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WiFi Master Richard Golispi was a scientist who worked behind the scenes with Francis Galton. Galton invented the dog whistle. Around 1883 Galton studied some pretty weird shit about psychological phenomena and their subsequent measurement. It is believed that Golispi or his assistant stole some of Galtons notes about the dog whistle and the frequencies in which humans can hear.

Which is about 20 Hz and a dogs range is about 23 to 54 kHz. Who knows what other notes were taken. By 1923 those notes had been sitting on the shelf in Richard's study for forty years. He had long since given up on the thoughts and research he had pursued in those days. Galton was studying Eugenics which is the applied science aimed at improving the Genetic Composition of a population. In other words making humans perfect through a social philosopy for the improvement of human hereditary traits.

Golispi on the other hand thought he could help this philosophy by introducing certain frequencies to the human mind and change people's thinking. He hit a stonewall in his research around 1893 and gave up. Richards son, Ronald was born in 1884. Ronald had a son in 1910, named Ronald Golispi Jr. Grandpa Golispi told Little Ronnie when he was thirteen to keep these notes in a safe place they would be worth a lot some day. Grandpa was 85 years old and after he past those notes on he died later that year.

Little Ronnie the 2nd didn't know what he had so he just stuck them away and hung onto them, the year was 1923. As Ronnie Jr. graduated College in 1932 with a Major in Electronics he met his future wife Helen. She was a beauty, standing a tall 5' 2" with a 38-26-40 figure. Long red hair and just as cute as could be. Ronnie went head over heals for her and they were married in 1934.

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They had sex a couple times a day, then the next year it went to a couple times a week. Helen got pregnant and gave birth to twins in the fall of 1935. By 1936 after the twins came along Helen became an uptight bitch and only had sex with Ronnie about once a year. No more doggie style over the fender of his 1932 Ford, like in the old days, (which was just a short two years ago).


Just plain missionary style boom boom shoot your load and get off me had become Helen's way and then only once a year. Well Ronnie was sick of this shit so he began thinking of a way to change his wife back to the old Helen. He remembered reading somewhere about using radio waves to change people's thinking and thought maybe he could use that to change Helen back to her old self. Finally he remembered where he read that, it was in Grandpa's notes on psychological phenomena and introducing certain frequencies to the human mind to change people's thinking.

He dug Grandpa's notes out of the attic and began studying. He re-created Grandpa's transmitter and bumped up the frequency as the later notes suggested might work. First he jumped the Frequency to 21 Hz and turned it on in the kitchen while Helen was fixing Supper one evening. nothing happened. So he went back to the notes and read Galton's notes on the dog whistle.

He made a dog whistle that sounded at 22 kHz. The next evening he put his transmitter on the kitchen counter, switched it on and stood back watching Helen at the stove. He then blew the dog whistle and Helen's head came up from the cooking immediately. Hmm, he thought now we're getting somewhere. He played around with this for several weeks but could not get her to react to the sound. He couldn't give her a command because he was busy blowing on the dog whistle.

In 1938 technology just wasn't available to create the sound the dog whistle made electronically. As frustrated as he was, Ronnie made his final notes and added them to the files from Grandpa and stored them away in the attic along with the transmitter and the dog whistle. Life went on for Ronnie and as the twins Helena and Howard grew they each had their own interest.

Howard became a whiz at electronics, winning all the titles and trophies at the Science fairs at school in his Junior and Senior years. By 1955 Howard was a Sophmore in College and was doing well with his Master's in Electronics, just like the old man.

Howard was close to his father and they always talked shop when Howard was home from College. That year at Christmas when Howard and his Father were sitting around Ronnie said, " Son I have something I want to show you". So he led him to the dusty old attic of the family home and Ronnie took down the old boxes with his Grandfather's notes in them.

And the box with the transmitter and dog whistle in them. He explained to Howard that these notes and stuff had been in the family for generations. Now it was his turn to pass them on to Howard. He told him the whole story of his great Grandfather's studies as well his Father's and his own. Leaving the possibilities of what this idea could do if it was ever working properly to Howard's own imagination.

When Howard left for College after Christmas Vacation he had the files and stuff in the trunk of his car. Once back to his small house off Campus Howard began reading the notes and studying the whole concepts and formula's his father and his father before him had been working on. He became intrigued to say the least. The possibilities swimming around in his head drove him on as he read and began testing the transmitter and dog whistle. He tried it on one of his girlfriends one Friday night and they had some of the best sex ever, unbeknownst to her the transmitter was playing the whole time.

Howard used the dog whistle at the beginning and then wasn't able to keep it going. He felt it all had something to do with it though because of the over the top sex they had had. He kept working on the project but was becoming frustrated, finally he shelfed the idea until 1970 when he heard about the spread spectrum communications the Military was using in Ham Radio gear.

They were able to use a combination of frequencies and switch back and forth between them to confuse the enemy and make it more difficult to intercept their radio transmissions. Howard studied this new technology and came up with an electronic transmitter that could make the dog whistle frequency and mix it with other Frequencies such as the ones his ancestors had been experimenting with.

Chapter 2 At 35 years of age and single Howard didn't have many female friends, with his job at the University as a Professor and his work on the project at home there just wasn't time for dating. Howard tried to get a few females over to his house without much luck, finally he went to a Laundry Mat to wash some old shop rags that he didn't want in his washing machine at home and met this 22 year old college student named Nikki Sorenson.

Nikki wasn't attractive by any means, but she was nice, friendly too. The talked and talked about school, future plans, current happenings, etc. They talked awhile after all the laundry was done and decided how pathetic they both were for hanging out at the Laundry Mat. Nikki's clothing made no fashion statement, but Howard wasn't concerned with this and her body was rather bulky to put it nicely. She stood about 5 feet tall, had dirty blonde hair, her tits were big, but so was her ass and her belly.

Howard thought she would make a great test subject though and suggested they go to a local fast food joint for burgers, fries and a Coke. She agreed and they put their laundry in their respective vehicles and took a short walk to the burger joint.

On the way Howard began asking questions about her likes and dislikes, occasionally adding his personal likes or dislikes on the same subjects. After an hour and a half they parted ways and exchanged phone numbers.

That following weekend he called her and invited her over for lunch. Being in the middle of the day she felt safe enough and accepted his offer.

He had the new transmitter built that could transmit a number of different frequencies at the flick of a switch and used the other transmitter he made to produce the dog whistle frequency. When he tried using one for both frequencies it became very hot. So he separated them and he turned them both on as they sat on top of the fridge behind two cereal boxes out of sight. She came to the door right on time and knocked. Howard opened the door a little surprised at what he saw.

She cleaned up pretty nice.


Her clothes were still frumpy, her top was a long sleeve high necked affair, turquoise in color and her Navy blue dress slacks were real loose fitting, baggy in fact.

But her hair was clean and shiny, still that dirty blonde color, but looked and smelt nice as he greeted her. He welcomed her in and noticed her head kinda jerk as she entered. Her make up was nice and her lips begged to be kissed.

Howard couldn't believe this frumpy out of shape girl was making his 6.5 inch long, thick dick kinda stir a little in his jeans . She sat at the counter and they talked a little bit while Howard finished grilling the sandwiches. She looked a little flushed like maybe she was too hot in the long sleeves or something so Howard suggested a short sleeve shirt of his she could wear if she wanted to cool off a little.

She said that would be great and commented how silly she had been to wear a long sleeve any how. As Howard turned to go get her a change of shirts she pulled her shirt up and off handing it to him. He didn't want the total surprise to show on his face so he looked down after seeing her sitting there with those big tits supported by an industrial grade bra.

As he was looking down he decided to try a suggestion. Nikki if your that hot you can take your bra off too. Now he knew from the questions he had asked her last week at the burger joint and the conversation that followed, that she hated women who went without a bra, and especially big women. So when Howard suggested it he knew if she did it the transmitter was working on her. She immediately said, "yeah I am really warm" and unsnapped the clasp on the huge boulder holder and let loose the biggest tits Howard had ever seen in his life.

Totally surprised when she took off her shirt because she was very prudish to say the least, very modest in dress and behavior. But when she let those knockers loose he about fainted. Now he wanted to see what she would do if he embarrassed her. So he said, "Helen your nipples are hard, may I squeeze them?" She came to her senses finally and couldn't believe what she was doing sitting there topless in front of Howard who she had only met last week.

"Oh my", she said covering her tits, or at least the nipples. Her tits were so big when she put her hands over the nipples almost the whole rest of her tits were still in plain view. Howard excused himself and went to retrieve one of his t-shirts from the dresser in his bedroom. A white one was right on top, perfect he thought. He returned to the kitchen finding Nikki with her huge tits resting on top of the kitchen island as she leaned over on her bar stool.

Evidently coming to her senses only lasted a brief moment. That was interseting he thought. He handed her the shirt and she stood up to put it on. My God what a set of hangers Howard thought to himself.

He swore her tits were the size of cantelopes and her aereolas were as big as the coasters sitting on the kitchen island. Her nipples were the size of his thumbs! Mmmm! He thought, "I want to suck those". Nikki put the white T-shirt on and sat back down the sandwiches were ready and he set them on the counter looking right at her tits through the stretched T-shirt.

You could see right through it, making out her large aereolas and those thumb sized nipples.

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He offerd her a drink and she chose Iced tea. That was perfect because he didn't want alcohol effecting his first experiment. After the meal and light conversation he decided to kick it up a notch. Nikki asked to use the restroom and as he pointed, told her where it was. When she stepped out of the kitchen he reached up to the transmitters and bumped both up a notch on their dials.

Not being sure how she would react was part of the fun. Well about halfway down the hall he heard her gasp and came out to the kitchen and grabbed her bra and top and headed back to the bathroom. She put her clothes back on and came into the kitchen a little shaken. "You alright"?

he asked, watching for a reaction. She said yeah, but wouldn't look him in the eye. He suggested to go out on the patio and refresh their teas. She said "Ok" and they headed out the sliding door to the patio. They talked some more and Howard felt the transmitter had lost its effect at the higher setting.

When they returned inside a half hour later she said she had better be going but needed to use the restroom again first. He told her she knew where it was and as soon as she was gone, he backed the transmitters back to their original settings. When she came back in the kitchen she had that flushed look about her again and Howard asked, "Are you ok Nikki"? She said, "I'm so sorry I feel like I did earlier, really hot and I need to get into cooler clothes." Howard fought back a smile and said, "Sure whatever you need".

He poured her a glass of water and sat it in front of her. "Here, drink this". he said. I'll go get the "T-Shirt and a pair of shorts." As he was leaving the kitchen she began stripping. He wanted to stay and watch but wasn't sure how far the Frequency would take her.

So he quickly went to his room got a pair of the biggest shorts he could find and went to the bathroom and got the T-Shirt. Coming back into the Kitchen Nikki was sitting on the bar stool naked as the day she was born. Those huge cantelope sized melons with thumb size nipples were once again resting on the kitchen island counter top. They were magnificent! Howard's other head took over the thinking and he said, "Those tits are bitchin", can I suck them"? Howard figured that would jar her back to reality like before but it didn't and she surprised him by grabbing one of the huge melons and spinning on her stool to face him.

"Come and get it", Nikki said. Howard being one horny son of a bitch dove into her like a madman. Mauling the offered tit with one hand and burying two fingers of his other hand in her juicy hair covered snatch. Most snatch in the 1970's was hairy, but this one was not only hairy, but plump and juicy. Juice was actually running down her leg. Well Howard was finger banging her intensely and alternating between her big tits and nipples.

Normally he wasn't turned on by a woman of this size and she sure wasn't the least bit pretty. He began to wonder if the Frequency was having and effect on him too. He was prepared for this and had come up with special ear plugs that blocked the main Frequency of 21 Hz. So he led Nikki to his bedroom she never even came close to putting on his shirt and shorts, they were laying in a pile on the kitchen floor along with her clothes.

Her big tits bounced as Howard led her down the short hallway to his bedroom, and let her walk in first. Looking at her huge ass as she passed in front of him. He sunk his fingers into the soft flesh of her right cheek as she went by him into his room. "Lay on your back on the bed and squeeze those big titties. Howard went back to the kitchen boosted the volume of the Frequency on both transmitters but didn't change the Freq. itself. Retreiving the special ear plugs from the drawer beside the fridge, he headed back to the bedroom.

Upon entering he noticed two things. One was she had done exactly as he told her, she was on the bed on her back and she worked those big tits like a bitch in heat.

She squeezed them one at a time with two hands, then pushed both tits together, then pulled each tit up to her mouth one at a time to suck the nipples. Howard about shot a load right there as he began strippng his clothes off and left them in the doorway. His boner standing proud out in front of him, he was so turned on by this big frumpy bitch he almost forgot the ear plugs.

He had laid them down on top the dresser for a second while he took his clothes off and now retrieved them and stuck them in his ears. Immediately his hornyness dropped to a managable level. He saw Nikki for what she really was. Although a decent enough girl she was definitely not in his league.

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So he decided to make sure his test was complete. He asked Nikki why she was doing this, and she said she didn't know. All of a sudden she was just horny beyond her control and just wanted to be naked and fucked. Totally out of character for her he was sure, so he thought one more test was in order. "Well I'm glad your so hot cause so am I, "Please suck me off right now." Nikki came off the bed before Howard could even take a step forward and was on her knees in front of him lapping at his semi hard shaft and balls.

In a minute she had him hard as stone again. Gobbling his head in her mouth jacking him off with one hand. Working his dick pretty good, she became determined in her efforts. Howard said, "Make me cum you hot big assed bitch." She went at it like a wild woman. Jacking and sucking him closer and closer to an orgasm. Finally Howard said, "Get your finger wet with your pussy juice and stick it up my ass." Nikki responded immediately and did as she was told.

Dipping her finger in her chubby snatch collecting some juice for lube was no problem since it was running out of her and down the inside of her thighs.

She got her finger wet and found Howard's asshole and shoved her finger in as far as she could. Howard instantly shot a huge rope of cum down her throat. As she neared his ass with her juicy digit he had rammed his cock as far down her throat as he could get. Perfect timing, she buried her finger in his ass just as he crammed her mouth and throat full of cock! After Howard came down off the intense orgasmic high Nikki had just led him to and through, he came to his senses still wearing the special ear plugs and said, "Ok time for you to go." "Forget everything from the moment you walked into my house." Howard instructed Nikki to get dressed and leave immediately.

Just to see if she was still under the influence of the transmitter. She was, and she did exactly as he had ordered. Nikki got up off the bed with a blank look on her face, got dressed and left. Chapter 3 Holy shit! Howard thought as he went back over the days events. He had succeded in getting control of another persons mind by mixing the frequencies from Grandpa Golispi and his father.

He was thinking of calling his father when the phone rang. He picked up and said, "Hello". It was his mother Helen. "Howard when are you coming home"? "Why Mom what's the matter"? "It's your father, he's driving me nuts"! "Can't you take him to a Ball Game or something?" "Get him out of the house for awhile, maybe he just needs some father/son time." "Sure Mom, I'll be home this weekend." Oh thank you son, I need a break so bad." How are you doing otherwise Mom?

Oh just fine, but I need some girl time too. "Helena can come this weekend too, without her family, hopefully!" "Ok Mom see you Saturday morning, bye now." God what a bitch Howard thought as he hung up the phone. Dad was probably fine, it was her that needed the help. Howard sat back and thought, you know, I think I'll take my new toy with me and try to melt that iceberg and see if I can get poor ol' Dad laid this weekend. So Saturday came soon enough and Howard was heading home to see his family.

He arrived about 8am and his mother and sister were already gone for the day, evidently shopping. Dad was in the den reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. "Hello Dad"! Howard yelled as he came through the front door with his luggage. "Hey son, How are you?" Ronnie asked as he greeted him and offered to help carry his bags. "Oh I'm fine Dad, how about you?" Howard asked.

Well son, I'm alright but your mother is a bitch." Ronnie said. I may a have a solution to that problem Dad, right in this case. Howard lifted the heavy hard sided suit case. Ronnie said, that isn't big enough to carry a Bazooka! They both laughed, and Howard said, I think its even better than one though. Howard said, let's go to the shop. The shop was in the basement, Ronnie used to work on stuff there from time to time, but hadn't worked on anything serious for several years.

Practically since he had given up on the transmitter back in 1937. Howard cleaned the work bench of and set his hard case upon it.

He looked at his father and smiled. Howard said, "Dad guess what?" "I got it working!" "The transmitter, well actually transmitter(s) can actually change a persons thinking by opening them up to suggestions." Howard looked at his aging Father, now 60 years old and saw a look of disbelief on his face.

Howard said, I see your skeptical. Well just wait till Mom gets home, you'll see. They spent the next few hours talking about the changes Howard had made and the new discoveries in technology and how Howard had found the Military technology very helpful. Howard wanted his dad's help to figure out a way to direct the frequency to just one person and to make it small enough to hold in your hand.

They talked late into the afternoon until they heard the front door open. Ronnie! Howard!?

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They heard the witch hollering from the entry way. Then bags hitting the floor and some one falling to the floor. They both looked at each other smiled, and headed upstairs. Helena had tripped over Howard's suit case he had left at the door when he came in. Dammit Howard get your suit case and put it in your room! Ronnie, help us with the sacks. Helen ordered.

The guys did as they were told, (for about the last time) and when everyone met back in the kitchen Helen was still in a bitchy mood. Bossing poor Ronnie around and him being used to it, just did as she said.

Howard went to the basement and retrieved his case and all the notes and headed back upstairs to his room. Once inside he set the transmitters up on his old desk and plugged them in. Leaving them turned off he headed for the kitchen. Ronnie was starting supper and Helen and Helena were putting groceries away. Helena was a splitting image of her mother when Helen was young. She had dark red shoulder length hair, pale white complexion, a 38" bust, her waist was 24", and her hips were a nice 38".

She had a bubble butt that was tight and rode high on her frame. She was just as pretty as Helen had been in earlier years, as Howard looked at her from behind as she put the cereal boxes away in the cabinet above the fridge.

Hmmm, he thought. He decided to show his dad exactly how well the transmitter worked after supper. They got dinner ready, ate a nice meal and the Ladies cleaned up afterwards.

Howard called his Dad up to his room and said, "Get Mom to come in here bitching at you and watch what happens when I hit this button. Howard turned the small transmitter on first and put his finger on the power button for the big one. Ronnie thought for a minute knowing it shouldn't take much to get her to bitch at him.

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So he said, "I'll be right back." He left the room and headed for his room. Ronnie knew Helen hated it when he left tooth paste on the bathroom sink and so he squirted a liberal amount onto the otherwise spotless porcelain and on his way out, left the light on. He headed back to Howard's room and in about 10 minutes she hollered, Ronnie!

He said, "I'm in Howards room Dear" knowing that would really rile her up. You could hear her stomping down the hall towards Howard's room. Ronnie looked at Howard and said, "I hope your ready, she's pissed!" Howard said very calmly, "Oh I'm ready, I hope you are." Howard said, "Your about to get laid Dad!" as he put his ear plugs in. Chapter 4 Helen stormed into the room all red faced and glared at Ronnie.

Shouting she said, "Ronald go to our bathroom and clean the mess up you left in the sink!" Before Ronnie could say or do anything, Howard hit the switch on the big transmitter. Wow he had forgotten to turn the volume down since his time with Nikki. His Mom and Dad both instantly relaxed and Howard saw that blank look on their faces. It was like the volume intensified the effect. He then said, "Mom you should show Dad how sorry you are, suck his dick!" He couldn't believe those words came out of his mouth with both his parents in the room, but it didn't seem to have any negative effects on either of them.

Helen went over to Ronnie and dropped to her knees in front of him and began tugging at his pants, zipper down, button undone and down they came. Ronnie's soft old pecker came springing out into the air as Helen went to work on it like she hadn't done in years.

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From what Ronnie could tell, she hadn't forgot anything! He looked at Howard and said, "Damn that thing is fantastic!" Howard said, "You a believer now Dad?" "No doubt about it", Ronnie said. Howard whispered to his Dad, "suggest to her you continue this in your room, after she cleans up the mess in the sink!" And Dad, "Leave the bedroom door open." Ronnie did as Howard suggested and his parents left his room.

Howard was wondering just then, where his sister was. Then he remembered the frequency would be reaching all through the house. He went down the hall to his sister's room.

The door was closed but there was light coming from under the door. Howard said loud enough she could hear him, "You should open the door." Immediately he heard the bed squeak and foot steps on the old wood floor coming towards the door. Helena opened the door and Howard's jaw about hit the floor!

She was stark naked and her hair was all wild looking and she had this matter of fact look on her face.

He said, "Invite me in." Helena Said, "Howard, please cum in." She turned and went back into the bedroom and Howard followed her in, noticing immediately the smell of female sexual arousal.

He smiled to himself and said to Helena, "Please continue." Helena stretched herself back out on the bed and began fingering her pussy and tapping her clit with the middle finger of her other hand. Her pussy was trimmed nicely and real short just above the clit. It was a beautiful shade of dark red, almost matching the hair on top of her head.

As she returned to her previous activity, Howard stood at the end of her bed marvelling at just how hot this 35 year old mother was. He dropped his pants and started slowly jacking off. The scene before him was breath taking. Helena had two fingers in her pussy now, and her thumb rubbing circles on her clit.

With her other hand she was massaging her tits and tweeking her nipples with her thumb and forefingers. Ooh what a site Howard thought. She hadn't allowed Howard to see her naked since puberty, but here she was naked and playing with herself right in front of him!

Meanwhile, in Ronnie and Helen's room Helen had resumed sucking ol' Ronnie's cock until he blew a load all over her face and saggy tits. Now for a woman in her 60's those big 38" tits did sag quite a bit but they still looked good, especially to Ronnie who hadn't gotten a good look at them for years. After he regained his composure a bit Ronnie said, "Helen you look beautiful with my cum all over your face and tits." Helen said, "Why thank you dear, it was fun getting it there!" Ronnie then suggested to Helen that they take a shower together.

To his surprise she said it sounded like a Grand idea. So the ol' couple headed to the bathroom together and took a shower together. Ronnie was almost completely hard again by the time the water went cold. They got out and dried each other off.

Ronnie thought Helen was still acting pretty frisky so he said, "Helen go lie on the bed naked and play with your pussy." Helen did exactly as Ronnie had suggested, she laid down on the bed and began to stroke her pussy. Ronnie thought damn, I gotta get me one of these transmitter set ups and keep it running 24/7!

As he looked over his shoulder at Helen, he headed for Howard's room. He had a question for Howard about the range of the transmitter and what happens if the subjects move out of range? As he entered Howard's room he saw the transmitters, but Howard was no where around. So he went to look for him. As he walked by his daughter's room the door was open and he glanced in as he was walking by.

What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks! Chapter 5 Needless to say when Ronnie looked in Helena's room and saw Howard with his head buried between her legs as they both were on her bed naked, Ronnie completely forgot what he was gonna ask Howard. He stood in the door way for a moment watching as Helen's hips were rising of the bed matching Howard's thrusting fingers. They were both into the head Howard was giving his sister, and didn't see Ronnie in the doorway.

As Helena's orgasm exploded all over Howard's face he came up for air and saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked to see his father standing in the door way. As calm as could be, Howard says, "Dad come over and let Helena suck your dick." Ronnie still being under the influence of the transmitter didn't hesitate at all, as he walked towards her he just let his bath towel that was around his waist fall to the floor.

His ol' cock was about half hard and Helena's eyes got bigger as he approached her naked. This was the first time she had seen her father naked and she wasn't sure what to think. She kinda felt guilty for looking and started to look away when Howard said, "Helena suck your daddy's dick." She opened her mouth as Ronnie stepped up and fed it to her. All poor ol' Ronnie could do was say, "AHHH! Helena wasn't as good at it as her mother had once been, but Ronnie looked very pleased.

Howard moved his face from between Helena's legs and told her to get on her hands and knees without taking the cock out of her mouth. She did it, a little awkwardly but managed to keep her Dad's cock in her mouth. Once in this position, Helena's pussy was starring right back at Howard. That nice bubble ass riding high on her frame was beautiful as he began caressing it. It was firm as hell for as old as she was having two kids an all.

His 6.5 inch pecker was as hard as stone. He lined it up with her beautiful pussy and started easing it in to her an inch at a time. After about three inches of it was in she spit out Ronnie's cock and said, "Damn that's a fat cock!" "Sorry Sis," Howard said as he kept right on shoving his cock into his sister's delicate pussy.

She was plenty wet enough so it wasn't tearing her open, but it was spreading her open rather quickly.

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Soon though Howard's fat cock was working in and out nicely and she was liking it then. Helena had went back to sucking Daddy's cock with such abandon that Ol' Ronnie felt his balls beginning to tingle for the third time in as many hours. For an old guy, he sure was a horny bastard with a hard cock. He hadn't had sex other than an occasional hand job from himself for years. Helen had completely cut him off a long time ago. But it seemed he was making up for lost ground now, pumping into his daughter's mouth at a fast pace as she played with his balls.

Howard looked up from banging Helena's pussy and saw his father's cock in his sister's mouth, right in front of his face. Wow! What a sight he thought. He wondered what his brother-in-law would think of that. He pulled out of her pussy and sat up, "Helena keep working that cock, I'll be right back." he said as he left the room. Howard went directly to his room and got his brand new polaroid camera from his suitcase. Heading back to Helena's room he heard loud moans coming from his parent's room.

He turned around and stepped into their doorway. There on the bed on her back was his mother, in the middle of yet another orgasm. Working her pussy expertly with both hands she had her eyes closed and was shuddering through her climax.

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Howard brought the camera up and took a picture of her. He then backed out of the room as it was the latest in cameras and the picture came out the front and began developing immediately. As he came back into his sister's room Ronnie was just blowing his load all over Helena's face and tits.

Howard got a picture of this as well. He walked over to the dresser as the second photo was coming out of his camera. He laid both photos on top of the dresser and turned around to see Helena cleaning up the last of her Daddy's spunk off her face and fingers. Howard said, "Dad you had better tell Mom to stop what she's doing over there, she might hurt herself she's been at it for awhile by the looks of her. Ronnie said oh shit yeah, I forgot.

He left and Howard ask Helena how she was doing. She said fine, and looked very satisfied. Howard hadn't cum yet but was soft from walking around the house naked.

He said, "Helena darling, Suck me, till I cum." Boy did she ever, even though she had just finished her Dad off she was plenty eager and dove right onto Howard's cock. Working the shaft with light pressure as she began licking the head. Then she licked all the way down his shaft, when she reached his balls she sucked them in her mouth one at a time and worked her tongue all around them.

Howard's cock was firming up nicely from the work his sister was doing on it. Helena then began working her way back up his shaft and then just popped the head of his cock into her mouth as reached the end of his shaft. She caressed his balls lightly as she worked her tongue all round his head. Then Helena began to wrap her hair around his shaft and stroke him while she continued to suck just the head. "Oh shit" was all Howard could say as she worked her magic on his cock.

Howard started to buck his hips into her and let out a low growling sound as he began to shoot his load. Helena kept her mouth right on it and sucked as much as she could. Swallowing most of his cum, but a little did form at the corners of her mouth as she finished her work. Howard, very pleased with her performance turned slightly and sat on the bed beside her.

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Tasting his own cum and maybe a hint of his father's, he broke the kiss and said, "Good night sweetie." As he headed for his room with the two pictures off the dresser and his camera in hand, he peaked into his parent's open doorway. There was his mother on all fours with her ass at the edge of the bed. Ronnie standing on the floor between her legs pumping his dick into her.

From this angle Howard couldn't tell how good of a job his Dad was doing or which hole he was in, but they both looked happy about it. Howard thought about going around to the other side of the bed and sticking his dick in his mother's mouth just for being a bitch, but decided to wait till next time. He did how ever move part way around the side of the bed so he could see both their faces and said, "Smile for the camera." and clicked a photo of Dad doing Mom Doggy style.

Then he said, "Dad pull out of her and stick your dick in her mouth." Then he looked at his mom and said, "Mom lick your pussy juice off Dad's cock." They both did as Howard suggested and Howard took another picture.

"Ok you two keep that up just like that," then Howard went to his room. Smiling he turned off the main transmitter.

Seconds later he heard a loud, "Oh my God" come from his Mom across the hall.