Amateur Milf Muschi Und Arsch Gefickt

Amateur Milf Muschi Und Arsch Gefickt
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"Jesse! Were Leaving, Were Leaving the house to you!


Take good care of it and No parties!" my Mother Diana Yelled from downstairs. "Okay Mom!


Have a good Trip! I'll see you on Sunday and I'll have no More than Maybe ten parties!" i Laughed at my own joke. " You better not be inviting any girls over either Now Bye" She closed the door and I watched her leave the front yard my 9 inch cock aching to be stroked, after i saw the car drive away i went on my laptop and well did whatever a sixteen year old boy would do when he was horny, Yes i stroked my 9 Inch cock until i exploded all over.

After a good Session of Masturbating i headed downstairs for something to eat, man was i hungry "Damn, Nothing to eat Maybe i'll go to the store" I saw some Money On the table and grabbed it "Holy.$600?!" Shit mom.You're loaded" I headed off to the store and hummed a Dubstep tune as i went. I tried to Beatbox But it failed Miserably, Oh Let me tell you a Bit about myself, I'm Jesse a Sixteen Year old, hormone raging kid I have Light red hair and a Muscular toned chest, i'm a bit on the tall side standing about 6'2 and well very attractive as my friend told me.

a Few girls On the block always Look at me as i walk by and they give me that "Look" Like they want to fuck. But Sadly for me Their Just all Sluts.except for One Girl God she was worth a good fucking, i had masturbated to her several times and i often thought of her as my girlfriend, but that happy tale soon came to be reality "Hey Alex" Alexandra The Beauty of the block every guy had their eyes on her. even me i had a crush on her ever since she moved here about six years ago.

Alex turned around and smiled "Hey Handsome, what are you up too?" she Smirked and giggled "shit all Beautiful just going to the store to grab some Munchies and that's it then gonna head home and watch some movies, Care to join me?" Alex was a real Looker she Has Light Blonde hair, a curvy figure, her Double D Breasts Stood out as she wore nothing but a Tight shirt that you could easily see her nipples, But that.ass I wanted that ass as my own i praised her ass, as you can tell from How Much of "that ass" I'm talking about, Yes i'm an ass man.

"Oh? What Kind of movies? Horror?

romance? Or just some Porn?" She Chuckled and i blushed "Well maybe some porn movies why want to join me?" i Smiled at my own joke as she blushed. "Hmmm, i have nothing to do today and my parents are out on a business trip so Yeah I might as well.

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Nice let's go to store to pick up some munchies then sugar plum" The rest of our day carried on as usual we got the munchies and some Soda, Some Pepsi, some coke, sprite and other stuff. we walked back to my place and i opened the door, i invited her in and looked at her ass as she walked in first. my boner had risen to it's full length as i watched her hips sway side to side her ass in a tight blue mini skirt.

God i loved that sight. "Oh? What are you staring at Jess?" Damn this girl caught me. "Nothing I-i was just admiring you're" Really Jesse?! Shoes?!

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Hopefully she buys it i thought to myself. she giggled.


"It's Okay Jess i know you have a crush on me why do you think i always flirt with you?" Shit this Babe's really hot I have to do something.Now.I walked over and smiled putting the munchies on the table. i walked over to her. "Oh? You flirt with me?" I pretended to act dumb "Duh you Idiot i always-" I shushed her with my finger, "Who you calling idiot?" I pushed her against the wall my hands interlocking with hers, i smiled raising her hands above her head, her face was red as she blushed hard.

"J-jesse we.we're friends we shouldn't do-" I Hushed her as i kissed her lips with all my passion and desire i went wild kissing her, our tongues playing with each other. my boner had risen to it's full length. "Look what you did.i pointed down and blushed as she grabbed my cock through my jeans. "Mmmmmm Jesse.I want you here and now!" She blushed super red as she said that, i took her and and went upstairs to my room.

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i threw her on my bed and took off my shirt. quickly jumping into bed with her. We were making out, our tongues brushing against one another. she put her hands on my chest and stopped quickly she took her shirt off and undid her bra. my eyes taking every curve of her lovely double D Mounts she had.

I Kissed her neck and bit it softly, she moaned in the process of me biting her neck i quickly moved down to her breasts she had i licked them and fondled the with my hands. my tongue quickly brushing past her nipples i licked, sucked and played with her nipples as they went hard.

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"Mmmmmm, Oh jesse Please more. I want more please fuck me! Fuck me until you have cummed deep inside my pussy!" She yelled at me "Sorry babe But i won't be fucking you're pussy today" I said with a smirk. Alex Blushed as she pushed my head down to her breasts again and i knew what she wanted, i quickly took a nipple into my mouth and stared sucking my hand moving down to her stomach, i quickly drove my hand down her pants and rubbed her clit.

"Damn this girl is soaking wet." Alex Moaned in excitement as i rubbed her clit with my thumb switching between speeds, Faster and slower she moaned. i inserted a finger into her and then she couldn't take it she Cummed all over my fingers." Oh God yes! Yes Jesse yes! Fuck me fuck me with you're fingers! Please!

Fuck me!" she yelled as loud as she could as i continued to finger her. She pushed me off and undid my pants.

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i was already at a full nine inches, she undid my pants and started rubbing my cock as she pulled the underwear over the head. "Mmmmm.I want to suck it." without my response Alexandra the once innocent sexy Beauty took the tip of my cock into her mouth.

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her tongue moving around the tip she basically attacked my cock with her spit. she stroked it fast and tried to take it into her throat, she succeeded and deepthroated my cock, her throat felt amazing as her muffled moans came, Alex bobbed her head up and down stroking my cock as she went crazy. than she did something.

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she put her breasts over my cock and started stroking my cock with them. Alex started licking and sucking on the tip, her breasts stroking my nine inch cock, i couldn't take it anymore. i blew my load right in her mouth. she gasped for air she swoalled my load in her mouth i couldn't take it anymore After that we quickly fell asleep.