Scarlet pain at the gym slow cumshot

Scarlet pain at the gym slow cumshot
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MENTORING BRANDON By Bob Chapter 13: A Real Reason to be Thankful That night, Brandon and I cuddled and fell asleep very quickly. We discussed Thanksgiving break and decided that we would spend the first couple of days with our families and then I would drive down to his home and meet his parents and brothers. Then, on the way back to school, we would spend the night at my house where he could meet my mom and dad.

We knew that this would just be a time for us to meet each other's family, not a time for us to tell them of our relationship. I knew that my parents would freak and he realized that his family would probably disown him.

So, best to just let them know that the new football captains of CBS were good friends and partners in crime at school. Brandon, Tom, Dave and I played a couple of times more that week, but only with our significant other. The night we spent together was fantastic, but we all really wanted that to be a special "activity" and not become a daily ritual. That, we all felt would make it tawdry sex and that is not what we wanted. We all shared something special and wanted to keep it that way for all of us.

With football over it was time for wrestling season. Although I loved football, wrestling was really the sport I enjoyed. It gave me the opportunity to know that I could be an integral part of a team, one on one with another athlete. I know that Coach D'Agostino was rough and that he expected a lot from his wrestlers, which was fine with me. I loved rolling around in practice and at meets, sweating and feeling a warm body next to me.

Many thought that wrestlers were all "queer" and I guess in my case, and the case of at least Brandon, that was factual. But, it wasn't the reason to wrestle. The Friday before Thanksgiving finally arrived. That evening, school shut down for 10 days and all the students were expected to go home for the holidays.

Brandon and I packed our clothes, most of which were dirty so that our mothers could do their special cleaning while we were home, and were about ready to head out to the bus station to catch our respective busses home.

As Brandon latched his suitcase, I snuck up behind him. I put my arms around his chest and drew him close to me, kissing his neck, his ears, and finally turning his head so that I could kiss him passionately. He didn't fight me at all, but responded with a deep sign of satisfaction. He could feel what was "rising" between us as I pressed my hips tightly to his behind. As we kissed I could see a little smile that told me that he liked what he felt.

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I placed my right hand on his left shoulder and turned him toward me. Our tongues were exploring each other's mouth as he turned and we stood embraced chest to chest. I could tell that he, too, was getting hard which of course I didn't mind. As we kissed, I slowly lowered him to the bed, avoiding the suitcase that he had just closed. As I lay on top of Brandon, our bodies were drawn together.

My cock and his were grinding slowly together providing each of us with that final spark that was needed. I began to move my hands to his belt, leaning to one side so that I could access it and remove his pants.

He held my hand and stopped me and began to stand up. "Wait," he whispered as we now were both on our feet. Brandon took a step back. He put his hands at the side of his T-shirt and slowly began to take it over his head. As he had it completely off, he swung it in the air and flung it toward the other bed. As he did this, his other hand unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans, and slowly began to pull his zipper down. This was becoming a very erotic scene and I just watched as my love began to remove his clothes.

As his zipper lowered completely, I could tell that he was "free-balling" and his cock popped out of his pants. Oh, what a site!!! He now lowered his jeans slowly, taking one foot out at a time and flung his pants toward the bed to rest on top of the T-shirt he had already thrown there. The look in his eyes told me that he wanted the "same show" so I began to mimic all he had done. I, however, had underwear on and that made my striptease a bit longer, but I tried to make it as erotic as he had done for me.

My shirt landed on top of his as did my jeans. Now, I had to relieve myself of the jockey's I had on so I slowly put my fingers on each hip under the elastic bands.

Down came one side, just slightly, then the other. My hips wiggled from side to side as I pulled the front band over the protruding cock that was ready for anything that Brandon could provide. As I slipped my last foot from the jockey's, Brandon grabbed them from me before I could throw them aside. He took them from me and brought them to his face.

He brought them to his nose, smelled the crotch and gave a very large smile. "I want to remember your smell for the next couple of days since we aren't going to be together," he stated. "This will stay with me until we see each other and can be in each other's arms again." As he finished, he lay down on the bed and motioned me over.

I went to lay next to him, but he stopped me and asked me to straddle him. I certainly didn't know what he wanted, but I wasn't going to argue with this gorgeous boy of mine. As I threw one leg over him and lowered myself onto his thighs, our cocks met.

Both hard and obviously horny, I bent down and we kissed long and deep. Our tongues were furiously exploring each other as our hands were roaming all over each others bodies.

Brandon broke the kiss and placed his hands on my chest and pushed me into an upright position. He reached over for the Vaseline that was on the nightstand (oh, we had equipped our room with everything needed since we moved in together).

Brandon opened the lid and took a good portion of Vaseline into his hand. He placed some on my cock and some on his. He then put our male members together and began to slowly stroke them. The underside of my head was in tune with the underside of the head of Brandon's cock. As he stroked them slowly, we looked into each other's eyes. The feeling going through my body at that moment was pure pleasure. Feeling our cocks sliding against each other; the pre-cum oozing from us both was indescribable.

I reached my hand under his and began to play with his balls. Slowly I had mine there as well and rolling the four of them in my hand. His head fell back as did mine. I could feel myself close to orgasm, but wanted to wait until we could both blow our loads together. In the weeks that we had been together, we had enjoyed many times together, but this one was becoming very special. Not only was it the last time for about 5 days that we could enjoy some physical pleasure, but it was the first time that we had done something different.

I could tell that Brandon was almost ready to cum as I was. The strokes became quicker and quicker and our breathing was simultaneously increasing with each second. I had to rest back on my hand so as not to "crush" Brandon under my weight. I could feel our cocks pumping together, the blood pulsating in the veins that were pressed against each other as he stroked our cocks together.

The pre-cum was now oozing even more providing more lubrication than the Vaseline. Brandon's hips were rising as mine were thrusting with each stroke of his hand. Brandon closed his eyes, a sure indication that he was about ready to shoot his sweet boy juice.

I, too, was ready to combine my cum with his. Suddenly, I could wait no longer and began to spurt all over his face and then chest. At that moment I didn't realize that Brandon was also cumming, as I was lost in the feeling that he was giving to me. He stroked faster and faster, draining my cock along with his all over his body. I couldn't believe the orgasm I was having, but I certainly wasn't going to ask him to stop. Spurt after spurt was hitting Brandon all over his face and then, as they diminished, over his chest.

Finally, as we both had unloaded all that we had built up, it was dripping from our cocks onto his pubic hair very slowly. I collapsed on top of Brandon, automatically finding his lips and kissing him. I could taste the cum, not only his, but a new sensation, my own cum as we kissed passionately. Finally, we broke our embrace and I lay next to Brandon, my arm across his chest. We didn't have to say much as we both realized that our love for each other was unconditional and that we were truly ONE with each other.

I scooted off the bed, went to the dresser and got a towel. As I returned with Brandon still laying there covered with our juices, I began to wipe him off and clean him up. Oh, I used my tongue as well, but the towel took most of the liquid.

"I love you," Brandon said as I finished. "I will always love you Bob, you know that I hope." "Oh, yes, my love, I do know that," I responded. "I never thought when I came to CBS in August that I would be so happy, and I owe you a big thank you for that." I helped Bran up from the bed, we kissed and began to get re-dressed for our journey home.

After we were totally ready, we each picked up the suitcases we had packed and made our way to the door. Just before we opened it, we kissed one last time, and then made our way to the bus station. Dave and Tom had left earlier that morning, so we didn't have a chance to see them before they caught their bus. Since we were both going to Illinois, our busses were leaving at about the same time.

After checking in and getting our tickets, we sat in the waiting room for the busses to be boarded. As we talked, we heard Brandon's bus called over the speaker.


We knew we had to be careful in this public place as dozens of students from CBS were there waiting to go home. Without a word we told each other of our love and Brandon headed toward his bus. As he went through the door, he glanced back quickly and our eyes met. That one look told me everything; how he loved me, wanted to be with me, and would anxiously wait till I drove down to see him the following Tuesday. It was so nice to know that we could communicate in just a glance, but then again, we had gained a lot from each other over the past months and this was just the beginning.

As I sat there waiting for my bus to get ready to board, I thought about how I was going to break the news to my parents that I was leaving before Thanksgiving day to visit a friend from school. I knew that they would wonder why, so I was beginning to rehearse some answers for them, none of which would tell the true story. As I was deep in thought, I heard my bus called and made my way to the platform.

I boarded and went to the closest seat by a window that was still available. I stowed my suitcase on the upper rack and sat down, looking out of the window to the blank wall that was there in the bus station. It was a typically dreary November day, but I knew that things would be better when I got home. As I was in a trance still thinking about going home, a young man, about 20 I would say, sat in the seat next to me.

We looked at each other and smiled a welcome to each other. I have to admit he was cute. He had long black hair to his shoulders, a nice smile and a very good athletic build. He was dressed in a sweater and slacks, but had tennis shoes on, which was odd to me.

However, I wasn't much into fashion, so it didn't bother me at all. "Hi," came a voice from beside me. "My name is Jeff. Heading for Chicago?" "Yes, Jeff, I am," I responded. "I'm Bob." "Nice to meet you Bob. Go to CBS?" "Yes, a junior," was my reply. "And, the captain of the football team next year, I hear," he said with a big smile.

"Why, yes, how did you know?" "I was at the Homecoming breakfast when it was announced," he said. "My brother is on the team. He and the other sophomore Brandon were brought up to play against OSKIE." "Oh, you're Jerry's brother!" I exclaimed as I thrust my hand toward him to shake hands.

We made with some pleasantries for the next couple of hours and talked about everything from football to food. He seemed like a great guy and I could tell he was proud of Jerry for what he did and that he was able to play in his first varsity game against Oskie.

Jeff said that he had not been able to go to CBS. He went to High School in Chicago, where they lived and was glad when Jerry got to go away to school. He was in college now and was headed home for the holidays. I was surprised that I didn't know that Jerry was from the Chicago area. Of course, I hadn't talked much to him except during the game and practices.

I would have to make sure I got hold of him when we got back to school. Back to school? It just dawned on me that Jerry wasn't on the bus, yet Jeff was going home.

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"Where is Jerry?" I asked. "Oh, he headed home on Wednesday," Jeff replied. "He had to go home early." "I hope nothing was wrong!" "Oh, no, my sister is getting married and he is going to be in the wedding party and needed to get home before tonight. I had finals so I couldn't leave." "Oh, cool," I said. "Will you be home for the wedding though?" "It's tomorrow, so yea, I will.

But since he needed to get to all the festivities and all, it was important that he leave." Jeff and I talked the entire trip. He was a great guy from what I could tell. Just as we were about a half-hour from Chicago, Jeff began to talk more about football. "How's Brandon," he asked. "Fine," I replied with a bit of hesitation. "You two will do great as captains next year," he continued. "I can tell you guys are on the same page on a lot of things.

Just the way you were together up at the podium after the announcement you could tell that there was something special between you two." "Why thank you," I replied. It didn't seem like it, but we had talked for 4 1/2 hours as we pulled into the bus station in Chicago.

As we got our suitcases down from the upper rack, Jeff said good-bye and wished me and my family a Happy Thanksgiving.

"Oh, by the way, Bob," he said as he was walking down the stairway. "Jon told me to say hello to you if I saw you on the bus, so Hello from Jon!" He had a big smile on his face as he disappeared in the crowd. Was I imagining things, or did he know more than he let on about me and Brandon?

With that last comment and the devilish smile on Jeff's face, I had the idea that Jon had told him about us. I didn't know how he knew Jon, but I surmised that he either went to school with Jon or that he knew him from meeting him at the Awards breakfast a few weeks earlier. Oh, well, it didn't matter at the time. I couldn't help but find my parents as they were yelling my name and jumping up and down at the far end of the unloading area.

My youngest brother, Joe, was running toward me and jumped into my arms as I dropped my suitcases. Michael, my other brother was standing with my parents waving as well. I carried Joe with me along with my suitcases, which wasn't easy. As I kissed my mother, my father and my twin brother Michael put their arms around me and gave me a big hug.

Pleasantries were traded as we began to walk toward the exit and make our way to the car. We talked about everything from school to Thanksgiving dinner that was at our home this year. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were all going to be there, something that thrilled me to no end. I was not much for family gatherings, because, as the oldest, I had to watch over all the kids that were there and entertain them for the day.

As we drove home I told the family about the Oskie game, my being named captain and my new co-captain, Brandon. I told them that we had hit things off well and were going to be roommates for the second semester.

As I talked more and more about Brandon, Michael gave me a very unusual look, so I decided to quell my enthusiasm on the subject. I also asked if I could take the car and go down to see Brandon on Tuesday and bring him back to meet them.

My dad asked when he was going back, and I said Thursday, not remembering that it was Thanksgiving Day. He said it would be better if I went down on Monday or have Brandon spend Thanksgiving with our family.

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I hadn't thought of that and it did intrigue me because at least I would have someone to be with rather than all my bratty cousins. I said I'd call and find out which was best for him, but I had the feeling that Brandon wanted to spend the time with his family.

When we got home I went up to my room only to find it had been changed since I left in August. My dad had not only painted it, but had it decorated with CBS logos and pictures. And there was a "Congratulations CAPTAIN" banner over my bed. I turned and everyone was smiling. Here, I thought that I had been the first to tell them, but found out that Coach Bazarak had called both them and Brandon's parents to tell them since they weren't able to make the Alumni breakfast. I thanked them all and made my way into my room and put down my suitcases.

On my nightstand was a picture of Tom, Brandon and me that was taken at the breakfast, arms around each other smiling from ear to ear. I was in the middle with Tom on my right with my arm around him. On my left was Brandon, but my arm was not around his shoulder, but resting on his ass. I suddenly remembered what was happening during that photo and smiled.

As soon as I unpacked, I threw my clothes down into the laundry room and made a beeline to the phone. I called Brandon to see what arrangements we should make for the next week. His brother, Chad answered the phone. I told him who I was and he called for Brandon. "Hey love," I said when I heard his voice. "Hi, Bob," he responded. "Good trip home?" I realized that he wasn't alone when he was talking like he was.

Knowing that, we each made some small talk. But I did bring up the conversation that I had with my parents on the ride home. I asked him if he wanted me to come down on Monday or later in the week to spend Thanksgiving with me. "Hey, you know, this works," Brandon said with excitement in his voice. "Mom told me today that our Thanksgiving was gonna be tomorrow because the rest of the family couldn't make it on Thursday.

It would be GREAT to spend the time with you." You can imagine my excitement with what he told me. I was getting physically excited, as my cock began to rise rather quickly. Here I was in my underwear in my room talking to my lover. He just told me he would be able to spend the holiday with me. My reaction I could have told you, but it was becoming very evident, even to my brother Michael who had just entered the room.

As I began to talk to Brandon, he too realized that I wasn't alone and that I couldn't talk freely. However, we did say some things with double meanings that we both understood and made us feel closer together. We agreed that I would come down to his house on Monday, spend the night and head home on Tuesday. After Thanksgiving, we would head back to CBS together for the last few weeks before Christmas vacation.

"You know, Brandon how I feel, I hope," I said. "Oh, I sure do, Bob, and I am the same way." "I'll be down there early Monday afternoon and I can't wait to meet your family and get back together with you," I continued.

"Take care and see you then, Love." As I hung up, I turned and realized that Michael was still in the room. I know that I became very red when it hit me that I called Brandon Love with Michael sitting on my bed listening to the conversation. He had a smile on his face that made me aware that he had heard what I said. "Ok, what gives?" he questioned. "What do you mean?" I responded in a rather terse tone.

"LOVE!" he said. "You called your co-captain Love?" "Did I?" I asked with not a lot of conviction in the question. "You're queer, aren't you?" he continued. "Michael, just forget what you heard, ok?" I pleaded.

"Bob, I knew this anyway.

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Do you really like him?" "Knew what, Mikey?" I questioned not knowing what he meant by saying that he knew about my sexuality. He went on to tell me about seeing Justin, our neighbor, and me one night when Justin stayed over. Michael walked in while Justin was sucking my cock and I was jacking him off.

Michael said that he stood in the corner and played with his cock and came for the first time watching us.

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He admitted to me that he also had some experiences with a couple of friends and understood how much fun it could be. "Is he cute at least?" he said with a big laugh. I told him that he was and that he would like Brandon. I told him how much of a stud football player he was and all about his wrestling skills.

We talked some and I actually got to know my brother better. It was very rewarding not only to talk more than we had for maybe 3 years, but that he wasn't upset that his big brother was in love with another man. On Sunday, we all sat around watching football, which was very typical with our family during the season. During the Green Bay Packer-Baltimore Colts game I decided to go up to my room and take a nap.

I hadn't slept too well the night before and was very very tired. As I lay on my bed, I began to think about leaving to go to Brandon's home the next day.

Just thinking about Brandon brought a typical reaction, as my cock began to engorge with blood at the thought of being with him again. I lay there, my hands behind my head as I lay on my back with my cock bulging in my pants. I wanted to get just grab my cock, stroke it slowly as I thought about my love.

However, I also wanted to wait till we were together and share what had been building up for the past 3 days.

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As I just began to dose off, Michael knocked on my door. Before I had the opportunity to answer he walked into the room. As he closed the door he looked over to me and smiled a big grin as his eyes hit my crotch.

"Thinking about Brandon I see," he said with a little laugh. I instinctively threw my pillow at him and he ducked. I leaped out of bed, grabbed him and threw him to the mattress. As I did, he grabbed my shoulder and I landed on top of him, his arms spread-eagle over his head and our bodies on top of each other. "You big mouth," I said. "You know you gotta keep that quiet." "Yea, but the site of your dick so hard made me say it," he retorted with even a bigger smile than before.

As we lay there I could tell he too was getting hard. My little brother was sure maturing if what I felt was as big as I thought it was. I let go of his hands, jumped up off the bed and started moving toward the desk chair in the corner of the room.

"Bob, can we talk?" Mikey asked in a very serious tone of voice. "Sure Mikey, what's on your mind?" "Are you queer?" he asked. "Does it bother you if I am, Mike?" I asked. I suddenly realized that for the first time in our lives, I didn't call him Mikey. "I thought it would, but it doesn't," he answered. As we talked, Mikey told me that when he heard me call Brandon "Love", he was a bit upset.

He told me that he knows he didn't seem upset, but that he didn't really know how to take it. He continued to tell me how he had always looked up to me and was always jealous of the way the girls hung around me.

He confided in me that he and our neighbor Justin, the one that he caught me playing with a couple years ago, had been playing around since I was gone. He liked it and wondered if there was something wrong with him. He was afraid that he enjoyed it so much. For the first time, my brother was confiding in me and I knew that we were growing closer as brothers.

"You're going to like Brandon," I told him. "He is a great guy and he and I are very much ." I suddenly stopped not knowing what to say to him. I didn't want to say love, but we were in love. I was still a bit apprehensive about coming out to my brother, even though he knew and was aware of everything.


Still, it was my younger brother and I didn't want to have him hate me. "LOVE," he said. "If that is true, I'm happy for you, Bob. I don't care if it is a guy or a girl as long as you are happy." Man, I couldn't have asked for more. This entire year had been so unusual and now this, my brother, giving me approval for me to love another man.

This had to be the highlight of my life, even more so than finding Brandon. To realize that my brother wasn't upset, mad, or most importantly, going to disown me, made me realize I had at least one supporter in the family. I wasn't sure that would be the case with the rest of the family, but I also hoped we didn't have to come to that point for a long time to come.

"So, you want to get off together?" Mikey asked. I was taken aback with that. Man was I. "What?" I stammered. Mikey laughed, but reiterated what he said.

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"You want to get off together?" "Mikey, I don't think that would be a good idea, do you really?" "Justin and his brother jack-off together, you know," he said with a very stern voice. "No, I didn't know that, Mike. But that doesn't mean we have to." "You think that is wrong?" he asked. I didn't know how to answer that, to be honest. In one way, I didn't think it would be right for my brother and I to masturbate together.

On the other hand, it was a little bit of a turn on to me. "No, not wrong, but I don't know if it would be right," I told him. Talk about double-talk, I guess. "Ok," Michael said. "Just know that it's cool with me if you need to jack-off tonight.

And, Bob, you don't have to check anymore if I'm asleep," he continued with a very large smile. I knew what he meant. Since we shared a room, I always waited to make sure that Mikey was asleep before I began to jack-off.

I had done that for many years, but I guess now I didn't have to. "I have a question, Mikey. Have you beat-off while I was asleep?" He told me, that he had to wait till I waited to see if he were asleep, to go to sleep so he could get off for many years now.

(I know that is quite a run on sentence, but you get the gist of the meaning) We both laughed and giggled at that and I assured him that if I did want to get off, I would feel free to just do it.

I also made him promise that he would feel as free as I to do the same. Just then, my father came up to tell us that the Packers just tied the score and was going into overtime. We both headed down to finish watching the game having gotten to know each other much better than we ever had. As I lay awake trying to get to sleep, I reviewed in my mind the conversation that Mikey and I had had earlier in the day.

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I was excited to know that in the morning I would be leaving to pick up the love of my life. I also was happy to know that my brother and I shared not only a secret, but shared a better understanding of each other. I was very thankful this Thanksgiving for so much. NEXT: Becoming Part of My Lover's Family Chapter 14