Kiss hot sex gay Dad Family Cabin Retreat

Kiss hot sex gay Dad Family Cabin Retreat
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Trail Lodge awakening…Pt 1. The sun was setting on another day at the trail lodge as I watched my father drive away in the car. Behind me in the cabin, my mother was sobbing quietly, having just argued with my father about his spying on my sister in the bathroom.

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It had been coming for a long time; even this break to the cabin wasn't going to fix what had been long broken in my parent's relationship. I really felt bad for my mom and my dad and taking sides is always hard, especially when you have committed the same heinous acts, but not been caught.

I had spied on my sister at home on many occasions, but had never been caught or so I thought. I was to learn later, after the departure of my father, just how little I really knew about the wiles of women. Turning my back, downhearted, on the departing cloud of road dust, I entered the cabin and looked towards my mother.

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She sat on the sofa, with my sister's arm around her waist comforting her. The sooty tear tracks across my mother's 33-year-old ivory cheeks didn't become her. She was a fine compact lady, small framed and slim without being skinny.

The summer dress she was wearing was light cotton, and showed the shadowy shape of her pert unsupported breasts in the red sunlight streaming in through the door behind me.

Her smooth shaved legs glistened in the crimson light, slightly apart at the knee due to the low sofa, showing a glimpse of her inner thigh. Beside her, my 13-year-old younger sister tried to console my mother, though not to my knowledge knowing why our parents had fought and parted.

She was a smaller, well, younger version of my mother, petite and pert and clothed in another light summer dress. Her legs were also smooth and parted, but also canted to one side as she leaned towards my mother, her dress annoyingly tucked tight into her crotch. The armchair by the large stone hearth welcomed my tired aching 15-year-old body into it.

I had taken my sister out all afternoon swimming in the creek at my mother's request and had won the race back to the cabin just in time to catch the end of the blazing argument that had resulted in the departure of my father.

I had heard how my mother had chanced upon him that morning, outside the cabin, stooping to see though the vent plate into the bathroom with his hand gripping his hard cock. She was not impressed, and not at that moment willing to listen to any excuse my father had to give. He was to leave whilst my mother considered everything, and we the children would not be leaving with him.

I sat there looking at the two most precious females in my young life, lost for words, unable to tell mum what I had heard and support her without letting sis know what father had done.

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Unable to tell sis why mother was so upset or why father had left without betraying my father. So I sat there silently, watching the two women intently.

My mother's sobbing diminished after a while and she put her own arm around my sister's shoulder and held her close. She then glanced up to me, weakly smiled and held out her other arm invitingly, palm extended and open. I arose from the chair and smoothly moved to sit on the rug covered floor by my mothers knee, feeling her hand gently fall onto my back between my shoulders.

I draped my left arm across my mother's thigh and reached across to my sister's thigh, giving it a gentle brotherly squeeze. She glanced at me and smiled, then looked up at mother. "What a to do kids, what a to do." said my mother quietly. " Your father has had to leave so it's just us three for the rest of the holiday, let's make the most of it." My sister was about to ask the obvious question, but caught me gently shaking my head and said nothing; instead, reaching down and placing her free hand onto the one I still had on her thigh.

I looked down at my hand and stared as if lost in thought, whilst actually concentrating on the smoothness of both bare upper thighs of the women beside me. There wasn't much to see, but as I had already seen my sister naked, the sight of her thigh, and the thought of my father outside wanking started to have an undesired effect on my own cock.

Whilst not unpleasant, my hardening cock was badly timed and not exactly the what I wanted my mother to be seeing, especially right now with the departure of my father.

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"I think we should eat," said my mother as she leaned forward to rise "there's a plate of steaks in the fridge we can barbeque, John, you light the Barbie: Sami you can help with the salad, chop-chop." I leaned back, withdrawing my arm as my mother slid forward on the sofa to stand. Her dress clung to the material of the seat, and slid effortlessly up my mother's thigh, showing my keen eye an intense, if brief view of my mother's white panties. The thin plain material was also pulled tight to her crotch, the gusset hugging her full labia, with a slight indentation in the middle, and then it was gone, hidden beneath the falling folds of the dress.

As she walked away towards the kitchenette, the last of he suns rays shone through the thin material of the dress, a translucent shadow theatre of eroticism walking across the room.

Clearly on view to my feasting eyes was the outline of a very fine woman, a very fine mother, and my cock throbbed even more at the site.

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My sister leapt up from the sofa quickly following my mother, too quick for a repeat panty episode, but providing just a pleasant a shadow show. With the women across the room, I quickly reached down and adjusted my hard cock within my shorts, then arose and headed outside through the door towards the barbeque.

In the storage beneath the brick built alfresco cooker was a supply of charcoal and fire lighting implements.

It took me very little time to get a decent pile of burning lump charcoal that I knew would be ready for the steaks in about 30 minutes. I looked down at my arms and shirt, blacked up from the charcoal dust, and headed inside to the shower. In the kitchen, my sister was still busy chop-chopping the salad and peppering up the steaks as I passed through the sitting area and headed towards the rear of the cabin., through the doorway to the bedroom corridor.

As I walked down the corridor, I started to remove my shirt and pulled it up over my head, continuing forward oblivious of the sudden light that had appeared in front of me. My mother stepped from the bathroom, out of the light, and straight into my naked upper torso. As I collided with her, she instinctively reached out and grabbed me to maintain her balance, letting go of her towel but not the toiletries bag in her hand.

Still oblivious, and walking forwards, I hit my mother full-on, and suddenly felt her body against mine, her arm around me. The towel had fallen to the floor, and her naked pert breasts were pressed flat against my chest, her hand squeezing my back as we began to fall to the floor. I struggled uselessly with my arms locked into my shirt above my enclosed head, knowing I was heading downwards and it was going to hurt, barely aware of the warmth of my mother underneath my falling body.


I heard a sound of glass breaking, then felt a change of direction in my fall as my mother had dropped the toiletry bag and managed to grab the bathroom doorframe spinning me over, and slowing my descent. As I continued to fall, our bodies parted as my mother's grasp failed, but her quick reaction had been enough to plant me on my bottom and not my nose.

I managed to pull the shirt clear of my head, and sat there with my arms vertical, looking up at my mother. "Sorry mom, you OK?" I said looking up at my naked mother from the floor. The light from the bathroom illuminated her pale skin to perfection. Her slight frame was flawless, the same as Sami's, pert breasts with dark brown contrasting nipples erect and proud.

Her stomach flat and tight, but most surprisingly, her pubis was hairless. As I sat there, I was low enough to see between her legs, the smooth plump lips of her unexcited pussy just like those of my 13 year old sister, almost virginal in their tidiness, with a small "comma" at the front just revealing the top of her clitoral hood.

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"Are YOU ok?" she replied, reaching down quickly to recover the towel and cover herself. "You are lucky you didn't brain yourself, and me. What were you doing walking about blind, you idiot" "Sorry, mom, thought you were in the bedroom getting ready for dinner, didn't expect to meet you down here in the corridor." "That's OK.

Best you get showered, you look a tad mucky. You got the Barbie going?" I explained it would be 20 minutes, and I would just get a quick shower, change, and then be out. Got up, and headed on down to my room to finish getting out of my dirty clothes. My urgency to reach the safety of my room was in part spurred on by the throbbing hard-on in my shorts, and the hope my mother hadn't seen it in the dim corridor light.

As the door closed behind me, I reached down, opened my shorts and grasped my hard cock. I had just felt my mother's breasts against my body, her naked breasts squashed tight. Then, to turn my heaven into complete paradise, she had stood there just long enough for me to see her complete naked body, and I was so turned on.

To really top the cake, she had pulled the towel back and covered herself so casually and continued on as if nothing had happened. My cock demanded my attention, and it demanded it right now. Leaning back against the door, I placed my feet apart and started to pump.


My right hand became a blur as I grasped my cock tightly and rubbed it roughly, throttling it with my eyes closed. I could see my mother's panties, white and tight, then a shadow, then a naked smooth pussy with that little bit of clitoral protection peering out.

I replayed all these over and over for what seemed like forever, and indeed would have been if it wasn't all of 30 seconds. The inevitable happened that quickly, as I arched my feet and stood on tip-toes, pressing my shoulders against the door, pushing my groin outwards from the door as my cock exploded.

A great glob of white shot out of my cock and across the room, landing on the floor in front of me, then another and another splattered down beside it. I opened my eyes and looked at the floor as my feet relaxed me back to the ground and saw the little splashes of my cum. I reached down with my dirty shirt and wiped up the mess, then deposited it in the wash basket with the rest of my clothes, and headed for the shower in just boxers…

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