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Sign of the Times The Michel Family Part 16 Chapter 28 I had rebuilt the swing that John had when he was constructing our home and made it huge to fit 8 people. We were sitting on the swing, and looking back now from our first year in 2016 to now. John said, "Brad you made this place a paradise your decisions kept us safe." Melody said, "There is almost 500 people here now and I said, "Yes and its time we have the place to ourselves you guys are too old to be constantly hearing baby's cry." Britney said, "We don't mind," and I said, "My wife you're not too old to put over my knee for lying." John smiled, "Still the iron fist eh Master." Sara said, "Yes we have enough girls to look after our children and I for one could use some peace." I lifted my eye brow and looked at her and she said, "Not that kind of piece you horny old man." They all laughed.

Bridget said, "I know we are still able to have kids but I am bone tired master, have we had enough can our children continue let us enjoy them rather than have more." We talked some more and I agreed, "We have enough that the community well survive. And more than enough males to make it grow." The year was 2063 and it was now 47 years since we came here. We had a whole subdivision of apartments and 3 main eating halls.

We had the only house with our own kitchen. I had taught the daughters all I knew and they were working on their own window boxes and as for me going to the green house it was just to pick some fruit. My daughters and granddaughters had that down to a science. Even though our winters got longer we were able to still grow when our horses died we never replaced them although I miss them petting them was a comfort, but we had fuel a plenty.

The horses were a backup plan for work we never needed to use them for that and the size of the family now they would be useless for that task. John and I were on the swing one say just the two of us and he said, "I have reached 84 my time here is near over I have been having chest pains for weeks now." "I want to thank you for making our lives so comfortable. You were so young when we thrust this upon you. Your head of the family leave yourself a spot by your dad and me next to you.

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We were the three and are wives or your wives made this possible." Cindy was close by and I said, "Get our family together we are losing a matriarch." Johns pulse was week. Cindy rang the dinner bell then fired one shot. Hundreds came running, Melody, Britney, came out I said, "John is very week Melody was beside him he said, "It was a good life my wife it is my time as everybody passed by and said good bye, John slipped into unconscious bliss.

He is getting the rest he deserves. Soon there was no pulse the guys picked him up and laid him on the porch I went to the shed the girls had the coffin just about done Bradford Jr.

was in the back hoe and I directed him where to dig leaving a space for me by dad. Britney and Linda took Melody in the house while we prepared the body. We put the hay in laid a white sheet and put him in and closed the coffin I took the machine and lifted the coffin and the boys help me guide it in place.

They watched me take four pieces of fire wood to rest the coffin on Gina was crying outside the fence she was very close to John as was Sabrina and Jamie who he taught everything in the garage to. Brad Jr. "Go tell them we are ready," and most of the family gathered on the road outside the fence. Melody, Cindy, Sara, Britney, Bridget, Judy and I were at their grave site Melody gave me a homemade CD reordering to play from the backhoe. John's recording said, "My family I love you all and now I have both arms to use again, be not sad but happy for I could not have enjoyed a better life.

My wife Melody fulfilled my dreams and my master and yours Brad Michel made this a home to be proud of. If you are listening to this I have passed as it should be.

I want to be buried I vacant space from my brother Steve and hope that master Brad will rest between us when his time comes. I want my wife on the other side as I am sure Steve will want his by him then my children Cindy and Bridget. As you lower me please play this song, Old Rugged Cross it is my favourite, now master back to you, and goodbye." I spoke and said, "To all the family that this man made all the money in the before time to buy this land put in the house and the garage that store most of our gear, without him we would not have existed." "John invited his brother because he knew he needed the family to grow and make this home work.

We are or I should say you are the product of that new civilization. Always remember what John and Melody has done for us all. Now all of us well say the Lord's Prayer," and then played the CD that sang the Old Rugged Cross and we that new it sang what we could with the CD player from the backhoe.

Bradford lowered the casket slowly and finished as the song did Brad Jr. Pulled the ropes from the casket and Melody through the first shovel foot of dirt, and then the immediate family.

Each one of the entire family took a turn and there was little left for the backhoe to do. The family brought out tables sandwiches and tea for us all and us seniors as we were now referred to were asked to join the family outside where stories of John and how the intertwined with us all.

Cindy had some of her daughters and Sara had some of hers on High guard. They were on the roof of the barn and sheds all with 306 rifles. I looked at Sara and Cindy they just smiled.

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It was like when John and I were talking, Cindy didn't just happen to be there she was guarding us, and if I had of looked I bet there would be more. Cindy and I got to talk after things started to calm down. And she said, "No one ever is getting at this family Sara and I have this whole family guarded 24/ 7." We went inside and Britney had the tea on Melody sat quietly on the coach. I joined her and she fell apart crying, "Let it out my wife he was a good man and we shall miss him," after a while she pulled herself together and we had tea.

The next day it was quiet around our house the family knew we needed our space I took Melody Britney and Linda for a walk, we didn't get to far and the gulf cart came up and said, "Tour limousine awaits my ladies and kind sir," said Brad Jr.


We got in and he drove us around showing us the buildings the homes. He even took us to the lake where there were now cabins for getaway nights and a wharf and row boats and a plaque in honor of Steve and John Michel 2017. Melody brought tears to her eyes and Britney started crying I said, "Brad take us home," and he did.

"Brad come in we need to talk." Brad thinking he did something wrong was very nervous inside he said, "I am sorry I thought the plaque would cheer the mood a bit." "Brad it would in a week or so, but you are like me and that is what I want to talk to you about." Sara went to walk away and I said, "Wife get back here you're not too old to get a red ass." "Yes master," she said smiling. "Brad you are the oldest male and as such you have to succeed me." Chapter 29 "Father no one can take your place." "Maybe note but you're it.

From now on it will be your job to see the community grow and feed itself thousands of decisions are now yours to make I am here to help for now, but the day to day operation is yours we will announce it at supper to all the families we seniors have our home. One of our goals was to have our children take over when we got older." Brad JR. Said, "Father I am not sure I can.

"Look Brad I was in a 13 year old body when I was forced to take over.

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This community has it set of values from all your mothers and you have your guidelines from me. The community will basically run itself but there are always decisions like which fields to leave vacant to rest a year you don't have to know talk to the farming people they will give you there opinion then you make a decision that simple." "You have older sisters that can help, you got a security force that can help, you got builders, hunters, you name it you got it all, and now just guide them." "My son I am still here, if you need me and if something big comes up ask all of us, rely on your mothers they know me so well even if I was gone they will have a good idea what to do." Sara kissed me and said, "Master I love you." I said, "I love all my wives, even you my little spitfire." Brad got up to leave and I said, "One more thing if you have to leave here to get some special supplies go with an army and stay together." "Yes my father my master." At supper that night I said, "I was stepping down that I needed to rest, 47 years was enough and Brad Jr.

as the oldest male takes over. I suspect you will support him as you did me and I passed him an old belt and said, "For the defiant ones this worked for me," everybody laughed and clapped. We went to the other two halls and by 7 pm I went back to the house my family had a cake happy retirement in strawberries written on it. We ate the cake and enjoyed the evening a few girls came over and wanted my seed and I said, "It didn't work anymore it retired to." Linda and Britney moved to the back house so the bedrooms were on the first floor the stairs were a bit much Sara, Bridget, and Judy stayed on the second and all shared my bed we necked and hugged and cuddled, mainly cuddled.

I worked on my window plants and in the wood shop I made markers for dad and John and 20 years ago I and few of the girls brought me an 8 foot 6 x 12 from the mill and I carved all our names and date of births I put in dads birth and death, and now Johns Steven 1981 - 2017 Johns 1982 2063 Melody 1979 - Britney 1981 - Linda 1978 Judy 1995 Brad 1997 Cindy 1995 - Bridget 1995 Sara 1994 On top I carved, "Here lie the original founders of the Michel community." It took me a year to carve and blacken then varnish the post.

It was 2067 when Linda past in her sleep Britney found her the next morning she was 86 years old been with us since 2018 been my wife 49 years. By noon the girls had the coffin and the hole dug.

Sara was on my arm for support. Sara picked out the spot she wanted her buried by and above her son Brad that died in 2029 at the age of ten leaving her a spot for herself on the top row as well with the boy at both their feet and Gina.

The funeral was over at one and the table was set outside we all had sandwiches and Sara and Cindy had security tags with their name the community was so large we were at 1000 + now. Sara said, "Remember my love when mom laughed at you, saying no way for that many people here in our life time." "Yes my love I would like to see 2000 but I don't think I got that many years." She looked sternly and said, "Master you must outlive us all and that is an order." "Well my wife, my master, I will have to won't I," and she snuggled into my arm.

The day wore on and the cool air of early September forced us back inside Brad Jr. Thanked all for coming and we went inside. Brad Jr. said, "If there anything you need use the radio was on channel 9 for emergencies." Brad Jr. also said, "He was putting up two more wind mills as the power was at 90%. I said, "Yes you should try to keep that at 60% no higher we get a bad winter and some if the river generators stop you will be in trouble." Brad Jr.

said, "I know Dad but these are our last two windmills I going to have to go find some outside." Melody do you know where they make these things." Melody said, "When John was buying them they were picked up from an outlet in Dartmouth they were shipped into Halifax they are not made here." "If we can't find new ones I am afraid we are in trouble any that were up and running would be burned out by now." And some of our batteries are week when you got them that was twenty years ago.

We changed acid in them so many times there just isn't much life left in them." "Did you ask Sabrina she took over from John?" No I will speak to her tomorrow to day we rest." I said, "No, to important to let go, even for a day. He got on the radio and in about 15 minutes she came to the house Father mommys' I am sorry I haven't been here but I have been so busy.

Brad Jr. said, "We need windmills," and she looked at her laptop and said new ones would be some place called Burnside industrial park and there is a street address. Brad Jr. said, "That is a dangerous drive," Sabrina said, "I have maps." Brad said, "I wish you had a helicopter to have an eye in the sky." Sabrina said, "We have ultra lights two of them." Brad Jr.

said, "What are they?" Brad said, "They are a flying kite as long as the weather is good that will give you your eye in the sky." "You mean somebody can go in the air?" Sara said, "I flew them at Shearwater years ago." I said, "I know how but have never flown." Brad Jr.

Said, "Can you teach someone?" I said, "Yes, by next year they will be ready to fly." Brad Jr. said, "That is out we are not risking you two plus you're not teenagers, your 69 and Sara 71." Brad said, "You are the boss now but when are two lives out way the 5 or 800 you're sending on this mission?" "But you're not any two she is our mother and you are our father and grandfather of us all." Brad son, "How many lives am I worth. Britney said "No master, you can't." Judy said, "Master no Bridget said, "Train somebody wait." Brad Jr.

said, "We can't wait unfortunately that is not an option." Judy said, "You can't." and I said, "Should I see my sons and daughters killed because I didn't go, if I die I have lived a good life and what better way than to help the family which I did all my life." Brad Jr.

said, "I must think of the family and you two are our best chance, mothers I am sorry but Father is right I must utilize my best tools." Sign of the Times The Michel Family Part 17 Chapter 30 We went up checked out the rigs got them started checked the silk they were perfect. We got in and put our helmets on and took off high above our village and the lakes what beautiful site we came back down and landed easy as falling off a log. I said, "I have not felt this good in years here is the SD card, look what we seen." At the hall he put it on the projector and showed the community what our flight has shown from the air over a hundred people wanted to learn how to fly.

The weather station called for clear next five days that night the vehicle were loaded batteries we had and sulphide acid dump truck made into and armored truck Both APV's and two tractor trailers that has been plated amour.

500 were loaded into the trucks our kites were on the armored cube van. We got to Windsor and we stopped. Along with the radios we had pink flares to drop on a danger area and some grenades. One APV was to stay with us while the convoy would be 3 minutes behind. We spread our wings and within 50 feet we were airborne. Sara as usual started to circle climb she went to 3000 feet and was looking ahead with her camera rolling I stayed at a thousand and she radioed lets land and refuel.

We did she gave Jr. the card put a new one in he looked and seen the road blocks but no people he called for a dump truck with the v blade plow. Off we went and the dump truck break though like it was straw no one was around even a mile ahead Sara said she was going to a thousand and I stayed at 500 she said, "Another road block and a few people.

She got out of there and came down and we landed behind the APV and gave JR. the card. He seen it and said, "There was a lot more people in the woods with big cannon type guns. Sara said, "As you go through the barricade we can drop grenades on the wooded positions. "No, you are observation only." Brad said, "You tell her I could never do much with her neither." Brad Jr. said, "There is a road that goes behind the hill they got bicycles laying there take two hundred get in position and when we break through the barricade take them out." Brad the 3rd who was in charge of the detail said, "What if they surrender?" Brad Jr.

said "Send them to hell no prisoners." "Brad I want you to fly south out of there range but draw their attention while we break through. Sara went to mount up she was told to stay put and her kite was put in the Armour cube van. I was flying south and in the fields I could see them watching as the plow broke though and the attack from behind over fifty killed on the barricade twenty were killed. The cannons were destroyed so they could be used later against them.

The bodies were stripped guns ammunition taken. The kite was brought out and Brad landed to refuel. Sara was mad as a hornet, "What right has he," and I cut her off, "My little spitfire he has every right this is his operation not ours." Yes master and she apologized to Jr. "You follow orders or your kite can go back in the truck and stay there." "Yes master," she said. We went to the air I radioed a couple guys or girls in the field cutting wheat.

The convoy went through Windsor and St.

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Croix. We were in Mount Uniacke and we had to refuel so far so good but Sackville was a heavily populated area back in the day and it was a few miles ahead. We took to the air and everything was clear, we breezed through not a sole in site burnt vehicles and bleached bones and rats plenty of rats.

We were on the Dartmouth highway just went past the military magazine no movement we could see the harbour looked like a couple people fishing. We turned up one of the streets that said Burnside Park.

We landed refueled and we took off again we got up about 100 feet and looking through binoculars seen a battery shop we directed them to it. There was a tractor loaded with batteries with no acid brand new pristine condition. They got the rig going and it joined the convoy. While they were there they found thousands of battery cases and plates to make batteries so while the others were trying to find the windmills the whole shop was dismantled and loaded into another tractor trailer.

This now give the family unlimited battery supply. We were circling the park not having any luck so we landed refueled again. Brad Jr. and we looked at the full footage on a laptop. After a half hour Brad Jr. saw and said, "Their, look Brad is that not a wing sticking out of the building?" He zoomed out and we took off to find it.

We found it and flew like a crows round and round until they got there. Inside there had to be 30 wind mills a dozen strapped to flat decks we took to the air and right down the street was a transport place we got 30 of their tractors started and brought them down. By nightfall we were loaded with not only all the windmills but all the spare parts manuals and anything else that was not nailed down.

Brad Jr. decided to stay the night.


I suggested we get out on the deserted highway by the magazine. He thought it best to stay in sheltered building. Both Sara and I had an uneasy feeling. I said, "Brad Jr.

you are in charge but this is so, so dangerous we cannot defend ourselves here too many buildings. I don't feel safe and I never been wrong yet." Jr.

said, "OK father we go we were no sooner on the road when shotguns opened up on us. We brought up the armored trailer and they opened up with everything they had keeping their heads down until all the vehicles got past and then they got out of there. We stopped by the gates on the Magazine Hill we had the high ground and a 100 yard killing area. We stayed the night and Brad Jr. said, "Dad you saved the family once again." "No you did my son; you were smart enough to listen to a suggestion that's a leader." Next day we were flying high when Sara spotted the road block back together she said, "I am going in for a closer look," and I said, "No way," she was heading in any way.

I said, "I am going to crash you and I cut in front of her kite. She said, "Are you nuts," and I said, "Yea on losing you over something stupid now return to the convoy." She did and as she got out I put her over my knee and spanked her ass. I couldn't hit hard but I didn't need to.

They got the road block up again we looked and they had no heavy stuff so we decide to crash it and keep going we studied the film and the road block had plastic explosive wires to it. Brad Jr. looked at the map and said "There was a road that cut in behind South Mountain and came out on route 14." I talked to Sara and said, "I can really use your help but promise me to save this family not play hero." We showed her the plan and we went and flew it followed by on APV we landed on the road filled up and went again there was a bridge across the creek that was rotten.

We flew on and the rest was good there was pavement ahead. We went back to the APV radioed to bring the plow through first. The plow arrived and Brad 3rd had the girls dismount and find rocks the other vehicles arrived and Brad 3rd set out high guards and the rest found rocks and filled in the creek bed and in less than an hour we were off. We filled up and there were no more issues, clear sailing to our home and safety. Back home the girls and guys all had stories to tell on the big city and film to watch.

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Sara and I headed back to relax and first thing in the house she said, "Cindy he spanked me," Britney said, "What did you do," she said, "I just wanted to get close to hostiles see how many and best way to take them out." "And was that your assignment?" She looks at me and said, "No," Britney said, "And you got chastised by master, it's a wonder Brad Jr.

didn't take you over his knee to." Chapter 31 About a half an hour later Brad Jr. walked in and thanked us for the job and he said mom front and center he grabbed her pulled down her shorts and give her five whacks with the belt he said, "If you ever put your life at risk like that again you won't sit for a month." Sara screamed help me master.

When it was over I said, "I see you still use that belt It has served me well," "Normally I can talk through it but this stupid women endangering all our lives, if she had of went down I would not of been able to stop 500 sisters and brothers charging face on up that hill, and her act would of led to getting them all killed." "Yep that's why I beat her, you will do well my son. Just wish you had done that in public for all to see." "Please no more, I won't be able to sit for a month now I am no longer young I don't heal easily." "Mom I love you more than life itself, but I am responsible now for a larger family." Sara got up and hugged him and said, "I am sorry I was so eager to help I failed to see the big picture." They hugged and then she hugged me and Cindy said, "Come let's get ice on that ass." They started on the windmills right away and put 20 up they even had automatic break so big wind won't make them turn to fast.

Brad said I remember when it took a whole summer for us to put one up one they got 20 in a couple of months. Sara and I showed some people the basics over the winter a ground school teaching about air currents clouds weather patterns and mechanics in the spring we taught them how to fly and they became the instructors.

The seniors all got invited to a party. The girls outnumbered the boys by 10 to one, so the boys as soon as they had white seamen could participate 10 guys would lay on their back in a circle heads touching each other.

Then ten girls would ride the boys for three minutes then move to the next. If a guy came in a girl the girl kept riding until every girl had semen into her at least once from someone. Brad said, "I wish I had of thought of this game looks like fun." The hall had about 10 of these circles going at the same time all the men were used up in this game. This way no one knew who the father was everybody was daddy. One thing that was familiar was the numbers. The girls wanting to participate all drew a wood chip that had a number on it or a zero.

The zero meant you didn't participate tonight. The number had 10, ones, 10, twos and this continued up to 10, tens. That was the group you were on then 1 boy picked a number from each group and that told them which group they were.

That way there was no favoritism. Brad Jr. said this was learned from you father. We all enjoyed watching this the girls moaning and the guys girls having an orgasm from one guy then riding a divert guy and he may cum and the girl get of and ride the next guy with the previous guy cum in her.

Normally most girls had 3 or more guys cum in her by the time the breeding game was done. I could no longer get hard as much as I wanted to I now know what John must of felt like. The night was done and we were given transport ride home with security guarding our home. We went inside and made our tea and talked about the fun and unique way they got the girls pregnant.

The children had their line from which one they came from by their mother but the boys had no idea which children they fathered so therefore all their children they were father to all. The years passed by and we went for walks and watched the community grow and even schooling for reading, writing and math they all needed that.

We made special appearances to help them along with stories from the before time as they called it. They were like sponges wanted to know it all. The years passed uneventful for us now. Melody was eating supper with us one evening in late August and without a word fell dead in her plate. The year was 2078. We called Brad Jr. they had a coffin made the family was so large they put the coffin on a cart outside and let the family go past in the yard.

We buried her just as dark was coming near, alongside her first husband John as he requested. Lowering her into the grave after the prayers and eulogy was said. We played Johns CD song The Old Rugged Cross Melody was 99 years old. Cindy and Bridget held me close as their mother was placed in the ground. I helped them with their shovel of dirt there was no closure, Melody didn't seem sick she just went. Bridget and Cindy took it hard, as did I, but life continued and I was ready to go myself, surviving seeing my wives die was tearing me apart.

We went through that winter the five of us in that big house I slept rotating with them all we hugged and kissed and watched the snow fall we went to the different halls to eat the kids got a thrill out of the five of us going. Mom was getting weaker she was 98. It was 2079.

We sat on the swing a lot I was feeling bone tired myself. We had a lot of the kids come visit they were all pregnant. Brad Jr. came over and said. "Our population just passed the 2000 mark." Judy said, "You were right master we did live to see it. That winter Bridget took sick, Heather Stephanie and Cindy Susan moved in hard to believe they were in there late sixties, where did time go. Early spring rain has cleared the snow, Bridget passed, ammonia I think, something with the lungs for sure.

We buried her alongside her mother Melody. Cindy and I become even closer if that was possible after her death we knew ours was coming. That summer a helicopter flew over and dropped a radio with instructions it was a per-recorded message stating the province was once again emerging from this disaster and would like to land and talk in a months' time.

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Britney, Judy, Cindy, I and Brad Jr. talked to them when they landed we were the second largest community in the province and they wanted us to help rebuild. Brad Jr. said, "What do we do?" and I said, "It's been 70 years since the world fell apart you have a home here and a family. There is nothing they have to offer you right now maybe, in ten years if they get organized there may be something but right now you are taking all the risk." The government man name of Tom had no answer because deep down he knew we were right.

Brad Jr. said, "Thanks but no thanks at this time check with us in 10 years maybe Brad the 3rd will be more obliging I will take my father's advice." We do have everything we need, and god help the man that comes down that road." The chopper left and our life returned to normal. A few months later Britney and I went to the hall for supper to visit with some of our children her last child Britney after her great grandmother was 49 years old Britney introduced us to our grandchild our great grandchild and our great, great grandchild Britney 4 years old.

We visited for a few hours. Hope Britney now sixty two was talking about moving over with us. Britney hugged her and said, "There is more than enough room you should have moved years ago. The young ones must be hard on the nerves, and I would have loved to have seen more of you my daughter." Britney was getting tired so we had the golf cart drive us back across the street. Britney and I lay down in my bed tonight we kissed and held each other she said, "Master I love you so much and will love you through time my husband." I was sleeping with mom through the night when I heard this rattle sound I turned on the light and she was gone.

I closed her eyes and folded her arms on her chest. "Sara, Judy, Cindy," I yelled, "Mom has passed," they came running in and cried and said "Good bye," it was four in the morning I called on channel 9 some one answered I said, "this is Brad send Brad Jr. to the house now please," within five minutes he was there and knew it was bad.

I said, "Mom is passed she is in my room." He went in and said good bye and a prayer for her. About Five years ago I made and worked on this coffin I had it polished and varnished lined and even a head pillow. It was brought in and they put her in it, closed the bottom leaving her face at first light a hole was dug by dad and the fire wood was thrown in to support the coffin. Britney was placed in our kitchen it was cold out everybody had clothes the ice was on the puddles the back hoe guy said, "The frost was six inches already.

Every one said their goodbyes, and the main family was outside the fence. Brad Jr.


Judy, Sara, Cindy, and I were by the coffin. The girls from the green house had an array of flowers that lay on the coffin. Brad Jr. said we are gathered here today to pay our last respects to the mother of the man that is the father grandfather great and great great grandfather to us all without Britney Michel there would be no family you see here today she gave birth to 20 children and they have grown into many hundreds.

I now turn it over to our master Brad Michel. Brad Jr. has said some, "I cannot say all that she was spring would be here. Each of us in our own way will remember this remarkable women, I will as my mother and my wife and a best friend I have only 3 wives left, three best friends and all of my children this is a tragic loss but Britney my love has lived a full life." "In our 63 years of marriage she seen the rise of a community all related all working together to make life comfortable for each other." "We don't produce anything anymore but back 65 years ago we all dreamed of this day when we would have a family big enough to keep the coyotes away and to take care of us.

Well Britney and the rest of my wives, we did it and you all are the happy proof. We have got no regrets my wife died happy at age 99." "She met with some of you last night to say her goodbyes and if she could she would have done more. Now may we all say the Lord's Prayer," and we did. Then Brad started to sing, As We Gather at the River, and the coffin went to its final resting spot, beside my father Steve.

Judy collapsed. Brad Jr. got her and carried her to the house. We threw our shovel of dirt and the family did the same there was no work for the backhoe the family filled in the grave. In the house Judy was coming around, we had some mint tea one of our favorite.