Petite coed Gianna getting fucked

Petite coed Gianna getting fucked
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Rachel and Caitlin were walking home from school together. As most teenage girls do, they were sharing their stories about the boys clearly fawning for them, and how desperate they seemed. Both girls were very attractive with Caitlin having the slightly fitter body, but the tits and ass on both of them were the usually the cause of many boners.

The pair had been best friends since they were both kids and had done everything and shared everything together. "You know that one guy Steve is actually not as much of a fuckboy as other guys. I might even like him a bit" Caitlin said to Rachel. "Are you sure Cait? I mean he might just be using you to get that booty" Rachel responded, while going behind Caitlin and quickly slapping her ass.

"Don't smack me! He's a good guy. We have a lot in common and he seems very genuine. And who says getting fucked is the worst thing in the world" "Wow you are a slut" Caitlin fired back, while thinking in her head, 'Yes!

Maybe she'll be open to messing around with me' The two girls went back to Rachel's house as they normally do on Fridays. After changing clothes, they would always make some snacks together and then go out, usually to a party. They went up to Rachel's room and tossed their bags on the bed. Since the girls were so close, Caitlin had some clothes at Rachel's and vice versa.


Caitlin pulled her shirt up and Rachel could not look away from her cleavage. Then she pulled down her skirt and her hot pink thong accentuated her perfect tight ass. 'I shouldn't be looking at her that way' Rachel thought. But she couldn't keep her eyes off of Caitlin's sexy body. Rachel quickly got out of her uniform as well. They were debating about what to wear out to the party.


"What do you think about this?" Caitlin asked while turning around revealing her crop top shirt and tiny shorts. Rachel essentially began to drool over Caitlin's body. Her long legs were so smooth and attractive. "What do I think? You look like a slut!" Rachel yelled back and pushed her onto her bed. "You're just as bad. Your ass is basically hanging out of your shorts. And your tits might as well be popping out." "Well, we are going to a party.

And I am looking to see if I can get any action. Maybe from Steve" Rachel winked at Caitlin. "Wow, you're such a bitch" Caitlin went over to Rachel and wrestled her to the ground. Caitlin was straddling Rachel and held her arms to the ground. Rachel was looking up at Caitlin smirking, and wished she would lean down and kiss her. This is a scene right out of Rachel's dreams.

All she wanted was to be all alone with Caitlin, without any worries in the world. Caitlin's phone started to buzz so she got off of Rachel and looked at it. "Emily said people are starting to get to her house, so we should probably head over there." The two girls got up and said goodbye to Rachel's family and headed over to Emily's house.

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Emily had bright red hair and was really skinny. She greeted Caitlin and Rachel and showed them where some snacks and drinks were. Almost immediately did Caitlin spot Steve and turned to Rachel. "Oh my god Rach. I'm going to go over to Steve. Hopefully we'll hit it off. We'll talk in a little while." Rachel was a little disappointed to see her crush go over to a guy who was probably just a fuckboy.

She watched Caitlin run over to Steve, and closely watched her butt jiggle as she jumped and hugged him.

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They walked away into another room and Rachel was just talking with some other girls she knew and was busy pushing away guys trying to get into her pants. Rachel only wanted to get back home for her almost weekly sleepover with Caitlin.

The party was going pretty well until Caitlin ran up to Rachel looking like she had just cried. "Are you okay Cait?" "I'm so stupid. You were right." "What are you talking about?" "All he wanted was to get in my pants. Steve is a dick." "It's okay Caitlin. Guys are the worst. Do you want to go back to my place now?" Caitlin nodded, the two girls thanked Emily, and headed home.

Once they got back to Rachel's house, they went up to her room and were getting ready for bed.

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Usually both girls sleep with only panties on when they are in their own home, but tonight they just wore shorts and a big t-shirt. When they got into Rachel's bed the two girls started talking.

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"I'm so upset about Steve. I really thought he was a good guy.

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It seemed like we might have had something going. Turns out he is just a jerk. Just like the rest of the boys we know." Caitlin said while holding back tears. Rachel felt really bad about Caitlin.

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She could tell she really liked Steve and he crushed her. However, Rachel thought this was the perfect time to try to console Caitlin and potentially make a move. Rachel moved a bit closer to Caitlin, and she reached out her arms giving the universal sign for a hug. "Listen Cait. Boys are just assholes. Especially teenage boys. You know I am here for you, no matter what. I can help you with anything you would ever need" Rachel looks deep into Caitlin's eyes.

Rachel rests her left hand on Caitlin's cheek. Caitlin couldn't figure out what brought her to this, but she leaned in and rested her lips right on Rachel's lips. After slowly, but sensually moving their lips in synchronization. Caitlin was the first to pull away and open her eyes. "Oh my god Rach. I'm so sorry, I don't know why I did that. Something got to me. I really hope th—" Rachel cut off Caitlin by planting her lips back on Caitlin and kissed her for a few more seconds.

"It's okay Cait. I actually liked it." Rachel said while smiling back at Cait. Rach then proceeded to get on top of Caitlin and take control. She continued to make out with her now slipping her tongue in. Rachel's left hand rested on the side of Caitlin's face with the other hand around Cait's waist.

After a little while of making out.

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Rachel moved her right hand inside Cait's shirt and began to slide it up her body. Once Rachel reached Caitlin's nipple she began to circle it with her finger and occasionally squeeze it. Caitlin lightly moaned while her nipples were being teased. Finally Rachel broke the kiss but moved down Caitlin's body, softly kissing it until she got to her shorts.

Rachel traced her fingers down Caitlin's legs and then all the way back up, starting on the outside but ending on the inside of her thighs. Rachel slides down even more until her face is even with Cait's knees.

Rachel kissed the inside of her legs and moved inch until she was at the top of her thighs. Rachel could see the tiny wet sport on Caitlin's shorts, showing that she wasn't wearing any panties. With her teeth Rachel grabbed Caitlin's shorts and pulled them down off her body.

Finally Rachel was witnessing what she had dreamed about, Caitlin's perfect pussy. In front of her were two plump, shaved, pussy lips glistening.

There was no hair on Caitlin's pussy.

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Rachel started by licking in a circle around Caitlin's pussy. She began to squirm as the teasing was driving Cait crazy. Only now did Caitlin's pussy leak more juices all over her pussy, leaving it even shinier.

Finally did Rachel attack Caitlin's clit by licking up her slit sucking all the juices and landing on her clit. Caitlin gasped and grabbed Rachel's head holding it even closer to her pussy. Rachel quickly but methodically switched between sucking on Caitlin's clit and plunging her tongue deep inside Cait. After thrashing around, Rachel begins to slow down on eating Caitlin out, but she is just waiting to do her special move. As Caitlin's pussy is covered in juices, Rachel decides to blow some air right on her pussy making Caitlin nearly cry in pleasure.

"Holy shit Rachel! I'm gonna cum so bad. Please please please" Rachel slid her tongue so deep inside of Caitlin that she squirted a little bit of cum right into Rachel's mouth. The taste was so sweet and divine to Rachel. Caitlin could barely contain herself. She was slightly shaking on Rachel's bed. "Holy fuck Rach. That was the best orgasm I ever had. You know what Rach?" "What's that Cait?" "Get on your back right now, I am going to make you squirt all over." TO BE CONTINUED…………&hellip.