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Magnus lay entwined with Darius for quite some time. He found himself lightly tracing the myriad of scars that covered the boy's skin. "What're all these from?" He asked softly. "I'm a klutz." Darius answered simply. The response sounded like a well-rehearsed line to Magnus. Not only could he not picture Darius-who even in stillness was almost unnaturally graceful-being so aloof, but the scars were uniform.

Like they had been made by blades. He didn't push however, assuming that Darius would only close up further. Instead he focused on the warmth of having another body beside him again. It had been almost ten years since Jonathan had died. This was only the second time Magnus has been with someone else since. He'd loved Jonathan dearly and his heart still ached for him some days, but the ache had lessened ever-so-slightly when he'd spotted Darius. He knew it was cheesy, but something about the red-head made him feel…not better but something like it.

"So why did you come up to me?" Darius's voice in the darkness was small, almost an echo of his own thoughts. Magnus took a moment and then replied, "Your eyes." Darius seemed to find that amusing, "It's always the eyes." "Not because of how stunning they are," Magnus clarified, "But because they looked so lonely. I've never seen someone your age look so completely alone. I can relate." Darius glanced up at him, clearly surprised.

Though his cerulean eyes were almost painfully lovely, they seemed so sad-even now-that Magnus felt compelled to understand why. "To me you looked like a fallen angel, beautiful and tragic all at once." He brushed his hand lightly down Darius's cheek. For a moment it looked like he was on the edge of something. Maybe speaking, maybe sobbing, his handsome features twisted into a mask of painful uncertainty.

But it was only for a moment. Quickly his expression changed back and he sat up. "I-I should go." He stuttered. Magnus meant to catch him by his arm, but midway through the motion he saw the scars on the boy's back. There were scars on top of scars, and in some areas they were so thick it was barely recognizable as human skin. But Magnus's attention was drawn to the center of his back where the word 'Mine' was carved into his flesh with handprints that looked to be burned onto him on either side of the word.

What on earth had happened to this boy? "Wait, don't go yet!" Magnus implored. Darius hesitated almost imperceptibly, but then, "I like you. You're nice and all, but this is a bad idea. You seem like one of the few good guys left and I don't want to ruin you." With that he pulled on his pants and strode out the door, ignoring Magnus's pleas to stay.

Darius could not recall being more confused. He couldn't understand why leaving Magnus had him feeling so empty. He'd known the man less than three hours, yet walking out his door had been one of the hardest things he'd ever done.

But it was better that way and he knew it. So why did he feel like sobbing? He also couldn't figure out why lying had felt so terribly wrong. He lied to people every day without so much as a twinge of guilt, why should this virtual stranger be any different?

Why should the idea of deceiving him spark Darius's nearly non-existent conscience? Everything he was feeling was ridiculous and pointless. He knew he would most likely never seen Magnus again anyway. A pain pulsed through his chest, robbing him of breath and stopping him dead. Darius clutched at a wall for balance as the strange phantom pain flared through his chest, forcing a small noise from him. What was that? Darius tried to take a step forward, but hit the ground instantly.

His head was spinning and his vision blurred from the incredible pain. Whatever it was, it was crippling. As he gasped for air, he heard footsteps in the mouth of the ally way he was collapsed in. He knew he needed to move, but he just couldn't. "Hey there sexy!" A harsh, slightly slurred voice called, "How much?" He could hear dumb laughter and other stumbling steps now.

Great, a bunch of drunk guys, just what he needed. "Not…for…sale." He managed past the agony threatening to rip his consciousness away. The staggering steps got closer, "Oh come on, we see you whoring at the bar all the time! How much?" Under normal circumstances a few drunk guys were less than a problem for Darius. He could handle three sober guys without really straining too much.

At six foot five most people didn't even bother with him. However that night Darius would have been lucky to fight off a lady bug. There was absolutely no way this would end well. "Not. For. Sale." He repeated through his teeth. The group reached him, and the one who'd been speaking knelt by him.

He reeked of alcohol and an unpleasant smile was marring what would have otherwise been a passible face. "Okay, then we won't pay you." Darius willed himself to move with all this strength. There was no way he was letting this happen, not again. His effort was rewarded with a blinding supernova of anguish.

As if the sickening pain in his chest weren't enough, the speaker's fist connected with his temple. His vision spun and his ears rang. "Nice shot, Alecto!" One of the drunkards behind the speaker called.


"Well don't just stand there, grab him!" Two pairs of arms were around him surprisingly quickly, hulling him up to his knees. He nearly screamed as his chest protested against the adjustment. "That a boy, on your knees where you belong." Alecto snarled, unbuttoning his pants.

One of the men holding Darius whipped out a knife and put it against his throat. The blade swayed slightly, adding to Darius's anxiety. "Bite me," Alecto said, "And Joey slashes your pretty little neck. Now open up." "Fuck you." Darius growled. The pain was almost worth it. "Oh you're going to. Tony, his mouth." Darius's arms were shifted into a different position and a hand reached down and forced his mouth open.

Darius's heart broke out into a sprint as he tried once again to move.

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Nothing. Darius barely had time to prepare as Alecto reamed his entire cock down his throat. He gagged and wretched, attempting to pull free.

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His reward was another spasm in his chest and a blow to the stomach. "Suck it, whore." When Darius didn't oblige he was dealt another blow. "Suck it or we start cutting off all the bits that stick out." Alecto smiled again with even more repulsive venom.

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Darius hesitated a second too long and felt the blade at his throat bite into his skin. "Now!" Alecto ordered. Slowly Darius began to suck the cock rammed down his throat. Alecto then began to rock his hips, ensuring that Darius was nearly always gagging. "Mmmm, suck it like you mean it, slut." Alecto moaned. Rather than make a bad situation worse, Darius began to lick and suck and kiss Alecto's cock as if it were Magnus's.

It was only later that he realized who he'd pictured however. "Look boss," Tony pointed out, "This little slut likes it!" A hand-presumably Tony's-reached down and cupped around the bulge that had grown in Darius's pants, "The little queer has a hardon!" Alecto grinned mirthlessly, "You like sucking my cock, fag?" Darius was unable to answer but the three took his silence as confirmation.

"Well then boys, let's give this cock whore a good time!" Alecto laughed. Darius's heart dropped as the two other men joined in Alecto's sinister laughter.


Tony bound Darius's hands with a length of rope from the ally and Joey stripped off Darius's pants-still the only clothing he had been wearing. All the while Alecto held his cock firmly in Darius's mouth until his eyes began to swim from the lack of air. Darius thought he might mercifully pass out until Alecto pulled his cock out and slapped him with it.

"Since you seem to like cock so much, Tony and Joey are gonna take care of your other hole." Alecto grinned, "I hope it's as hungry as this one." Alecto's cock was back in his mouth before he could retort or scream or even think to.

Joey grabbed his hips and pulled him backwards, forcing him onto his hands and knees. Ironically the pain in his chest had receded just enough for him to be able to hold himself up.

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"Mmmmm," Joey growled lustfully, "Hope you're loose." And just like that, with no preparation, Joey rammed his cock deep into Darius's ass. Had his mouth not been full, his scream would have woken the entire block. Joey wasn't the largest Darius had ever taken by far, but without any sort of care taken he might has well have been. As he plunged in deeper, it felt as though he were ripping Darius in half.

The only thing that kept him from being destroyed was the left over cum from earlier that night. But as it was tears of utter agony dripped down his face. "Aw, did that hurt?" Tony laughed as Joey pumped in farther. "Ugh, wow, he's pretty tight for a slut." Joey grunted. "Not too tight for me to get in there too, I hope." Darius's eyes widened in panic as Joey chuckled, "Naw, shouldn't be." There was no way. There was absolutely no way, it wasn't physically possible.

They would kill him if they tried. Surely they couldn't be serious! As he felt Tony's hands on him, he tried once again to wiggle away. This time the rope kept him in place. He was trapped. "Hold still, whore." Tony grunted as he put his cock to Darius's already stuffed hole. Darius squeezed his eyes shut and prayed. With even less finesse than Joey-if that were even possible-Tony pushed himself up into Darius. Darius could almost feel himself tearing as the second cock worked it's way inside of him, slowly.

The pain made him sick and had spots dancing in his vision. If he were lucky, he would have passed out. But he never passed out until he was almost dead, and this time wasn't any different.

He screamed into Alecto's cock until his throat felt raw. His eyes floated half open and he saw Alecto gazing down with almost animal lust as Tony worked the final few inches of his cock inside Darius's ass. "Damn, he is tight. Or he was." Tony chuckled. "And look," Alecto laughed, "He's still hard as a rock.

Fuckin' pain slut." Darius was humiliated and in more pain than he'd been in in years. His body's traitorous reactions weren't unexpected but none-the-less unwelcome.

He despised how much pain seemed to excite his body.

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Then Joey and Tony started thrusting and Darius's world became one continuous wave of agony. He barely even noticed Alecto's cock pressing into the back of his throat, even as he spewed a torrent of cum down it. The bitter, salty cum stung his raw throat but it barely registered. Joey and Tony kept hammering away, grunting and groaning as Darius struggled to restrain his screams. Every time he made sound they only seemed to increase their tempo.

He wasn't about to give them the satisfaction of knowing how much he was hurting. After he'd cum, Alecto retracted his cock from Darius's mouth, allowing Darius to collapse forward. It lessened some of the pain but not nearly enough. A minute or two later, Alecto leaned forward and started to lightly stroke Darius's cock.

The little pleasure was like a raft in an ocean of pain. "That feel good?" Alecto chuckled, elongating his strokes. Darius hated himself for it but he nodded. Alecto's hand continued to slowly bring him pleasure until Darius was biting his lip, trying to restrain moans. And now with the pre-sum from both Joey and Tony steadily leaking out, his ass was even beginning to feel good.

Darius squeezed his eyes shut against the onslaught of new sensations. He almost wished it hurt again. Then in rhythm with Joey and Tony's thrusts, Alecto's strokes became bigger, tighter and even more pleasurable. Darius was unable to keep himself from crying out. "Yeah? You feelin' good, slut?

You like us using you like the worthless whore you are?" Darius didn't respond and Alecto's hand stopped, "Say it." The longer Darius's silence wore on the worse the pressure in his balls became until he felt he might explode.

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"I like you using me like the worthless whore I am." He conceded, casting his gaze at the ground. Alecto laughed and resumed stroking his cock and Darius made another small noise. Joey and Tony's thrusts were becoming uneven and their breathing was morphing into panting. Clearly they were close to orgasm and so was Darius. He felt sick and cold all over for wanting it, but he was so close… "Ugh!" Joey grunted, quickly pulling out.

He moved around to where Darius lay face down on the ground. A few seconds and a long groan later, Darius felt something hot on his cheek and neck. Joey came all over Darius's face, neck, and shoulders soaking him in cream.

Tony was next, thrusting harder and deeper until he released his load deep inside Darius's used ass. The warmth was like lava and made Darius feel even more sullied. Yet at the same time a familiar tingle started in his balls. And then Alecto's hand stopped. "You wanna cum, slut?" He smirked, "You have to beg for it." The two others laughed at their leader's cruelty.

Darius considered forsaking his release.


But his cock was already pulsating from the pent up pressure and his balls ached. But he could do it, it would hurt… Then just the hint of pressure from Alecto's hand, ramping up his need another level. He could resist… "Hmmm? What was that? You want your balls licked?" Alecto asked, "Tony?" Darius nearly screamed when he felt the light caress of Tony's tongue slide across his balls. It wasn't enough to push him over the edge, but it added to the pressure. Alecto's finger slid over his piss slit, collecting some of the pre-cum it was leaking.

Darius was ready to blow. "Please let me cum." He said in a small voice. "What was that, I can't hear you?" Alecto teased. Darius's cock twitched and his balls pulsed painfully, "Please let me cum." He said louder. "Please let me cum, what?" "Please let me cum, sir." Darius kept his gaze directed at the ground. "Hmmm, I don't know.

That doesn't sound much like begging." The flood gates opened. "Please master, I need to cum! I'm a dirty whore who needs his master's hand to cum, please please let me cum master, I'll do anything!" Darius shouted, once again with tears streaming down his face. Alecto grinned maliciously, "That's more like it." He reached down to stroke him and Darius forgot all else but his pleasure.

He moaned and panted and 'yes!'ed with abandon as he road the wave towards climax. And when it hit, he even screamed. His cock exploded onto the ground and the three rapists chortled. But he was way past giving a fuck.

"Pathetic." Alecto laughed, tossing a few coins at Darius's feet. "Let's go boys." To be continued…