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Chapter 16 Daniel Wolf Part 9 Marlu was saddened knowing that Daniel had been injured.Also it bothered her that Tiiup was not with him.

Oeiip was also moping around he was missing Tiiup. The both of them seeking solace in each others arms.


At least they tried but their hearts were just not in it. Mean while I slept fit fully I think I am about ready to pay my debt and get on my way.

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While I had been recuperating I had been studying the spell book. Often I would startle Lusan or Brax. No matter I now had a plan to remove the threat of Tarrent for awhile.

But first. Bren. When not on an errand for me Bren had taken to sleeping on the floor near my bed. So I was not surprised to find her there when I awoke. I looked over her rear(Lion's) And noticed her pussy was dripping and she seemed to be a bit restless. Well I guess my tastes had changed since the days with her mother.Her Lion pussy did look enticing.

I wondered, I don't believe a lioness has a hymen? So if I screwed her in her Lion Pussy. then in her girl pussy. Would that mean … two cherries? I can't believe I even thought about that especially since I had to be all most forced when I had to screw her Mother.

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Oh well ! I squatted down behind her and the head of my cock eased inside her. I was only about 3" deep when her head sprang upright. I pushed forward and bottomed out. I heard her in drawn breath and she looked around. "That is not like I expected, I expected my girl form." I smiled and said, "We can do that later." She started moaning out loud. " O O O O KAAY" She began to push back at me and to twist her butt from side to side.

It was a tantalizing feeling with the counteracting movements. It also told me I wouldn't last very long. She added a third movement. Her pussy began to pulsate. That was it I could wait no longer. I exploded. "OOOH Momma said it would feel good." I gasped she was still milking me and didn't seem to realize it, with in seconds she had another orgasm. I was surprised, she was ready to morph to her human form and go again. I finally convinced her I still needed rest before any more exertion.

A short while later Lusan came in and brought me a variety of fruit and told me they would strengthen my weak muscles. I ate it all. I asked her to let me know when Bren returned.

She was scouting for me. I made mental contact with Tiiup. "Tiiup have Avril make camp.

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Tell him a plan has been made." "What? " "Tell him I am sending 3 companies of soldiers. Also contact Oeiip ." Oeiip strained voice cutin saying, "I can hear you, Marlu is assisting." "Good contact General Wade, Have him load enough supplies for a Month campaign." "Get a stylus and a large parchment then call me back and tell Marlu I love her." Twenty minutes later Oeiip called me back.

"Okay in top left hand corner, write down the orders for General Wade," I dictated the orders. The map was a little tricky but I had found a spell in the spell book that I thought would work. With Marlu's help I sent the image of the map I had drawn. Marlu received the map and transposed it on to the parchment. Oeiip took the parchment to General Wade and waited. General Wade opened the parchment with a scowl on his face. He began to read … the scowl turned into a frown and then to a smile.

He yelled for a messenger. Call all officers to gather in the wardroom. ASAP. Then he went back to reading the orders and continued to chuckle. He looked at Oeiip," Tell the Potion Mistress to prepare … She goes too." There was bedlam throughout the town as soldiers prepared to depart.

Aspecial messenger was sent to Woodsman Strong Oak. General Wade wanted him now. When Strong Oak arrived he was ushered in to the General and every one was sent out of the room. Fifteen minutes later Strong Oak left the room and pandemonium reigned supreme again. He calmly walked toward his cottage. As he walked men dressed as he seemed to appear near him. They said not a word and by the time they arrived at his house there were twenty woodsmen gathered. He gave orders for five to remain in Fox Wood.

Five were to depart as soon as they have looked at the map. Three were to head for the caves in Quarran Mountains. They knew what to do. The rest will lend their support to the Marching Army, "Jake and Tony you are the Hunters, You need to feed three companies, breakfast and evening meal.

Oscar you and Levi escort the cook's wagon." The town of Fox Wood was teeming with activity. Familys were spending there last night together. Single men were courting … just in case. Others were still making preparations.

The officers were still meeting and were not even aware as five woodsmen slipped out the gate and seemed to scatter randomly. Only two seemed to head in the direction of the Quarran Mountains.

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They were the axis the hub that all rotated around. They were the messengers of the army. The three on independent scout would report daily to them. And as long as it was routine messages would be left for the trailing Army.

If important one of the woodsmen would rendezvous with the Army. As he would arrive another scout would depart to take his place and to carry any other orders.

Stalker was the axis, he was the younger brother of Strong Oak and the best in the woods. Bushso called because all he needed to blend in was just one bush. Jan was the only female in the woodsmen, she was their medic and was almost as good as the Potion Mistress. Dave was her brother and teamed with Locus were excellant with the elven bow. Bush was 2nd axis, they would rotate daily that is except Stalker he was always the axis.

Chapter 17 Strong Oak packed his trail pack while giving his wife May her instructions. While he was gone she ruled the roost. Any problems all came to her first. If she couldn't solve the problem then it was taken to Morse, the Chamberlain or to the General. She knew they would be contacting her. Colonel Richilou, who the General had chosen to head the Army, had a wife that was seven months pregnant.

Company Alpha departed first. Their destination was the cave system where Daniel had been wounded. Senior Lieutenant Grace in charge. Their job was to clear this end of the system.

Companies Dog and Fang commanded by Major Louis departed last. General direction to rendezvous with Daniel. The excitement was rampant the Duke was taking action.

They felt they had been leaderless since the Duke's Father had died 2 years previously. ( suspected poisoning ) The Duke had been apprenticed to a distant cousin since he had been aged 12. The Army had no idea how he would conduct himself. They were pleased. he faced danger with his head held high. It was even rumored he was a Mage. *** Daniel was just as new to them as they were to him. He was still trying to comprehend what had happened to him but had decided it was a grand adventure.

Things he remembered from, what he thought of as his old life, had very little refference to his new life. The odd thing was.

things he was supposed to have learned during his apprenticeship. He actually knew. such as swordsmanship.


Something bumped my head, I opened my eyes. There in front of me was Bren 's huge tits. The nipples witin an inch of my mouth. Without thought I sucked one right in to my mouth.

Bren laughed "I guess you are awake." She moved closer cradling my face even closer to her tits. I switched back and forth from one tit to the other, Her nipples were hard and stood out about an inch. She began to moan then she grabbed me by the ears and pulled me back. "As much as I would like smother you with my kisses and more.

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Mom sent me to get you." stated Bren. I smiled and said, "Okay maybe later."