Asian Japanese Mom fucked by Young Son

Asian Japanese Mom fucked by Young Son
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It's late at night as the moonlight shines through the window of the kitchen it along with the light from the open fridge the only thing illuminating the kitchen as Katie is bent over in the fridge looking for a late night snack. Bent over in her large top and panties she can't see her daddy standing in the door way watching her. Standing back admiring the view her father can't help but feel himself growing under his robe as he watches his daughters plump ass sway back and forth.

Her juicy ass not covered by her panties but she always was a little bigger than other girls, not that her father cared for her having more curves than your average eighteen year old. If anything it just gave him more to stare at. Her generous portions all over, nice juicy rump, magnificent plump tits at least a G cup.

Watching her sway back again and again his eyes hypnotized by her ass with ever sway he could see the shirt she was wearing stretched across her voluptuous breasts. Her long brown hair held back in a pony tail, Not being able to stop himself anymore her father steps forward coming up behind her silently he slides his hands onto her hips holding her tight. Shocked by this Katie's head shoots up hitting the roof of the fridge "Owwww, what the hell!" Katie exclaims as she holds her head looking back as she sees her father standing tall behind her feeling his hands gripping her hips.

"Oh it's just you daddy.


I didn't wake you did I?" Looking over her shoulder gives him a nice quick glance to the front of her top seeing her hard nipples trying to poke through the material of her top, most likely from the cold of the night and the fridge but still defined none the less "Sorry sweety, daddy just wanted to get something and found you in the fridge" saying as he smiles down at her.

"Anything I can help you with?" "Not sure baby is there anything good in the fridge?" Her father asks drawing her attention away from him as she looks back into the fridge seeing if there's anything that he might like to have. Rummaging through the fridge she is oblivious to her father as he takes one hand off her hip undoing his robe letting it fall open.

Taking his ever growing cock into hand holding it back from slapping Katie in the ass with it giving it a few strokes as he keeps eyeing off his daughters ass. "Never mind sweety daddy found just what he was looking for" "What's that dadd.oooooooh" the question turning into a low pitched moan as she feels her panties quickly being pulled to one side and being impaled on a thick pole. Looking back over her shoulder quickly as one hand raises up placing itself on her fathers chest as she sees her daddy holding her back on his throbbing cock.

"oh god daddy, what are you? oh god" Hardly able to form a coherent sentence as she feels herself being pulled back further onto her daddy's cock as he forces himself further into her. "Daddy just couldn't help himself" he groans as he slowly pulls back feeling her pussy grip his shaft.

Giving his daughter a light spank on her plump ass as he feels her slowly start to moisten around his thick shaft as Katie stop her body from being around by being suddenly taken by the man she has loved the most in her life.

Letting out another low groan feeling as daddy slides back inside her. This time deeper with her pussy being a little more inviting even with how tight it grips the sides of his cock. "Daddy you feel so big!" Katie moans as she looks her father in the eyes as she slides up along his cock before slamming her ass back against her father forcing herself to take the entire length inside her.

Letting her feel every throbbing inch of his cock buried inside her heated hole.

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Biting her lower lip as she feels how big he is inside her giving her father a naughty little smile as she moves forward and slams herself back down again "So big daddy" "I'm not the only one" he replies as one hand massages her ass digging in deep not fully able to grasp the one of her cheeks as the other hand finds its way inside her top sliding up her body sending tingles across her body as she feels him grip one of her mammoth tits in his hands kneading it thoroughly.

"Such a big girl" massaging her ass and tits at the same time as Katie holds onto the fridge trying to fuck herself back harder onto her daddy's cock. Shutting the fridge door resting her head against it as she starts to find a rhythm fucking herself back again and again onto her fathers meaty cock getting wetter at every thrust as she can feel the juices running down her leg loving the sensation of her daddy being the one inside her.

"Hold still baby" she hears her fathers command as she stops dead in her tracks cock half way inside her as her father takes her hand off his chest and onto the fridge letting her support herself against it as his hand releases from her tit resulting in a disappointed groan from Katie.

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"Daddy don't stop please" Begging as she feels his cock slowly vacating her pussy. "Please daddy put it back in!" desperate to keep being filled. Going silent when she feels her daddy pulling her panties down as he gets on his knees her tight ass and wet little pussy on display as Katie isn't the one to miss an opportunity she pushes herself back burying her fathers face into her pussy.


"ughhhh daddy" "Mmmmm" Her father groans as he is quick to grab her by the ass tongue instinctively diving inside her tasting the juices of his daughter as he flicks his tongue inside her sending her wild. Going in and out over and over as he delivers a spank of her giggly ass, first one, then another and another. Spanking her over and over as his mouth gives her a full work over.

Not being able to see past the magnificent view of her ass right in front of his face as he eats out his daughter he doesn't see how Katie has pulled her shirt up. Tit in each hand pinching and toying with her nipples sending her wild as she bucks back against her daddy's face. "Oh fuck, daddy you're going to make me cum. oh fuck daddy, daddy fuck oh god, i'm cumming!" Bellowing out as she begins to orgasm against her daddy's face, screaming out as she pinches her own nipples hard as she keeps cumming her father not missing a beat as he flicks his tongue inside her trying to keep his little angel cumming for as long as she can as he feels her legs shaking desperately trying to hold her up as the sensation of satisfaction washes over her whole body.


Withdrawing his tongue from her flooded little hole he slowly eases her down onto the floor letting her rest with a coy smile on his face watching as she smiles up twitching still enjoying what her daddy had just done to her. "You taste so good" he says as he stands up she is greeted with seeing her father throbbing cock right in front of her face.

"Daddys turn now" he says as he grips the shaft placing the other hand on her head sliding the head of his aching cock inside her mouth. "oh gawdddd" Katie muffles through the cock being stuffed into her mouth as she can't take her eyes of her father feeding her his fat cock.

Keeping eye contact as she lets her head be pushed down further down the shaft before hitting the back of her throat. Moaning around the taste of herself and her daddy's cock sending waves of pleasure through his body as she moans around it. "That's it baby, just like that" She hears her fathers instructions as she looks down seeing only half of his meaty cock in her mouth she starts to regain some senses from her orgasm and reaches up grabbing his cock.

sending shivers down his spine as his plump little girls soft hands wrap mostly around his cock as he stares down watching as Katie takes the initiative to start bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Bobbing up and down forcing herself to take more and more into her mouth and down into her throat. Holding back her gag reflex as best she can until she whips his cock out of her mouth.

"So big" She mutters catching her breath as her father is about to say something before she quickly slides it back into her mouth continuing on sucking off her juices from her daddy's cock.

Her father can only stand there and watch as his daughter is consumed with lust trying to stuff as much of the fat cock in front of her into her mouth as she can.

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Almost getting all of in her mouth letting out another moan letting go of the shaft and letting it rest in her mouth as she reaches up cupping her daddy's big cum filled sack. "Fuck baby you can suck a cock" Her father groans as she pulls her head back rolling her tongue around the swollen head of his cock teasing him. Watching mesmerized as she licks all around the head of the cock then moving down licking the entire length of the shaft up and down until moving even further to the balls slowly suckling on one of them.

"Do you like that daddy? Am I a good little cock sucker?" Asking as she licks all the way back up before deepthroating down the length of his cock. Balls in hand massaging as her father lets out a animalistic groan from the feeling of his cock getting sucked so good. "So good baby, you make daddy want to cum" "mmmm?" Katie just moans as she looks back up at her father his cock deep inside her mouth as if saying go ahead.

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He can feel the underside of his cock being treated by her tongue as she just looks up at her father waiting. "Do you want daddy to cum?" "mhmmm" "Where baby? where you want daddys cum?" 'mmmm" pointing to her face as she doesn't want to take her mouth of his cock. Not wanting to miss a second of it inside her. Bobbing up and down once again knowing she is getting her daddy close with her constant licking and sucking.

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She stops as she feels her father hands on the back of her head holding her still as he starts thrusting his cock inside her mouth. Face fucking his daughter against the fridge as he groans louder and louder.

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Feeling his balls tighten in her hand she knows what's about to come. "Ughhhhh fuck baby here cums daddy!" He cries out quickly pulling his cock out with a pop from her mouth stroking it fast in his hand pointed directly at her as she can't take her eyes off it as it erupts in a hot flood of cum all over her face.

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Rope after rope of warm cum spraying over her face, mouth wide open trying to catch as much of it as she can. Seeing her mouth open he quickly shoves his cock back into it shooting the last few spurts of cum into the back of her mouth greeted with a moan of satisfaction of being used.

"Fuck that felt good" as he bends over her cock still held tightly in her mouth as she sweetly suckles on it.

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"Love you daddy" Katie says with a smile as she removes the cock from her mouth giving it a long lick on the under side of it "Love you too sweety" Her fathers response as he stands up doing his robe back up and leaving for his room. Leaving his daughter covered in cum on the kitchen floor.