Mein gf geht mit einem dicken bbc es wieder

Mein gf geht mit einem dicken bbc es wieder
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I lay quietly in bed with Anna, trying to make as little noise as possible as we both recovered from another passionate night. "One day" I whispered, "I would like to fuck you without worrying about being caught!" "I know, me too." She whispered back, her hand gently rubbing against my leg.

"I am sad though, you go home tomorrow." I smiled at her soft gently face, my hand tracing down her cheek. "Don't cry sweet one, I am sure that we will find a way to see each other." Anna smiled at me, a disbelieving look in her eyes. " I must go" I smiled sadly as she got dressed again in her long black dress, no underwear this time, her youthful breasts showing no sag at all.

"Take my number" I said, a tear in my eye at our parting. Unable to speak Anna took the slip of paper and slipped into her coat pocket. "Can I keep your shirt?" She asked sadly and I nodded.

With no more to say, Anna fled my room that night, and I spent the early hours of the morning wide awake, a hollow sick feeling in my chest. The thought of not having her in my life was physically painful. I wanted to scream and weep and rage against the world. Curling into a ball I waited for the dawn. I was discharged the next day, and trying to put myself back together I forced a friendly smile and banter with the nurses whilst my soul banged at the bars of the cage it was in.

Getting home, I fell onto the bed, literally, and checked my phone. Nothing. 30 seconds later. Nothing. I tried to distract myself.

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I watched porn, my favourite movies, I played the Xbox but nothing could move my mind from her gorgeous body, her sexy mind, the way she smelled, the way she moved. I needed more. I was an addict for Anna! I cried myself to sleep that night. A grown, independent, strong man cried himself to sleep for the woman he missed… I awoke the next morning to a message.

No name. It simply said, "Next week. Stallion Hotel. Monday to Friday. A" I was excited. I googled the hotel. There were 3 but I guessed it was the one near me. Ok, what day wasn't? Hospital really screws with your sense of time! Saturday.

Only 2days Those two days really dragged but Monday morning finally arrived. I got another message around 11am. "Room. 501. A" I drove to the hotel, a little over the speed limit, dumping the car in the first space I found and hobbled in on my newly mended leg.

"Can I help?" Asked the young lady on the front desk. I had to think fast. I doubted the hotel would be hugely accepting to "I'm here to fuck the woman in room 501…" With a hugely false camp accent, I said "Oh Daaaaarrling. Could you be a sweetie and call room 501? Tell the poppet her make up man is here. Big day for her you knoooow…" The receptionist looked me up and down, the voice not matching the jeans, t shirt and leather jacket I wore.

Being a good receptionist though, she ran through to the room, and told me to go on through." Lift to floor 5 and turn right." I followed the instructions and found myself outside room 501. Knocking on the white door I heard a "Come in" in response. Gulping in a mix of excitement and fear I opened the door. Anna was sitting on the armchair provided in the room but as so as she saw it was me she rand across the room, throwing herself into my arms and nearly knocking me off my feet.

"Steady Lass" I said with a smile. "Oh! I thought you might not come.

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I am so happy you did though." Bending down slightly I kissed her. We stood there kissing, our tongues tasting each other, other breath as one for a very long time. I felt her hands run down my back and into my shirt, feeling the skin of my back and the scars gathered there. "Oh I missed you so much!" she moaned as I held her tighter in my arms pulling her in closer as we kissed again and again.

Breaking the kiss I stood and looked at her. "What now?" I sighed. "Whatever you want" Anna moaned into my chest. "Please just pleasure me like you did in the hospital." I collected my jaw from the floor. "Sorry?" Anna blushed. "I. I like to be controlled." What she said dawned on me. "oh. Oooooh." I stroked her soft cheek. "Don't worry, I like to be in control." The sudden change in mood, and hotel heating convinced me the leather jacket was a bad idea.

Kissing Anna again I muttered "How about a bath?" Anna stepped back from me, smiling and for the first time I could see her outfit.

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Jeans and a white t shirt. It was pretty clear she had gone commando again. "What a good idea" she said much more relaxed now the hierarchy had been formed. "Meet me in the bathroom, t shirt only" Time for some fun. I stood in the shower waiting for Anna, and as she came in I grabbed her waist, pulling her under the warm jets, achieving the desired effect. "I thought you said bath?" Annna said confused until she saw my eyes staring at her now see through white top.

"oooooooo! Pervert!" she laughed. Stepping out the shower Anna seductively drew the t-shirt off over her head, each curve of her body sticking to the white, wet material. I was instantly aroused, and Anna could see my rock hard cock.

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Now naked she reached for my manhood but I knocked her hand away. "Not yet" I whispered secretivly before getting in the bath. Anna followed me, her butt pressed up against my rock hard cock, letting it sit between her two toned ass cheeks as she lay back unto my chest.

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Taking the soap, I reached round, my hands massaging her breasts with the suds. "mmm that's so good" Anna moaned as I focused on her still aroused nipples. She writhed against me, my cock sliding between her soapy butt cheeks. "please fuck me sir" Anna moaned her dark hair falling out of its bun as she moved.

"mmmm hmm" I replied, but lifted her onto my lap. As I held Anna she guided me into her warm love tunnel. I sighed in pleasure at the gentle motion. We did fuck hard or fast as we were scared of flooding the bathroom!

It didn't take long gif us both to cum though, and I spurted what felt like gallons of seed into Anna. We both lay in the bath for a few minutes until our brains realised the water was cold. "Go lay on the bed" I told Anna and she leapt to obey.

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Seems she really was a sub. Taking a towel, I dried off my lean muscled body before walking to the bedroom. Anna was laying on the bed, her legs crossed coyly and a smile on her face.

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A discarded towel evidence she had dried off too. "No whispering here." She said playfully, uncrossing her legs to reveal to me her beautiful shaved mound. "No." I breathed as I knelt between her legs, determined to take my pleasure from giving it to her. My tongue flickered out, running from the bottom of her pussy to the top, not yet splitting her lips, just teasing on the outside. "ohhhhh" she moaned as I did it again. Small kisses trailer down her sensitive inner thighs, each one eliciting a small moan of pleasure mixed with disappointment.

I smiled, knowing I was driving her crazy. The hands that kept trying to push my face deeper into her womanhood told me how much I frustrated her. "Pleeeeease!" she moaned as again I got close to her clit without touching it. I smiled at this and pushed my tongue fully into her pussy, its tip searching out the entrance to her, before flicking up to the now very hard clit nestled away in her soft snatch.

"oh god!" she cried, definitely no whispers today. "oh god. Right there. Oh sir more" she cried as she bucked and squirmed on the bed.

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Wrapping my arms around her legs I pull her onto my mouth closer, sucking her clit into my mouth and running the tip of my tongue across it quickly. "oh oh oooh!" Anna moaned the taste of her cum flooding my mouth. Licking it up, a finger slipping inside her I pushed Anna to edge of another orgasm. "oh god sir I need to cum so bad. please?" she asked. I paused for a second, shocked, this was new. "Yes" I said "Cum" wanting to taste her creamy goodness again.

Her orgasm allowed me to slip a second finger in, curling them up to that sweet spot as I licked her clit harder and harder. "m.m.mercy sir" Anna begged and I looked up, my fingers still rubbing her g spot in little circles. Her hands were gripping the bed sheet, white knuckled. Sweat was glistening on her body, her panting making her beautiful breasts heave in way that made me even harder. "One more" I said, finger fucking her as I watched her body react.

"Yes sir" she panted "watch your Anna cum for you sir!" Cum she did, my thumb in her clit and my finger inside her, pumping and stroking pushed her through the next orgasm to another and another. Smiling I took my finger from her pussy, sucking the juices clean. "Can I have some?" she begged me. "Hmmm"I pretended to think about it. "Maaaaaybe". Slowly I pushed my cock into her. Making sure it got nice and cummy from her orgams, before pulling it out again to disappointed moans.

Flomping onto the armchair, I beckoned her over. "Come taste". Anna slid off the bed, onto all fours and crawled along the floor to me.


Putting her long feminine fingers on my thighs she slowly licked up my cock from the balls to the tip. "mmmm tastes so good sir" she moaned before running her tongue over the little eye.


My head rolled back as a low moan came from my throat. Slowly Anna took my cock in her mouth sliding inch by inch until it started to touch her throat. She let out a little gag before letting me slid out of her mouth again. Slowly she bobbed up and down on my cock each time sucking my closer to her gag point. "oh Anna your so good at that" I moaned sliding down the chair a bit, as she slid her hands under my legs pulling herself unto my cock further until she gagged "oooooh goood!" I moaned as she sucked me into her throat, my cock becoming harder and harder.

"oh oh oh" I grunted the urge to fuck Anna getting stronger and stronger. Pushing her off my cock I said "Turn around." Anna did and I guided her down to sit on my cock. She tucked her legs up onto the seat to squat over me, my cock sliding into her deeply. Leaning back Anna started to bob up and down on my cock, her strong thighs and calves, pushing her pussy up and down my dick with long slow thrust.

I moaned in pleasure, reaching up to grab her beautiful breasts, my fingers dancing across her sensitive nipples. "Oh sir" she sighed as my hand traced down her belly to the now soaking lips of her pussy.

Carefully I rubbed her clit as she fucked my cock "Anna your amazing" I sighed at the feel of her womanhood embracing my manhood. "You. amazing" she replied between gritted teeth her thrusting hips becoming erratic "cum. please. sir" "Not just yet, fuck a little harder" she started moving faster and faster on my cock, my own hips thrusting up as hers came down, my hand groping and massaging her breasts the other rubbing furiously on her clit.

"desperate sir" she moaned, almost sobbing. "Cum for master!" I said, trying the new word. Anna didn't seem to mind, "yes sir. Thank you sir" she said before pulling herself off my cock, a flood of cum following. I say there shocked. "Did you squirt?" Anna rolled over burying her face in my neck. "Yes" she squeaked, embarrassed. "That was damn hot!" I said lifting her chin. Gently I kissed her lips, her neck.

"Please fuck me sir" she begged. Moving her leg, I sat her astride me again, facing me this time. There was no slow start, we just started fucking each other hard, her hips grinding into me, my hips rising to meet her. Soon Anna was panting to cum again and I let her, not squirting this time but he orgasm left her shaking as I continued to pound her sweet little pussy. "Cum sir, please cum for me" she whispered in my ear and it pushed my already close orgasm over the edge.

I spurted several shots straight into her womb, my seed dribbling out as she climbed off my softening dick, falling to her knees to lick it clean. Before she worked it hard again I pulled her unto my lap.

Sitting there we kissed, Anna burying her face against me, my hand resting on her breast. Slowly we drifted off to sleep in that cum stained chair.