Defonce anale pour salope blonde salope

Defonce anale pour salope blonde salope
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This is my first story on XNXX and if i like it i may continue to write but if there is anything im doing wrong the you guys and gals would like me to do differently just leave a comment and ill try to fix it for you It all started March 15 1992 the day i was born i no one new it at the time but i was very special so very special.

I was the last of 3 kids my parents died my father he died just 3 days after i was conceived. Talk about being special but that wasn't why i was ill tell you later about that.

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My oldest sister Jen is 2 years older then me and the other Sara was born 9 months before me so we were pretty close and youngest sister was in my grade she missed the cut off date by 2 days. And she was in all my classes to. Our family wasn't the richest we had a 3 bedroom home and me and my sister kelly shared a room because my older sister had a smaller room and never gave it up to me because she needed her privacy.


i didn't mind Kelly sharing a room with me. I was like every other kid in my town i played T ball, had a couple late night games of manhunt, had my fair share fights i won them all but hey i really was a protector but my life change for bad and good when i hit puberty i could remember everything. At first i thought it was a good thing like when i saw my older sister walkout of the shower.


Oh how amazing it was to jerk off to her picture in my head all the way till i was14. But as was saying the bad things were all the lies everyone told me, for instance when my mom would promise to have my 11th birthday at the bowling alley and how much it hurt when i confronted her about it.

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so after about 15 times of me confronting her about all the lies she tells me we went to see a psychiatrist see said i was a one of at least 7 people who have Hyperthymesia its when a person who can recall basically everything that they experience in their life. And after the conversation my mom had in private with the psychiatrist.

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My mother has not lied to me since that day i have a feeling the psychiatrist said something to her. And im glad she did or i think i would have never spoken to my mother if she kept lying to me.


It was the first day of high school my older sister was a junior(17) and me and my younger sister(15) were freshmen and it was the beginning of a new life everything was so much faster but i could always keep up it started in homeroom where they took role and i sat next to some random kid and just waited until 1st period started i had gym but we didnt do anything the first day and we never do.

2nd period was math it was the easiest class in th world i just stared blankly at the board remembering everything so i was bored as always. 3rd period when the bell rang and seeing that i was the first one in i watched as the young women take there seats the was this one girl i had a crush on but i didn't make a move yet. This made me think back and compare who changed over summer and most of the girls got bigger boobs except the girl i had a cruch on she was still a little flat chested and the other girls were still shorter then me by like a foot i hit a growth spurt and now was almost 6 ft tall i was one of the only guys to take this class.

I mainly took this class so i would have to actually do some work not just remember every equation and what not.

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Also my sister begged me. You see i was the only man and i was also the only one who every fought for my sisters so they always wanted me around just in case.just as i was walking out of class i hear someone yelling "Yo Sara get the fuck out the way you dumb bitch" i turned around and just speared this kid to the ground and started wailing on him his friend that was next threw me off him and i started to run at them but my sister just grabbed my arm and pulled me down the hall to our nest class but the funny thing was i didn't get in trouble because it was only me the kid, his friend, my sister and hers, im guessing that he just left school and didn't come back because we never saw him again.

" What the fuck was that David" Kelly said.

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"um i was protecting you" i said " he was just trying to act tough" she said " Not to my sister" i said " i don't need you to protect me" she said. " if you need me or don't im still going to fight for you"i said.

" i know but i dont want you to get hurt" she said. "im sorry" ill try to be less violent". i said "ill see you in our next class. Bye" she said "bye" i said The rest of the day was boring so when the last bell rang my sister Sara drove us home she was into the band All american rejects at the time so she would always have that blasting on our way home then she went out with some friends so i was bored so i went to the kitchen got a can of mountain dew and watched TV i always recorded the shows on the night before i like and i was watching supernatural and my sister Kelly came and joined me but before she got into it.

"um Kelly do you want to walk to the park with me." i asked "yeah sure i have nothing better to do" Kelly stated. "ok lets go" i said we got to the parks and i walked the trail with her which is basically a little cement path with woods on both sides and i stopped at some benches we sat down "I need to tell you something" i said "OK what" Kelly replied "um don't get mad But" i said "come on spit it out" she said aggressively i moved closer and kissed her on the lips "David what are you doing" she said in a way the was surprised but like she wanted it "I really like you and i wanted to kiss you" i said in a way that i knew it was wrong but i couldnt help it "this is wrong we should not do this" she got up and left i was devastated and i just sat there depressed i went home after about an hour and just ate some dinner and went to my room and laid on my bed facing the and listened to my music when i finally went to sleep i was awoken abruptly by my sister sobbing in the bed across the room i got up and walked over and got into bed with her and whispered in her ear "whats wrong" "i wanted to kiss you so bad but what if mom found out" she whispered "we are in the downstairs bedroom and mom always take some sleeping pills every night" i whispered back i knew my mom took sleep aids because she would make me walk down the store and pick em up every Friday like clock work "i didnt know she took pills" she said "yeah 2-3 a night" i replied "and i said you can act like you hate me in public, but i really like you" i said " and i really like you you cant tell anyone what we may do" she said i knew i wasn't gonna tell but i thought she might tell our older sister sara.

"ok" i replied after that i could feel all the sadness rush out of her body i started to kiss he neck as i rubbed my hand around her thigh "uhhhhhhhhh" she moaned i could feel her using her butt to rub up against my groin i moved my hand under her PJs and kept rubbing her thigh i started flicking and sucking on her ear lobe she rubbed up on my groin harder and harder i reached down her cotton panties and started to rub her pussy she kept moaning she reached around and went under my boxers to start stroking my penis i could tell she never held a cock in her life and i never rubbed a pussy i just knew what to do through porn (THANK YOU INTERNET) i could feel her legs trembling the faster i rubbed at least she came on her first experience she let go of my cock and got up on her knees "lay flat" she ordered i did she threw one leg over me and sat on my dick i could tell she was in pain so i grabbed her and laid her down on her back and got in the missionary position i started putting my head on her lips i could tell she was in alot of pain "calm down im gonna go nice and slow" i said she nodded i went in nice and slow at first five minutes at a really slow pace but i was letting her get used to it "im gonna go faster now"i said she nodded i started going faster and faster then i could tell she was about to cum because she was trembling again and lucky for me i was about to cum as well like a firework we both came at the same time i jut laid on top of her kissing ever so sweetly.

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