Hardcore regular show gay sex first time This scene was filmed in

Hardcore regular show gay sex first time This scene was filmed in
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The Malone Organization's Boeing Business Jet makes a super smooth touchdown at New York's JFK Airport. One of my stewardesses unlatches the hatch swinging the door open. I exit the aircraft and race down the mobile staircase with the ease and vigor of a man half the age of my fifty years. My Lincoln limousine pulls up and the driver jumps out then opens the rear door. " Welcome, Mr.

Malone," he said with genuine enthusiasm. On the way into the city I make several business calls and receive one personal one. If there is a woman who knows how to spend my money, it is that spoiled mistress of mine, Marci. " John, I'm in a hurry," she said. " I've been assigned to report a story at the Ascot races so I'm taking one of your Gulf streams and flying over to London today.

I've dropped my friend Megan off at your penthouse apartment. She's twenty eight and wants to check out modeling jobs. Will you make sure she gets in?" Marci must have been in a hurry for sure because without awaiting an answer, she hung up.

Knowing Marci, she probably took it for granted that I would do whatever it took to help her friend. If so, then the assumption is absolutely correct. Megan is indeed an attractive young woman and there is nothing I wouldn't do to help her. As for making sure the girl gets a modeling job in New York, I certainly can make that happen. Carl, my chauffeur, pulls the limo to a stop in front of the main entrance to Vista Tower.

At 100 stories this towering structure is the flagship hotel in the worldwide chain of luxury accommodations owned by The Malone Organization. Along with other business interests and investments, these hotels place my net worth at well over the billionaire mark. I guard this information carefully. Although I meet their eligibility requirements, a reader to Forbes Magazine's annual list of the 400 wealthiest Americans will not find my name on it.

There are too many evil-minded people out there who prey on the rich. I value privacy and security more than I do fame and notoriety. A high speed elevator swiftly speeds me up to my 98th, 99th, and 100th floor penthouse residence. No other apartment share those floors with my ten bedroom luxury suite.

I step into the lobby, entering the three storied living room, gazing out a bank of towering windows at the finest residential view of Central Park found anywhere in New York City. Remembering my unexpected guest, I head out on an expedition in search for her. Megan is a young lady who has only visited here for short stays and she has never stayed all night.

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She can get lost wandering around in this spacious, multiroomed, unfamiliar surroundings. Finding the door to a bedroom suite open, I enter but find no occupant. I'm actually anxious to see Megan again. She is a beautiful young woman who loves me for the friend I was.

Megan knows I'm wealthy, but unlike Marci, she neither asks for nor expects any special financial favors from me. This friend of Marci's holds a special place of endearment in my heart. Hearing a noise coming from the bathroom, I head for the slightly opened door and lifting my hand to knock.

My hand stops just before my knuckles touch the door. What is that sound and why did it have such a familiar tone to it? If I didn't know better, I'd swear I'm hearing the husky purrs a woman makes when she is masturbating! The more I listen, the more convinced I am that I'm hearing masturbatory purring. And, so what if I am! Megan is a woman of twenty eight years in age so she is old enough for sexual desires. I have no hard evidence to back this up, but if I were to guess, I'd say most women masturbate.

Most certainly, all guys do, including me! Smiling with the knowledge that my young guest has sexual needs, I turn away with every intention of leaving the room and allowing Megan to finish her self-gratification in peace. Impulsively, I decide to push the bathroom door open an inch or two and get myself a peek of a masturbating female. Did I get more than a peek; I got an eyeful of feminine flesh doing more than I expected!

Standing in front of a floor to ceiling length mirror is Megan. The nude woman fresh-from-the-shower body gleaming with the glow of a porcelain doll in the bathroom's florescent illumination. The measurement from the tips of the barefooted woman's unpainted toes to the top of her long, straight, tied back hair is probably about 5 feet 8 inches.

The most prominent features I see from my rear-view vantage point are a pair of slender sexy legs topped by a shapely round ass. Lucky for me, the tall mirror provides a front-view image for my visual inspection as well. Here a pair of tantalizing tits adorned an unblemished, hourglass-shaped body. The girl's belly is slim and flat with only a hint of a pretty belly bump. Below the bump is a gorgeous, shaved-bare pubic mound with absolutely no pussy hair!

Masturbatory purring sounds escape from Megan, but surprisingly, the young lady is not masturbating. Well, not exactly. Technically speaking, it is not her fingers playing inside her pussy. To be more precise, I'd have to say that she is playing with herself with an elongated, crystal clear, solid glass dildo with ridged rings circling its head.

Yep, this young lady is using an artificial cock to fuck herself! I have never seen a sexier sight in my life! I have never seen a dildo wielded by more expertly skilled hands either. My cock has never been so jealous of an inanimate piece of glass in its life. I'm hard, hot, and horny for some pussy myself. Just when I thought I can not get turned on any further, Megan withdrew the glass rod from her pussy then she inserted the drippy wet instrument into her mouth.

She licked it, she sucked it, and then she rubbed it all over her nipples and tits. A loud gasp escapes from me. I didn't realize I'd been holding my breath. Nor did I realize I had unconsciously pushed Megan's bathroom door open for a better view. Upon hearing my gasp, Megan just turned to stare at me. She had caught me watching her! God damn my wicked thoughts, my belt buckle is undone, my pants button is unbuttoned, and my zipper is unzipped! My hand is holding my big cock.

Although I'm caught, I'm at least thankful I need not be ashamed of the size and shape of my exposed erection. I may be 'older', but my penile rod can match her glass reproduction in both its elongated length and its swollen girth!

My cock can't stay as lengthy and fat as long as its glass rival can, but it has the advantage of having blood racing warmth to comfort the insides of a pussy. I see Megan's face is aflame with embarrassment.

I'm sure she has no idea I was arriving so soon and even if she did she had no reason to think I would spy on her. Megan is not a completely uninformed woman, though. She knows that, as a rich man, I have no trouble attracting pussy. Young pussy is not off bounds.

Both the print and television tabloids often feature stories about wealthy men and their latest flings. Standing with a dildo in her hand, Megan now has a decision to make. There is only one of two choices to make. One, she can close the door to me and this will likely be the end of it. Two, she can invite me into her bathroom and deal with the consequences of what happens as they happen.

I can nearly hear the wheels of indecision grinding as Megan's mind fought for an answer. I know I can make the choice easy for her by simply closing the door myself. But hell, being the dirty old man I am, that wasn't the choice I want her to make! Without saying a word, the beautiful, naked woman made her choice.

She took her glass dildo, inserted it into her wet pussy, and then held the drippy cunt-juice-sickle up to me. I'm not the kind of man who has to be hit over the head to catch my attention. I step forward and took Megan's hand in mine and closed my mouth around the cunt-sickle.

Mmm, this is really tasty pussy juice! I wonder if I can get some of it straight from the source. Closing my fingers around her sexy waist, I lift her and sat her on the marble-topped vanity table.

I take the glass rod from her hand inserting it into her pussy from whence it came. Dropping to my knees, I plunge the glass cock into her vaginal slit. It slips into the slippery tunnel and buries itself deep. Feminine juices flowing around the intruder and running out of the abyss. Hungry for pussy and its juices, I lick around the crystal rod.

I lap wetness, I lick tender flesh, and I savor the taste of femininity. My nostrils gloried in the musky aroma of young womanhood. God, there is nothing in this world to match the smell of young pussy! If I could bottle this scent I would sell it to men throughout the world from my French perfume company.


Damn, I would make a fortune to match the ones I already had! Jerking the glass penis out of her slit, I let my cupped, stiffened tongue take its place. Plunging in, I bury my tongue-cock in as deep as it can go, but it fell far short of going as deep as its glass predecessor had.

To make up for this inadequacy, I begin doing some things the crystal rod can't. I twirl my tongue, I flick, I lick, and then I suck and savor her vaginal flesh. Megan purrs, she whimpers, she moans.

Finding her clit, I suck the nub into my mouth. My lips gorging themselves on this protruding vaginal treat.

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I consume all the clitoral flesh my mouth can hold. I delight in the texture and taste of the delightful delicacy. Gathering pussy juice with my tongue, I slathered her clit with warm, liquefied female gravy. Sucking and swallowing, I ate her feminine meat with the hunger of a man possessed by demonic lust. Megan squeals. " Oh god, John, don't make me cum in your face!" Megan beseeched. " John, we're not supposed to be doing this.this is wrong!" Moaning into my mouth as her body is pressed back into the bed.

My hands pinning hers above her head as I kiss her hard and deep. Whimpering as my tongue thrusts into her mouth again and again, the feel of my teeth bruising her lips.


I growl into her lips as my hands slide down her arms. Megan shivers opening her eyes to see me watching her intently.my eyes dark and demanding. One hand wraps around the back of her head, tangling in her long hair as I wrap it around my fist. I pull her head back slowly while my other hand slides down her body. Rough fingers caress her shoulder, her neck.

I lower my head and graze my teeth over the line of her neck as my hand slides lower. Megan gasps as I palm her breast biting gently on her neck.

Mmmmm God, Megan has wanted to feel me over her body like this for a long time. Megan strokes her fingers through my hair raking her nails lightly over my bare shoulders to grip my upper arms. She reaches up tugging my head back up to her mouth, groaning in excitement as I respond by crushing her with a kiss, my hands tightening on her body.

Megan is loving the feel of me holding her tight like I'm afraid she might try to escape. Megan nips at my bottom lip and I growl deep in my chest.a promise, a warning.

That sound that makes her heart race and her body tremble. My hand slides lower, slowly, deliberately. I want her to know exactly what I have planned for her as I slide it over her stomach and push it between her thighs.

My hand gripping the inside of her thigh forcing her legs open. She is so wet. She knows what is coming next. She can barely breath for wanting that touch again so much. Mmmmmm. I part her thighs and bite her shoulder a bit roughly, making her arch into my hand. I slide my mouth over her skin and suck her nipple into my mouth, grazing it with my teeth.

Megan cries out then looks down to see me sucking on her nipple watching her face intently. As she looks at me, my eyes narrow and I slowly slide one thick finger between her wet pussy lips. She is so wet, I make a satisfied rumbling noise around the breast in my mouth rubbing my finger harder, deeper into her tight pussy. Her hands grip my arms.


My hand tightens in her hair, drawing her head back as I slowly slide my fingers between her lips, circling the opening of her pussy, pressing slightly, but not letting her have more.

Megan tries to close her legs, whimpering my name, begging, pleading, " John please, please.stop this is wrong!" Megan starts to hump her pussy against my hand. I know what she wants, so I raise her head and looking her directly in the eyes while I slide my finger in deep.

" Oh god John that feels so good," She moans low in her throat almost a growl. I press harder then pull out then penetrate her again hard and rough. Megan bites her lower lip and hangs on to me. THIS is what she wants. My mouth clamps down on her other breast, sucking hard, demanding more as my finger fucks her slowly and deep. She is drenching my hand and whimpering beneath me.

I bite and her pussy tightens on my finger making me grin evilly. I slide up griping the back of her head in my hand turning her for a hard kiss. I suck and bite on her lips as she begs me for more.

I keep fingering her while I fuck her mouth with my tongue. Mmmmmmm god that is so good. I know she is liking having her mouth and pussy taken at the same time. It makes me want more and I slide my finger out as she whimpers. Then I press two fingers into her, spreading her pussy wider. Megan is bucking beneath me, she is liking this so much. I know how wet she is now. I deepen the kiss, so much she can barely breath as I press my fingers deeper enjoying her small whimpers.

Megan tenses as I become a bit rougher and the pain overwhelms the pleasure. Her pussy drenches me again, she thrusts her pussy back on my hand. Her nails are digging into my arms as I say " Mmmmm such a good little girl. You like that don't you baby. I have wanted you for a long time. This is better then masturbating by your self isn't it. You like getting taken nice and deep?" I smile as she whimpers " Yes!" Then she hears me say " I know you do baby. Mmmm such a good little tease.

I am going to enjoy every inch of you" I thrust my fingers harder once, twice, before pulling out suddenly. Megan thrashes beneath me as I tell her " Look at me!" My hands tightening in her hair forcing her face to mine.

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" Open your eyes Megan and look at me!" She opens her eyes slowly gazing up at me.I look at her, her lips red and wet from my kiss, her eyes wide and pleading. I slide my two wet fingers in her mouth. She moans around them letting me watch her suck on them. I growl deep leaning in closer my lips brushing her ear. " That's so fucking slutty, you sucking my fingers like that. I am going to find out just how tight you are and much you can take baby." I hold her head.my lips inches away from her lips and stare intently at her as my hand pushes between her legs again.

Megan gazes into my eyes gasping as she feels me pressing. pressing.

My hand tightens on her hair holding her as I press into her pussy. I rumble low in my chest " Give it to me Megan." She moans parting her legs wider.I take that as an invitation forcing my three fingers in stretching her.

Megan is soooo wet but still too tight. She gasps, forgetting to breath, then cries out beneath me. " John.stop your hurting me.please it hurts." Opening her eyes she sees me watching my fingers pressing into her. Mmmm that gets her so horny. I hear her groan and I turn to stare at her face. Leaning down I thrust hard, oh god so hard, lifting her hips off the bed. She buries her face in the side of my neck as I slide up whispering roughly in her ear " I am going to fuck you so hard, Megan.

I am going to make you pay for being such a fucking tease." I'm fucking her roughly, my three fingers pushing as deep as I can while I hold her down by her hair. Megan whimpers then starts to beg I as I keep thrusting over and over. She imagining how it is going to feel when it is my big dick inside her. Megan wants me deeper. " John, please, please TAKE me. I need you to fuck me please.

Oh GOD." Biting my shoulder, nails running down my back, begging me with her lips, her words, her body. Her pussy is milking my fingers and I smile. I know she wants it so bad. " John, pleaseeeeee!" Again and again I'm fingering her. getting her ready. " You want it Megan? Tell me." " YES, John please!

I want you, I want you to fuck me please!" Megan is struggling beneath me trying to pull my hand up so she can have what she wants. I growl pulling my fingers free. Megan cries out in protest as I flip her over on her stomach, I pin her down lifting her hips to get her right where I want her.

My hands tight on her hips, finger tips digging into her soft flesh, as she feels the head of my cock sliding up and down an instance before I thrust forward taking her in one hard thrust. " Oh God," She screams the instant before I yank her head back turning it slightly to me.

Slamming her harder with each thrust as I force my wet fingers in her mouth. She hears me say " Mmmmm such a pretty girl, with my fingers in your mouth. You like the taste of your pussy on my fingers?" Megan nods yes, mumbling around my wet fingers shoved deep in her mouth. She is shivering beneath me, her pussy contracting around my cock as I thrust deeper. I never pull back as just relax then try driving farther into her cunt.

I shove my fingers roughly into her mouth, rubbing the rough pad of my index finger back and forth over her tongue. I like the way that looks and so I pull my cock all the way out of her pussy then penetrate her hard all the way to the hilt. Megan cries out, my fingers in her mouth muffling the scream. I do it again, hard, rough, dominating her.

Then I press deep, rubbing the pad of my finger over her tongue, my cock buried to the hilt in her trembling pussy, I press my lips to her ear whispering roughly, " If you scream like that again I am not going to be able to control myself baby and I might hurt you." I hear a bit of fear in her gasp and see her eyes go round in surprise as she wonder if this is me in control what would happen if I lost control? I hold her gaze, knowingly, warning, as I slowly slide my cock out of her pussy an inch at a time.

Megan knows what is coming and still can't prepare for it. I slide my fingers from her mouth wrapping my hand around her jaw holding her face and bracing my other arm by gripping the iron head board above her.

I press my hand into the side of her hair cupping her face, gently kissing her lips as I slide my cock up and down her slit. Then I freeze gripping her hair tighter. I hold her face where our lips are touching each other. I lick her lips slowly then suddenly my entire body tenses as I slam my cock home, hard so hard.

Megan gasps for air loosing the ability to breath the instance before she screams into my mouth. My hand roughly pushes through her hair as I wrap my arm around her neck. Pulling out and slamming into her again. Megan struggles collapsing to the bed trying to retreat from the rough, hard thrusts, I ride her body down, pinning her to the bed.

My arm around her neck arching her back as I growl into her ear " DON'T move, don't you DARE try to get away! I have lusted for youfor a long time." Megan tries to remember how to breath and brace herself for the rest of the night, whimpering my name as a plea " John?! please." Her pleading ends in a small whimper as I press my body down on her back. My arm around her neck, my cock grinding into her cunt, as I press my lips against her ear. Growling deep in my chest, " I said don't fucking move, Megan.

Oh god, little girl, didn't you hear me? Didn't I warn you what would happen if you screamed like that again? I have you alone for the weekend." My hand reaches into her hair yanking her head around to look at my face pressed close. I give her head a bit of a shake and my voice drops lower " What did I tell you, little girl?

What did I say?" " You. You said. " Megan looses her thoughts as I thrust hard into her. I start fucking her my arm around her neck and hand in her hair pulling her back while my body rides her hard against the bed.

" TELL ME!" She gasps and whispers " You told me not to scream, you said you would lose control and. and that you might hurt me." She struggles beneath me as she feels her pussy creaming more from this rough treatment.

" Jesus Christ!" I thrust hard into her once, twice, on the third thrust I hold it deep inside her enjoying the tremors running through her body, enjoying hearing her gasping for air beneath me. " So is that what you want, me to lose control or for me to hurt you?" My lips kiss down the side of her neck as I whisper that question over and over to her.

I know she has a submissive steak. I know her fantasies about being forced. She is panting beneath me trying to get her brain to work again. Her back starts to ache from having her hips pressed tight against the bed with my weight on her back while I pull her back with my arm around her neck so I can look at her face, bite her jaw line, whisper darkly in her ear.

" Please, John.

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" Megan is whimpering beneath me but I wait, patiently wait for her answer. She rubs her face against my rough jaw like a cat. I feel her tremble as I bite her neck right beneath her jaw. Megan moans deeply. " I want you to lose control, I want you to take what you want. Anything you want. Please." "Oh little girl, you should never say things like that to me.

You have no idea all the things I want." I tongue her ear growling into it.

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She shivers as I suddenly slide out of her, rising up off of her body. I tell her to get on her knees and my hands are on her hips pulling her up. Megan looks back at me over her shoulder I'm glaring down at her. I rub my hands up over the backs of her thighs, over her ass, her back and shoulders. My hands are rough, gripping, tight on her body. I'm on my knees behind her. She rises up to her knees so that instead of being on all fours she is in front of me with the line of her body pressed back against me.

My cock is lying in the crack of her ass and she rubs her butt against me. I groan reaching up pulling my head down to kiss my mouth.

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My hands slide around her waist one hand sliding down between her thighs sliding over her parted wet pussy lips and stroking her clit hard and slow. Megan groans into my mouth as she tries to suck gently on my tongue. My other hand slides up her body gripping her breast as I grind my cock into the crack of her ass.

My hand slides farther up and wraps around the front of her throat. She moans into my mouth as I fuck her mouth with my tongue. My hands are holding her against me. I pull back just enough to break the kiss. I whisper low and roughly, " Megan, are you sure?

You have to be sure because I won't be able to stop?" My words are offering a way out. A way for her to call all this off, my hands are gripping her tight.

my hand around her throat is tight, not hurting, but possessive. She wonders what will really happen if she changes her mind. My voice says one thing but my hands are so tight on her body. " John, please, take me, I will do anything." I shut her up by crushing her mouth, devouring her. Megan feels my body dip down as my hand on her throat pulls her up raising her higher on her knees. My cock drags along the crack of her ass.

Then she feels me pressing closer. I'm sliding my hard thick cock up her slit looking for her entrance. I'm so thick baby. She loves it. I push up still holding her tight and she feels my cock force itself into her cunt. " Aghhh, baby!" Megan is gripping my forearm. I feed her another inch of my cock. Then I tell her " Hold still." I slide my hand around to the front of her pussy then I simultaneously use my hand on her pussy to lift her up and back onto my cock while I thrust forward.

I raise her off her knees. Megan impaled on my cock her legs straddling my thighs but not finding purchase on the bed. She is held against me by my arms around her, one hand fingering her clit, the other still at her throat, my thighs beneath her, my cock buried deep as I start to thrust up into her.

She loves this, the sensation of being completely possessed by me. Megan is trying to hold still but it is just to good. Her pussy is clamping down hard on my cock, milking it over and over. Megan has her head thrown back on my shoulder. She is gripping my forearm her nails digging into my skin while I thrust in and out of her enjoying having total control of her. " God damnit, YES! This is what I want little girl, this is what I want!" I fuck her harder and deeper hearing her whimpering and moaning.

" This is what I want, Megan! You belong to ME, you are MINE, always mine! My little toy, mine!" I groan tightening my grip, almost cutting off her air but not quite. Megan is saying my name over and over. I tell her " I want to cum in your sweet mouth, Megan. Get ready for it." Megan has a second to catch her breath before I'm pulling out of her.

She slides down to her knees gasping for air when I move in front of her. I'm standing on the bed, towering over her. She looks up at me and I grab her by the back of the head and guide her mouth to my cock all thick and wet with her pussy. " Take it, girl. That's it, that's so fucking good." I slide my cock into her mouth and she sucks deep. She moans around all that cock enjoying the taste of her pussy and my cock.

" MMMM sooo good baby. You know how I love tasting your dick and my pussy together." " YES, that's it. Fuck, Kelly, fucking take it." Megan hears me groaning deep in my chest as I start to cum. Mmmmm she sucks deeper pressing her face closer to me looking up at me wanting to please me soooo much. My cock is sliding down her throat and I start to cum. Megan feels my cum splash against the back of her throat almost gagging but I hold her head down.

Megan hears me whispering to her to swallow and she looks up at me while she swallows around the head of my cock.

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I throw my head back and grin while she takes every last drop. She runs her tongue around the head of my cock licking me clean.

Megan leans her forehead against my thigh panting for air as I stroke her hair. She is shivering in the cold ac air. I kneel down in front of her and wrapping my arm around her, I lower us back to the bed and cover us up with a blanket.

Megan snuggles close to me while my hand strokes her back slowly. Megan is drifting off to sleep when she feels me suddenly shift beside her, rolling her onto her back my thigh forcing her legs apart. As she wakes up I'm climbing on top of her. Megan places her hands on my chest pushing against me slightly. " Wait John, what. what are you doing? No, please." I muffle her protest with a hard rough kiss, pinning her down to the bed while I slide my cock up and down her slit.

Megan is sore and not ready but I start forcing my cock back inside her pussy. She whimpers into my mouth and that excites me more. I push deeper then pull all the way out. She has a second to panic before I take her cunt all the way to the balls in one hard thrust. Megan screams into my mouth causing me to shove my tongue into her mouth and groan as I ride her.

My hand comes down over her mouth as I break the kiss and whisper roughly to her " We are here alone for the weekend. You said anything I want, remember? I want to fuck your tight virgin ass."