My slut climbs on him

My slut climbs on him
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Jenna had chosen a pretty simple life. She had the looks that could have quickly landed her a job as a Victoria's Secret model. But instead, she chose to stay with her Damien, her "brother," at his little diner. Okay, so they weren't really related, she and Damien been best friends since their freshman year of highschool, and only become closer when his parents died in a car accident.

Now they were living together, in a small two bedroom apartment, and couldn't be happier. At one point, sometime in their senior year of highschool, Jenna realized how much she liked Damien, maybe even loved him, but she never told him. And eventually, she was ale to move on. What about her looks? She was a playboy bunny of sorts. At twenty three, she was the envy of every girl striving to be pretty. Blonde hair, piercing green eyes, tits that were borderline C, and a nice ass.

*** Damien couldn't help but be attracted to Jenna. He felt bad he hadn't returned the feelings she'd hinted at having for him in highschool, but Jenna was like his sister. Like his extremely fucking sexy step sister, completely fuckable, but it couldn't be called taboo because there was no blood relation. He'd all but begged her to stay in the city when she was planning on moving to Arizona. She'd tempted him with his promise to move into a new apartment and give her a good job at his diner.

That's why Damien figured jenna still had the hots for him, it hadn't even taken her a day to think it over, not a week to pack her things and move into the new apartment with him and start her job at the diner.

Damien was hoping it was only a matter of time before he was in bed with Jenna. He new he didn't look too bad, messy-sexy black hair, cocoa eyes, and a lean/muscular body. *** Jenna took orders and helped in the kitchen. Today was supposed to have been a slow day, so two other employees too off and the other one was sick.

For some reason, that day ended up being the busiest one of the week. By the end of the day, around eleven pm, Jenna was exhausted. So was Damien. On the way home, jenna fell asleep. Damien ended up carrying her inside.

She was half awake by then, and she ended up going into his room and falling sleep on his bed by mistake. Damien made himself a quick bite to eat before going to bed. When he was finished he went into his room, the lights were out, and he had no intention of turning them on. Damien pulled off his clothes and was about to climb into bed until he realized that his alarm clock was still on. The following day was Saturday, so he didn't need to go into the diner until early afternoon.

He couldn't switch off his old school alarm clock without turning on the lights. When he flicked them on, jenna jumped. Her eyes quickly spotted Damien's naked form. He was frozen for a second with shock. Much to his embarrassment, his cock twitched the slightest bit.

Jenna stared at Damien's cock. It was a minimum of six and a half inches.

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And that was just a sleepy guess. Damien caught her stare. He quickly pulled on his shorts. "I'm sorry," she mumbled, cheeks flaming. "I thought I was in my room." "No, it's alright," he said. He wanted to tell her it was alright, that she could stay in his bed, as long as he could join her. The words bubbled to his lips but he bit his tongue. She climbed out of his bed, that's when he saw her panties on his floor. She tiredly shuffled out of the room, Damien figured she was probably to tired to realize that she'd left her pants and underwear in his room.

He stared at her beautiful ass while she made her way down the hall.

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In the morning, Jenna was fuzzy on the details of the night before. She knew she'd accidentally fallen asleep in Damien's bed, bed she also remembered that she had left as soon as he came in. Damien's mind buzzed with the site of Jenna's ass that night while he laid in his bed that night. He was eventually rock hard, and when he woke up that morning it was clear that he'd had a very exciting dream.

After getting cleaned up, jenna just lounged around until Damien was ready to leave. There was no embarrassment on her part, only Damien's.


He couldn't help but admire her low-cut tank top and cut offs. She nearly caught him staring. On the way to the diner, all he could imagine was stopping the car on a side road and fucking her. That made him a little hard, and he had to shift his tee-shirt to hide his growing manhood. That day at the diner was slower. Damien subtly flirted with her all day.

He figured she was completely oblivious. *** The weekend was over quickly.


Jenna had picked up on Damien's flirting, but pretended she didn't catch it. It made her heart swell for a moment, made her feel a quick rekindle of the flame that burned for him so long ago. Then reality set in, Damien was damn near her brother, and he was probably only messing around.

*** By the following week, Damien had had enough.

Every day when he knew that Jenna was asleep, he got on the computer and jacked off to dirty picture of blonde girls with Italian men. He was going to fuck Jenna, no matter what. After a fairly slow, and particularly boring, Wednesday, Damien suggested they go have a drink.

Jenna agreed, saying that she was pretty stressed and wanted to relax. After a few hours and a few more drinks (mostly on Jenna's part) Damien suggested they head home before both of them were too drunk to drive. Jenna agreed, gulped down the last little bit of her drink, and followed Damien out to the car. The entire time way home she stared at him.

Whenever he glanced at her, she would smile. He parked in front of the apartment. She glanced at their floor, then back at him. Damien leaned close to her, their lips were only two or three inches apart. Jenna was confused, her heart skipped a beat then started beating harder.

"Jenna," Damien breathed. She sighed and smiled, putting her hand on the door handle, about to get out of the car. Damien knew this was his only chance.

He touched her face and closed the space between their lips. The kiss lasted about five seconds ,then Jenna pulled away. "We can't," she mumbled, getting out of the car. He was only a step behind her on the stairs. When they got into the apartment, damien stepped in front of her and put his hands on her waist. Jenna stared up at him, unsure of what to do. He leaned down and kissed her again. This kiss was longer, much longer.

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Probably about two minutes. Jenna was the one to pull away again. "Damien, we can't." His hands slipped from her waist to her ass, she gasped. "Damien, we shouldn't." He towed her to the couch, somehow getting her on his lap. He kissed her neck and collarbone. "Damien-" she began. "What's wrong, Jenna?" he said in a low, sex voice.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" "Maybe in highschool but-" She stopped short when he blew into her ear. It made her pussy tense for a moment. "But what?" he whispered, pulled off his shirt. He grabbed her hands, placing them on his toned abs. Jenna couldn't deny how horny she was getting. He unbuttoned her pants and slipped his hands down the back of her underwear. She bite her lip to hold back a moan.

He kept kissing her neck, unwillingly, her hips began to make small circular motions on his lap. He laid her down and pulled off his pants. His cock sprang out and she licked her lips without thinking. He positioned himself on top of her, just so he was touching her, but not putting any weight on her. He pulled down her bottoms. "Take off your top." "Damien, I don't think we should-" She let out a gasp/moan, he pressed his thumb to her clit. "Take it off," he repeated. She listened.

"Bra too." She bit her lip, not sure whether she should listen or not. He leaned down so his lips could get to her neck and earlobe. He kissed his way up her neck before grazing his teeth over her earlobe. "Please, Jenna," he whispered into her ear. She unclasped her bra, still unsure.

He pulled it off of her and tossed it aside. "I don't know, Damien." "He got off the couch, and for a moment she was relieved, thinking that he was going to just go into his room and leave her to get dressed and go to sleep.

However, he just slid off the couch and pulled her so she was sitting up. "Damien, don't," she pleaded half-heartedly. He put both of her legs over his shoulders, kissing up her thighs. She squirmed, torn between wanted to fuck him and knowing that she probably shouldn't.

the farther up he got, the more she squirmed. She was going to say his name again, try to get his attention, but she picked the wrong time to do so. Just as she said his name his let his tongue slide over her clit. So instead of saying his name in a nearly whiney tone, she ended up moaning. "Dammmien!" He looked up at her, lust in his eyes. He took her moan as encouragement. Her hips bucked when he slid his tongue into her pussy. "This is wrong, this is so wrong," she said over and over again.

Each time she said it, it became more and more of a moan. He stopped orally assaulting her pussy for a moment. "Jenna." She looked at him. He could tell by her eyes that she was half gone because of lust.

He put two fingers in her, slowly working them in and out of her, simultaneously moving so he could kiss her again. She kissed him back. This time, he'd had to pull away, but only to catch his breath.

She leaned her head on his shoulder, also catching her breath. "Damien," she sighed, kissing his shoulder.

"You know we shouldn't do this." He pulled back so he could look her in the eye. "Jenna," he said in a low, sexy voice. "I want to make love to you." She smiled, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him, giving in.

She laid down, pulling him back down on top of her. He was still fingering her. She was going wild from the teasing. He was going slow, so she couldn't cum, but every time he pushed his fingers back inside her he pressed on g-spot. "Please," she finally moaned, moving her hips again when he pushed inside again so his fingers would hit her clit harder. "Please what?" he asked with a sly grin. "Damien," she said, kissing him again. Then she pulled away. "Please." She kept kissing him, pulling away, and begging him more.

"What do you want, Jenna?" he asked, even though he knew exactly what it was. "I need you," she breathed, she was trying not to let him know how crazy he was making her by slowly fingering her, but it showed in her eyes.

"I want to make love to you, Damien. Please, please, fuck me. I'm going crazy. You're making me crazy. I swear, I'm right on the edge." by the end of her last sentence, she was moaning. "Are you a virgin, Jenna?" She shook her head. "I've only had sex once," she mumbled, cheeks suddenly burning. "During highschool. I was trying to get over you. It didn't work." He positioned the head of his raging hard cock between her legs. "And how do you feel about me now?" he asked at the same time she mumbled "It's so big." He slammed into her, she all but scream his name.

He pulled out twice as fast, then slammed in again. "Damien, oh fuck, Damien! Uh-uh-uh-uh! Fuck, yes! Fuck me, Damien, fuck me harder! Don't hold back! Please! Ah, yes, God, that's it! You made me so horny, Damien! I never stopped wanted you! I'm so horny for you Damien, I'm so wet for you! You're so good!

Fuck, fuck, fuck! So good! Ah! Uh-uh-uh! Damien, I'm going to cum! Do you want that? Do you want me to cum all over your big fat cock? Huh? I can feel it twitching inside me, Damien! DO you like it when I talk dirty to you? Oh, fuck!" He reached down and pulled back the hood of her clit with his forefinger, making quick circles on it with his thumb.

"I can't hold back!" she moaned. "This is too much! I'm going to cum!" Her hips jerked, her legs wrapped around his waist and held him inside of her. "Cum- inside- me!" she panted, her pussy getting tighter and tighter around him as her juices leaked out of her.


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Fuck, please! Fill me up, Damien! I need your cum inside me.

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Yes!" He finally couldn't help himself. He shot inside her. Once twice. Again. She loosened her legs a bit, and he started pumping again, with each push back inside a little more cum spilled from his cock. Even after her orgasm subsided she kept tensing and loosening her muscles around him, trying to pull every bit of cum from his still semi-hard cock.

They kissed for a long time, tongues tangling. She could feel him about to pull out of her. She tightened her pussy around his cock again and made her legs tighter around his legs. "Please, don't," she begged.

"Don't stop.

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I'm still so horny." The End