Beautiful brunette sucks a pecker before slamming

Beautiful brunette sucks a pecker before slamming
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Old man young tenant Part 5 She had taken the vibrator and egg along with some of the sexy panties and bras. On Wednesday she had a afternoon break which she always spent in the library and this is where she was going to try the egg. She had put it in after lunch and had walked around with it deep inside her pussy with the wire running up across her clit and the control tucked into the waist band of the skirt.

She wore a very suggestive smile on her face as she walked down the hall to the library. As soon as she was seated at a reading table she took out the control and turned in on to slow. The vibrating sensations that raced from her pussy to several sexually sensitive places made her give off a small moan.

She looked up to see if anyone had heard or was looking her way and was relieved to see nobody had noticed or at least it seemed that way. Three tables over one of her roommates, Ann, had seen her come in and had noticed something strange in Alice disposition. Ann had also heard the moan and seen the expression on Alice's face and was a little suspicious and very curious as to what Alice was doing.

Alice had continued to work the egg until she felt a small orgasm which made her smile, moan and finally sigh. With her panties wet she tucked the control back in the waist band and headed to the restroom.

As she entered the rest room Ann caught up with her. "Hey Alice, what are you doing? I saw you in the library and well you sure made some funny sounds with looks that, well the only time I get them is when I am rubbing myself." Alice was taken aback by the boldness of the comment and the admission that Ann masturbated.

"What do you mean rub yourself?" "Oh come on everybody masturbates only not usually in the school library." She chuckled and smiled. She was a little unsure what to do or say but she was not a good liar. "Oh well it just sort of happened and well I needed to get some relief." "Ya I know what you mean I get that way a lot lately, but hey I did not see your hands moving or you arms so how did you manage that?" Now she was really in jeopardy but could not see any way out, "oh you have to promise to never say anything please." "Okay I promise now tell me", she was getting excited at the sexy thoughts going through her mind.

"Well I have a small vibrator and I just turned it on and it did the rest, but now I need to take it out". "Take it out; oh man let me see this, show me." She was getting very excited now and her panties were getting wet.

They had entered the restroom next to the library.

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"Not here, it's like a little egg I put inside my pussy and it has a control", which she now showed to Ann. Ann reached for the control hitting the on switch and Alice jumped as the vibrations sent wonderful sensation through her.

"Oh wow did I just turn it on and it's inside you, oh how neat show it to me, come on here in the stall" and with that she pulled Alice into the toilet stall. "Okay but be quiet will you", and she lifted up her skirt pull down the front of her panties and slipped the egg out.

Oh she loved the feel of the egg moving out of her and she almost had an orgasm with that, but Ann was watching and it passed. Ann watched in amazement as the skirt came up and panties down then the shiny silver egg with the wire attached sort of popped out of Alice's wet pussy. She got all horny just looking at Alice's wet pussy and wanted to reach out and touch it.

Her hand went up her skirt to her own pussy and she was rubbing it through her panties. "Oh man I get so horny just looking at you and that thing and I have not been with a fellow in long time. Oh I want to get fucked now, oh let me use it please." Ann reached out and grabbed the egg from Alice and without any hesitation pulled her panties down and pushed the egg into her pussy.

"On, turn it on full." Alice was scared and could not react fast enough to stop her and before she knew what was happening, Ann had the egg in her and Alice had actually turned it on. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yes, ahhhhhhhhhhh ", and she breathed fast and heavy.

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Then her hand reached out and grabbed Alice and pulled her to her close hugging her in a very sexual way as her body convulsed with the wave of an orgasm surging through her. Alice had no idea of what to do and just let Ann do whatever she wanted. When Ann relaxed and was quiet again she slipped the egg out rubbing it against her lips as she did.

"Wow that is a really great vibrator. I only have a little g-spot one. Where did you ever get that?" She was holding it up and looking at the control playing with the little dial. "Oh so nice the speed varies, heck you could walk around with this in you all day, hey you have to let me try that please." "Come on Ann you can't go around using other women's vibrators, it's not sanitary." "Oh silly, I bet your pussy is as clean as they come and mine has not seen a cock in so long I almost forgot what they are.

Say you're not a virgin are you? I mean all the concern and you seem a little uptight too me". "No, I am not and well you just took me by surprise and well". Ann cut her off. "Oh I bet you have not seen another woman masturbating, mmmm I bet you would be horrified if I told you I have had sex with another woman".

"I well I don't know what to say now but we have to get out of here before someone comes", and with that she took the egg and put it in her bag and walked out. "Hey wait I want to talk, tell me where you got the egg I want to get one, come on we're roommates", and she walked beside Alice not giving her time to think or get away. Alice spoke without giving much thought to what she said "oh a friend got it for me and I don't know where he got it".

Then she realized her mistake and got a very sick feeling. "A friend and a HE bought it for you, well now HE must be some friend a really special FRIEND I bet. So that's where you have been running off to these past few days and weekends we have not seen you. You have a boyfriend you're doing. Hey I want to get an vibrator like that so find out okay and hey I want to meet this hot stud of yours' as he seems pretty hot to be getting you a vibrator like that, hey want else you got?" "Oh nothing and you cannot meet him he's not around here and besides he wants things to be very private, so please don't say anything to the others and I will get you an egg, okay", she was really scared now Ann knew she was with a man and wanted to know who.

Oh William is going to be really mad, upset, he may not want to see me anymore and that scared her most. That was Monday and all day Tuesday Alice could only think and worry about what William was going to say and do when she told him what happened. She like several of the girls took the bus and Ann was on the bus going home. She harassed Alice all the way home about her boyfriend and the vibrator and what other toys did she have.

The conversation was about sex and Alice was getting a little turned on regardless. Several times Ann had put her hand on Alice's thigh and there was a sexual feeling in Alice when it happened. Alice had said she needed to study as she left the apartment with her books. Actually she needed to get away from Ann and the others. This was all getting to complicated, all because she had taken the vibrators. She was not sure what to do now and she was aimlessly walking she knew not where until she stopped.

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She was standing in front of Williams's apartment; she had walked here without thinking about it. She smiled and then a feeling of dread passed through her as she went over all that had been said and done the last couple of days. He did not know why but he got up and opened the apartment door and to his surprise she was standing there with a look of fear and pain.

All of a sudden the door opened and he was standing in front of her. All the fear and anguish she had been feeling hit her and tears flowed. Her body took over and it ran to him throwing arms around him and hugging him tight. Here was the answer to her problems her savior her William and the tears flowed.

He was caught by surprise as she ran to him throwing her arms around him kissing his neck and crying with tears flowing like Niagara Falls. As he got control his arms went around her holding her tight as he kissed her neck. With one arm around her waist he closed the door with the other hand and walked into the apartment with her attached to his neck.

He was at a lose, oh boy I wonder what brought this on; something has happened to my little girl. There is was again that feeling like she was his little girl his daughter and he was having sex with her. He shook his head to clear the thoughts of doubt so he could concentrate on the problem at hand.

"Okay, easy now you're here and you are safe we can work whatever the problem is." He reached down and scooped up her legs and carried her to his big recliner and sat down with her on his lap. She took off the book bag and put her arms around his neck and kissed him with love not passion and put her head on his chest. He took a deep breath, sighed, and rocked her.

She did not know how or if she should tell him anything as she was ashamed embarrassed and scared all at the same time. She was ashamed for taking the egg and using it against his wishes, she was embarrassed about Ann and what she had told her and then what Ann had said about sex.

Most of all she was afraid, afraid of what William would say and do. Would he end their relationship? She could not stand to lose him. She had stopped crying and so he asked, "okay what is the problem you had to come to see me about?" It had not occurred to her before but she had just automatically gone to William with her problem and here she was on his lap in his arms all safe and at peace, but for how long.

"Come on all those tears were for a reason so out with it." He could not imagine what would be the problem but he felt good that she had come to him with it. "Oh, I don't know I have done something and I am afraid you will be mad at me." She was looking at him with that calf eyed look that women and children can use that will turn a man to mush. He smiled as he now could guess where this might be heading, "well if you referring the missing vibrators, yes I might be a little angry with you but it is nothing to cry about." That made her feel a little better because he already knew she had taken them but what about the rest.

With that thought she started to cry again, "Oh William I love you so much". The tears flowed heavy again and he realized there was a WHOLE lot more to the story. "Okay, I think you need to stop crying and tell me everything from the beginning and don't leave out anything." She then told him everything in detail. He never interrupted or scolded her he just listened. When she was done he simple took her face between his big hand looked into her eyes and kissed her softly in a very loving way.

She felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted when he kissed her and then just held her. Sitting back with her head on his chest he thought, well being an old man has some advantage as the years have given me patience, understanding, tolerance and mellowed me out.

This is a fine kettle of fish you got yourself into William and me thinks it will only get more complicated. "So Ann needs an egg vibrator does she, well I guess WE can accommodate her." He was smiling at her shaking his head thinking, mountains and mole hills that is not a big problem.

"Now as to the BOY friend situation, just keep avoiding any conversation about it. Simply say you don't want to talk about him and don't". "As to the other things she talked about well you can probably get as much information as you want or need from the internet." He had no idea what to tell her about sex between women, lesbians, hell he was having trouble telling, explaining things about sex between male and female.

He smiled brightly and wide as the thoughts and feeling of youthful sex filled him. Girl, woman you are turning back the clock for this old man and he hugged her close. "As to using the vibrator at school, well what did I tell you about carrying one around with you? I and neither do you, have any idea where this is going to end up but I do not think we have heard the end. Your roommate Ann could be trouble so just be nice but don't tell her anymore." "Now how about I fix supper and you get your school work done." The next day William had gone to town and purchased another egg vibrator and a couple of DVDs of lesbian sex thinking that might answer her questions.

On Wednesday he gave her the egg for Ann and the DVDs. As she had a lot of school work and the evening was strictly platonic. She had taken the DVDs home to watch on her computer and would give the egg to Ann in the morning. On the bus she sat with Ann and gave her the egg in a plain paper bag.

Ann did not wait and opened it right away. Ann was not shy in the least and after opening the package she had pulled up her skirt and slipped her hand into her panties and pushed the egg between her now wet lips. She got that look as the egg slid deeper and wiggled her hips as her fingers lingered in her panties rubbing her pussy.

It was a good thing there were few passengers on the bus as Ann started to moan softly as her hand found and rubbed her clit. Then she turned on the egg and moaned louder.

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Alice punched her and told her to be quiet and Ann bit her lip trying to keep silent. The egg was sending wave after wave of the most wonderful sensation through her and then she turned it to maximum causing her whole body to vibrate and convulse in a massive orgasm. Ann's pussy oozed her sex juices and soaked her panties and the back of her skirt.

She could not control herself and started to squeeze her breasts through the blouse. Then to Alice's surprise Ann reached down and pulled up Alice's skirt and started to rub her pussy. Alice's' reaction was to slow and Ann's hand was on her pussy with a finger rubbing her now wet lips through the panties. She only thought, oh god it feels so good yes rub it faster harder. As Ann's finger slipped between the panty and pussy seeking the little clit.

Alice bucked her hips up as Ann's finger touched the clit and a small orgasm raced through her as the idea of sex with a woman only made her hotter. Ann was reacting to the egg and Alice was having an orgasm because of the Ann's fingers and the sexy thought of sex with woman.

Both girls moaned and shook and then settled back with a sigh. Ann turned off the egg and then pulled it out of her pussy licking it clean. "Mmmm I love the taste of sex, don't you?" Alice could not answer but seeing Ann lick the egg actually turned her on again. Then Ann realized how wet she was and got a little upset, "oh god Alice I am wet and you have to help me, please." As Alice had some shorts with her for after school exercising and she dug into her pack then handed them to Ann, "here maybe you can get by with these today but you know the rules about dress at school." Ann took the shorts and looked around the bus which seemed rather empty.

She then slipped off her panties unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it off then pulled on shorts. Alice was a little shocked at the fact that Ann had stripped in the bus. Now she was wearing Alice's shorts without panties and that sort of turned her on.

Alice could only think, oh god what is happening she is turning me on and this is not right it's crazy. She was confused now more than ever and she looked at Ann with a new feeling.

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All through the day Alice had only thoughts about sex, sex with William, sex with herself and then sex with Ann. She was really confused and needed to talk to William. It was Wednesday and as usual she dropped of her things at the apartment but today she changed clothes and put on a skirt and blouse then taking some books had run out only this time Ann was watching her.

Alice was not totally oblivious too things but she figured that if she changed floors and buildings nobody would see. She was wrong and Ann had seen that Alice had not left the apartment complex and so she knew that she was seeing someone there.

Ann returned to the apartment went to her room and put the egg inside her turning it on low she thought of Alice and her lover. She knocked on the door softly so nobody in the hall would hear but then William barely heard the knock. He opened the door and she rushed him.

She wanted him so bad tonight it was driving her crazy. She kissed him with all the passion she could gather as her tongue entered his mouth her hands grasping his head causing her fingers to entwine his hair. As he staggered back her legs came up and wrapped around his waist and she pulled her hips against him and wiggled as the feel of his body against her caused electric sensations to run through her body.

She felt her pussy get warmer and was sure it was also wet while her nipples had gotten hard rubbing against his chest. All she could think about was FUCKING him now. She kept saying over and over to herself, oh my god fuck me now please fuck me. He could not understand her rush and the attack but he was not going to stop it. As he closed the door her kiss was sucking his tongue into her mouth and the air from his lungs. His hands went to her butt cheeks to help hold her up but also because he loved to hold her cute little ass.

He then realized she was wearing a skirt because his hand was under it touching her smooth white cotton panties and his cock got hard as a young stud. She had made a real difference in his life and the hard rod in his pants was only one example.

No matter what William was a man and so he was going to do what any man would do. Dam she is not making it easy to be an adult, oh shit who cares about that. He spun around and with her clinging to him he walked to the bedroom. He bent over and laid her on the bed but she did not break the kiss only unwrapped her legs. His hands worked fast unbuttoning the blouse then unhooking the bra and she raised up and they came off still holding the kiss.

He broke the kiss and moved down to kiss her little breasts and tease the nipples before sucking each into his mouth one at a time. The feel of his lips on her breast and nipples drove her crazy causing her body to quiver with desire and she let out a loud moan and then told him "oh William fuck me please fuck me like never before, please, I need you so oh oh please." Looking at her he thought he saw tears in her eyes and wondered could her desire be so strong the need for him so great as to cause her to cry.

No, no way that's impossible nobody can desire anything that much. He was hard and hot and his cock was staying hard without pills and it sprang to attention as he pulled off his clothes.

Bending down he lifted her skirt and pulled the panties down as she undid the skirt. Now they were both naked and he bent to kiss and lick her nipples then his lips moved down over her belly, over the pubic mound and sucked in the lips around the clit. She shook, quivered moaned and the grabbing his ears she said loudly, "now eat me, fuck me, make me cum NOW." She wrapped her legs around the back of his head and buried his face deep into her pussy.

His body was on fire with passion and his heart was racing a hundred miles and hour.


With her legs wrapped around his head she had his face buried completely in her pussy and he could not breathe. Pulling her legs apart he came up gasping for air then fell upon her and kissed her on the lips with a true loving passion.

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The kiss was deep but the most gentle she had known. She felt his cock head as it rubbed against her now very wet pussy lips, which since being with William had developed considerably, and the sensation caused her to moan loudly.

He pushed and the head slipped into her easily and was soon deep into her. She had built such a fire in him that there was no stopping now and he fell on her ramming his cock deeper and then he started to move in and out with the most rapid manner especially for someone his age.

His body quivered he moaned and arched his back and let out a long AHHH. As he moaned and shouted she felt the hot cum shoot out filling her pussy. His ejaculations were getting more powerful it seemed and her body quivered with the feel. As he came the feelings in her had reached the peak and she moaned and actually screamed "OH FUCK ME". Both had experienced massive climaxes both physical and emotional. Their bodies were wet with sweat and sticky with the juices of sex.

He had rolled to his back and she had rolled on top. He could feel the wetness on his chest but at first thought it was only sweat until he looked down and saw her looking up at him with tear in her eyes.

"Oh dear what wrong why are you crying?" "I don't know I just want you so bad and love you so much and everything in me is all, well I just could not help it and the tears just came out." Nobody had ever loved William that much and he had never known anyone to love that strongly.

This was getting a lot more complicated but he had no idea how complicated it was going to get. “That's okay dear, you have given me feeling that I had forgotten and some I never knew existed. The feelings I felt today right now I don't think I have every felt." He looked over the small naked female form lying beside him and reached out and very gently ran his hand over it feeling the heat the passion had generated. She quivered and then rolled into him and snuggled up to him.

"I want to spend the night here with you, please. I know you said we would not but please." The look she gave him ended any debate. It had been agreed that she would not spent nights at his place because of the gossip it might cause.

But then most agreements like this are only made to be changed and the passion generated today could change anything. "Oh how do I say no to such a lovely lady, okay but this cannot be a regular thing okay." She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with a smile as their naked bodies fell back on the bed.

"Oh you make me so happy I just want to kiss you all over", and with that she kiss his chest, nipples and then taking his cock in hand kisses the head of his limp member. She started to kiss more of it and then moved her hand down to cup his balls and caress them.

He arched his back and savored the feeling that she was sending through his body, but then realized what time it was and put a stop to things. "Okay, you're staying the night but you have school tomorrow and home work to do so enough of the sex. You start your home work and I will start supper." They set about their separate tasks both with smiles on faces and good feelings in general.


Still there was the Ann situation she would have to talk to him about. After supper she continued with the school work until about 9:30 when he mentioned something about her roommates worrying about her not coming home.

She called and said she was spending the night at a friend's and would be back in the morning for school. As soon as Ann heard this she smiled and a special wiggle developed in her hips as she walked down to the rec room. Ann had put the egg in earlier and when she heard about Alice spending the night with a friend she turned on the egg and got all horny with the thought of someone fucking cute Alice.

Secretly Ann wanted to fuck cute Alice but that was going to take some special maneuvering. William laid out towels for a shower. She had put on a shirt of William's and a pair of shorts he had bought for her. The shirt was her idea as she said it made her feel like his arms were around her all the time. She was not wearing a bra just some very sexy panties under the very sexy shorts.

William has some sexy taste in woman's clothing and the smile on his face showed his satisfaction with his purchases. As they entered the bathroom he said "here dear let me please I get a thrill out of taking off your clothes". Reaching out he took hold of the shirt and unbuttoned it and pull it open exposing her small pert tits with now hardening nipples.

"Oh, I like it when you strip me. You can undress me any time you want but then I get to do you." The shirt came off and his lips kissed her shoulder and then the tits and nipples. As he kissed her upper body his hands worked on the shorts and soon they were on the floor followed by the panties. She love the feel of his lips on her body and a soft moan had escaped as he undressed and kissed her.

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"Okay my turn", and she unbuttoned his shirt and was a lot more physical with the kissing as she kiss his chest then the nipples and let her lips move down his belly to the belt. She undid the belt and pants and the fell to the floor. Now all he was wearing were his boxers and her administrations had started to give him an erection.

She saw his cock pulsing against the shorts and pulled them down quickly. "Hey can't have that all pent up in there", as his cock sprang up she grabbed it and kissed it then slipped the head into her mouth sucking and tonguing the tip. He could do nothing but grab the back of her head and pull her to him pushing his cock deep into her mouth. She felt it go deep and then hit the back of her throat making her gag. It then pulled back but move into her mouth again; he was fucking her mouth now.

She like the feel of his big cock in her mouth and the taste of him was good. She cupped his balls as the cock moved faster in and out. She now knew of the spot at the base of the cock that would make him really get hot and explode and she wiggled her finger there now. He let out a moan and sighs as his cock pulsed and flexed shooting a small load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed the cum and sucked his cock for more. As he had pumped a massive load into her just a few hours ago there was not much this time.

He was a little shaky as they climbed into the shower. He look at her back side as she stepped into the shower and thought, all this sex is going to kill me for sure but hell what a way to die. He patted her cute little ass and followed her in. There was little more he could do now as he was truly spent. So shower is what they did, well not JUST shower.

She had found a nice sexy nightie to wear to bed, black very sheer and a black thong. He was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and it seems that is what he usually wore. This was going to be different as it had been a long time since William had a woman sleeping with him. Even though it was a queen size bed he felt a little awkward. He was lying on his back as she got into bed and move to his side. The feel of her body touching him and her head and arm on his chest made him feel a special happiness and that was all he could feel tonight as he was spent.

She kissed him several times before finally settling and soon they slept. He woke and jerked as he rolled over because the presence of a woman in his bed was not a usual occurrence. Still he smiled at the sight of the cute and sexy woman sleeping next to him. He made coffee and some toast then brought it into the bedroom to wake her.

She woke looking at him with the tray in his hands and could only smile as nobody had ever given her breakfast in bed before.

After eating she showered dress hurried back to her apartment. As she entered the apartment she was greeted with a hundred questions about where and who and who and where. Her roommates would not let go and she tried to keep telling then what William had said.

Finally she was off to school and was hoping it would all be forgotten. Ann had followed and gotten on the bus with her. "Well, so you spent the night with him and did he fuck you good?" Ann was very blunt and she wanted to get Alice into talking about sex some way.

"Gee Ann you don't have to be so blunt." "Hey either he fucked you or he didn't so what's the big deal?" "What we do is none of your business." "Ah well I was just wondering if you got a good fucking or not.

You know is he good in bed? Hey if he can't satisfy you then maybe I can." Ann did not care who her sex partner was right now as she was so horny.

"What do you mean? I don't need anything from you like that. I get all I need." She stopped suddenly before she said too much. "Ah so he is good in bed, dam wish I had a man like that, want to share him? Hey how about a threesome." Ann had her going and she was only getting started.

She really wanted a good fuck and maybe Alice's man was the one to do it. She had only thrown out the threesome idea to stir up the conversation but then when she had said it she thought it would be fun and a real thrill. First she would have to get Alice interested in female to female sex. "Threesome, what are you talking about?" "Oh please don't be so innocent with me, you know, you, me and your fellow all having a fucking good time." Ann could see that Alice was getting a little excited with all the talk about sex.

"Oh never", Alice was wondering about Ann and she looked at her a little differently. "Why would you even say that?" "Oh hey just thought you and I might have some fun together and well I am so horny that I thought you might share that man you have hidden at the complex." Now Ann had let the cat out of the bag.

"What do you mean at the complex how do you know where I go?" Alice was upset and afraid. "I saw you yesterday when you went out and you never left the apartment complex so you have to be going with someone here." Ann saw the tension in Alice's face and now pressed the issue. "So who is he, I mean I have seen most of the men here and I can only think of a few that would interest me." "Well just because you don't find someone interesting doesn't mean I couldn't" and she turned away trying not to show the fear in her face to Ann.

"Ah ha so it is someone here and not one of the usual young studs so that leaves let's see who?" Ann then went through a list of men she thought possible and William was not one. Alice was relieved but still scared.

"Please just leave it alone okay, it is someone very special to me and well just please stop." "It won't stop or end we will find out sooner or later, so hey might as well be sooner." A lot soon Ann thought as she really needs a good fucking and Alice seem to know a good fucker.

Ann then took out the control and turned on her egg and she became quiet with a very satisfied smile on her face. Alice saw Ann turn on her egg and was shocked and relieved as the conversation ended. Still William had gotten the egg for Alice to give Ann.

Now Ann knew her friend was in the complex and it was inevitable she would find out it was William. Several days passed and Ann had not pestered Alice much more about her boyfriend. I was Friday and Alice wondered what to do about seeing William.

She called him and explained about Ann as best she could and it was agreed that maybe they should not get together this weekend. So Alice was staying in and after getting her school work done she thought it might be a good idea to look at the DVDs William had given her.

She put one in and right away she got a very strange feeling as the women on the screen started to do all the things William had done and it made her wet. She went and got her egg and slipped it deep into her pussy.

Just the touching of her pussy to put the egg in sent thrills all through her body. The sex on the DVD got hotter and Alice became very excited and turned up the vibrator. Soon she was bouncing on her bed moaning and squeezing her legs together and rubbing her breasts with one hand. She was so absorbed in action on the computer screen she did not see Ann come into the room. Ann could not believe her eyes, little Alice was watching porn and masturbating. She thought, this is too good to be true I am going to get off tonight.

She slowly walked into the room to the point where she could see the screen and she really got a surprise. She watched the movie and Alice masturbate as long as she could before moving in. "Oh yes nice move and I see you have your egg going, here let me help with that" and she reached in putting her hand on Alice's pussy and rubbed hard on the clit area.

With her other hand she pulled her to her and kissed and bit her neck. Alice was startled but was so close to orgasm she did nothing but continue and then the touch of Ann's hand on her pussy and the kiss she could not help it, the orgasm just happened and it was wonderful.

Her body quivered and shook and she felt Ann's hand move into her panties and rub her clit hard and fast while the other hand opened her top exposing her tits. Ann love the feel of the wet pussy and the cute little tits and hard nipples only made her wilder.

She bent and took a nipple on her mouth and sucked hard and deep. The moan that Alice made was pure animal and she grabbed Ann's head between both hands and pulls it to her breast hard.

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Ann sucked in a nipple and tit as much as she could while rubbing her clit. Alice was still moaning and wiggling when Ann took Alice's hand and put it in her crotch.

It seemed like an automatic reaction and when Alice's hand hit Ann's pussy she just started to rub and finger fuck her. Soon both women were moaning and rubbing each other as the vibrators in them sent thrills through their bodies. Then Ann pulled Alice down and forced her mouth on her tits and without hesitation she was sucking and biting the nipple.

Alice had a couple of good orgasms and Ann had an really big one that made her flop around on the bed like a fish out of water. When Ann's orgasm had passed enough she reached up and pulled Alice to her and kissed her full on the lips pushing her tongue deep into her mouth.

Alice tried to back away at first but then the kiss felt good just like the kisses form William and she gave in taking Ann's head in her hands. The kiss progressed into more touching and Ann lead the way with taking off clothes and kissing Alice all over, touching in a very arousing way all the places a woman knows to touch in a way only another woman can. Soon Alice's breath was coming in rapid gasps as Ann kissed her breasts and belly and pussy. The vibrators had been removed and now Ann's fingers did their best to bring Alice to orgasm and she did.

The orgasm Alice experienced from Ann's touch was different and wonderful causing her to grab Ann and kiss her deep and hard with a wild tongue. Ann covers Alice's body with hers and the kisses with wild desire. Then Ann broke the kiss and quickly maneuvered around so their legs split scissor fashion and forced the pussies to rub together. Both girls now go crazy and soon they are moaning. Ann bends and reaches up to grab and squeeze Alice's breasts and nipples causing her to moan even louder.

The passion of the moment caused Alice to scream out "oh yes fuck me now" as the orgasm caused her such wild pleasure. Both girls lay entwined in each other exhausted from the wild sex.

Ann started to gently touch Alice but then Alice realized what had just happened and things had just moved to fast for her. Alice was scared, ashamed, afraid but mostly just very confused. Ann looked at her smiled and said, "hey you had several orgasm, right and you seemed to enjoy what we just did, right?" Alice did enjoy it very much, maybe too much she thought.

"Yes I did and they were great and I guess I did enjoy it but it just seems wrong weird oh I don't know". Ann reached up and pulled Alice's naked body to her. Alice did not resist as she like the touch on her skin and it no longer seemed so bad.

Alice looked at Ann and thought, she is really a good friend and it does really feel good. Ann and Alice slept together only waking when one of the other girls returned very early in the morning. It seems Alice's roommates had all found someone to spend the night with and now so had Ann.

** Note, I am not sure how much more complicated I can make this. Any suggestion on how to end story would be appreciated."