Cheating wife deepthroats boyfriends cock

Cheating wife deepthroats boyfriends cock
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Drake finally awoke from his peaceful sleep. "So, my love. How did you like last night?" "I loved it.

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I loved it all. We should have another session tonight." replied Rayna. "Maybe after the party, eh?" suggested Drake rather sleepily. "I have an idea.

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Maybe we could start tonight's contract, at the party." "You do realize that this is a banquet for your work? Without making a great impression on some of those guys, you won't get the deals you need to further your modeling career." murmured Drake, appalled at Rayna's childish thoughts. "Yes I do, which is why I intend to impress them beyond their wildest dreams.

If you start the contract early, I'll be under your control. In which, I can do certain things to entertain those guests, nailing my modeling gigs at the same time!" Explained Rayna. "Now, if you don't mind, I am going to take that shower that was promised to me sometime last night." "While you are taking that shower, I will pick out your attire for today and another piece for tonight." Rayna, still naked, proceed to the bathroom across the hall and started to run the water warm for her shower.

"What are you doing?" He exclaimed suddenly. "Drake, I'm getting the water ready for a nice warm shower!" Rayna yelled back, gently feeling the still cold water beneath her fingertips. "Oh, I don't think so. I'm implementing contract rules now. You get into the shower now, with the water as is!" Drake rushed into the bathroom. In what seemed like one gigantic leap, he shoved Rayna into the cold rushing water of the shower.

With ease he kept her under the water until her concerned eyes met his, reflecting her resounding temperature. "You are not to move from under the water, and I am the only one to control the water temp around here." With that sound conviction, Drake adjusted the water back to the cooler side of things until Rayna was visibly shivering and her nipples were once again hard as ice cubes.

"While you are in there you are to make sure that your nipples stay painfully hard, understood?" "Yes, Drake." was her sullen response. "Good. Continue to take the shower as you normally would. Don't touch the temperature control. The hardness of your nipples and the touch of your skin will tell me if I was dis-obeyed.

When you are done, meet me back in the bedroom. Breakfast will be waiting there for you, as well as your new attire." Drake then left Rayna to her cold shower. Rayna returned to the bedroom minutes later, her tits painfully hardened, her skin still chilled. Looking towards the bed Rayna saw a small portion of eggs and dry toast waiting for her.

Her only drink was a cobbled glass of cold milk. Rayna sat on the bed and ate readily. By the time Drake walked back into the room with her new cloths, Rayna was finished with her delightment of food. "There you are, my love.


Now, I want you to get into this dress." With that statement, Rayna now saw the garment that Drake was talking about. It was a thin dress, cream colored with visions of red flowers flowing through it. Rayna tossed the dress over her naked body. Now fully clothed, Rayna took a closer look at what she was wearing.

The top edges of the dress danced gingerly over her nearly-exposed nipples, and barely covered her wet, aching pussy. "You expect me to wear this in public?" she protested. "No, just around the house, before we go to the party.

For that I have something equally elegant for you to wear." This news eased her fears of being seen dressed like a pedantic whore.

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"Instead I thought that I'd bring the excitement to you. I've invited a few of the guys over to have some fun." Drake announced as a wicked smile adorned his face. "Now, when these men arrive, you are to be on your best behavior.

If they wish to touch you, suck on you, do anything but fuck you, you are to allow them to, without protest. If they want to tie you up and torture you and your holes with whatever toys, again, you are not allowed to protest. You have to obey their every whim. There will be two sessions. The first will be long and trying on your part. It will be the main torture session, where anything but sex goes.

The second session will be a sex session. Where nothing but any form of sex goes. These men already understand these terms. Do you?" Drake looked upon Rayna, searching for anything her beautiful face may reveal. "I'm ready for the challenge!" Rayna replied, eager to have many hands all over her body. Not long after this affirmation, did the doorbell ring. Signaling the start of what was to be Rayna's most whorish experience yet.

Drake moved to greet them. Upon the opening of the door, entered two stacked men. Both had been friends of Drake and Rayna for ages. Both had always wanted to have their way with Rayna. "Welcome, Kirk and David! Great to have you guys over.

Ready for some fun?" said Drake. "It's about time you share that tight pussy of hers!" Laughed Kirk.

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"I'm ready to have my fill of tits and pussy." Agreed David. "Rayna, why don't you come on over here and present yourself to these men." Chided Drake. Rayna got up from the bed and proceeded to walk out towards the men crowded in the living room. As she walked the dress revealed more and more of her still hardened tits. Scarcely being covered at all, Rayna made her presence known, sitting on the couch. "Okay men, enjoy! I'll be leaving you to your fun, while I go out.

I'll be back a bit later. I trust you to remember the rules mentioned boys?" Drake announced. Both men nodded, not being able to take their eyes off of Rayna's naked beauty. "Alrighty then, be sure to show them a good time Rayna. I get any complaints and you'll be in for worse than last night." With that Drake was out the door. The men proceeded to sit on either side of Rayna making it impossible for her to get up.

Kirk wordlessly pulled on the straps of the tiny dress, forcing it to break at the seams, revealing Rayna's huge breasts and hard nipples. Kirk started to roughly pull on them. David forced her legs open and began to examine her wet pussy and clit. Kirk then pulled a set of handcuffs from his back jeans pocket and cuffed Rayna's hands above her head. "Let take her downstairs. Knowing Drake, there will be something to hang her off of." Kirk brashly suggested.

David gave his approval by lifting Rayna over his massive shoulder with ease and took her downstairs where Kirk closed the door behind him. David hung Rayna from a huge sturdy metal hook perversely hanging from the ceiling. Kirk rummaged around Drake's metal closet finally finding some usable rope. "Here, help me with this." Kirk said, engaging David's hands in tying one piece of the rope around Rayna's waist and then through a metal loop in the wall in back of her.

Kirk took the other rope and finagled it in such a way that in the end, each of Rayna's legs was tied up to the corresponding wall. Leaving Rayna with her pussy and ass fully exposed. "I think that will do for now. " David moved in to spread her pussy wide open, while Kirk pulled on her tits. David found large vice clamps in a nearby draw, with which he proceeded to widen to encase Rayna's smooth thigh and pussy lips.

When her pussy lip was safely locked under the vicious clamp, David proceeded to do the same to the other side. Meanwhile Kirk found some thin wire. Kirk took Rayna's nipple and made it as hard as he could. He then tied the thin wire to the nipple and pulled on the wire, stretching both the nipple and Rayna's breast out from her body.

Kirk tied the other end of the wire to a small hook in the ceiling. With both nipples being pulled from her and her pussy painfully exposed, Rayna was in a difficult position. Keeping quiet as she was told, Rayna worked through the pain that was cautiously finding its way to her extremities.

"I think her pussy needs to be widened. I want to see all of it, inside and out. How about you, Kirk?" said David rather provocatively.

"I agree." Kirk walked up to Rayna's exposed pussy and felt inside with three coarse, dry, fingers; making Rayna cry out. "Ohhh&hellip. I think that Rayna likes it. Let's see what else she likes up there…" Her mind was racing with a mixture of worry and fear as to what Kirk would put in her next. Kirk started to shuffle around the room to see what else he could use on Rayna's exposed pussy while David stared at the look on Rayna's face as he gently pulled on the wires still connected to her ample nipples.

Rayna thought she was going to scream if David tormented her breasts much longer, but a scream would be seen as an unwelcomed protest that would provoke crueler torture from her new captors.

Kirk finally stumbled upon a medical device that would wrench Rayna's small pussy open in jagged breaths from squeezing the handle closed shut over and over again. The device itself was stainless steel metal and had two long teeth-like appendages from which had the ability to become very wide, a speculum. As Kirk showed the device to David, he smiled. "This will do just fine, wont it?" David let go of the wire and turned so that he could face Kirk, who was eyeing her pussy hungrily.

"Looks like it'll get wide enough to do the job. Let's try it out." David turned back to Rayna so that she could clearly see his face.

"What do you think dear? Ready to have your pussy widened beyond anything you've ever experienced before?" Rayna looked back at him with pure malice in her eyes. "Please, let my tits go. You can do whatever you wish to me and my pussy. Please just let my tits go. They feel like they are about to be yanked right off of my chest." "Ah, ever the protester are we, dear Rayna? Well, it is a fair trade off since we did agree to not do any permanent damage.

Fine, we will trade your tits for your pussy, but all of you is still fair game." Agreed David. "You've gone a bit soft for her have you? But I guess you are right, we can't do any real damage to her." With that Kirk undid the wire that was knotted on the hook at the ceiling and gently removed the wire from each nipple. Rayna moaned in gratitude and pleasure. Kirk picked up the medical device and shoved it into Rayna's small pink pussy. Making Rayna again, moan in pleasure. Kirk squeezed the handle until her tiny slit was at least an inch wide and not so little anymore.

David was up at her nipples, kneading her breasts heavily, like raw dough. Rayna cooed in pleasure. "Why don't we see how wide we can get this pussy of yours to go?" Kirk asked Rayna teasingly. Rayna just looked up at David with her big sad blue eyes to suggest that Kirk left her beautiful pussy alone.

Rayna whimpered at the thought of her pussy expansion. "I think that she's up for it, Kirk. Go ahead, spread that pussy nice and wide!" exclaimed David. Rayna wiggled in protest, but it was no use. Kirk squeezed the speculum at least 15 times before he stopped.

Her sweet pussy was now a painful two and a half inches wide, leaving her gaping hole to be easily eyed. Rayna flushed with embarrassment. There was a sudden shuffle of feet upstairs, footsteps getting louder by the second. Drake was home. The basement door opened, Kirk and David turned around to see Drake poke his head in.

"Are we having fun boys?" Drake came into the room fully and closed the door behind him. What a sight was before him. There was his beautiful Rayna, tied to the ceiling and the walls. Ass and pussy fully exposed, with her pussy opened wider than he had ever seen it. "Looks like my Rayna is ready to be fucked huh?" inquired Drake.

"Yeah, she is. Mind if we have a go at her before we leave?" asked David. "Well, I did promise you guys a quick fuck. I guess I'll leave you two to fuck her while I go get things ready for her upstairs. Just remember to hose her down real good when you're done.

She needs to be clean for the party." responded Drake, pointing at the hose hooked up to the faucet in the corner. Kirk untied the beautiful Rayna from the walls, as David un-hooked her from the ceiling. She was greatful for her aching limbs to finally be free. Kirk pushed Rayna onto the open mattress on the middle of the concrete floor. David un-cuffed her hands, only to tie them back up to two different pipes sticking out of the floor.

The cold metal speculum was still holding her stretched pussy open. David fitted himself under Rayna, and proceeded to stuff his dry, 6" long, hard dick up her asshole. Leaving Kirk free to replace the speculum with his hard wide dick, of three inches wide, and ten sensuous inches long, forcefully shoved into Rayna's gaping pussy.

Both men eagerly began shoving their hard shafts as fast and as hard as they could into her love holes. Having both holes brutally penetrated, Rayna screamed in protest with every shove, making her captors fuck her even harder. Scarce minutes later, all three came heavily. Kirk and David removed themselves from their conquest. David turned on the water, and brought the hose over to Rayna's now limp body.

"Please, don't. No. Don't!" pleaded Rayna, as her tortured body felt that it could take nothing more. She shifted her body so that her unbound legs hid her battered pussy. "Sorry, bitch. I don't take no for an answer." with that, David squeezed the handle on the hose, shooting hard streams of ice cold water onto Rayna's already quivering body. As soon as David paused the stream of water, he took the handle off of the hose and handed it to Kirk.

Kirk forced Rayna's legs open with his burly hands and shoved the bare hose up her bruised pussy, making water gush out of the scared girl. "Gotta clean up that pussy so it can be properly used at that party." Kirk announced proudly. "Yeah, better get her asshole too." David bent down and took the still functioning hose out of Rayna's pussy, and crudely shoved it up her ass, hard. It took every ounce of control that Rayna had not to scream with the fierce burning sensation she felt as the coarse metal was forced up her rectum.

Before long, Rayna's body inside and out, was clean. Kirk took out the hose and untied her numb hands and helped Rayna to stand. David shut off the water and put the hose back in the corner he found it in. "Let's go upstairs and see what surprises Drake has in store for you tonight!" suggested David. Kirk and David ushered the soaking wet Rayna up the stairs and pushed her onto the living room couch.

Rayna slumped over and closed her eyes.

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A wave of complete tiredness washed over her. It would feel good for her over-used body to slumber. With not even a moments rest, Drake ordered Rayna up and into the bedroom. All three men gawked in anticipation of seeing Rayna's stunning cold body enter the bedroom. The bruised and battered girl limped into the room, propping herself up by the wall.

Rayna's limbs were so numb she could barely walk. The only way she could relieve the numbing pain echoing from her pussy and ass, was to shift her body in an un-natural way, so that Rayna looked like she was back to learning how to walk.

"Wow, you guys really did a number on her. Looks like she'll be okay for the party, though." Said Drake, as he noticed Rayna finally standing up straight for the first time since entering the room. " Yeah, she's some fuck though.!"Replied Kirk. David looked over to Drake in agreement. "Thanks, boys. You are more than welcome anytime.


Unfortunately, I have to kick you guys out. It's getting late and I want to get Rayna ready for the party." With that, they all said their good-byes. David and Kirk left, leaving Drake to fully concentrate on the naked Rayna, who was sitting on the edge of the bed. "So, what did you think of that session, my dear? Did you have your fill of cock?" teased Drake.

"It was not what I expected, but I liked it all the same." Ventured Rayna. "Good. Now, I want you to put this dress on for tonight's festivities. " Drake handed her a black leather dress that looked as though it were meant for a child. It was short and slim, looking barely long enough to reach her thighs. The front of the dress had a long v-neck that Rayna knew would not cover her voluptuous breasts.

Underneath the skirt was a built in leather thong, also black. This thong was quite unusual as it had a silver metallic zipper going right down the middle. Rayna assumed that this zipper was meant for easy access.

Nonetheless, Rayna slipped on the skimpy dress. The back of the dress was very simple with its sultry tanktop straps, flowing into a nice dip behind Rayna's neck before rejoining the rest of the dress that gently flowed down her back. Drake then proceeded to hand her 3" high black stiletto heels.

"Put these on. Then stand up and turn towards me." Rayna gladly did as asked. Drake spread her legs wide open and un-zipped her cunt.

"This zipper is never to be closed tonight, do you understand?" Rayna nodded wordlessly. Drake shoved two dry fingers up her still wet pussy. "Hmmm. Yeah, that's my girl. Keep that pussy wet." Drake then grabbed his jacket from the nearby chair and ushered Rayna towards the door. Outside the air was just beginning to get the brisk winds of winter. One cold gust of wind made Rayna shiver as she exited the car. "While we are here, you just do as I say and you won't be punished at home.

One slip up and we go home where you will be punished severely. Got it?" Drake shot Rayna a meaningful look. "Yes, dear." Rayna cautiously replied. "Well, let's go inside then." Drake led Rayna by the arm into a big white building that looked like it could have fit two basketball courts in it and then some.

Once inside Rayna and her guest were graciously welcomed by a small round old man with a raspy voice standing behind an equally small wooden podium.

The little old man wore a simple white pinstriped suit that looked it had been through the washer one too many times. While the old man took down Rayna and Drake's names in a white satin covered book, Rayna took a minute to look at their current surroundings.

They stood a bright red carpeted hall, with a few doorways that led into much bigger rooms. In each corner sat a huge vase-like planter with a fern scattered with clear Christmas lights. Two exotic chandeliers hung from the tall ceiling. The walls were littered with paintings from famous artists, each depicting an equally sexily nude woman in different settings. Rayna's eyes stopped at one unique picture of a lovely Indian woman dancing in the waves of the ocean.

"If you both would just follow me, I'll show you to the banquet.",rasped the old man, who started to lead them down the well lit hallway.

They stopped before an elegant double door, with cream glazed panes. "This is where I bid you both a good-night. Just go on in when you are ready. Your host of the evening will meet you inside." With that the bald man walked back just the way they had came.

"Alright, you know what the rules are. Obey and you'll do just fine. With any luck you'll walk out tonight with a job." Drake warned Rayna. He opened the door and pushed Rayna in.