Esfregando a Piroca no Grelo

Esfregando a Piroca no Grelo
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"You don't suppose your uncle was kidding?" Baxter wondered, peering through the gray and empty wood suspiciously. If there was a house there, he couldn't see it. Neither could she, but she had followed these directions precisely.

She was not used to making mistakes. "He's not the kind of man to kid around," Shari said.


"Based on what I've read in the papers." She glanced down uncertainly at the slip in her hand. "But the fellow back at the gas station confirmed it was back here." "Yes, but on which road exactly?" Baxter said. "There are plenty of roads here; the area was once heavily logged, you can still see the hundred-year-old stumps.

We could have taken a wrong turn almost right at the highway. No way of knowing without GPS coordinates." He leaned back against the rented Toyota and crossed his arms, his eyes slowly doing a circuit of their surroundings. Shari studied him. She knew that under his long overcoat, his arms were more thickly muscled than any plain old engineer had a right to -- that kind of muscle was reserved for lumberjacks and wrestlers.

He joked that it was a result of his Nordic genes, but Shari suspected that he either trained hard in a gym for three hours a day, or that his work somehow generated that physique. They knew so little about each other, after all; it made perfect sense to her that he was keeping secrets from her. They had met a couple of years ago, at a grief counselling group, after their spouses were erased from their lives by the banality of simple, violent, car crashes. All she really knew about him was that he was a perfectionist; that he kept himself scrupulously clean; that he liked chicken, and beef -- but not steak; that he liked to be in control, but that he had learned over the years that there were some things that people needed to be involved in, even if they were not in charge.

Her position at the hospital demanded a certain amount of committment, so their acquaintance had only grown slowly. They would meet for dinner and drinks somewhere, always near the medical center, whenever he was in town. Sometimes it was six weeks between visits. She flirted with him, and he was perfectly charming and devilishly cute, but then afterward . nothing. One time about three months ago -- after they had both gotten more than a little buzzed over dinner -- she had paraded around in front of him in her underwear, claiming it was too hot in his hotel room.

She would have been delighted -- no, excited -- if he had tried to get a peek into her g-string, but not a hint of it. Shari wasn't self-conscious enough anymore to worry about her physical beauty. That adolescent habit was long gone.

But she was aware that she had managed by exercising and eating right to keep a figure that had once allowed her to think seriously about becoming an exotic dancer. That one summer she spent at the Balmoral had paid for her first year in medical school, after all. She knew she was attractive enough to turn on any particular male, as long as he was awake. Baxter did laugh and throw a pillow at her, so she knew her little game was doing something to him.

It might take a while to get him to feel something again, and in the meantime she found him utterly fascinating. So much so that he had been the first and only person she called when her uncle Ernie -- who happened to be billionaire philanthropist Ernest Vayle -- contacted her through his legal representatives; by way of some byzantine tax law she was to be the new owner of some odd property in these thickly wooded hills.

It would never cost her anything, not in taxes or upkeep. All that seemed to matter to Vayle was that it was off his books officially. But now they were here in the hills, and had presumably gotten lost.

Suddenly Baxter's head snapped over to one side. "Do you hear that?" he said. "There's a vehicle in the woods over there, not far from here. I bet you at that last fork in the road we should have turned right instead of left." They got back into the rental and drove back about a kilometer. The bottoms of the clouds above them were darkening, threatening an early evening downpour.

Shadows stretched long about them, the autumn light already fading as the sun dropped below the surrounding hills. Soon their little rental was bouncing along in an ever increasing cloud of dust. "Probably a truck ahead of us," Baxter explained. "But they'll know about the place, for sure." Suddenly Shari wrinkled her nose and opened the window to get a better whiff.

"Someone's smoking a lot of dope," she smiled, the scent calling up fond memories of her earliest college days. How many years since she had grown out of that habit as well? The Toyota lurched as Baxter applied the brakes heavily.

They skidded a couple of feet in the gravel, but still stopped quickly enough to avoid the folk that were walking the road ahead of them. Shari's mouth hung open in amazement and awe. Immediately in the road ahead of them a ragtag group of folk, maybe three dozen, walked, following slowly in the dusty wake of a semi-tractor pulling a flatbed trailer with some sort of structure on it.

"I'm seeing, but I'm not believing," Baxter said quietly. Shari nodded mutely, utterly fascinated. The group appeared to be following what was more cage than trailer that had been loaded onto the flatbed.

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The top half of the trailer was completely open to the elements other than a roof and sturdy steel bars that had been inserted between it and the solid bottom half every six inches or so. It was hard to tell from this distance, but it seemed to Shari that there was a nude woman somehow suspended from the ceiling of the cage.

She couldn't see a face anymore, but could still make out the definite shapes of heavy breasts and nipples swinging with the soft motion of the truck.

Not one of the men and women in front of them were wearing any clothes, other than shoes. Some walked hand in hand; most were excitedly chatting to each other. When Baxter and Shari slid to a halt behind them, one young couple turned and walked back to them, smiling openly. Each puffed contentedly on their own marijuana cigarette. The tall young man leaned down to blow a little smoke into Baxter's window.

"How you guys doing?" he wanted to know, an impish grin breaking his features wide open. "Dusty, huh?" Baxter laughed with a deep, rich sincerity that Shari had slowly discovered was one of the only ways he was capable of emotionally connecting with others. If he laughed like this he was truly amused, and present in the moment. "Aren't you all cold?" he wanted to know. "Hence, this," the young man explained, indicating the weed and raising his eyebrows.

"Not exactly beach weather, I know." "Last year it snowed," the young woman added, leaning down to chat with Shari. She seemed not in the least concerned about her nakedness. "I was on snowshoes. Just once I wanna have one of these on a tropical island, or something, in summer." Shari nodded automatically but was too bemused to create a coherent thought in her head. "What a drag you are, girl," called the young man, straightening up suddenly.

"It's got to be now, in the fall, or it wouldn't be the right time, would it?" "Oooh, aaah, I'm so scared," the girl joked light-heartedly. "It's gotta be at the exact time of the Equanotica Satanicum, or it's useless." She took a big puff on her cigarette.

"Whatever, you big wuss. You're more of a pussy than I am, and I'm nothing but pussy!" She grabbed herself and threw her head back in laughter. "Come here and eat me, you big wuss, I dare ya!" "Fuck you," the young man laughed.

Her knowledge of latin honed in medical school, Shari finally broke through her initial amazement. "Do you mean, Devil's Equinox?" The young man leaned in Baxter's window a little more.

"Yeah, right. Some crazy middle ages thing, beats me what it was all about. But what it's about now is a lot of fucking. I'm telling you, guys, this is one party you don't wanna miss. 'Course, you wouldn't be taking part in the actual ceremony, but still, what else you gonna do out here, eh?" "Are you some sort of . nudist colony?" Shari wondered. "Oh no, nothing like that," the young man said.

"Nothing even remotely like that. Anyway, it's just around the corner there. We got a gate and everything. You wanna check it out, believe me." Suddenly he pulled his head back out of the window and looked down. "No cocksucking outside the fence, girl! You know the rules!" "But I wanna suck your cock! At least you're cute," came the young woman's reply from just out of sight under the car window. "You're scheduled to suck twelve other cocks tonight alone, and that's just the opening ceremony.

Get up you lawless perp!" "I've been thinking about that, baby -- you know they won't let us smoke weed inside, especially not during the ceremony. But I like cock better when I'm smoking weed during it, so I wanna have just a quick fuck in the road before we go in, okay?

Come on, baby, you love me, right?" "Hey, I gotta eat ass all night and you don't hear me complaining." "Well at least it's girl ass." "You got that right. But with all that pussy two inches over and being forbidden to eat any of it . " "You're gonna be on the verge of exploding all night, if I know you, and I know you." "Yup, it'll be cum city all right .

" "Eventually, anyway . " They were moving slowly down the windy gravel road, following slowly behind the playfully arguing couple. Shari was shocked to the core of her being. She had never heard such dirty language before, let alone heard it used in such a context, in front of complete strangers.

Even strip club language had a certain politeness to it, a deference for the performers. As a physician she was no stranger to nudity, but again, in the appropriate context. "Nothing like a nudist colony?" Baxter wondered quietly. "It's got to be at least . something . like a nudist colony, don't you think?" The road widened and turned right into a driveway the size of a four-lane highway, and also continued straight ahead, out of sight through thick stands of fir.

A massive sign carved from a thousand-pound block of fir confirmed that they were at Vayle House. A much smaller sign attached to a stake driven into the ground beside it read, "Delivery trucks please use access road 1.2 kms north." Shari clenched the post-it note confirming the address, in denial. "Oh no," she breathed. "This can't be." Her fingers began tapping against the hard leather upholstery nervously.

"Is this the -- " Baxter wanted to know. "Of course it is," he grumbled, turning their rented Toyota into the huge drive.

"This can't be," Shari repeated. "This is a mistake. There has to be some other place here at this address." Chapter 2 The semi-tractor that had kicked up all the dust was nowhere to be seen; presumably it had taken the delivery route to the house. Calling this place a house would be like calling a AA battery the Hoover Dam, Baxter corrected himself.

It vaguely resembled the strangest resort hotels he'd seen in the far east, Dubai and Singapore; all leaping and elongated heights stretched to bizzarre proportions and vaguely resembling something organic. With its numerous outbuildings, walks, and gardens it looked more like a campus than a house in the woods. It certainly dominated the valley it slightly overlooked. The three dozen nude men and women hurried into one of the smaller outbuildings with excited hoots, as the first wet wind bore down the hills.

Soon anyone left outside would be wet and frozen. Baxter was puzzled but intrigued by Shari's recent acquisition. He figured they may as well introduce themselves to the caretakers, or managers, or whoever looked after the place for Vayle. A quick introduction and they'd be back downtown in his hotel room before midnight.

Plenty of time to catch the 4 AM flight to Paris. Thick rain began spattering noisily against the windows as they pulled up to the main building. Baxter pulled his high collar up against the driving rain. As they started up a wide stair toward what he thought must be the main entrance, he heard the steady beeps of a vehicle backing.

"Just a moment," he called to Shari, who continued up and waited in what little shelter from the rain a bit of protruding roof by the door provided. He hurried around the nearest corner of the structure, until he had a view of the backing truck.

As he suspected, it was the semi-tractor backing into position by a loading dock. When it was stopped a crane swung out over the strange looking trailer/cage on the flatbed.

As the crane's hook swung into position, the driver exited his cab and began attaching lengths of chain to the cage. The woman's face was still indistinct at this distance, but it seemed to Baxter as though she raised her head in his direction.

"Please . " he heard, distinctly enough that he thought Shari had joined him. He turned his head, but was alone in the rain. "Please . " the woman's voice came again into his head. "Please . " Puzzled and disquieted he headed back up the stair to join Shari.

She had her hands over her head in a charming but utterly useless attempt to ward off the downpour. Her long black hair hung plastered to her face. She was even more beautiful than usual like that, Baxter thought. Maybe if they got back to his place early enough tonight he'd be able to put thoughts of the dead love of his life out of his head for a few moments and go for some real intimacy with Shari.

Goodness knew she deserved it, approaching him repeatedly with such compassion and tenderness. He knew Shari could be an intensely sexual being. If only she had seen his cock jump when she pretended it was too hot in the hotel room that one night .

her black bra and g-string coordinated very well with her black hair while the paleness of her skin was there to offset it. His suspicions that she had a tight, fit body were confirmed that night, and he so wanted to take her in his arms and move onward . but. But then there was the guilt of betraying the memory of his dead wife again. Ah well. He gave Shari a quick kiss and said, "They're loading that woman in the cage into the back of this place." "Let's get it over with, then," Shari said.

There was no knocker or chime that they could find, so they simply tried the door itself. It was unlocked; they entered. They shook the water off their heads and coats in a large, modern lobby. A vaulted glass ceiling far overhead provided a constant pattering from the downpour, but it seemed to Baxter that he could hear soft music lilting quietly beneath. A unfamiliar scent caught in his nostrils, but quickly faded. They were alone.

"Hello?" he called. A falsetto cackling laughter could be heard maybe a room or two away. When they called again it stopped. The sound of hurrying footsteps followed. They faced a tall, thin man who took them in with the saddest eyes imaginable. The wrinkles in his face suggested he was perhaps sixty, although his hair was still a rich brown. "Yes?" he greeted them non-committally. "Can I help you?" The falsetto voice they had heard was his. "Yes, probably," said Shari. "Are you the manager?" "Manager?" the man wondered, his forehead wrinkling.

"Manager of what?" "This resort," said Shari. "I'm very sorry, but I need to inform whoever's running the place that I'm the new owner. And then we'll be on our way. We've got a long way back." His eyes suddenly brightened as his hand reached out to shake theirs. "You're Shari Vayle," he said excitedly.

After shaking her hand he embraced her in a warm hug that Shari was clearly uncomfortable in. "Cousin!" "Cousin?" Shari wondered. "I didn't know Ernest had a son." "I was adopted, it's a long story," the man with the sad eyes said happily. "I'm Julius. I've heard so much about you over the years." They shook hands, and Baxter offered his name. "Mr. Bennington," said Julius apologetically. "We may have to put you up for the weekend; the gate's already down, you see." Baxter was unimpressed.

"I have work to do in France in a few hours. We'd appreciate it if you could let us out before you lock up." "It's not that kind of gate," said Julius, still apologizing.

"The gate lowered at sundown just a few minutes ago, probably right behind you as you drove in. It won't go up again until sunrise on Monday morning, three days from now." Baxter lifted his eyebrows in puzzlement and disapproval. "Listen man, there's no gate out there. We would have noticed that kind of fencing on the way in." "If you say so," said Julius politely.

"Perhaps you'll have to go and see for yourself." "There is another matter, Julius," Shari broke in. "Believe it or not, we saw a truck pulling in here, with a cage or something on a trailer .

" "And a woman inside the cage," Baxter added. "Quite," Julius agreed quickly. "You'll be happy to know she's out of the rain by now." "Happy to -- " Baxter was too shocked to continue. He thought it might very well be the first time in his life he was utterly speechless.

What the hell was going on here? An elderly couple of smartly dressed women walked serenely past them, holding hands and chatting quietly. "Oh, hello," they greeted the group quietly. "Are you coming, Julius?" Julius grinned at them broadly. "Be right with you kids. Don't start without me, now!" They laughed softly and left. "She's a performer," Julius explained to Baxter and Shari.

"In fact, she's a repeat performer, to be honest. She literally begged to be hired back this year. And she's so popular I couldn't refuse." "She does this for a living?" Baxter wanted to know, still skeptical because he didn't trust the man. "Oh no," Julius said. "She's a senior partner in a law firm in Chicago, flies out here just for these three days. Basically the only time off she gives herself, if I have it right." He smiled. "Some people are just go, go, go, if you know what I mean.

But we compensate that particular position very well, no matter who it is." "There are other positions?" Shari wondered. "I don't mean to be rude, but as the new owner, I think you can share with me some of the details." "Of course," said Julius, smiling broadly.

"There are thirty-six other paid performers. You might have seen some of them when you came in." "Yes, we met one young couple," Shari said. "They seemed to be back for at least a second or third time." "Quite.

The folks performing in the ceremony get two grand a day, for the three full days until sunrise Monday morning. The lady from Chicago gets twenty thousand for the weekend. Plus of course they're in these magnificent hills for the weekend and get to enjoy all the amenities of the house. We encourage repeat performers, promote them within the ceremony from year to year, give them an incentive to come back." "Twenty thousand .?" Baxter raised his eyebrows.

"Is this some sort of cult?" "Please, Mr. Bennington, I'm an atheist, always have been. So was Ernest, by the way. A good portion of the performers here right now are also atheists.

Although there is at least one ordained minister here, though it would be impolite to point them out," Julius added with a wink. "So it's just a coincidence that you're doing . whatever it is you're doing . on the Devil's Equinox?" "No, of course not, Shari," Julius explained. "To achieve the most power the ceremony must be performed now, that is all." "I think we should go," Baxter said to Shari. He was beginning to suspect that this place might be a kind of mental hospital.

He figured their chances of doing some research on the place would be better back in the city. "How do I reach you?" Shari asked. "You'll have to reach me through my firm in town, here's my card," said Julius amicably. "No service out here from the moment the gate went down. I'm afraid you will have to accept this unforeseen development, however: you'll be staying here until Monday. It's completely unavoidable." "Listen, Vayle," Baxter said, anger creeping into his voice.

"If you've thrown down some kind of spike belt out there I'm going to be seriously pissed." "Mr. Bennington, I have exaggerated nothing and put no obstacles in your way," Julius explained politely, but with infinite sadness. "But don't take my word for it, go see for yourself. Then come back and enjoy the hospitality of the house." Once they were outside, hurrying through the now horizontal rain, Baxter scoffed.

"Do you believe that guy? I swear, the richer folk get, the weirder they become. I don't believe a word he said. Once we get back to town I'm gonna check this outfit out and have the police look into it." Shari didn't speak until they were bearing away from the house. "I have to admit, that cousin of mine is one strange bird. I'm going to have a helluva water cooler story when I get back to work." "They'll be calling you 'Shari - Queen of the Fruity Nudies' or something," Baxter joked.

His anger quickly faded. As their compact approached the turn out of the driveway, onto the gravel road back to the city, Baxter suddenly realized that Shari was the most deliciously sexy creature he had ever had in his life. He slowed the Toyota, put the transmission in Park, shut off the engine.

The urge to do something about that was suddenly overpowering. When he leaned over to kiss her, he found her responding with equal urgency.

Passionately, deeply their tongues explored each other's mouths, as if they had only just now learned how pleasurable kissing could be. Shari groaned with desire, pushing herself against him.

Baxter's cock was threatening to tear through his jeans; he knew he was already dripping pre-cum. In an instant Shari had squeezed herself between the seats, facing the back half of the car, her firm ass shoved upward.

"Get 'em off," she moaned with lusty anticipation. "Get them off, Baxter, now!" Baxter reached around her in what seemed a tornado of desire to taste her sweet ass, after all this time.

Why in the world had he waited so long? He fumbled with the buttons and zipper of her slacks for only a moment, before tugging them down to her knees. Shari moaned her approval, but added a feverish, "What the fuck are you waiting for?" Baxter had never seen anyone so completely abandoned to pleasure.

Her purple cotton highbacks were completely darkened with her moist juices already. Baxter pulled them down partway and ran his tongue over the drenched material. The scent of her juices was all he desired, and tasting them in her panties drove him to heights of pleasure he had never experienced. He had no idea this kind of ecstacy was possible. Shari moaned and gripped the sides of the Toyota, her head suddenly thrown up. "Arrrgh -- " was all she could get out before her whole body bucked violently.

Hot cum ran down her legs, straight into Baxter's mouth where he was still licking her pussy juices off her panties. He held on to her legs as she bucked wildly, tossing her head around like a mare in the heat of some animal passion. He looked down at his own soaked jeans, realizing he had cum inside his pants and was well on the way to a second climax. He moved Shari's cheeks apart with his hands, eliciting a moaned, "Oh God nooo," from her.

Ignoring her pleas he licked her anus, and then brought her soaked panties up so he could lick them and her asshole at the same time. Shari bucked uncontrollably, and with a final, "Ugh! You . bastard!" climaxed in a wave of shudders that went on and on. "Eat my . eat my pussy . why don't you eat me?" Shari tried to shove herself down onto him, but he held her in place easily. Baxter was careful to stay away from her gorgeous, shaved pussy, though he wasn't sure exactly why.

Shari's own climax elicited another gush of cum from the depths of her fit, bucking body, and Baxter hurried to coat her in her own juices as they began flowing out of her pussy. He coated her ass and muscled legs, to Shari's muffled, "Awww, no no no. " She shuddered and came again, shouting, "Oh man! Oh God!" Baxter positioned his mouth under her pussy and spread her legs as far as they would go between the seats. "Come on, girl, straight down the gullet this time ." Shari screamed and shuddered, slamming her hands against the upholstery.

"Ugh, God nooo, nooo --!" Baxter was delighted that he almost had his aim perfect. When she started cumming onto his face he only had to adjust himself slightly, and her hot, cedary cum was running right into his mouth. He gulped mouthfuls down while listening to her moan and buck, winding herself up for another orgasm.

He wet a finger in his mouth and ran it over her anus, while her cum still dribbled into his mouth. "Oh you fucker, nnooo," she screamed. Her legs clenched reflexively, covering his ears, but he could tell by the way she pounded the rental car that she was bucking under the sweet assault of another orgasm. Well, thought Baxter, this was certainly unexpected. Chapter 3 "Baxter?" Shari turned her head, taking a closer look. "Baxter, what's the matter?" He had inexplicably stopped the car, and turned the ignition off.

Now he was just sitting there, hanging onto the steering wheel with one hand, staring out the windshield as if lost deep in thought. She waved her hand in front of his eyes, without getting a response, not even a blink. Alarmed, she stepped out of the car.

Rain whacked her in the face with the force of a slap.

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She pushed her collar up and walked around the Toyota, to the driver's side, to see if she could get Baxter's attention. She leaned down close to the window, but there was no one in the driver's seat. What the hell? "Baxter, this isn't -- Oww! Oof!" She winced in pain as someone with the strength of three men pushed her roughly against the driver's side of the car.

"Ungh . now listen, this isn't funny, Baxter!" She felt his hot breath on her neck, licking the water off her skin. She sensed the bulk of him, but could smell nothing; it was definitely Baxter, that uber-clean son of a bitch. Suddenly the idea that this man had finally shucked his guilt feelings to get intimate with her excited her, seemed to enrich her soul.

If it was the last thing she did, she needed to take this man before he was gone from her forever. Her glorious decision made, Shari turned and dropped to her knees in the mud. Rain and wind and all discomforts forgotten, she undid his pants and pulled down his black bikini briefs.

His circumcised cock twitched and grew to about seven inches almost instantly. And that was with freezing rain hitting it; impressive, thought Shari. Obviously he was watching her, anticipating the moment when she slid her wet, warm mouth around him.

She took her time, gently massaging his balls, every now and then pretending to go for his cock, but then playfully pulling back, teasing him. She could hear him groan harder every time she did that.

Instead of taking the head of his cock in her mouth, Shari stroked his length gently, as though he were jerking himself off. His head was beginning to loll back on his neck, up into the rain, as he moaned steadily and lustily. When his "Mnnh . " began to turn into more of a deep growl, she finally let him experience the warmth of the inside of her mouth. Baxter's fists pounded back against the windows of the Toyota, as he roared, from deep inside his chest, "Mnnnh awrr!" His cock jerked in her mouth, but she was ready, and moved with it.

His first load of cum splashed straight into the back of her throat, almost choking her with its volume. Astonished, she grunted in shock, her eyes going wide. She couldn't quite gulp it down fast enough, and his second cumshot exploded in her mouth just as she was trying to get some air. Defeated by volume, she slammed her jaw shut to gulp all the hot cum that was already in her mouth down her willing, but not quite ready, throat. Eyes closed she took Baxter's third load of jizz all over her face and hair.

She was giggling now, in desire and lust. "Holy shit, buddy, what is your problem?" she grunted playfully at him as his fourth cumshot shot up into her nose.

He grunted and started jerking the last couple of cumshots out of his scrotum. Finally his jizz volume began to subside. Shari was smearing it onto her fingers whereever she could find it, and then licking them clean.

His cum tasted salty, but clean and healthy, vigorous even. He leaned down to her, his eyes obscured by long, frizzy black hair now plastered wetly all over his head, and kissed her passionately. The idea that he was tasting his own cum while he was kissing her made her nearly climax right there, just thinking about it.

Her head lolled back in the throes of sexual delirium. Baxter picked her up with one hand and sat her down on the slick hood of the Toyota. She didn't know what had happened to her coat; it was probably down in the mud somewhere. As she fumbled with her blouse, Baxter reached over with both of his strong hands, and tore it open and off her in one swift movement. "Hey, I might -- " It was useless. It was as though some animal passion had overtaken her gentle friend. In another moment he had torn her bra right off her and tossed it into the night.

The freezing rain had long since hardened her nipples to the consistency of steel, but even so it was as if they hardened further under the direct assault of the icy onslaught.

Her breasts still stood out a fair ways, far more than she had any right to expect at her age. No doubt gravity would be overtaking her soon. Her taut belly she would take all the credit for; she exercised every day for that belly, loved the sexy silhouette of it when she studied herself in the mirror.

By the time she was twenty she understood completely that eating less, and exercising, were the keys to a healthy body and mind. While she was contemplating herself in a fog of sexual energy, Baxter had removed her shoes and socks. The foolish but incredibly sexy man now did the same tearing trick with her slacks.

When they were gone he pushed her gently down onto the hood of the car; iciness crawled up and down her bones, fought with lust, and lost. She hungered for his cock, his presence, his manhood. Instead of pulling her panties down her legs, he tore them apart while she was still wearing them. He tossed the shreds away and stood above her, hungering for her with his smoldering eyes. Shari watched his head lower to her shaved pussy, causing her to sit up in alarm. "Wait," she called out, "Don't eat me." "Why not?" came Baxter's questioning voice.

He stood up again, moving her legs apart. He was a black silhouette from the eerie lights of Vayle House far behind him down the driveway. "I . I don't know," Shari admitted. It was just a really strong feeling she had, but she knew she mustn't. "I've wanted you inside me for so long, please just give me a straight up fuck, right here on the hood!" He closed her legs and ran his tongue over her toes, and down the soles of her feet.

Shari shuddered and banged the Toyota's hood, groaning. "Urmm . " she moaned. "Don't . don't ." "What if I did this instead?" Baxter teased her. When he slid his thumb into her pussy, while his wet index finger pierced her anus about an inch, it was too much. She arched her back in a bucking, heaving orgasm, screaming, "Arrgh unnh ." while her fists pounded the hood. She rocked and rolled under wave after wave of pleasure, losing control completely. When her passionate climax finally subsided enough for her to continue, Baxter was above her, his steel hard cock poised to go inside her.

"Wait," she said, still breathless after her shuddering multiple orgasms. "I'm very tight." "I'm not going to hurt you," Baxter said, backing away slightly. "I don't need to go inside you with this old cock here, I can use a finger again." "No, no, you misunderstand," Shari explained hurriedly.

"I was born with abnormally tight vaginal muscles. Couldn't even get tampons in there as a teenager. Still a pain in the ass as an adult. It's a good thing I've got a light period. Anyway, I need you to go inside me, okay, but I'm putting you on notice that it might hurt you." Baxter looked skeptical, but respectful. He leaned down to kiss her deeply, with infinite tenderness.

A bit of lust not yet burned out of her ignited deep within her soul. Shari whimpered as she spread herself as wide as she could go for him. As they kissed he guided the head of his cock past her engorged pussy lips, and thrust all the way inside her in one swift motion. He remained like that, still and silent as a steel god brought to Earth by the very heights of passion she was attaining.

Her back arched as her fists slammed down again and again, knowing that she was about to climax again, even though she had just done so. "Ungh . nooo, not agai -- " she shouted. "I can't keep -- urgnn awrrr -- " As yet another wave of climaxes rolled over her she was dimly aware of Baxter methodically slamming himself into her tight pussy.

For some reason her acknowledgement of this fact unleashed a gushing torrent of cum deep inside her. Her cumming reinforced her climax, and vice versa. Her senses in overload, she was suddenly so sensitive to the slightest stimulation of her nerves that she had to stop and climb down a bit.

Baxter, bless the man, had picked up on it and moved not the slightest muscle. It seemed to take forever for Shari to climb down enough to unclench her legs and consciousness. Baxter's seven-inch steel rod was still inside her. The night had moved on a fair amount, but now the rain steamed where it hit their bodies. "Baxter," she wondered, "Do you wanna cum inside me?" The water running off his hard, toned body made him look like a bronze statue in the near darkness.

"If you want, sweetie," he said. "It's just that I don't want my fucking head to get bombarded again by your fucking shitload of jizz! You are a fucking freak, buddy!" He just about collapsed in laughter on top of her, but reigned himself in enough to resume thrusting in earnest. "You are definitely tight," he agreed, a strange, faraway look coming over his eyes. Shari locked her legs around him, drawing him that much farther into her.

"Oh God, baby," she called to him, "Cum in me, come on now, cum in me!" Every muscle taut, Baxter threw his head back with an animalistic roar and thrust his length into her. Shari's senses threatened to go into overload again from the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy walls, but she determinedly hung on to reality. This was to be his moment. She thought she was ready for it. When his first load shot up into her with astonishing heat and force, she knew she was feeling sensations in an area of her body she had never felt anything in before.

It was almost as though his disturbingly massive cumshot was actually distending her abdominal walls with its ferocity. She was as shocked as she had been when she almost drowned under his earlier orgasm. "Oooh baby," she cooed encouragingly as his second load of jizz went inside her.

He still roared with every ejaculation, as though this act were something the universe required, had pre-destined millions of years ago. By the time he came inside her a third and fourth time, she could feel his cum literally oozing out of her in a continuous mass. He pumped into her a few more times, until he was utterly spent. As Baxter fell back and his still-hard cock slowly slid out of her, a great glop of his hot jizz slid onto the hood of the car. Shari sat up and studied it through her spread-eagled legs.

Her pussy and ass were completely covered in an unbelievable amount of Baxter's goo. "What the hell are you, some sort of gorilla?" she joked. He bent down to her, chuckling. "Well, if you're going to be such a gorgeous fuck," Baxter said, rolling onto the hood with her, "I better leave you something to show for it." They lay huddled in each other's arms, on the hood of the Toyota, and let darkness and rain wash away their cares.

Chapter 4 Baxter's awareness first touched on a world that was blurry, streaked, utterly strange and cold; when a wet leaf almost smacked itself against his face he lurched back instinctively, coming completely back to wakefulness. He was sitting in the cold rented Toyota, one of his hands on the steering wheel still. The near-gale raging outside had just deposited another shredded leaf on the windshield.

He blinked. What the hell had just happened? Did he and Shari just .? Shari was sitting next to him -- fully dressed -- in the passenger seat, serenely staring out the window, in the direction of the house. He could see its lights, distorted by the water cascading off the car.

He must have imagined everything, although if he had it would be the first time something like it had happened to him.

Baxter strongly suspected the strange scent he caught a whiff of back at Vayle House; it was just possible that an airborne hallucinogen had been added to the air there. But . why? Just to keep them from leaving? What possible purpose could that serve? He had more questions than answers. After gently waking Shari, he stared at her for a moment, before admitting, "I . dreamt . that we . had sex in the car.

I must have fallen asleep, or something." Every bone in his body screamed at him that this was just not him; Baxter Bennington did not fall asleep -- ever -- unless the time and place were appropriate. Hell, his entire career could be said to depend on his control over his ability to sleep. In fact, combating fatigue was a part of the syllabus he taught trainees; heavy-lift helicopter pilots were occasionally called upon to show extraordinary endurance in the cockpit, it was just a fact of life.

It was a statistical impossibility that he would fall asleep driving a rental car home after an only eighteen or nineteen-hour day. Shari blinked. "I was fantasizing about the same thing," she said quietly, looking him directly in the eyes. "It was some sort of daydream, because I wasn't asleep." She looked herself over, appearing to check her clothing. "I . it was a hallucination, Baxter, definitely." Baxter started the engine, a part of him wondering what exactly Shari had fantasized about.

The clock showed that they had spent an hour sitting out here, doing . nothing, nothing at all, but especially not leaving. He felt like going back there and causing a little trouble. Then he remembered the woman in the cage, lifting her head in a silent, desperate plea. "Based on the evidence so far, I think we're stuck here," Shari said, looking back to the house. "Maybe for the whole three days." "Then let's at least get the hell out of this car," said Baxter.

"I wouldn't mind looking for the woman in the cage," Shari added quietly. "Now that I've worked myself up to be brave." Baxter thought it was odd, a gifted surgeon at the top of her game questioning her courage.

He couldn't imagine the kind of bravery it took to start medical school, make such a long-term committment basically as a teenager -- without any hint of success or failure for year after year -- and then see it through mercilessly, overcoming every emotional and situational obstacle thrown in her way. That was the kind of courage he did not think he could ever muster. He preferred the simple bravery of flight operations: carefully assessing the risks beforehand, assigning them values, playing them off against each other; going into every situation knowing the odds of success and failure, and always weighing them in his favor.

That was the way to survive in the air -- you went with the plan that offered the lowest risk possible, and then worked the hell out of it, each to his own ability. As they drove back to the house he realized how little real information they had. All they really had to go on was that they saw three dozen nude adults of all ages walk onto the property having a last toke before they went in, presumably for the next three days.

They had spoken to Julius Vayle, who claimed to be Ernest Vayle's adopted son; who appeared to be at least heavily involved in some type of bizarre sexual activity here, the precise details of which had not been outlined. Vayle also claimed to have hired every "performer" here for decent wages. Baxter simply didn't trust or care for the man, nor did he intend to simply take his word for it that the woman in the cage was there of her own free will.

They were not leaving until this idiocy was sorted out. They slid to a halt before the main house, made their way up the wide stair. The night raged dark and cold about them as they went in. *** Shari came to with a start, and quickly glanced around. "Wha --" Her hands and feet were . restrained? She was actually tied down onto a hard surface, her arms and legs spread as far as they would go.

She struggled experimentally, testing her bonds; it was useless, they were thick leather straps. What the hell? Who did these idiots think they were, actually drugging her and tying her down? Did they realize how many laws they were breaking? What did they think they were going to do, keep her tied down until she said 'Uncle'? Wasn't going to happen. Where was Baxter? If anyone could get her out of these straps, it would be him.

Vayle House was rapidly turning into one place she wished she had never heard of. She looked around, searching for anything that might help her off this slab. She was in a large, round chamber, about nightclub size, but far taller, and with no visible exits.

Hung in two rows all around the room, about ten feet off the floor, were sixty-inch television screens, one after another. At the moment they showed multiple views of the woman they had seen brought in the cage. She was a tall, gorgeous redhead whose wild hair covered her face. Shari was shocked to realize that the naked woman was attached to the wall by a thick rope tied around both hands. It appeared as though she had complete freedom of movement other than that. Right now she was kneeling, resting against the wall.

One of the TVs arranged on the ceiling showed her lips moving. She was speaking . and Shari could just make it out. "Please . " she was whispering. "Please . " What Shari had thought earlier was a soft music that was being pumped throughout the place, was actually this woman whispering her plea. "Ah yes, do you like her, my lady of true, desperate desire? She does that better than anyone." It was Julius, his unmistakable falsetto speaking from somewhere behind her.

She couldn't crane her head around enough to get a look at him. "Get me off this table, you fucking bastard! Immediately!" Shari spat without preamble. Her anger was growing like a beast inside her.

"Who do you think you are? When the police get through with you'll never see the light of day again, I promise you!" Completely unaffected by her enraged outburst, Julius stepped into view, closing in on one particular monitor.

As he turned his sad eyes to Shari, his thumb indicated this particular view of the redhead. "Do you see? She only has one desire, one true wish untainted by any other considerations. She is dripping need, dripping desire. That is pure, powerful, sexual energy. Something you're going to provide us as well." "Are you fucking completely insane?" Shari shouted. "Get me off this fucking table, get Baxter in here, and let us the fuck out of here!" "I'm not sorry that it's not going to play like that, Ms.

Vayle, in fact, I'm looking forward to how it plays. We all are." Julius indicated the monitors, which suddenly displayed what appeared to be the interiors and exteriors of other places like this one. The televisions displayed more than a dozen different locations, with the folk in them as foreign to her as their architectures.

"We are but one node of many, all feeding one central hub," Julius continued matter-of-factly. "The whole campus, everything contained within the dimensional gate, all sits squarely on a natural . let's say lens . whose purpose is to focus sexual energy generated right here. By us. By you." Shari allowed her head to drop to the table. Dimensional gate? She realized slowly that she had taken the wrong tack right from the start, and that it was going to cost her.

Clearly Julius was insane. She hadn't minored in psychology, but from her basic med school practicum she recalled that the mentally ill had to be approached differently. She had to discover exactly what it was he wanted, and then guide them both to a solution that worked.

Or she and Baxter might really be in danger here. She attempted to relax as much as she could under the circumstances, to not waste energy butting her head into a wall. She suspected she would need all her mental stamina for what lay ahead. She needed to find the one slender, vulnerable nerve in Julius's sick mind, and slice it off before it did any more damage. "What do you want?" she asked, her voice under control again. Julius leaned forward, smiling sadly.

"That's better," he said. Chapter 5 Baxter was aware of his memories first: he recalled clearly walking up the front of the place with Shari, going inside, hearing a soft murmur all around, the same faint scent in the air .

they had explored the area immediately accessible from the lobby area they had entered. They had come across a locked area Baxter recognized as a modern server room, based on the hum of air conditioning and electronics coming from inside.

Other than a lot of well furnished rooms that served as conference and meeting areas they had not found much else. Then they found a stair leading downward. After that Baxter could recall nothing. Something happened to them on those stairs, but he couldn't put his finger on it . He blinked groggily, as if waking from a deep sleep. His body was not responding as it ought to. "What the hell?" Baxter's hands were tied together with a thick, though soft, rope, and from there attached to the wall.

The rope disappeared through a hole in the wall, but at the moment he had about eight feet to play with. What the fuck was this? Was this some sort of sick joke? He was completely naked! He was trapped in a loony bin, no doubt about it. "Please . " came a familiar voice, though much clearer now. "Please . " His head jerked sideways, to take in his entire surroundings. It was her, the woman they were looking for, right here in the room with him!

She was trussed to the wall exactly like he was, directly across from him. The chamber was maybe twenty feet across, round, lit softly from above.

There were no exits apparent, though of course there must be an exit. Baxter figured their best odds were to work together to get out of this bizarre dungeon, locate Shari, and then get the hell out of Dodge. He studied the woman. She was obviously a redhead. He couldn't see her pubic hair, but her roots were clearly visible, the way her wild mane was thrown forward over her face.

Sweat glistened all over her extremely pale skin. "Lady," Baxter called gently. "Lady, listen . I'm Baxter. How much slack have you got in that rope?" Her head cocked over in his direction at the sound of his voice. She scrambled to her knees and crawled in his direction, but was brought up short by the same amount of rope he was on. "Please .

" she breathed at him. She lifted her eyes to him, pleading desperately. Her heavy breasts swung above the floor, half-inch nipples hanging straight down. Looking down the length of her he could see a heavy red bush between her legs. Her scent washed over him: sour sweat and pussy juices mingling with their fresher, sweeter versions.

Despite himself Baxter felt his cock jerk awake, his male genetics apparently overcome by the woman's simple raw beauty. He began to sweat. Her eyes held his as she tugged uselessly on the rope that kept her in place. Her tongue licked the air to get the scent of him, and she began jerking on her bonds in earnest. "Please . " she moaned. "Please . fuck me . " Baxter couldn't believe his ears. "Lady, look, we're trying to escape, right? Help me out, here!" It was useless.

She either wouldn't -- or what was more probable, couldn't -- form a coherent thought in her head that didn't have anything to do with sex. It was no stretch to imagine someone with the vast resources of Ernest Vayle to develop and deploy a simple airborne aphrodisiacal agent. But then, why wasn't he affected? Or wasn't he? If he had to analyze it down to the last vector -- and he did -- he would guess that it was he himself who was responding sexually to the breathless, rutting creature who was tugging at her restraints to get to him, to fuck him in as raw and violent a way as she needed.

Baxter figured he didn't need to be drugged to respond to her, to want to lick her, and kiss her, and fuck the shit out of her . But they were trying to escape, right? Weren't they? It was definitely getting hotter in here. "What's your name, lady?" he called out harshly, trying to get through her fog of sexual energy. "I'm Baxter." She stretched the rope out its full length, and stopped tugging on it for a moment.

"Please . please fuck me . Baxter," she breathed at him. "I . I'm Lily. Don't you want to fuck me?" Baxter leaned back against the wall. "Look, Lily, don't you know where you are?" Lily turned her ass in his direction and grinned back at him happily.

"I . I'm here, Baxter . please . fuck me . please fuck me . now." Sweat was trickling between her cheeks, down the crack of her ass. Her anus was moistened with her own juices, and her red bush literally dripped in places. Her groin was coated in sweat and pussy juices, coating her legs down to her knees. "Please ." she pleaded with him, "Please . fuck me . " With a violent jerk Baxter was at the end of his rope, his engorged cock trailing a long string of pre-cum from where he had been sitting.

His steady analysis of the situation from one moment to the next had become an animal passion, a lust to splatter a cumload or two all over this literally juicy ass. He breathed deep through his mouth, to taste, rather than smell.

He opened his senses fully to this raw woman's scent, stretching his tongue out toward her sweet, overpowering ass. Lily screeched in delight, shoving herself back toward him. "Oh yeah . Oh God .!" she groaned.

Their ropes were being let out a little at a time, until they could almost touch. *** "Baxter, noooo!" Shari screamed in horror. "Baxter, wake up!" She collapsed back, exhausted from her futile attempts to get his attention. "What have you done to him?" she asked weakly. "Put him in a room with our most popular performer," Julius explained amicably.

"Mr. Bennington should be excited!" "You're full of shit," said Shari. Things were getting worse quickly. "What do you want?" She was getting tired of asking him the same question and getting nowhere. "This, of course," Julius said. "Or it wouldn't be happening." "That's bullshit, and you know it!" On the televisions arrayed around the walls Shari was witnessing Baxter and Lily's feeble struggles to get close enough to screw in earnest.

It was obvious they had both been drugged. Baxter too was now sweating as if he'd eaten a bowlful of Ecstasy for breakfast. Her own reek -- worsened by the fear of losing Baxter -- stank in her nostrils, had soaked her armpits, blouse, coat. She'd always hated the sharp stench of her own body odor, and now she knew she sweated out of every pore and then some. Even her knees, inside her slacks, were sweating.

They waited silently for some time. Eventually Shari saw Baxter try to literally gnaw through his rope, with Lily encouraging him. She closed her eyes. This was a nightmare. "It's time, Shari," Julius said, with infinite sadness. "Time for what, you fucking freak?" "Time to find out . if you're capable of purity." "What the fuck are you talking about? Get me off this fucking table!" Julius was suddenly at the far end of the table, down by her feet. "It's not a table," he explained patiently.

"It's an altar." The loon. "Whatever, fuck, get me off this fucking thing, now!" The madman climbed up on the altar with her, his eyes bright. He was completely naked, exposing skinny legs and arms, a hairless sunken chest, and an insane grin. Between his legs . Shari's eyes went wide as her mind went blank with fear and shock. She screamed in horror and denial, suddenly struggling mightily against her bonds.

Between Julius's legs hung a massive, thickly veined cock easily fifteen inches long, and at least five inches wide. It's engorged head had turned purple with the pressure of the blood in it. Beneath this improbable bull's cock hung two testicles the size of beer cans.

It was impossible, Shari's trained mind shouted over and over. This couldn't be happening! Julius bright eyes lowered to hers. "Don't you wonder what the altar is for?" he asked her in his sad falsetto. She strained against her bonds in terror. Her brain weakly dredged up the toking couple on their way in, who had told them about the Devil's Equinox. "You know what they say," he continued, his voice inexplicably dropping several octaves, and gaining resonance.

"If you have to ask, you're probably in over your head." Julius's voice was entirely inside her head now, and so resonant it sounded like it was coming from a voice box the size of a cathedral. A vast darkness was filling up the room above her; it was as if Julius was and was not himself. Something huge and vile hunkered above her, hungering for her with some alien need. "Well, Shari," the monstrous voice inside her head wondered. "Are you in over your head?" Julius's large, sad eyes teared up as he grinned insanely at her.

"I weep for you, Shari." Two large drops fell off his maniacal face and dropped onto her blouse. They burned; she screamed in shock and pain. Julius lowered himself into position above her, as though he was going to enter her with that massive thing, while she was completely dressed. There was no way that was going to happen; she tried to slam her legs shut, but if anything, her bonds were even farther apart now.

What she wouldn't have given for a scalpel at that moment. "Julius, come on, please don't do this," she pleaded, desperate to get out of this nightmare.

"Take what I've got, take it all -- whatever you want -- but please just don't do this!" Julius positioned the enormous swollen head of his thickly veined cock between her pants. "Are you fucking crazy? Let me out of here!" Shari screamed, enraged. His insane grin was only inches from her face, but it didn't matter how she struggled, she just couldn't get to it!

She wanted to bite his eyes out. "Wha -- " Shari gasped in shock. Without further preamble, Julius shoved his cock into her so hard she was pulled painfully against her bonds. Tearing through slacks and panties both, his monstrous member was pushing her pelvis apart. Shari screamed as agony raced through her body. She could feel the tug of her own clothing that was being pulled inside her. Julius had made no other movement for a moment. As the pain receded just enough to allow her higher brain to function again, Shari realized that he had only pushed the head of his cock inside her.

Tears finally moistened her eyes, as her hands clawed the altar desperately. "Please, nooo . " she sobbed helplessly. What kind of a monster could do this to another person? She wanted it to be over so badly she actually anticipated his next shove, needed it to happen so the nightmare was that much closer to ending. Screaming and pounding the altar as agony raced through her abdomen, she felt every inch of Julius's insane bull cock go inside her as it was being shoved in.

Every new inch brought a heightened level of pain, and mindless screeching. She'd been impaled on some bizarre, inhuman appendage. Above her some demon from hell dripped its lust, for surely no man could do this to a woman! In a fog of agony and denial she realized that her pants had been dragged partially inside her, exposing her belly. The buttons and zipper had been torn out of their seams with the tremendous brutality of Julius's shove.

As she studied her belly she imagined she could see the head of Julius's monstrosity literally pushing the skin of her belly upward. "So much for foreplay," Julius's now richly resonant voice echoed in her head. His insane grin drooled onto her blouse. Chapter 6 Baxter's goal was simple: shove his cock inside Lily, and splatter his cum all over her insides.

She struggled mightily toward him; he toward her. It seemed like a lifetime ago he had first attempted the utterly useless tactic of cutting his rope with his teeth. That plan had met with sound failure. Every time he tried it. His jaw was sore from the latest attempt. They both ran freely with sweat and lust. Lily -- unable to use her hands for anything -- had just hit on the idea of coating her feet with her pussy juice.

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By sitting cross-legged, she was able to get her heels partially into herself. She then stretched them out to him in an animalistic attempt to intice him to stop whatever he was doing, and come over and fuck her already. Baxter stretched his tongue toward her moist heel, could taste her pungent pussy in the air, but could never get closer than a couple of inches from her outstretched foot.

Lily turned her head back toward him desperately. "Please . fuck me . Baxter .stick your . put your ." Baxter howled, enraged. He rushed back to the wall, tried to pull more through. Useless! He looked for a good spot to gnaw on the rope again; there was one .

maybe if he used his canines instead of his incisors. He'd be able to bring just a bit more pressure to bear, although they weren't as sharp. He grunted in frustration, but began chewing anyway. He was able to taste Lily's overpowering, animal scent with every sense, every nerve in his body.

He needed to slide his dripping cock into her, needed to feel her raw wet heat envelop him! He roared with hatred for whoever was denying this to him. His end of rope suddenly dropped through the wall, dangling at his feet. He stared in disbelief, a part of him wanting to keep gnawing, just in case this was some sort of trick. He heard a whimper of excitement a split-second too late, and before he realized what was happening he'd been shoved onto the floor. Lily climbed on top of him, grunting delightedly.

Both their hands were still tied, but it seemed a minor impediment, relative to their new level of freedom. He could barely feel Lily around his cock, she was so wet with arousal. Heedless of her heavy boobs slamming into his face, she humped his cock for bit, murmuring her approval.

Every now and then she stopped, re-adjusted herself, and with an "Oh, oh yeah ." of approval would continue to hump for a while.


When she finally realized that this was really happening, and not some fevered fantasy, she shuddered in pleasure.

It seemed to Baxter that the whole place shuddered. She opened her eyes, fixed Baxter with them.

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"Don't . don't move ." Lily turned herself around and carefully lowered her dripping pussy to his face. She enveloped the swollen head of his cock in her hot mouth. "Oh yeah . ugh ." she murmured, starting to move her head all around. From the moment she shoved her swollen, pungent pussy down on his face, Baxter was lost in a haze of lust and desire.

He ran his tongue as far as it would go inside her labia, found her anus, explored with his tongue. Lily grunted in approval, whimpering, shoving down even harder.

He shoved forward, found her clit, flicked his tongue over it. Lily pulled her head off his cock in abandonment. "Unghh -- " she screamed in pleasure.

"Do . do it again ." she called breathlessly. She repositioned herself slightly so that her clit was closer to his tongue, whimpering slightly. Baxter felt her heavy tits push down against his belly; she was relaxing. Good. He flicked her clit, continued without pause in a rapidfire pattern. Lily groaned, tensed her legs, arched her back like a wild leopard.

"Ohh . ahrrgg ." she roared at the top of her voice. Cum gushed out of her in a torrent, she shuddered; the room shuddered. Baxter was beyond curiosity or earthly cares.

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He stopped, told her to get up. She grunted excitedly as he shoved her roughly against the wall. He had realized suddenly if they both worked together, they could undo these bonds completely.

It only took them a moment to work their knots loose. Lily kissed him hungrily, her red hair wild around her bright eyes. "Fuck me, Baxter, please fuck me . " she pleaded with him again. He turned her around to face the wall, ran his cock through her labia a couple of times, stopping just short of her clit. She whimpered in anticipation, shoving her ass toward him. Her hands were braced on the wall, to either side of her. Baxter shoved himself into her moisture, her roaring heat.

He grunted with delight as he was finally able to shove his cock into her in just the way he wanted. Lily pushed back happily, her ass cheeks and tits bouncing lustily to their rhythm.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah!" she called out joyously, as if all the world could end, as long as this moment lasted forever. Baxter slammed into her again, and again, over and over, sliding his cock a little off-center one way, and then the other, fully stimulating her labial nerves. Lily grunted in animalistic approval. "Fuck .

fuck . me . harder .!" she demanded between thrusts. Clueless as to what physical reserves he was drawing upon, Baxter gripped Lily's tits from behind, and slammed into her as if he was some sort of battering ram. Lily responded by groaning and tightening her legs around his cock. "Annnh . oohhh!" she moaned, impaling herself even farther onto Baxter's cock. Heat burned around his cock; Lily shuddered, tensing; the room shuddered. Cum gushed onto the floor between Lily's legs.

"Oh God," she screamed. Baxter pulled out of her. She looked back at him in alarm. "What -- " He was on his knees, reversing himself, shoving his face upward between her legs. He burned with a need to taste her in his mouth. Sliding his tongue through her salty pussy lips, he sucked as many of her soaked, red pubic hairs into his mouth as he could.

He slid her hairs between his teeth, sucked them dry, shoved his tongue through her lips again. She was delicious. Lily bucked over him, screamed wildly. "Oh yeah . arrghh --" she roared. "Oh God . " she moaned, driving herself onto his face.

Baxter wet a finger in her dripping pussy, then found her anus and slipped it in. His tongue went wild on her clit. "Nnoooo --" She wanted to climb away from him, her pleasure centers overloading. He held her in place, his steel arms flexing mightily. Bucking and shaking like a beast, Lily tensed in climax, screaming lustily. Cum gushed onto him, and he tried to follow it up to its source.

She trembled, shuddered. The house shuddered. "Ohhhh God," she screamed, clenching her legs around him. It was time, he figured. Laying her down on her back, he spread her legs. Her wild hair covered her eyes; he could hear her panting. "Fuck . fuck me . Baxter . " she moaned. Her pale skin contrasted wildly with her rich, red mane. Baxter shoved his dripping cock between her pale legs, found her pussy, slammed inside her. She moaned, "Oh God yeah, fuck yeah!" He jerked, bucked, shoved forward, cumming with a roar.

His head thrown back, he roared primally as he ejaculated into Lily. She locked her legs around him, drawing him in tighter. He came and came, while she screamed her encouragement. After a while, when he could see again, and the world came back into focus, he pulled out of her, already rock hard again. He lifted her pussy up to his face, saw his own jizz dribbling out, mingling with hers. Like a starving man, he began lapping their juices up.

Lily murmured her approval. *** As Shari's overpowered brain began shutting down from the sensory overload, the demon that wore Julius's insane grin moved his head closer. "You're so sexy," the vast voice in her head cooed. "I think I'm getting a hard-on for real now. This might . sting a little." Her head slammed upward in horror, as a new pain coursed through her abdomen.

It wasn't possible -- the monstrosity inside her was growing, expanding, turning into a tree-trunk. Shari's screeches echoed off the room's walls as she struggled like an animal caught in a leg-hold trap.

Shari's head fell back in exhaustion, her mind beginning to slip into unconsciousness. Julius pulled her lolling head up with a jerk, shoved something soft and wet into her face. "Breathe deep your humanity, girl; taste it!" She jerked back to consciousness as she realized she was being gagged with something.

It almost smelled like -- "Not enough stimulation yet? Here, let me give you another one." This pair was shoved roughly onto her nose, and held there. The cedary scent of fresh girl cum filled her senses, but she was having trouble breathing.

Two shapes approached the altar, one from either side. Suddenly her blouse was open, her bra shoved up toward her throat. "Go ahead, girls." Julius said. Shari heard a whispered, "Oh, thank you, boss!" before two women dashed forward toward her breasts, urgent need written large on their faces. With moans of desire and pleasure they began sucking on her nipples, and massaging her tits with their hands. It was as if all they had left in the world were her breasts, and they would experience them until the end of time.

"These two sluts couldn't believe what they were seeing," Julius's demon voice rang in her head. "They were the first to gush, so they win the booby prize!" He grinned insanely; surely he wasn't demanding that she laugh at his puerile joke? The two women's hot, lusty tongues flicking back and forth over her nipples soon elicited a response from Shari that was not borne on waves of agony.

In anger and confusion she pushed these feelings away, concentrated on the rage she felt for the demented Julius, or whatever he was. Suddenly the woman on her right, an athletic blonde with tiny tits and nipples, but thickly muscled legs, stopped playing with her breast. Her eyes were shut tight, as her mouth hung open slackly. "Oh God," she breathed. "Oh God, oh God .

" She was playing with herself; Shari watched, fascinatedly listening to the woman's wet fingers squishing themselves all around her clit and labia, over and over.

But instead of climaxing or cumming, the blonde stopped herself, placed her wet hands on the altar. She climbed up, murmuring, "Oh God, oh God . " She moved her toned butt cheeks into position above Shari's mouth, and craned her head around to look her in the eyes. "Lick my ass . please . lick my ass . " Shari could see a soft growth of brown hair covering her soaked pussy, and above that, her tight, equally moist anus.

As if in a trance, Shari abandoned herself to the moment, spit out the cum soaked panties, and gently slid her wet tongue across the blonde's glistening anus. The woman shuddered in pleasure. "Oh yeahhh . oh God oh God oh God ." Shari's chin was buried in her sweet, sopping pussy, but she continued to flick the woman's asshole.

As her own desire ignited despite her desperate attempts to bury it in hatred and revulsion, she wanted to stick her tongue right into the blonde's ass, as far as it would go. She wanted to stick her fingers in, and then lick them dry, and then stick them in again and shove them down the blonde's throat, so she could taste herself.

The blonde shuddered, shoving herself onto Shari's face as if she wanted to take her whole head inside her. "Oh God . oh God oh God oh God ." she screamed, louder and louder, riding Shari's chin with a primal urgency.

Shari couldn't breathe, but it didn't seem to matter anymore. "Oh yeah, sweetie, oh yeah, sweetie, you're great!" the blonde shouted, desperately close to climaxing.

Shari drove her head up, flicking the woman's clit. "Oh yeah, sweetie, just like that, just . like . oh nnoooo ." the woman groaned lustily, riding Shari's chin as if it was a mechanical bull. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head.

The blonde riding her face tensed, every muscle in her body tightening. "Ohunngg .


ahhrghh ." she screamed, her mouth and eyes popping open in amazement, as if it was the first orgasm she had ever had. Suddenly she bucked . and then again. "Oh God ." she cried. Hot cum rushed into Shari's mouth. She drank and drank as if it was the elixir of life itself, and would sustain her through anything. She shoved herself up into the woman's pussy, her tongue searching out every last drop of cum with a raw urgency. The woman bucked again, and again, her head thrown back in a screech of pure pleasure.

She shuddered mightily, and it seemed to Shari as if the room itself shuddered. Something inside Shari twisted, aligned itself in a new way. "Hey you, motherfucker," she shouted to Julius, who still had his inhuman tree-trunk inside her. "Are you gonna fucking come, or are you gonna make me wait all day?" Julius roared, enraged beyond reason. He slid his massive cock back some, and then slammed it forward, shoving Shari against her restraints. "Take that, you bitch!" He slammed his cock into her brutally, again and again.

The blonde was moaning and cumming all over her neck. It wasn't pain any longer; it seemed to her that those nerves had been simply burned away, leaving beautiful husks that could only feel pleasure. "You call that a fucking?" she shouted in anger and lust for something more.

"I can fuck myself better with a greased pencil! Come on, you big dope, move it around a little!" Julius roared, and slammed himself into her with the force of a pile driver.

She could feel herself driven against her bonds, could feel them give with the unbelievable force driven against them. She was beyond pain, beyond reason, beyond humanity. "Fuck me, you motherfucker, fuck me fuck me fuck me! Put some effort into it! Oh yeah, there you go, there you go, now I'm starting to feel it a little!!" Julius slowed down, threw his head back.

"What's the matter with you?" Shari shouted angrily. "You're gonna fucking come already? I was just getting warmed up! Get that thing back inside me and fucking hump me like the nasty little shit from hell you are!! What the fuck!" Julius pulled his enormous, swollen appendage out of her, letting it plop down on her abused belly.

With a roar that seemed to shatter the walls, he began emptying his massive scrotum. The scent of ammonia and salt suddenly overpowered the smell of the pussy that was still sitting on her chin. His first cumshot surprised the blonde, who jerked back with the impact.

It drenched her face and chest. "Oh my God," she murmured in astonishment. As Julius roared and came, roared and came, his sticky, pungent jizz coated her completely, ran off onto Shari, dripped onto the floor.

Shari could feel the blonde tensing up again, nearing orgasm from the idea of being covered in cum. She might have an orgasm herself, if someone would cooperate. "Come on, you big wuss, get that little guy back in there. You don't want this bitch to be the only one cumming!" The blonde shuddered in ecstasy, cumming and climaxing at the same time; the room shuddered, shuddered again.

But Julius remained silent, breathing hard. *** They blinked, not used to the full sunlight, but at least they were not walking out in a cloud of dust. They moved past a gray Toyota, still covered with the biomass from the storm they'd had three nights ago. They were a tall, young couple, full of life.

As they moved up the driveway they lit a toke, and began passing it back and forth. They huddled into their coats as the fresh, clean wind hit them.

"What are you gonna do with your money?" the girl wondered. "Dunno. Maybe throw on some tires," he said. "After I update my stash of the herb, of course. You?" "Dunno. Was thinking of maybe going back to school or something.

Have a baby, maybe." The young man groaned. "Are you fucking serious?" She laughed lustily. "Oh yeah, man.

Padres y hijos follando de lo lindo

Way serious." "I guess you'll be coming back next year to make some more dough." "Wild horses couldn't keep me away! For what I have to do for three days? Are you kidding?" "By the way," the man said. "Did you see the couple of new people arguing next year's pay with Julius? I thought he was gonna pop!" She laughed. "He can afford it . and they put on a helluva show.

Whole new level, don't you think?" The man looked around, making sure they were out of earshot of everyone else. "I thought I was gonna pop, at the worst possible moment during the climax of the ceremony, right on the Equinox, to the second, I swear. I had to start thinking about baseball to come back down." She grinned.

"I was basically walking in my own cum, all weekend, they were so hot." "No way!" "Way, man!" Sunshine washed over them, as they moved down the driveway, walking back to town.

Vayle House glowed behind them, thrusting its heights proudly out over the valley, daring the cold winter to approach.