Katrina hot dünnes Mädchen bekommt Arsch gefickt

Katrina hot dünnes Mädchen bekommt Arsch gefickt
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Madison was the new rising star of the Pokémon Rangers. Her name was known everywhere because she captured many of the legendary Pokémon. Today Madison was climbing up a volcano to capture Entei the one of the legendary dog Pokémon.

Finally after climbing up a cliff ledge there was a large cave opening and heat flooded out. Wiping her brow Madison walked confidently into the deep, hot, blackness of the cavern.


A deep growl came from within and she took out her capture stylus waiting for the great beast to emerge. "Who is there?" A growl said then the tops of the walls caught fire and the room was illuminated with a fiery glow. Madison smiled as she saw Entei and released the capture line.

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The line swirled around his body making many loops. But to no avail Entei with one swipe of his large paw broke through the capture line and at Madison. She shrieked and fell back onto her butt her uniform shredded. "Oh no my uniform!" Madison said covering her breasts her cheeks bright red.

"You have lovely flesh my dear" Entei growled at her "makes me want to taste it". He lunged at her and with his teeth grasped the rest of her cloths and tore them off.


He started to lick at her stomach and made a mnnn sound. Suddenly a loud boom came from outside the cave, Madison turned on to her stomach and looked out to see a shadowy figure. "Please sir, help me!" She yelled and got up running towards him.

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Madison ran right into him sobbing, then looked at figure who didn't even say a word. Mew two was looking down at her with a strange look in his eye. She shrieked and back away from him only to bump into Entei. 'Oh no' she thought 'what am I going to do?' then Entei rumbled at the intruder.

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"What do you want Mew two" He grumbled "can't you see I'm busy". "&hellip.Yes I see that Entei why are you… well… With this human?". "She tried to capture me, this young thing is a Pokémon ranger. But when I was saw her white flesh I wanted to taste it~" Entei said and licked Madison's round ass. "Eek" she said and turned around to face Entei while accidentally brushed against Mew two.

"Hmmm, well I can see why you would want to play with this Human" Mew two said and smiled down at Madison. Mew two's hands came around her body and rested on her breasts pulling Madison against him.

She gasped and felt his hips thrust against her something hard press against her butt.


Mew two licked and nibbled at her neck and Madison tried to get away. "Don't struggle girl, this is going to happen whether you cooperate or not" Mew two said sweetly into her ear. "Mew two I had her first!

Least you can do is open her legs for me" Entei growled angrily. Madison Felt a strange sensation come over her and even when she fought to keep her legs closed they opened nice and wide. Entei stuck his large snout between her creamy white legs and licked at her tender pussy.

Madison moaned but her body stayed still as Entei's tong drilled into her now wet pussy. "How she taste Entei?" Mew two ask as he started to push his swollen cock into her tight ass. "Sweet" He said licking his chops. "How does she feel?" "Tight, but it's her ass I'm fucking if you want her pussy" Mew to said as he laid back and moved Madison down on his cock shoving it deep into her asshole.

She screamed but no sound escaped her throat as Mew two fucked deep into her ass.

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Pain and pleasure swirled in her body then soft warm fur covered over top of her and hard flesh pressed against her pussy.

Entei forced his enormous cock into Madison's tight wet hole and Mew two fuck her other hole. She felt Entei's cock start to push into her cervix stretching it. As Mew two pushed in Entei moved his cock back and the two cocks felt as if they were rubbing against each other insider her. She wanted to moan but still she couldn't make a sound. Madison wanted to cry and moan at the same time from the two Pokémon fucking her. The Pokémon grunted and Entei pounded harder as something large pressed against her entrance.

It was Entei's knot was slowly being forced into Madison stretching her pussy to the max. Mew two Moaned loudly and released his hot seed, shooting it deep into her ass. Entei slowed down and his cum spilled into her womb filling her till Madison's belly poked out some. Finally being released from the spell she moaned and cried some as the two legendary Pokémon pulled from her abused body.

Madison sat up and looked at the two and felt the cum drain out of her body.

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She blushed and pushed past the Mew two and ran out of the cave forgetting about the cliff and fell off the side. She fell knowing she would probably die Madison closed her eyes accepting her fate. But she landed softly on the ground opening her eyes saw Mew two above her.

"Be careful ranger girl, I'll see you again" He said and then dashed into the air. Naked and dirty Madison couldn't believe what had just happened to her and the fact that she kind of liked it. She got up off the ground and walked towards a nearby town and thought up a story that would lead them to believe she fell off the mountain.

Blushing she tried to clear out her mind of the taboo that had occur not moments before.