Wife caught him fucking chubby fatty

Wife caught him fucking chubby fatty
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The first time I really noticed my mother as a woman was when I was thirteen and mom was twenty nine. We were getting ready for bed. I had already undressed, turned off the light and got in bed.

Mom usually went into the bathroom, closed the door, took a shower and changed into a long t-shirt for bed. This time she did not close the door completely when she went in. I looked across the bed and saw that I could see her in the mirror. She took her dress and slip off and laid them down on the side of the tub. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror, running her hand up and down on her stomach.

She took both hands and lifted her breasts in her bra. That was when I noticed I was getting an erection. Up until this moment she had been just "mom". Mom looked hot.

She was not overweight like some of my friend's moms. She was hot. She was around 5' 6" and I would guess 110 lbs.

I was about to look away when she reached behind her to take off her bra. I felt funny watching but I could not take my eyes off of her. Once her bra was off she dropped it on top of her dress and then reached down and took off her panties.

I had never seen pubic hair before. I didn't think my friend Jimmy's Playboy magazine should count. Mom's hair was light blond and formed a neat little triangle.

I pulled my eyes away and looked back up to her breasts. They were just a bit on the small side but she had large nipples. I knew I was staring and should stop before she turned and caught me. Mom then reached over, closed the door and started the shower she took each night before bed. When she was finished she came back into the bedroom wearing her night t-shirt over her panties and got into bed.

Even at my age I knew that most sons did not sleep in the same bed with their mothers. It started right after my dad died. I was just six. We had to move from the house we rented to a one bedroom apartment.

Mom had the bedroom and I slept on the sofa in the front room. I was so sad with dad gone that I would wake up crying at night. After a couple of days mom had me come in and sleep with her. That helped and after a few days the crying stopped. For whatever reason, year after year, we just never changed and I continued to sleep with mom. In fact, for several years, starting at that time, I would periodically climb on mom and fall asleep on her. As I lay there, the more I thought about mom naked in the bedroom, the more I wanted that closeness of lying on top of her.

I did not know much about sex at the time and did not realize it was my half-hard dick thinking for me. I turned over and put one arm across mom's body. At first she thought I was just going to kiss her goodnight. But I continued turning over. I put one knee between hers and she spread her legs apart.

Mom put one hand on my shoulder to stop me, asking, "What are you doing Bobby"? I continued moving over on top of her. "Mom, I just felt the need to be close to you like we used to do". By that point I was on top of her with both of my legs between hers. As I had moved between her spread legs she had lifted her knees up along my thighs and then dropped them down towards the bed.

That was something she had not done before. Usually I just laid there with my legs on top of hers. This was much more comfortable. Mom seemed a bit alarmed. "Honey, you are really too old for this". With a little sound of pleading in my voice I replied, "Oh, please mom?

We have not done this in a long time. I don't see you much any more and I just wanted to be close to you". "Well okay, for a little while.

Then we should get some sleep. I have a long day tomorrow". I laid my head on her shoulder. I could feel one of her nipples getting harder against my neck. I squirmed around like I was trying to get comfortable on her just so I could feel it better. And that had the effect of making my cock harder.

I tried to relax to make it go away before mom noticed but it was too late. I could feel the head pushing up between mom's legs against her panties. I thought if I don't move maybe she won't know. My problem was that mom was not as new to this as I was.

As I pushed up against her I could feel her try to move away from me. "Mom, I'm sorry. I could not help it.

It just got hard. I saw you naked in the bathroom and you looked so good, I just got hard". But the feeling was so electric I could not help myself. I began moving my hips against her, driving the head of my cock against her panties right at her pussy. It only took a few seconds for me to erupt all over her panties. "Oh mom, I'm so sorry. It just came out of me. I could not stop it". I was so upset at it I was starting to cry. Remember I was just thirteen at the time.

Mom put her arms around me and hugged me.

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"Don't worry Bobby. It was my fault undressing in front of you". I could feel her panties and the bed below us was wet, "But I think I made a mess on you". Mom just patted my head and said, "It's nothing to worry about.

It is a natural thing for a boy to do". Since she did not yell at me I was a bit encouraged. My cock was still hard so I pushed it against her again and held it.

Mom took me by the shoulders saying, "I think you should get off me now", and turned on her side so I fell back to my side of the bed. "Mom, you're not mad at me are you"?


"No, Honey. I know boys your age start getting feelings like that, but we probably should not do that again". Mom lay back on her back and a little squeal escaped her lips. With a slight smile she said, "You're just like your father. You left a wet spot on my side of the bed for me to sleep in". I scooted over farther on my side, "Here, move this way". As mom moved to my side of the bed, she turned over so her back was to me. I moved up against her and put my arm around her so my hand was on her stomach.

She put her hand over mine and we both drifted off to sleep. The entire next day I kept thinking about what happened last night. In English class I had to stay in my seat, pretending to write some notes, for a few minutes after the end of class because I was too hard to get up and walk to my next class.

The next night I made sure I was in bed before mom came in. I was hoping she would leave the door open again. No such luck. Mom went into the bathroom, closed the door, took her shower and then came to bed. After our goodnights and a quick kiss on the check she went to sleep.

I had a more difficult time waiting for my cock to go down. The following night I thought I would give it one last try. I made sure I was in bed first. When mom came in she again went to the bathroom door. She closed it but it did not latch. I could hear her humming to herself and brushing her hair. Then she must have brushed against the door because it opened several inches. Mom was again standing in front of the mirror naked. She turned one way then the other while she looked at her body in the mirror.

She seemed to take a much longer time than normal before she took her shower and then came into the bedroom. When she got it bed I was undecided as to what to do. I wanted to get on top of her again but I was sure that if I asked she would say no. So I just turned over and quickly moved on top of her without saying anything.

As I moved my legs between hers she spread them like she had the night before. As I got comfortable on her I could feel my erection already pushing against her panties.

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Mom put her arms around me and gave me a hug. "It's nice to see a son finds his mom desirable but you should say please". "Please mom"? Then another thought hit me. "Do you want to take off your panties"? "No. I don't think that would be a good idea.

I have not been on the pill in years". As I began moving my hips against mom, she began rubbing my back. With both hands she moved them from my shoulders down to my butt.

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When she reached my cheeks she cupped them in her hands and then pulled me up against her. I could feel the head of my cock push against her panties. Her panties were really wet by then so as I pushed I could feel the head sinking in a bit. It was like something was grabbing just the head. I know a man is supposed to last longer for a women but this was new to me.

I could not hold it any more. As my hips began to buck frantically against her, mom lifted me up a bit and then pulled me higher so my cock was laying on her stomach when I exploded on her.

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I just kept jerking against her as sperm kept coming out of me. And that became our routine. Not every night. Sometimes mom would say she was tired and needed to go to sleep. I was ready at any time.

After a couple of months, summer arrived. We did not have much in the way of AC and it could get pretty hot in our apartment. One night when mom came out of the bedroom she was not wearing her t-shirt. "It's just too hot for that t-shirt tonight". I was sure that mom was doing that for me. When I got on top of her, instead of putting my head on her shoulder as I usually did, I held myself up on my arms and looked at her breasts.

I moved my head down and ran a tongue around one nipple. When I did that mom moved her hands to my butt and pulled my up against her. I then went from one breast to the other and back again. Mom kept pulling me tight against her, then rocking me back away and to her again. This resulted in my cock pushing in and out into her panties. They were very wet at this point and I could feel the head of my cock pushing her panties into her.

By now I was able to last much longer and we typically did this to each other for around thirty minutes and this was no exception. I collapsed on her after about a half hour.

After laying on her for a few minutes to catch my breath I rolled onto my side of the bed. I then watched mom take a finger and trace it through my sperm on her stomach like she was finger-painting. As we continued this over the next few months I was getting more and more frustrated. I wanted to be inside of her and not just butting up against her panties. She was obviously enjoying this so what was the problem? Was she doing this deliberately to frustrate me? She must be. She knows what this does to a guy.

She just lets me dry-fuck her when she knows that we should be doing more. After another week of panty-frustration I finally thought of a plan. It seemed very simple and should work. It is what she would want me to do. She is just saying no because I'm her son. The next day I went to the store and bought a back of razors. That night when mom came to bed I did not move to get on top of her.

After a few minutes she reached over to encourage me to mount her. I just sighed and replied, "I'm not in the mood right now". "Are you sure Honey"? "Yes, maybe after while". Sometimes we would wake up in the middle of the night and then go at it.

I laid there feigning sleep until I was sure mom was asleep. Then I opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out one of the razors I had bought. With it being summer, we just had a sheet on us so it was easy to move aside so I could see her panties. I pulled one side out from her hip and used the razor to slice through it. She did not stir.

Leaning over I reached the other side, pulled it out and sliced through it also. By the time I put the razor away I was rock hard. I turned over and began rubbing my hand over her nipples. After a few passes mom began a low moan. As she began to stir awake I reached for her hands and pulled them up over her head.

It would not do for her to find her panties in tatters at this point. Mom kept her eyes closed but moved her torso up off the bed to meet my hands rubbing her breasts.

"I see you are in a better mood now" she whispered. As I moved over to get on top she spread her legs wide. I put one hand on her hip to disguise the moment I grabbed the cut flap of her panties and then dropped in on the bed between her lets. I had a clear view of her pubic hair and the lips of her pussy.


I could not look long because mom was pulling me to get on top of her. She had moved her legs wide and pulled her knees up to her usual position.

My cock was fully erect and just an inch away, poised to plunge into her. I reached up for her hands. With one of her hands in each of mine I stretched my arms out until I had her spread-eagled on the bed. I could feel her lift her hips up trying to find my cock. I moved my cock closer until the head was just barely touching her pussy. Mom took a deep breath and lay back on the bed. She knew I was finally not teasing her anymore and was going to begin rubbing her.

I knew this is what she really wanted.

She wanted me deep in her. I put my head down and looked down between our bodies. I could see my cock pointed right at her pussy. With a deep breath I thrust forward.

I slide halfway into her on the first stroke. Mom gasped and held her breath. With that I pulled back an inch or so and thrust back in again. I was as deep as I could go into her. I pulled back thrust again into her and held myself tight against her. "Bobby, Stop! Get that out of me! And where's my panties"! I let go of her hands and wrapped my arms around her under her body squeezing her to me.

At that point I don't even think I heard what she was saying. I heard her voice but not the words. I just kept thrusting into her as hard as I could. Mom moved her hands down until they were on my back. In an unconvincing voice she pleaded, "Please Bobby.

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You have to stop". She then wrapped her arms around my back hugging me. "Please Bobby". Did that mean please stop or please fuck me? Without missing a beat I kept pounding into her.

After a few minutes I could feel mom's pelvis tilting and pushing back against me on each thrust. Her breathing had gotten very ragged when I heard her let loose with a little cry. She hugged me very tightly and then squeezed her thighs against my hips. I turned to look at her face and she had a look that was almost a grimace on it. As she jammed her hips against me one more time she said, "Oh Bobby, mommy's going to cum".

With that she let out a long low cry and I could feel her pussy grabbing my cock with a pulsating beat. The feeling of being buried to the hilt in her and her pussy grabbing me was it for me and I began cumming in her.

As each stream shot out of me I pulled slightly back and then slammed deep into her. Once we were finished we laid there with our arms wrapped around each other trying to catch our breath.

Mom finally let go with, "Wow. If I had known you could do that I would not have waited so long". I rolled off mom to my side and she turned and came with me. Just in time I reached down with my hand searching the bed for the remnants of her panties. Once I found them I reached up to the top of the bed and dropped them over the mattress. I stretched out my arm and pushed it under mom's head.

She laid her head on my shoulder and one hand on my chest. Mom just laid there with her eyes closed. After a while she softly asked, "What happened to my panties"? "Are you sure you wore them to bed"?

"I'm pretty sure. I always wear them to bed now". "Well I'm pretty sure I did not rip them off you". Well it is the truth. Mom did not say anything more. She moved her hand around my stomach in a caressing motion and on one downward pass bumped into my cock as it was responding to the touch.

Mom wrapped her hand around me, "What do we have here? Didn't you get enough"? "I can never get enough of you mom. You know that". Mom responded to the compliment by giving me a squeeze and lifted her left leg up onto my thigh.

I took right arm and reached around her back and with both hands pulled her up onto me. She still had me in her hand and was rubbing me against her pussy. I thought she was really wet when I remembered I had just left all that sperm in her. Mom let go with her hand and pushed her body down so I slid right into her again. "You have been on top of me for way too long.

Now it's my turn". And she was right………&hellip.