Blindfolded british sub slut doggystyled

Blindfolded british sub slut doggystyled
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Sara's Protective Dad part 7 Jewels had been lying In the Sun; her body felt hot to the touch or was it her own internal heat. As we lay on the bed our hands traveled over each other's body in our need for rediscovering each other.

Our mouths meet hungrily devouring each other's kisses. Teasing the other's tongue with our own and tasting each other's necks, and ears. I have been dreaming of this moment for years. The dream always left me sad and empty just missing her even more.

But here I am with Jewels in my arms and I'm as happy as I have ever been. I pull back and Jewels eyes open I look deeply into them I see love looking back at me. My feelings come springing for as I say. "I've loved you from our first kiss; I love you now even more. I've loved you, when you first carried my children; I love you now even more. I missed you ever second you were gone from me don't ever make me ever miss you again. " "Oh Bobby I love you too.

I never want to miss you again too." Jewels holds me in her gaze as tightly as any arms could. We hear the girls all moan at us. "Oh, that's so romantic." Three girls are standing in the open doorway to the patio. Apparently we have an audience. I've never been one for stage fright, so I don't really care if the girls watch or not.

The goal here is to make Jewels pregnant; last night was fuel by chocolate and the Oh My God burgers. I don't think I'll have ability for a repeat now. "Ladies me and your mother are working on increasing the size of the family, is that okay with you?" I'm hoping the girls don't mind or are happy that we are trying for a baby. The girls running jump on the bed and give Jewels their enthusiastic agreement for us, hugging and kissing Jewels and I.

After a minute or so the girls back off to the edge of the bed, Jewels just pulls me into her and whispers. "Go ahead give them a good show." I begin to kiss her passionately then move onto her neck, nipping on the spot the drives her crazy causing her back to arch and her to moan. I kiss on down her neck and onto her left breast; my tongue teases her areola and nipple. Jewels nipple responses quickly hardening atop her gorgeous breast with each pass of my tongue.

Jewels breathing becomes soft moans the longer I tease, and move my mouth tease the other breast. I quickly move to her bellybutton to tease by running my tongue around its rim, then pressing my tongue into her bellybutton and sucking her flat stomach just around it.

Her hands move to the top my head and force me to move on down her body. And I move willingly by them to her hot pussy, even before I touch her I fill her heat see how wet she is, she's turned on enough even now.

I want to play more, I need to taste her, bring her to orgasm to give her as much pleasure as her body can stand. I press lightly on her thighs and Jewels opens her legs to give me access to her pussy. With her legs open so do her outer lips exposing her harden clitoris.

I start by pressing my tongue to her labia major, the outer lips, Jewels moans loudly at the contact. "Yes, fucking lick that pussy." I run my tongue just inside the left of her gorgeous pussy lips, back up the inside of her right one, and circle her clit several times in the repeat outside of her gorgeous pussy lips.

With each contact to her clitoris her back raises off the mattress a sharp intake of air through clenched teeth then a long moan indicates I'm doing very well at my task.

On this pass I suck her clit into my mouth, nursing on it like nipple and teasing with my tongue Jewels back arches higher and she screams as her first orgasm this afternoon hits her. "FUCK BOBBY YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM. OH YES." I release her clitoris and drop my tongue into her inner lips sliding it along her sensitive flesh and pushing into her birth canal as deeply as I can.

Place my thumb over her clitoris and lightly making circles to stimulate it. And just a few seconds Jewels streams in pleasure.

"I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING YES, YES, YES!" I continue my onslaught until she goes tense and then collapses limply back onto the bed. It takes sometime before her breathing returns to normal smiling she complements me. "You do that better than anyone." I look over at our audience who are not unaffected by my performance each girl is lightly rubbing herself. I tease Jewels clit for a second before she makes me stop saying. "No I'm too sensitive don't I can't take any more.

I want you in my pussy now!" An order I will gladly comply with. I move up her body and kiss her nipples lightly teasing them, but not spending a large amount of time to do so. I kiss her spot on her neck. I move from it straight into a long passionate kiss as I finish positioning myself and my cock to enter her pussy.

I feel a hand circle my cock shaft, it forces it to run up and down her slit until is directly over her entrance. I turn my head and Morgan commands. "Shove that monster into Mommy." Jewels feels hotter today than last night, I'm thinking this must be the right time to make a child.

Turning back to Jewels she simply nods yes. I slide easily in to her till I hit her cervix in one movement, do to her wetness. We both moan at the contact. Jewels have raised her legs bending them at her knees as I had impaled her she then says. "Man that is deep." I hold there for a time to look upon her beautiful face when a smile spreads across it, I know it's time to start finding the perfect rhythm.

I pull out all but the last few inches and plunge back fully; her smile does not disappear. Every moment feeling how her body reacts I stay in tune to her respond to her. I soon fall in time with her breathing. Jewels moans. "That's it keep it up you'll have me coming fast." By giving her pleasure I then receive, putting in the effort to ensure her pleasure will show her how much I care. So many men have forgotten that lovers are loved, and users are left. I so much want to be loved I'll make sure she has more orgasms than I.

You can always play the counting game, and tell her is not fair for her to have more than you. With effort she will always be coming back to let you get even. With each touch of her cervix Jewels lets out a moan, getting louder and longer as I continue. "Yes Bobby you're making me cum, Fuck me hard now." I maintain the same speed, increase the depth hitting her cervix little more enthusiastically than before. Jewels orgasms almost immediately pushing me into my own as we push together my sperm is injected directly into her womb.

It seems she's even hotter than when we started. Jewels screams out her pleasure at our combined orgasm. "PUT THAT BABY MAKING CREAM RIGHT IN ME. YES, OH GOD YES, YES FILL ME UP." I ejaculate hard into her, over and over. Her cunt milks my cock to the last drop, with my dwindling strength I roll over beside Jewels, still breathing hard I cuddle up close to her. Our audience has not been idle. Almost as the same time each of the girls screams out there bliss, as hands move over there sex bring themselves to climax.

I'm now lying between Jewels and then as they collapse forward onto me. I'm covered by three breathless young women. Jewels having witnessed this as well comments. "God that's so hot." I'm so exhausted at this point I simply black out.

Unaware of just how long I sleep but awake to find Jewels still at my side cuddled in close, Sara is sleeping on my chest, with the twins cuddled to me and each other on my right. I'm feeling heavenly so allow myself to drift back into sleep. "Come on Bobby it's time to get out of bed, dinner will be ready soon." Sara is standing over me as my eyes open she begins to smile.

That bright smile and angelic face would put anyone in a good mood seeing that the first thing. I'm smiling back being as happy as I've been in my entire life. "Good evening Love." I say to Sara. It doesn't take long me to smell the aroma of dinner in my stomach begins to complain that I'm not at the table yet. I rush into the shower to ready myself for dinner. I arrive at the table and kiss my way around to my chair greeting each of my loves. The food is great.

I give my compliments to the chef assuming its Jewels but to my surprise it's the Twins that did the cooking. "Beautiful and can cook too, wow now that's a combination that can't be beaten." To which the twins giggle. After the meal is finished, I start to clean the table but Sara and the twins stop me.

Sara tells me. "Go spend some time with Jewels and you two get caught up." I see now how wise my Sara has become. She knows I've wanted to talk about several things with Jewels. I think her and the twins for cleanup, giving each a peck on the lips as thanks. Taking Jewels by the hand, I lead her out and onto the lower patio if set up to give a good view of the sunset.

It's also the most private area near the house. I turn the music for the upper patio so we won't be eavesdropped on easily.

What I have to say Jewels is just for her. A fear I need to dismiss and only she has the power to do so. We cuddle in a hammock, our arms wrapping around each other, our faces only inches apart. We lovingly kiss each other, no rush just enjoying the moment together. The sun is dropping below the far ridge, lighting the few clouds with a red glow its reflection making Jewels even more beautiful.

The look on my face gives away the wonder I feel. All too soon the sun sets fully and the soft house lights take the place of the warm sun. Looking into Jewels face I start with. "Jewels what if we had never been separated? Have you ever thought what our lives would be like?" Jewels looks into my eyes. "I dreamed about that every night, since you came with Sara to the hospital, before that on your birthday every year, on my birthday and the twins too.

I dreamed of us becoming a family." A momentary look of confusion crosses my face. Jewels continues. "You want to know why I wanted you to be the girls' lover." Jewels holds me to her chest not letting me see her eyes.

"You missed too much of their childhood, they had grown into young women. They didn't need a daddy like a baby or a child would. What they needed was a man to show how a woman should be treated. I need you to be not a normal father. I need you to show them how a true man loves. Bobby, you're doing better than I had hoped.

The girls love you. Sara loves you. I love you." I pull back just to look into her eyes tears run down her beautiful cheeks. "Why are you crying?" "Sara was so happy with just the two of you.

I hate that the twins and my needs had to change that. I know what that feels like being forced to share when you really don't want to." More tears run over her face. All I can do is kiss them away. "After we came back from Colorado and Janet got out of her treatment.

You spent so much time with her I felt left out. Later when she took off again I tried to tell you what she was about, but as soon as I got the nerve up she came back. Then she scared the shit out of me, she told me that my father was going to kill both of us if I didn't play along. This was just before Sara's first birthday by that time you could tell I carried a baby. She had so much hatred in her I thought she would kill me herself.

That was the only time I ever wished you were not such a good man. If you had been less caring I would have asked you to run away with me right then. But I knew you would never hurt Janet that badly on purpose.

While I tried to think of away in which we both could leave, Janet and my father figured out whose child I was carrying. That was the only thing that saved me and the twins." "After Sara's birthday party and you said you needed to be alone with Janet my heart broke a little. As soon as I was out of the house my father took me prisoner.


He told me if I tried to leave he would kill my child. He told me once he got what he wanted he would let us go and not harm you as well, but if he had any trouble at all we all would be dealt with.

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I knew the man was an asshole, but been know he could be that bad. I believed him to look in his eyes said it all. My mom was there seen it all but didn't do a damn thing to stop him. I couldn't get away from him without risking you, but I also knew that once the twins were born I would be a liability.

Knowing you will never want me to get hurt I have to trust that you would take care of yourself. After all you killed a bear before barehanded. I wanted to run to you so badly but knowing that the first place he would go to. I went in the opposite direction and hitched a ride, it just so happened to be the Carters.

I was almost froze and in bad shape when they picked me up. They took me home and I slept for three days, awake only enough for a few minutes at a time. Rachel, Mrs. Carter never left my side." "Before you go too far ahead, I need you to know something when I asked to be alone with Janet, I was asking for a divorce.

She told me she would never divorce me, but she didn't care to send me to jail." Jewels turns to me. "You mean because I was underage, pregnant with your children. She had a way to control you." Another piece of the picture that is our past falls into place.

"It only made me mad, made me more determined to get to you. I hired detectives to locate you, they did then you disappeared. That's the same day that I was coming for you. The same day that Janet told me you died. Later I found out your mother and father died in a car accident about nine months after." Jewels still holding me close continues.

"I was so afraid of that man; he had lost what little humanity he had. I knew if he ever found me he certainly would have killed me and maybe one of the girls. If I had known that he died I would had come to dance on his grave." "Janet never told you that he died. She needed the fear to keep you away." I say this thinking aloud.

"She always implied he was there to take care of the deadly work." Jewels says with anger. "I fill like Janet's more responsible that her father may have been, but it's hard to tell where one of their action started and the other stopped." It always makes me angry to remember what those two did. I hope both of them have found a nice hot place to spend all eternity, if I'm going there for love then they should be there for me to kick their asses. But it's funny I don't feel any guilt over what I'm doing with my family, so just maybe I'll never have to deal with them.

Jewels is shaking she is so mad. "You know she didn't leave you until she knew I had given up on getting you back." I can do is shake my head in agreement, I don't trust my voice at this point.

I take several deep breaths to calm myself and then speak. "Jewels, let's forget them and move on from now. We can't change what's already happen. Will live and love each other that will be our best revenge, for us to live the life that they tried so hard to deny us." Jewels giggles. "That will make them roll over in their graves." A long silence falls between us, but not uncomfortable one.

I finally break it by saying. "I do not have time to live in the past as long as I have the four of you." Again Jewels giggling. "We're going to keep you very busy even in your retirement." "Speaking of which tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Maybe we should get to sleep before midnight. " I began to lightly kiss Jewels on her shoulders moving towards her neck. Jewels stops me. "Bobby, I'm sorry but I'm just too sore right now. Last night and today was more than I had in a very long time.

The Twins are too, but Sara should be waiting for you after we finish our talk." And teasing tone I say. "It's good that one of you has some endurance." Jewels lightly punches my arm. Then on a serious note I again go over our plans for tomorrow. "First we have the lawyers get your divorce, change your name back so you can take over your trust, once your divorce is filed we can put your new SUV into your name.

Let's not give him anything he doesn't deserve." Jewels giggles. "Too bad we can't give him what he really deserves." "I'll see if we can get the cabin in Colorado ready by the time your divorce is filed." Jewels cuddles in close, kisses me passionately. After we break Jewels asks. "Wouldn't the cabin be too small for all of us?" "The cabin we stayed in, yes.

But I had a new one built it's about four times larger than the one we lived in." "Bobby why do I get the feeling you have been planning this for a very long time." There is a look in her eye I just can't read, don't know if she's thinking I found her and just never bothered get in touch. "I always hoped to find you someday, but I never plan on us being like this.

You know us all being lovers. Speaking of which how is this supposed to work? On the jealous type I don't want anyone but me being with you, but you all share me?" there's concern in my voice, and face.

Jewels picks up on it and thinks a moment before answering. "I'm glad you held out hope. Until Janet died I lost all hope in getting back to you.

Now for your concern you never have to worry about Sara or I. You're everything to the two of us. The twins are falling in love with you. I for one would love if they lived with us the rest of our lives so I'll help you keep them." I'm not too surprised by this considering Jewels had wanted me to be their lover. "What about them wanting kids?" It's the only real concern I have. Jewels giggles. "Looks like I'll be a grandparent and you'll be a father to their kids after they turn eighteen." "Oh shit!

What about Sara's if we have daughters, they may want to join like the Twins." Jewels again giggles. "That would not be so bad, if I or Sara have a daughter. And when she turns thirteen you can have her too if she wants you." "Damn I thought the four of you were going to kill me last night if it had been one more you probably would have.

I'm sure if I don't want another lover not now, for sure." I say as I'm little overwhelmed. Jewels giggles. "Look at it this way in fourteen years, the new will definitely be worn off your relationship with the twins, Sara as well. We may be looking for someone to take up your sexual energy or bring some life back to you." "Damn, that's make you feel old, the twins were about your age then with 12-year-olds of their own." Jewels looks at me with a devilish grin.

"So you decided that you will impregnate your own 18-year-old daughters." "I told you I give four of you anything that you wanted, including children. I just want you to be happy all ways. Yeah, I guess I have come to that I would give them children when the time is right." "What if I told you the girls don't want to wait till they're eighteen, they want a child now." Jewels has a serious look on her face.

This has me more worried and her statement knowing she doesn't have a good poker face, but I'm hoping I'm wrong. A mischievous grin crosses Jewels face. "Gotcha you're too easy now." I give her a light punch in the shoulder like she has given me. "I was hoping to have sex for a couple of years before I have to worry about kids with them. Hell I'm half hoping we're not pregnant to keep on trying." Jewels giggles.

"Bobby you're just a sex maniac, I know how many times a day you did it with Sara. I'm surprised she could take you that often." "Jewels your sister is of sex maniac too, she started as many of the encounters as I." I smile as I recall the last month.

Jewels isn't smiling. "That is what I was afraid of that my sister would give up her time with you." "Jewels that was her choice, and I'll talk to her about it tonight, and we can talk with her. Besides if you get pregnant you will not want to have sex until about three months from now." "Yeah that first trimester cuts down your sex drive, but you make up for it in the second." Jewels has a grin on her face now, she pass her stomach.

"Well just maybe. We will know in about a week." I get serious. "Hate to change the subject but what you think your ex-husband is up to?" Jewels takes a long pause. "Maybe he's trying to take Sara away from you. He would have to show abusive or neglect on your part." "Sort of like Sarah got pregnant by me." I was thinking out loud more example than anything. "Oh my God, I think he's done that in the past. Change birth control to ones too low to be effective.

After the girl got pregnant and delivered there was always a small bump in his secret checking account. Well he thought it was secret." Jewels has a look of great concern on her face. "Sara just had him put in the long-term birth control injection two days ago." I point out this to Jewels. "There should be a small lump near the injection site; you could feel it just under the skin.

We will have to check make sure he did inject the birth control." Jewels getting up throws us off-balance, it being a hammock.

I move quickly to prevent both of us from falling.

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I catch her in my arms, and getting my legs underneath me before gravity pulls us into the ground. "We need to check right now…" Jewels says as she runs up the stairs toward to the house. I follow only a step or two behind. Reaching the house Jewels calls for Sara. She is in the master bedroom. We run down the hall and nearly knock Sara down entering the bedroom. Jewels without explanation grabs Sara by the arm and feels for the birth control. "That bastard, it's not here.

He poked her to give her a bruise, but never injected the birth control." Jewels is angry beyond belief. She is still checking Sara's arm, continue shake her head no every few seconds. Sara realizing what's going on doesn't try to pull out of Jewels' hold. Her face becomes pale the longer Jewels examines her arm. By this time Jewels has gone from elbow to shoulder and completely around her arm. "It's not here, it hasn't shifted, and he never put it in." Sara nearly in tears asks.

"Why wouldn't he, not put my birth control in?" I state. "We're not totally sure but we believe he was trying to set us up. He wanted Jewels to take custody of you as executor of your will." Sara eyes go wide, knowing we had unprotected sex; although early in her cycle there still a slight chance of pregnancy.

"I love you Bobby and I will have your children, but I'm not ready yet." I'm thinking she's not ready yet, neither am I! I level the question at Jewels she has more medical experience and anyone else here. "Jewels is there anything we can do?" "There's the morning-after pill, she needs take it as soon as possible. If she's not pregnant now it should keep her from getting pregnant. It is called Plan B.

You two get dressed and go get one now. Shit, I better get dressed too and go with you.

I can use my nurses ID to get three just in case." "Jewels what type of birth control are the girls on?" I asked to ensure that we know if he's done the same to them. I'll fill better knowing their safe as well. Jewels calls the girls who are not far away in the kitchen still. Checks both of their arms for the telltale sign of the birth control. Thankfully both of the girls have their rejections. Jewels sends Little Bobby to inform us while she dresses.

As soon as we're all dressed we say goodbye to the twins telling then lock the doors after we leave. Getting the SUV and drive to the nearest pharmacy. Jewels and I walking to the prescription desk to ask for Plan B. Jewels uses her ID to get three in addition to my one.

Jewels also picks up a box of 20 condoms. Jokingly I tell her. "You sure that's why we need Plan B because we keep breaking those." Jewels responds quickly. "That's because you had them for years before you got me, they're out of date." "I guess that's true sweetheart but you know how you are will go through those by tomorrow." I put the ball back into her court.

Jewels groans and runs back to get a box or two more. Returning she has six more boxes of condoms at least they're all my size. "This should do for a day or two." I smile. "That's about right." The sales clerk eyes go wide with seven boxes of 20 each and our statement of only lasting two days. My little joke cost me about $120 extra. It's a good thing I walk around about $2000 in my wallet. I would hate to buy this with a debit or credit card.

Back in the SUV we hand Sara a bottle of water an open one of the Plan B boxes for her. After driving away Sara takes the morning after pill. With it she seems to relax a little. Jewels also got three early pregnancy tests two for herself, and one for Sara.

As we drive home I asked Jewels. "You know of a different doctor for Sara, one that is responsible." "I know a couple of respectable doctors that would be fine for Sara. Both work either in private clinics or a different hospital, having no association with Dr. Bastard." Jewels anger is showing. I doubt Jewels well ever forgive that man.

Hell has no wrap, like a redhead. I think I like to watch the guy wriggle while Jewels goes after him. We'll be home soon on a Sunday night. I have to find a way to stop him before he could take Sara from me. If she was a few years older we could just get married, I need to check that out I known of couple younger than eighteen back in college.

I knew one freshman at twenty-one had a wife who was seventeen with a one-year-old child. They had been married for a little over a year. So I'll figure out how they can do that lawfully. Soon as I got home I went to my office and started searching the web three or four useless searches I found out the age of consent is Sixteen-years-old for the state we live in.

As of Wednesday, he really couldn't do anything about Sara sexual activities. But I still was worried.


Then I looked on the state website dealing with marriage license. There was an answer we can marry if she has custodial permission, due to the fact she had no living parent. I needed to check my divorce decree; I always thought the something weird about the custody section. After reading it closely it did not say, parental rights it said custodial rights. Janet had it written in the paperwork knowing I was not her father, therefore parental did not apply.

She made sure it said custodial. One word made an entire different relationship. I printed out the information on marriage license and took the divorce decree with me; I needed a very serious talk with Sara. I found Sara talking to Jewels in our bedroom. "Good you're both here." I set down across from both of them, I hand Jewels my divorce decree. It was open to the custody section. "Jewels please read how it grants custody of Sara to me." She looks it over then begins to read it aloud.

"This document grants custodial rights to Robert A. Winfield regarding the dependent child Sara E. Winfield." She stops there and looks. "It didn't say parental custody, it said custodial." Jewels is worried about all we have found out today. "Janet so much as admitted in the divorce decree that I wasn't Sara's father." I then handed the print out I made from the web.

I asked Sara to read. She took this from my hand again. Silently a large grin can across her face. She handed it to Jewels and jumped into my lap pulling me into a passionate kiss. We both too busy to notice Jewels had read what Sara had handed her. Jewels begins.

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"You're going to marry my sister to keep that bastard from getting control over her." When we break for air, I point out. "No judge in his right mind would ever take a wife against her will from her husband. The only catch I can think of is that I am both Guardian and Groom." That's a question for the lawyers tomorrow.

"Sara I have two questions for you. First will you marry me?" I'm looking into her beautiful eyes they sparkle brightly. "OH YES BOBBY YES!" Sara screams and pulls me back into a passionate kiss again.

After a few minutes we both come up for air again. "I asked my second question. What color diamond you want?" I know she has been looking at diamonds and diamond rings for over a month now mostly Internet searches. She giggles happily. "I dreamed I had a green diamond that matched my eyes, not very large but beautiful." Jewels giggles.

"I always wanted a yellow one." I had noticed that the twins were setting with Jewels now. Little Bobby says "I think I want a blue diamond for my ring." Morgan states.


"Make mine red that's what I would like in my ring." I'm looking at each of them and say. "Legally I can only be husband to one of you and now it has to be Sara to protect her. But we've been acting like were all married and on our honeymoon so why not." "Great idea Bobby we can all be your wife, just like on that TV show." Sara pulls me back in to a long passionate kiss, as soon as we break the three other wives say.

"Let us kiss our husband good night." I kiss the three and wish them each good night. Holding Sara again in my arms after they left I turn to her. Looking deeply into her eyes, they are sparkles, a sign that she is happy.

I lower myself to one knee and asked her again.

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"Sara Elizabeth Winfield will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Sara began kissing me in between each kiss she says. "Yes Robert" kisses "yes Robert" repeats this many times.

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When she stops she says. "Now you got my answer, so stop asking. Come the bed my husband." "Yes my ecstatic goddess." To which Sara giggles uncontrollably. I scoop her up into my arms and carry her on to our bed. Sara looks a little distressed and frustrated. "Bobby you know we can't." "Sara no matter what happens I will always love you. Doesn't matter if we can't, I'll just be happy to hold you in my arms until we can. As long as I'm with you I am a happy man." I lay down with Sara; kiss her repeatedly as the automatic lighting in my room fades to black.

"We have a lot tomorrow. Lawyers, DMV and get Jewels' new-car, plus I have a few more special errands I need to run. We will eat in town, and shop a little before coming home. Jewels wants to spend some time Tuesday with you. Is that okay?" Sara is getting sleepy cuddled close to me. "You know what she wants to do on Tuesday?" "I think she wants to take you shopping for your birthday present." That's not what I asked Jewels to do but I feel sure she'll use the opportunity to do that.

Sara joyously says. "I love my big sister, Jewels is so great." "I know she's really loves you too. She used to get a kick out of you and you're just a baby calling her momma. It may Janet crazy." "You think that's what really drove mom crazy?" "No it was just guilt, over all the lies." I tell Sara this looking into her eyes as the moonlight shines through our curtains.

"Really just guilt was enough to drive her crazy?" Sara is trying to find out more about her mother. I haven't talked a lot about her so it's normal for her to be curious. "She was torn by the way she treated me, by lying about loving me, about getting pregnant, and then falling in love with me for real. It causes her to feel guilty and afraid, so she pushed me away to hide those feelings. That's when I realized I was really in love with Jewels.

She was only fourteen at the time. When I saw that she was older than her years I started looking at her as the woman she is. By that time you were about five months old. Your mother found out about Jewels. That was just before your first birthday. Jealousy, anger, guilt and fear overwhelmed your mother she left all of the build up until it was too much for her to maintain any balance.

If she was half the woman you are our life would be totally different. I love you so much. I will be very happy becoming your husband and very proud that Sara Elizabeth Winfield agreed to be my wife." I hold just a little tighter kissing her a few more times. She pulled back a little just to tell me. "Robert A. Winfield I love you with all my heart. I will be very proud to be your wife, very happy to have your children." She kisses me then puts her head on my chest listening to my heart she goes to sleep.

I lay there for a long time thinking about the last days from Friday till today how much our lives has changed in that short time, I hope life will get to somewhat of a normal existence soon. What the hell was I thinking? Normal there's nothing normal about my family.

I just hope we can keep that love going forever. I'll take it one day at a time but normal has nothing to do with us anymore. After some time this realization doesn't seem so bad. I slowly drift off with Sara in my arms. My house has been specially designed I've added computerization to several features, lighting, comfort control, and security.

The house actually listens to you if you say I need to get up early in the morning, it will set alarm clock for 7 AM, that's what had a programmed for. The conversation I had last night the house picked up on my need rise early, at 7 AM the lights in my bedroom went to 60% brightness, soft music played to help us wake up, in Jewels' room same was occurring.

Normally when at night when you go to bed the house drops the lighting down to 20% brightness 5 minutes then turns off the lights.

Once you move during the night it will bring the lights back to 20% brightness again another preset. I come awake with Sara still resting in my arms. I gently shake this sleeping goddess; she raises her head looks sleepily into my eyes and says. "Ten more minutes Daddy." Like Saturday all over, I give her a light smack on the ass. "Mrs. Winfield, get your ass moving." Sara raises her head looks at her left hand then back to me.

"Not Mrs. Winfield yet so 10 more minutes Daddy." It's all I can do to resist the urge to tickle but daylights out of her. By Thursday that hand will have a ring on it, if it cost me half a million bucks will be a ring there. Not just any ring. A green diamond about one to one and a half carats. Leaving Sara to sleep her extra 10 minutes I go to my office. I'll send an e-mail to my favorite jeweler, she does great custom work and fast as well. While I'm sending e-mails I might as well send one to lawyers making sure they have someone to meet us this morning.

E-mail partners at the law firm of my legal needs; they owe me big time so it shouldn't be a problem. Getting back to our bedroom just as this snooze alarm is sounding. Sara alone on the bed is beginning to wake up.

She sets up stretches and yawns sleepily. "Where'd you go? I got cold when you left." "I needed to send some e-mails so I went to the office." Walking over to her, I take her hand and lead her to the bathroom. We shower and dress for the day, what a day this going to be.