

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Well, he had a lousy cock anyway," she pouted. Jesse looked at her body in the mirror and sighed again. How could he not want her? She was perfect. Her face was breathtakingly gorgeous, with perfect lips and long red hair, and blue eyes like sapphires. The tits on her chest were easily B cups by now, small but perky, nipples erect and ready to be pinched. Creamy white skin adorned her hourglass body, but the crowning jewel was her pussy. A strip of red hair led to the sparkling lips, which had already begun to produce lubricant, even at her early age.

She knew she had a tight pussy, her muscles clamped down on her fingers so hard she couldn't get them out, but Peter still wouldn't fuck her! That's when she realized she didn't need him. "Dad." Tom opened his eyes blearily. His daughter was standing over him, almost nude, just in her bra and panties. His dick rose a little involuntarily, and he tried to shake the unbidden thoughts of Jesse naked out of his head. "Hey little muffin, what's up?" He asked hastily. Jesse smiled and leaned down until her hot breath was on his face.

She smiled seductively and said "When are you going to make me pancakes?" Tom bust out laughing, relief flooding through him. "Don't worry hun, I'll be up in a sec. Just give these old bones a minute will ya?" Jesse beamed at him.

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"Alright dad! Just hurry up!" She jumped off the bed and skipped out of the room, her tight little ass showing clearly through the skimpy panties. Tom shook his head. His daughter was undeniably attractive, but he just couldn't think about her like a woman yet.

"Yet?" he asked aloud. Not ever! So he dismissed the thought, and got out of bed, chocking up his raging hard on to morning wood. Jesse did a mental victory cheer and pumped her fist in the air. Even though her dad had done the best he could to hide it, an admirable job to be sure, he couldn't completely cover his massive erection. She was glad she had gotten out of there in time. Her panties were soaked, and she just had to get herself off as fast as she could.

Grabbing a dildo she had stolen from her deceased mom's secret stash in the attic, Jesse jumped in the shower, immediately plunging it into her tight little pussy. "Uhh, yes! Yes!" she moaned, louder and louder, hoping her dad could hear her screams of passion.

She needn't have worried. Her shower shared a wall with his bathroom. Tom dropped the toothbrush he was holding to the counter in shock. His little baby was getting herself off! At only 10 years old! This couldn't be happening! But the moans could not be ignored, and Tom found himself hornier than he had been in a long time.

Immediately he dropped his pants to the bathroom floor, immediately his hand went to his 10 inch dick, and immediately he began to pump with as much strength as he had. Jesse continued to pound her pussy. She lay in the tub, facing the shower head. Steaming water smashed into her body, hitting her tits in all the right spots, making her moan even louder than before. The dildo pummeled her tiny cunt, and she came.

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Gloriously she came, screaming with pleasure and shivering with lust. Her little body pushed against the edge of the tub as her legs tried to force themselves open even wider. This of course gave the hot water perfect access to her pink snatch, and it wasted no time in bringing her to another orgasm. Across the wall, Tom was cumming to. As soon as he heard her scream out in exctacy for the first time, he felt his balls clench, and his cock jerk in his hands. Streams of milky white cum burst out of the head, smacking the tile with a wet smack.

He shouted, and fell to the ground, panting from orgasmic bliss. It was only after his high that he realized she had screamed "Daddy!" and that he had shouted, "Jess!" right back.


But Jesse had heard it all, and she knew that she would have to act soon, when he was the horniest. Of course, she couldn't do it now. Jesse wanted to get pregnant, and she wanted him to have all the cum he could get before she tried, in order to give her the best chance. So over the next few weeks, she teased him even more. She left the door open when she was getting changed so that he could see her naked. She dropped things in front of him so she could bend down and show her panties from under her mini skirts.

She even went so far as to buy lollipops to sensuously lick and suck, always in front of him. But whenever it seemed to get suspicious, she feigned innocence. One look of her big blue eyes sent her dad reeling every time. Tom knew she was teasing him of course, but for the life of him he didn't know why.

Honestly, he didn't mind the "accidental" glimpses of her naked, but the worst part was, she wouldn't even let him beat his meat! Whenever he would try to go into the bathroom to let go of his load, she would yell for a glass of water, or pizza rolls, or a movie. And with things so hectic at work, he was usually too tired at night to do anything but plop down and sleep. And so he did, one fateful Friday night. "Fuck me daddy!

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Fuck me! Yes! Yes!" Tom woke up suddenly. That dream was so vivid, so real. He could still see her little tits bouncing in the air while she rode his cock. Tom shook his head. It was the sixth time this week he had had a dream like that, and he needed to stop.

But then he realized that those words weren't from his dream. He got up from his bed and followed the noise to his daughter's room, where he found her lying on the bed, fingers dancing a merry tune on her clit while she moaned his name.


Tom's cock immediately stood to attention, making a tent in his boxer shorts. He pulled his pants off and watched her pre-teen body writhe on the bed in passion while he jerked his dick. Suddenly, Jesse sat up and looked straight at him.

With a sexy come hither stare, she motioned with a tiny finger. "Come on daddy. I wouldn't want you to waste all of that cum on the carpet." Without knowing what he was doing, Tom strode into the room, rigid cock still lying in his hand.

Jesse jumped off the bed and walked over to him. "I've waited a long time for this daddy. And know, I'm finally going to get what I want." She kissed him, her tongue snaking past his lips to dance with his. Her warm body pressed against his, and his penis slid underneath her pussy lips. Jesse was wet. The juices streaming out of her pussy coated his cock in warmth.

The kiss broke off, leaving him gasping for air. But he had little time to breathe. She was planting kisses down his chest, sucking on his nipples, savoring his hard abs before finally getting to the main event. Hot lips sucked Tom's rod into her sexy little mouth. He groaned, then finally found his voice. "Baby, we really shouldn't be doing this." Jesse replied not with words, but by sucking his cock all the way down her throat. Tom gasped. Never in his prodigious sex life had he ever gotten such great head.

Her mouth was like a hot tub, and her tongue was the jets. It massaged the entire length of his cock. Pubic hair tickled her nose, but she forced herself not to sneeze, and to just continue breathing. She started altering her strategy then. Her fingers fondled his balls. Her mouth ran up and down his long cock, and she knew that he was getting frighteningly close to orgasm.

So Jesse stopped and, leading him by the cock, walked her daddy over to her Powerpuff girl bed.


She lay on her back, her legs open wide, and pulled him towards her. "Fuck me daddy." With those three words, he woke up and found a woman lying beneath him. Moonlight was the only thing illuminating the father and daughter, and it gave rise to a passion Tom had never known before.

He kissed her one more time, and plunged his cock into her sweet little snatch. She moaned in his mouth and he in hers. His cock pulled out then, and sunk back into her with a wet slap.

That was when they started fucking. Hard and fast he plowed his little daughter. His cum filled balls slapped against her tight little ass, and her tits flew up and down wildly. He sucked on her erect nipples, biting them and twisting them as she screamed with passion. Their pubic hair mixed, red and brown, and Jesse wondered what color hair their kids would have. But not all good things can last.

"Honey, I'm going to cum!" he shouted. "I am too! Cum inside me daddy! Make me big with your baby!" In his lust fueled state, Tom didn't truly hear his daughter, but some part of his brain screamed at him to cum on his daughter's tits.

He tried to escape, but to no avail.

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Her pussy was too fucking tight, and as his sweet little daughter climaxed, her muscles locked his massive dick inside her cunt. He grunted, and with nowhere else to go, he grabbed her naked hips and shoved forward, bouncing the head of his cock into her cervix.

Cum spilled out of him like a hot flood. His penis throbbed, sending waves of pleasure through Jesse's thrashing body. Her womb filled with his incestuous seed, and one of the many millions of sperm wriggled it's way into her fertile egg. Jesse screamed, and knew instinctively that at that point, she was going to be a mother. Tom popped out of her and sat down, watching with dazed eyes as a little waterfall of his cum flowed out of his daughter's pink cunt.

She raised her head and watched with him as the white cream coated the edge of the bed.

Jesse grinned and looked at her dad. "Congrats dad. You're going to be a grandfather!" Leave comments please!